Spied: 2017 Ford Super Duty Mega Crew and Regular Cabs

Spy F-450 BW 5 II

Our spy photographers are seeing more heavily camouflaged Ford heavy-duty trucks running around the country. Several of the trucks photographed have been seen with the telltale twin Power Stroke tailpipes in both the regular cab and what looks like a new mega crew version. Here's the latest note we've just received from our spies.

"Today we caught the 2017 F-250 without heavy camo, and it seems ready to show off its all-new aluminized and chiseled body.

"After the enormous pressure put on the 2015 F-150, the focus now shifts to the Super Dutys. Like the light-duty trucks, we know the next-generation Super Duty body will get a healthy dose of aluminum to save hundreds of pounds in an effort to boost fuel economy and offer downsized engines.

"While the 6.7-liter PowerStroke turbo-diesel was updated for 2015, expect a new gas engine to join the lineup, either a development of the 5.0-liter V-8 or the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that are the more powerful engines on the F-150. A 10-speed automatic should be part of the picture too, considering it's debuting on the 2017 Raptor that was shown this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit (in that pickup it's being mated to a 3.5-liter EcoBoost).

"Styling will mimic the F-150's but in a bolder way, as the Super Duty trucks have always done. Expect at least some of the F-150's new features, such as safety technology and upgraded infotainment, to make its way into the bigger trucks.

"Also expect to see the Super Duty revealed later this year or early next year, and released as 2017 model-year vehicles."

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Spy F-250 PS BW 5 II

Spy F-450 BW 1 II

Spy F-250 PS BW 2 II

Spy F-450 BW 3 II

Spy F-250 PS BW 1 II

Spy F-450 BW 5 II



What is the point of spy photos when this has been out for a while now.

It now shares the same cab as speculated before for cost savings. Only difference is fenders, hood and bed.

I don't see the point of a mega cab. the backseat is already huge on the current superduty. I went on a trip in the backseat of a dodge megacab and it was like riding in a gymnasium. So big it makes it harder to talk to people in the front seat Because you're further away. So much space you don't know what to do with it. The only real advantage I think is extra storage space inside the cab. FRom the spy photo it looks like the storage space will be behind the rear seat if you look at the placement of the door handles. The back of the cab extends pretty far past the back edge of the door. Or they just made it look that way and it has a super long bed.

I sure hope they don't use that nasty vent in front of the doors like the titan has And the 2008 super duty had.

They just hit the nail on the head! that reg cab has space behind the seats! so does the crew cab rear seat. this is something people who actually use trucks need for storing saws out of the way without taking room away from the box. I Love the look of the reg cab. I hope the grille isnt as terrible as i think. If there is a gas engine with power to tow 14-15k lbs they just won the war! I and many other buyers who dont tow 17k but tow 15k and use gasoline for its reliability will buy a turbo superduty gas engine. I own a ecoboost now and i love how it tows. A superduty with 500lbft tq 400 hp is fine by me if it runs on petro

@ dumblewski

14-15k towing with a ford gas motor? they haven't done that yet? I've towed almost 16k of gravel with my Tundra......... and just fine too up hills and all, no issues at all...... maybe ford does need to catch up a bit.

hemi lol, I've towed 30,000 lbs with my f150. What's your point? Ford is the leader, toyota is in last place and will always be.

I can't believe you people are still being fooled by the camo...there's no "mega cab" there. Just camo!

will the 2017 debut at the texas state fair

The 6.2 will finally get DI. Ford may make the 5.0 liter an option if the weight drop is significant enough.

Eco-boost + super duty type loads = fuel economy below 10 MPG.

Its not that the motor can't do it, it's that it's the wrong tool for the job.

Ford's 4.4 liter diesel is a far better choice, IF they
d actually offer it.

The dually pictured is an F-450, thanks to the 19.5 inch wheels with 10 lugs.

If the cab is indeed that of the new F-150, there will be a lot of disappointed fleet buyers that actually use crew cabs to seat six employees. Here's why:

2015 F-150 SuperCrew
Shoulder room F/R: 66.7/65.9
Hip room F/R: 62.5/64.7

2015 F-250/350/450/550 Crew
Shoulder room F/R: 68.0/68.0
Hip room F/R: 67.6/67.6

A loss of 5 inches in front-seat hip room is significant, and the other losses of 2 to 3 inches also mean tighter quarters when you need 3-across. That wider cab space was one of the Super Duty's big advantages over Ram and Chevy/GMC HD trucks - it appears they would lose that if they are sharing the cab with the new F-150.

@ Alex, You're probably right about the camo but they are pretty tricky with that stuff...that's why its used after all. I know the current crew cabs on the F150s are larger than the Super Duties. You could have a dance in an F150 Supercrew! The picture on Jalopnik is of a crew cab with the same cab as the 2015 F150. Can't imagine why anyone would want something bigger but who knows. Time will tell...

Looks like the Ram HD mega cab is going to have a new competitor if this holds true!

RoadTrip, I don't doubt you with the hip room specs but I wonder how they can be that far off when the truck exterior widths are closer to the same.

@Bill, the specs were taken straight from Ford's official spec sheets. The main cause of difference comes from the amount of arch in the body sides. In the current Super Duty, the sides are much more vertical than other trucks, which promotes hip and shoulder room. The F-150 arches more inward, reducing the interior width, even though the exterior width is the same. The door panels themselves also contribute - since the F-150 is subjected to crash testing by NHTSA and IIHS, the doors are thicker with more structural/safety components. That also reduces hip room.

Since GM and Chrysler never stopped sharing cabs and beds in their LD-vs-HD trucks, they already have those interior width losses.

how come nobody talks about the higher and deeper bed design?
what about the front axle?
the 5.0 engine? isn't that an insult to your eco-boost cult club?
I mean who would want to buy a super duty that shares the same engine as the F-150?
I mean why not buy an F-150 instead if it has the same mechanicals and close to the same hauling and towing capacity?

how come you guys always overlook the simple things and focus on complicated things?
are you trying to impress us?
nobody knows who you are and nobody really cares so where does that get you?

where's Lou BC ? I can read his posts!

I'm not surprised that Ford is using the aluminium F-150 body as it's basis for the HDs. Just flare the fenders, make a larger little tackle, big rig grille and, presto, you have a SuperDuty.

I'm wondering if Ford will use the same technique in the construction of the chassis as the F-150. How much weight can be saved in the drivetrain/chassis area? A lot more than the F-150.

For the engines I don't think a 5 litre Coyote is good enough. The 3.5 EcoBoost, which I will remind everyone was a replacement for the existing V8 gas engine and a 6.2 competitor.

The EcoBoost is not a viable proposition due to it's very poor FE when expected to do more than idle around.

Ford does make the 4.4 Lion V8 as noted above, but it would be very similar in cost to the larger PowerStroke.

This leaves Ford with the 3 litre V6 Lion diesel that is used in LR products. It is good for 200kw and 650Nm of torque or around 250-260hp and 450-480ftlb of torque.

It will be interesting to see the final outcome in what Ford is doing with their HDs.

I'd bet Nissan's XD with the Cummins will hit the sweet spot between power and FE.

Ford and the other two HD manufacturers might end up losing some sales to Nissan and hopefully Toyota if they bring out the ISD Cummins with an "XD" package.

Where are all the Ford critic about the GM twins exposing the frames , because you can sure see the new Fords frame. Am i the only one that caught that?

A 3.5 ecoboost would be a good fit for the hd line. If they can get a 700-1000 lb weight reduction the superduty would weigh what the 2014 f150 and previous years. Those year ecoboost f150's would deliver a solid 16-17 mpg at 70-75 mph highway..... Which would give ford the class leading gas mpg easily in the hd segment while delivering the best gas motor performance in that segment. 6.0 chevy gas hd and the 6.4 hemi hd get low teens mpg highway at 70-75 mph.... The ford could get 17 easily with a light weight ecoboost superduty

You might see the frame but its way off the ground so don't even try that crap.

Yes, ecoboost 5.0 coming out in Superduty. Been saying for three years. 500 hp, 650 lb/ft of torque

So now the GM HDs frame, is close to the ground according to Truckcrazy . man Truckcrazy can;t you think of something better . Grow up you young whipper snapper .

@Louis o,
The issue with the new Ford HD frame is, if it's constructed the same as the F-150 frame, it will be very thin and tall.

In off road situations the frame would be easier to damage if you bottom out.

Ford have made the chassis rails taller, thinner and the thickness of the chassis varies according to load along the length of the chassis.

That's the worry I have with the new aluminium F-150. Be careful off roading in it and don't bang your chassis onto rocks and logs, ect.

After a few smashed chassis's Ford will have to fix the problem.

The main reason for a mega cap that I can see would be for hot shot drivers. I did some research a while back into hot shotting and most of the drivers sleep in their trucks. sleeping in motels and hotels would eat into the profits after all. There are kits out there that remove the rear seats for a bed. bigger cabin means more room after 8 hours behind the wheel.

@Hemi lol

Dude, is your Tundra RATED for 16000 lbs? NO it's not. Just because you CAN pull that much, doesn't mean you should. That much weight can void warranties if something breaks like your transmission, axle bearings, the tongue weight can bottom out your suspension and blow out shocks and even your tires. But most importantly, it is ILLEGAL to be towing or hauling loads that are way beyond the vehicle's rating. You can get a hefty fine and cause a major safety hazard to other drivers on the road. If any wind makes that trailer squirly, it's going to whip that light truck around like a rag doll. The current Ford super duties are rated for 14000 lbs with the gas engine.

@Hemi lol

Reckless inconsiderate people like you should not be allowed to drive. Being able to pull heavy weight is different than safely towing heavy weight.

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