Spied: 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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With so much new engineering happening in the half-ton pickup truck segment -- the debut of the 2015 Ford F-150 and the coming 2016 Nissan Titan XD come to mind -- several truckmakers are pushing their long-scheduled redesigns and engineering upgrades forward to better compete in the segment.

Our sources say that GM is exploring material changes and possible powertrain upgrades for the half-ton. From the looks of these spy shots, this truck could be testing both. Here’s the note the photographers sent us:

"On sale since the summer of 2013 (as a 2014 model), it’s time for the Chevrolet Silverado to get a minor update. Much like its competitor at Ford, we’re hearing it is now time for the Silverado to lose some steel and gain aluminum.

“In an effort to trim a few pounds and help its fuel-economy numbers, the Silverado’s hood looks like it will switch to aluminum. We’ve also started hearing rumors that the front fenders could go to aluminum as well.

“Beyond that, the Silverado will get a redesigned front end with a new grille, lower air dam and headlight look. Our photos appear to show that the Silverado will finally gain LED daytime running lights like the GMC Sierra. A new hood cut line is also visible.

“At the rear, new taillights look to be the main change. The bed is also covered, so there may be new storage technology, or lighting, waiting underneath. The interior was uncamouflaged and appeared unchanged. The 5.3-liter V-8 will ditch the six-speed transmission and most likely use the eight-speed already in use with the 6.2-liter V-8.

“In the 2017 calendar year, no doubt the transmissions will be upgraded again, switching to an all-new 10-speed designed in cooperation with Ford. The launch for this updated Silverado is set for the fourth quarter of 2015. Assuming there are no delays, that would likely make this a 2016.5 model-year vehicle."

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I think Chev could be heading down the correct path in it's use of aluminium.

Making the "bolt on" bits out of aluminium is a smart move. The weight savings might be quite small, but I don't think Chev had the bloated weight of the steel F-150.

As for the engine and drive train choice. Maybe a diesel would be nice engine to add, especially for trucks that tow and work.

It looks like they have ditched the stacked head lights and have the head lights on top of the blinker like my '02 Silverado, which was the last good looking Silverado made. I have to say the Chevy has the ugliest body of the big 3, they need some new designers!

Still sits to damn high,,drop it down to the ground and I'll be interested,,


Carbon fiber is my guess and not aluminum.

Chevy need not go with aluminum to shed weight as there steel is is single ply toilet paper thin, they need to go with aluminum for durability as to bring some thickness of panels and toughness back to there trucks without adding weight.

So if they are going aluminum and 8 or 10 speed transmission for the Silverado... I wonder if/when the Colorado will get these updates?

Ditch the stupid square fenders!

Is that a crosshair grill I see? Ram is moving away from it so Chevy is switching to it? lol wut?

Get the damn thing off the ground this is a truck not a car....

Sounds like it is going in the right direction. The 5.3 is an alright engine. In the current model it seems like the power has been taken away in favor of more mpg. The current generation front end looks better than the previous. I am hoping this will look refreshing. Please GM don't screw it up

A 2.8 Duramax w/ 8-speed might do well in a Regular cab 2wd like the truck shown. I don't really see that happening though. I thought the hoods on the newer Silverados were already aluminum?
Hopefully they don't wait that long to put the 8-speed behind the 5.3 (and even the 4.3).
Maybe we'll start seeing something from Ram as well. Aren't they due for a new model for '17?

I have had 6 new Chevrolet trucks since 1993. The last one a 2010 took me 2 years to buy because of the square wheel wells (could not get used to it) The latest model is even worse, G.M. should go to complete square wheel wells , think of the weight they would save. P.S. bought 2015 Ram Limited

2014 and up Silverado and sierra has aluminum hood.

@chevrolet builds a better way to see the usa
these are supposed to be trucks. not a low down grocery getter for the gays

whoopppiiieeeee.....why bother with the covering, I am sure no one would want to copy any of it anyway. If they want to redesign a part of it, it should be those ugly square over bloated fenders and like some on here have said make it out of some steel (or aluminum) that has some thickness to it so it doesn't ding and dent so easy..but they are still the fugliest trucks on the road, with a low slung frame, an offset steering wheel, and no A/C vents for the backseat passengers..but yet so many uneducated people spend they hard earned money on them..still can't believe how many of those junky things they sell, but there are suckers born every day

I like the Silverado cause it doesn't use a turbo

The Silverado is made in Ft Wayne , Indiana that's a problem cause of that states UNFAIR religious rights laws that takes rights away from our gay members of society.
GM needs to make an announcement that they are against this bias and unfair law or move their plant out of the state.
Apple closed all their stores in the state of Indiana, GM needs to follow!

@Tom3 Your comments are so often sarcastic and tongue in cheek that no one can really tell when you're not spoofing.

Indiana (like Ohio, New York and Michigan) offers automakers a location for building cars and trucks where the local infrastructure has been around for a very long time. Social mores will change before the infrastructure does.

After a little contemplation during the day, I do think GM are going about using existing technology better than Ford.

Ford went the full hog, first with the EcoBoost, then an all aluminium body.

Ford's and GM's philosophy with engine is rather easy to digest.

GM's path will either make it more profitable and/or reliable than Ford's path.

We have yet to witness if any recalls will be issued for the new F-150.

Ford did a good job with the global Ranger and very few recalls were made. Maybe Frod can do the same with the aluminium F-150. I hope so.

GM should have the least worries concerning any recalls as most of what they are doing has been done.

Ram, well, it started out a little shaky with the electrical problems.

Looking at this I think Ford who is the only serious challenger to the GM twins might stay and play second fiddle.

GM still has the Colorado Canyon twins. When the diesel comes out in them, they will become even more popular. Hope GM can crank up the production rate of their midsizers.

papa jim
I don't care either way cause it doesn't effect me. I was just making it aware to people that may not known this.
Apple was also doing business in that state for a long time and they closed their stores and business cause of that law.
Political correctness isn't going away and to those who don't take it serious and joke about it are going to be in trouble.
Flying below the radar doesn't work anymore.
You know and I know pickup trucks are a symbol of white working men that are religious and they are the prime target cause they are not gay and against gay rights.
I just want a normal no hold back conversation about that.
Not trying to fool anybody, I like to think I bring up subjects that people are not comfortable talking about and the more we do talk about it the more we can solve that problem.
I want GM to succeed, I want everybody to succeed!

@Big Al--I think Ford will pick up sales on the new F-150 after the inventories are build up and after they do some aggressive promotions and discounting. Ford will realize that the aluminum body and EcoBoost will not be enough and neither will the number of loyal Ford owners with GM and Ram discounting and gaining market share. Also once the new F-150 has been out a couple of years and any bugs worked out of it, people will be more accepting. Most of the body shops around where I live have gotten training and licensing in repairing aluminum so I don't think that will be a problem except the aluminum body parts will cost more.

Big deal. Much to do about nothing, Humans are so easily impressed with their mobility. Especially the big, fat, lazy, American.

I didn't think GM could get the air dam any closer to the ground. I wouldn't have made it to work a couple times this past winter with that plowing snow.

I have to agree with Truckerman. The frontend has ram all over it. Kinda looks like the old Dakota to me.

I think the front end should go the way of the new Surbabans and Traverses, they look a lot better then the 2013's did.
Lower air dam? Maybe make it like the louvered grill or when in 4wd or under a certain speed it will raise up.

That first picture looks concerning as ground clearance maybe Ram did a better job than I thought with the active air suspension. An off road setting.

If they can get that 5.3L V8 up to 17/24-25 or better that would be great.

What about start/stop?

Will the 4.3L V6 get an upgraded transmission as well?
I guess 19/25-26 would be great for that engine.

I hope GM follows through on some of their plans as they said they might do this http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2014/05/2015-gm-pickup-trucks-to-get-more-gears.html.

Let's see how it looks unwrapped!

LOL, wow what an amateur so called news site.

The Silverado already uses an aluminum hood.


Silverado Uses Aluminum

Special steel is not the only unusual metal used in the 2014 Silverado. Until very recently, using aluminum in a vehicle was part art, and part science. It was difficult to join the lightweight metal to steel, and in fact, the tools used to work steel and aluminum can’t be shared. Therefore, a common sense approach is used. Like many sports cars that want to balance weight to make a car less nose-heavy, the Silverado has an aluminum hood.

GM had better connect the 5.3 V8 to an 8 speed automatic for the '16 model year.
And why isn't the CHMSL led?

I thought they were using an aluminum hood. I have a 97 F150 I bought new and it has an aluminum hood. Think they both used them for yrs.

Still square wheels wells.......GM must use monkeys to design their trucks since even most human toddlers know the square peg and a round hole don't go together.

The spy photographers said the interior was unchanged. I hope that's not right!!!

If the interior doesn't change for the Model Year "16.5" Silverado, then we'll have to wait until the Total Redesigned 2018 Model arrives with all new tech goodies.... I wouldn't be surprised if this is how it will play out, in the meantime, lets see how that new 10 Speed Transmission will hold up for the upcoming refresh!!!

I hate the nose in the dirt stance of the new trucks, and Chevrolet is by far the worst. For the person who commented it "sits too high, I would advise on buying a car or something. These trucks have already been ruined enough by those who cannot raise their legs more than a few inches of the ground.

Chevrolet 54310
Gears 3,23
Weight 5620

0-60 5.92
0-60 loaded 7.09 1240 pounds
1/4 14.34
1/4 loaded 15.36 1240 pounds
Unloaded Chevy 6.2 19.8 MPG
Braking 60-0 133.7 unloaded
Trailering Chevy 6.2 10.2 MPG 6,700 pounds
Braking 60-0 132.2 loaded with 1240 pounds
Davis Dam 19.92 6,700-pound trailer

Ford F150 60880
Gears 3.55
Weight 5560

0-60 6.22
0-60 loaded 7.02 1080 pounds
1/4 14.84
1/4 15.50 loaded 1080 pounds
Unloaded 3.5 Eco boost 18.5
Braking 60-0 133.6 unloaded
Trailering 3.5 Ecoboost 11.1 4,200-pounds
Braking 60-0 135.3 with 1080 pounds
Davis Dam 20.76 6,800-pound trailer

Um, I've got a new '14 and the hood is already made from aluminum. Don't take my word though, go do the magnet test. Try it Mark, really.

I would like to see new Silverado better with high beam headlights..driving night in country high beam on my truck doesn't doing good...I would like to see if new Silverado with new high limuns bright led high beam headlights

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