Spied: 2017 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 Chassis Cab

Cdauto_SierraHD_42015_14 II

The GM light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks look like they'll be coming to market refreshed for 2017 or 2018. Our spy shooters are seeing both of them running all sorts of loaded and empty test loops, likely to work out the bugs on a modified or upgraded powertrain. Here's their latest report:

"Recently we've caught the updated Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty pickups out on their first test runs. … We caught a pair of 2016 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty prototypes (one crew-cab 2500 near maximum payload and towing capacity, and the other an empty chassis-cab Duramax) coming in from a run.

"Much like the light-duty trucks we've seen before, the Sierra looks to be hiding a moderate front-end refresh, with a new front end, hood cuts, a revised grille and updated headlights.

"We suspect the bigger news is under the hood, where the GM HD trucks are reported to get upgraded versions of the Duramax V-8 turbo-diesel. At least one report pegs the new Duramax numbers at 450 horsepower and 850 pounds-feet of torque.

"A version of the 10-speed transmission co-developed with Ford is also likely to make it into the heavy-duty pickups by 2018."

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looks like Ford,everyone try to looks like leader.....

Hope to see new 7.0 gas engine offered in GM HD pickups.

If they upgrade the engine this might be a great truck. I have a Ram 2500 that I bought because of the Cummins motor. If I could have gotten the Allison transmission I would have been in heaven. If GM ups the engine and the ability of the truck this truck might finally be able to pull the same loads.

Wow, looks almost like a real truck, trayback (flatbed) and all.

This is the best way to have a truck.

Pickup beds can't withstand the banging and bashing that a real working truck can withstand with a trayback.

The best thing about a trayback is, you can customise them ever so cheaply. Easy to load, tie down and unload.

I like it! I like the big front grill look, makes it look bigger like a real man truck.
That new F-150 front looks hideous with those horizontal plastic bars covering half the headlights.

Two observations: 1 - Looks like they're definitely trying to increase the airflow to the Duramax with an additional cutout in the hood. 2 - Hopefully they've moved the def tank to somewhere between the frame rails. But we can't tell since none of these pics are from the passenger side.

Looks like the chassis cab has a rear fuel filler hose too....

Got my issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine today and it has a video, YES! I said a VIDEO inside the paper magazine of the Chevy Colorado !
Its a real video !

There are no front end changes to me other than the hood. Grille, bumper, etc. all look the same, the difference is the hood. I do smell a new Duramax around the corner methinks, maybe some new gas power.

Oh, and the non-chassis cab truck still has the DEF tank passenger side. Look at the size of the fuel door.

that Generic motors sure has a hard time making a decent looking truck

Appears you could do a direct bolt in swap with a ford grill on that GM if you wanted to change it up a bit to stand out from other GM's of the same vintage.

Where are the rumored 4500 and 5500 models? GM is really behind n commerial trucks.

I think the truck makers should follow the new SUV concept of making the front bumpers into a skid plate.
I understand the SUV's have much lower ground clearance and a skid plate will more likely push thru less deep snow but it still looks good and practicable.
I am a strong believer that there should be a purpose for everything instead of it being there just for looks.
I would also like to see a transformed truck bed such as a bed that can be expanded in length or the side of the bed that folds down as a flat bed. How about a ramp that slides out from under the bed like U-Haul moving trucks use?
Just some ideas
I personally lost that new truck excitement, no new truck excites me anymore and I believe I am not alone.
The truck makers spend too much time in changes to the looks of the truck but we all know its the same truck underneath it all, but make its practicable, useable, give us something new that makes sense !
Get me excited again!
Give me a reason to buy that truck!

You guys remember a while ago when PUTC Mark Williams did his first test drive of the Colorado?
He was excited!
Think of this:
This guy drives all kind of different trucks everyday, its his job, don't you think a guy like him gets bored driving trucks all day? He's been doing it so long he doesn't get excited about driving a new truck.

He had a much different reaction when he did his first test drive of the Colorado, he was excited!

That's what I want! I want to be excited on a test drive!
Makes me wanta go out and test drive one myself!

I did a test drive on a 2015 F-150 and it didn't excite me that's why I didn't buy it.

I love how they incorporate the square wheel wells over the round wheels

I wish manufacturers would offer an aluminum flat bed with drop sides (just like the Home Depot rental trucks have). No more wheel wells in the bed, no more paint to scratch, no more corrosion, load from any side, unload from any side... hell I'd pay extra for a dump feature too. I have only owned regular bedded pickup trucks... and you gotta tie just about everything down there too. Tying stuff down is just being responsible. Iv had too much movement through the years of stuff that shouldn't have and I thought couldn't have moved. Now I tie everything... the only question is whether it needs twine/bungee cords or a 10,000lb ratchet strap or something between.

Are this trucks getting hot?
I drive a kenworth t600 and it sure doesn't get hot towing
80k and it has a smaller grille.

I can see why some people have accidents or loads that fall of the back of a flatbed on a truck.

They don't know how to use side and back boards. How foolish can these types of people be? Do they have enough "smarts" to be allowed to operate dangerous and large vehicles on a public road?

If a person requires a pickup tub so a load doesn't fall out, maybe they should have their drivers licence revoked for being silly and really stupid.

They maybe should tie their loads down. Or by the sounds of it they are just to stupid to learn how to tie a load down.

Maybe they should go to Walmart and buy some tiedown straps, even when transporting cedar posts or the equivalent in the back of a pickup with a pickup tub.

What silly people their are that share public roads with us.

Work first.....and safety always little jelly bean.

To me it looks like air flow is extremely important on this new model which means MORE power and MORE towing capacity.

"hey, you on the fork." Scream the guy in the EcoBoob F-150 across the lumber yard.

"Whad'you want?" The fork operator asked.

"See that pack of neatly strapped cedar posts. Put'em in the back of my Frod." The EcoBoob driver yelled out, whilst point near a shed with piles of lumber all neatly strapped.

"Oakly doakly." Grunted the fork operator.

The fork operator looked at the pickup and wish the guy had towed a trailer with a flat bed, because it's a pain in the butt to use a fork and load these wanna be big rig drivers vehicles.

After struggling to load the pickup from behind and listening to the neatly dressed EcoBoob driver complain and whine about scratching and denting the pickup tub the pickup was finally loaded.

The fork operator thought it was odd that the EcoBoob driver jumped straight into the pickup and was starting the EcoBoob.

He realised what this guy was doing and yelled out "STOP, you forgot to tie you load down."

The EcoBoob driver yelled out of his window. "You don't have to tie down loads when you have a pickup tub. You only need to tie down loads on flatbeds."

The fork operator thought, boy how does people like this get a drivers licence?

So will this new Co developed 10 Spd Trans with ford be call an Allison still in the GM HD trucks

I bet not since allison has nothing to do with GM Now

and why do they need to offer a 10 spd when i have looked at Med and Heavy Duty autos and allison told me in most applications a 6 speed could do anything you wanted to with the right Gearing

funny how theres no pictures of the passenger side, that probably means the D E F tank is in the same stupid spot and for that plus a few other reasons I'm going Laramie Limited 3500 HD Cummins - ya baby!
cha ching!
getr done.

GM would you just release some info about this new duramax?!?!? I need a new truck but i dont wanna get stuck with a 2015 that doesnt have the same amount of power! Just let me know! If its next year i'll wait!

After weeks of bugging gmc and the local dealer, I finally found out that the 2016 gmc duramax diesel will come out exactly the same as the 2015. Not any improvements in torque or horsepower. I found out by trying to order a 2016 model and said I have to have the specs if I am going to buy one. I am very let down by gmc because they are far behind the ford and dodge and decided to do nothing.

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