Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: April 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

Predictions about April sales were pretty close; most automotive analysts said this would be a solid month for light-truck sales because of the winter thaw and strong incentive competition. In fact, manufacturers making pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers look like they're having their best first-quarter sales total in almost 15 years. Some experts are confidently saying — barring any significant negative global or national events — that this puts the year-end totals on course to hit 17 million in vehicle sales.

All the big truckmakers are reporting strong gains for April except Ford, with the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra leading the charge with strong improvements over April 2014. The midsize segment continues to grow, with Chevy, GMC, Toyota and Nissan showing they can keep buyers interested and not steal sales from their full-size counterparts.

April sales traditionally slump slightly when compared to March numbers, when many automakers make a push for sales at the close of their fiscal year, but this is a strong sales month that could provide strong momentum for an equally strong summer.

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Putc 0415 sales


So virtually every manufacturers sales are increasing except Ford. I thought the AL body was supposed to revolutionize the market and sales were going to explode?

GM is now selling more full size trucks per month than Ford!

^^ @Voltage,

You should educated yourself.

lmfao, damn phone. *Educate yourself as to why.

Wow, Ram is starting to slowdown after its 4 or 5 year +20%^and up percent growth. Interesting.

Good Ol Ford going down in sales again.

Both factories are going at 100% what is the excuse now??

Has Ford fixed all the door alignment, wind noise, under body rust, and other quality issues on their golden child new 2015 F-150??

Huge rebates on the 2015 F150's already and they still aren't moving.

2015 F-150 is the biggest flop in automotive history!

The consumer is starting to drink less of the Ford Koolaide!!

There is still hope!

Sales of the F series declined slightly -- inventory remained tight as Ford continues to ramp up production of the redesigned F-150 -- but average transaction prices for the truck jumped $3,200 from a year ago, to a record $42,600, Ford said, citing data from J.D. Power.

“That’s just an incredible number,” Mark LaNeve, Ford’s U.S. sales and marketing chief, said on a conference call. “

Posted by: KC | May 1, 2015 2:12:25 PM

That's really incredible number. Not for customers, but for shareholders.
Who are you? Customer , or shareholder?

The average transaction price going up is not a reflection of customers paying more for the same thing, it is Ford having to charge more because the new F150 costs much more to produce so there is nothing to really brag about.

In reality the transaction price is more than likely flat from last year when the production costs of both vehicles are compared but Ford has to try and spin it as the new Aluminum F150 has not taken off like they had hoped.

Ford is also having to put some pretty large rebates on the hood of the 2015 Aluminum F150 already.

Sad sack. Where are you seeing huge rebates on 2015 f150. I see $750. I would have loved a huge rebate when I bought mine.

Welcome to the club KC of selective editing and deleting of posts that don't agree with the clique.

From Ford. 'In April, 2015 EcoBoost F-150 sales were a record 63 percent of all retail sales. Premium Lariat,
King Ranch and Platinum models were 60 percent of retail sales.'

60% were high-end trucks which pretty much means either no one really cares about weight, or are really stupid consumers. They are buying the heaveist versions of the F-150 which pretty much weigh the same as the high-end GM trucks.

3/4th of the F-150 sales are leftover 2014's and they are counted as 2015 sales numbers.
In my area all the Ford Dealers lots are full with 2014's and have 2 to 5 new 2015's.
The discount on the 2015 is $500 and $8500 on the 2014.
The new truck market is almost completely saturated meaning most people already own a late model truck with a monthly payment and they don't need a new one.

@ KC

What is incredible is how stupid you are.

Of course there is less in stock because they stock piled them to last through the transition, so they had record levels of inventory last year..

You also didn't answer my ? about Ford fixing all of the 2015 F-150 Quality issues.

What's so incredible about it. You all expected that?

There is no any bias to post selling numbers.Numbers are clear.

You all told me in December to wait for production to start, then for January, then for February, in March for April, April numbers are in. Should we wait for May and heavily discounted aluminium f150? OK. Let's wait.

Looks like F-Series still outsells GM Twinkies. BLAH!!!

Wow, we have short term memory around here at PUTC. Ford is putting small rebates on the new F-150. Chevy was offering $8,000 on the "New" Silverado within 2 months of its release. Ford is not even at half of that yet after 6 months. Settle down GM fan clowns. The market will always have rebates because consumers demand them. The manufactures just raised the prices over the last several years to keep from losing money. If they can sell at a small rebate, then they are actually making more than the pre rebate era.

@ Cicka

Perfectly said!!

Back in December all the Ford Fan Boys were saying just wait until April, F-Series will be blwoing everyone out of the water.

Hmmm looks like Ford is just blowing...


Don't mind the Dolts on this site. This is an accomplishment. GM and RAM would fail miserably.

Great comment.

"Auto News just reported that Ford has have HALF the amount of F-150's in inventory that they had at this same time last year. Yet F-Series is only down .9%. This is incredible."

With over $4 000 cash back and looking at the F Series numbers it seems Ford might have over estimated the popularity of building aluminium trucks.

Well, why should the consumer be overwhelmed with this vehicle? What can the 2015 aluminium F-150 do that the others' can't?

Ford originally promised great FE savings. That is the primary reason for Ford's move to aluminium in the F-150. The reality was it only provided a 1mpg boost. The rest of the gains were via aero/engine/drivetrain changes.

Ford's hand was forced to change tact and only had one area to market, the payload and tow advantage, even though 75% of customers can benefit with the capabilities offered by the Colorado, Canyon and even Ram.

The low payload vehicles like the Ram and the fact that apparently (according to one submission in this article) 60% of F-150s are high end indicates that the pickup is indeed a sign of middle class success, a car or SUV alternative.

It seems as a percentage less are being used as work trucks.

The Colorado has wound back a little, but I'd also look at how many vans are coming out of the Wentzville plant. The plant is competing with itself in the production of these two vehicles.

GM's biggest mistake with the Colorado was to not have the vehicle in it's own plant. Sharing the plant with another platform is restricting production. But very few realised the sales potential of the new generation refined midsizers.

It seems Ram has improved again. I wonder how much longer this can go on for? Ram needs a refresh to maintain it's increase in pickup sales.

The future doesn't look quite as bright for Ford as some of the Ford fans are hoping for. I'd like to know what percentage of Ford pickups are HDs. Comparing a 1/2 to a HD isn't logical. The difference between them is much larger than the differences between the Colorado Canyon and their respective relations in the 1/2 ton segment.

Ford is struggling with 2015 numbers. I would bet they had anticipated a much better take on the pickup.

Has the enthusiasm for the aluminium pickup started to evaporate?

Ford HDs will be the next challenge for Ford (an the other HD producers) when the XD Titan comes out. It's not that the Titan will sell in huge numbers. It will be that the only place that the sales will be cannibalised from is other HDs, especially the lighter end of the HD segment.

Hopefully the Tundra will come in a "XD" version, this will also pressure the Big 3 more.

What big al said. Most trucks I see run empty so really a half ton like ram is the way to go to cruise around no need for more that's hd's for.

I find extremely comical to see that everyone here wants Ford to fail with there new trucks, praise the Leader, your brand will follow suit.

Keep it up FORD!!

Also, most of the trucks you see on the road are the trucks that work, as the rest are in car parks at work and garages at home.

So the perception of the working pickup is amplified.

looks like ford is just doing well. Pure profit they are king which kind of shows the transaction price for ford is helping them have such a large pure profit..... What 1 quarter of profit wipes out alot of the developmental cost of the new f150 which ford has state the aluminum only adds around $300 dollars in additional price from last year. With the f150 getting 5 star crash rating people that were waiting for that will now buy. All fleet orders come out of KC so once KC starts running full capacity and catches up on consumer backlog you will start see fleet orders getting filled. At this point in the year being 1.4 percent increase in sales is good as when GM rolled out there new truck they were YTD down this month last year.

All manufactures have holdover model from last year.... Large amounts of RAM as well as Chevy trucks sold year to date were built last year.... No different then ford

Also for the quarter Ford was the most profitable despite having to pay for the change over of the plants out of the big 3. Fiat america profits are dismal and its profits don't even cover the lawsuits figures that they are liable for due to the deaths they have caused.

"Like a 20-something single female who endlessly goes on and on and on about how amazing marriage would be, Sergio Marchionne's constant talk of the need of automaker mergers is beginning to make FCA look dreadfully desperate. From Bloomberg: "While first-quarter profit surged 22 percent, margins lagged far behind FCA’s Detroit rivals. Ford made $924 million on $31 billion in revenue in the first quarter, GM $900 million on $35.7 billion in sales. Fiat Chrysler earned $92 million on $26.4 billion."


There is 0 inventory of new Colorado's and Canyon's.

They are selling as soon as they get to dealer lots.

Hence why they sold about the same amount the past 2 months.

Just because a comment isn't blowing wind up Ford's @$$, doesn't mean people want it to fail.

It's just you Ford fans' must become realistic.

I drive a "Ford", probably the best of the Ford pickups.

With the Ranger/BT50, Ford increased the size and capability of the vehicle on par with most US 1/2 ton pickups and yet gained over 7mpg with the Ranger.

This is far better than what the new F-150 has achieved.

Ford has the ability to have done better with the aluminium F-150. It should of been a game changer. It wasn't.

As I've mentioned months ago. A vehicle isn't a game changer when other pickups are reviewed better or equal during testing.

The aluminium F-150 is a very good pickup. But not for the investment and cost of the vehicle. Ford could of spent the money and achieved much better results.

I don't know how many times on this site people state "Why would you buy a midsize when it's FE is around that of a full size?" Yet the midsizers weigh 1 000lbs less.

What did Ford expect with it's FE when the dropped a MAXIMUM of 700lbs off the pickup? And to top it off the F-150 started out as the heaviest of the 1/2 ton pickups. Not all F-150s lost the 700lbs.

I do think the ex Boeing guy that ran Ford for a while gave some poor direction and now Ford has to live with it.


What is causing the leveling off of the Colorado Canyon numbers?

It's good to read your comments, but your pro Ford bias is evident by your "doctoring" of facts and lack of transparency in your argument.

What is the production capacity at Wentzville? How many Savannah's are shared with the Colorado Canyon on the one line?

The difference is Ford IS expanding production capability for the aluminium F-150 and the Colorado Canyon have reached their production peak on available capacity.

It's just you Ford fans' must become realistic.

I drive a "Ford", probably the best of the Ford pickups.
@ Big Al from OZ really. - Video Tube for YouTube

Fords retail sales up 8 percent on f150. While 63 percent of all 2015 f150 have the ecoboost. These f150's are in huge demand and they aren't building any for fleet customers yet unless they buy the higher trim levels off the lot or ordered higher trim levels. Ford has huge after tax 1st quarter profits. Many great days ahead for ford and there successful role out.

Next is the superduty revamp.... The ford heavy trucks dumping the 6.7 cummins in favor of the 6.7 powerstroke tells me you may see a aluminum superduty line somewhere other then Kentucky. That can start producing the new aluminum superduty while Kentucky is shutdown.

@ Scott

Keep Drinking that Ford Kool Aide!!!


Agreed, the Ford Trucks are going to keep getting better and better, there is a small 2.7L V6 that can beat V8s' WOW


2015 Ford Mustang Sales Grow in April, Crushing Camaro, Challenger 13,144 Mustangs sold in April marks an increase of 82% over the same month last year
The Chevrolet Camaro posted another lackluster month in April 2015, moving just 6,909 units

From looking back through the Mid Size Truck sales to the beginning of the year, it appears that GM is selling everything they can ship from the factory... there are no Colorado's or Canyon's sitting on lots in my area... where as Toyota and Nissan have a few examples of their Tacoma and Frontier on local lots here in the Ca High Desert.

Also, Nissan sold less frontiers than they did in March, February and January.. Toyota continues to lead the mid size pack, but actually sold less vehicles in April than they did in March..

Have you ever been involved with the rollout of any major platform or change within a large work environment? I have.

I can tell you how rollouts are scheduled, but the scheduling is designed for allowing some "fat". This is called project management. The amount of "fat" can vary. I'd expect Ford has allowed for a great amount of fat due to changes in demand.

These changes in demand can be caused by economic, technical production issue, political, training, industrial relations and expected take up of a new product isn't met, etc.

A classic example is the timings of the rollout of the F-150 at the Kansas City plant. It's actually quite easy to read what Ford is doing.

Ford can massage production of the rollout to suit demand, as I pointed out above with flexibility in the rollout schedule. If there is any over production cash will be thrown on the hood of the pickup.

This is what is occurring.

Ford has marginally exceeded demand for the 2015 aluminium F-150, hence the over $4 000 incentives on the new aluminium F-150.

Ford is primarily geared up to produce high end pickups as well. This is to maximise the profits with the interest in the new pickup by the ones who want a "new" aluminium F-150 now and not yesterday, so they pay a premium.

These sales have started to dissipate, hence the cash on the hood as well.

Ford can dictate the rate of rollout of the 2015 numbers. They can also talk to the media and quote various reasons that aren't quite the truth as well. This is called spin.

You will see in the near future Ford will change from concentrating on high end pickup and start to produce cheaper pickups.

Ford will definitely increase 2015 numbers. By how much???

I don't think they will overtake the GM twins for years. I just hope they don't fall under Ram. That would be very embarrassing for Ford.

I have been a huge F Series fan forever, Have had 3 F150s and 2 F250s. Have a 2013 right now. My company has been a big Ford Customer. I assumed I would like the 2015 Aluminum. I was wrong. I gave it a while. I thought it would grow on me. It did not. Why should a new truck have to grow on you. You should love it when you walk up to it. That's just the way it is. But this new 2015 aluminum F150 is a focus group of SUV drivers idea of a pickup design. It has too much softness, too many cues going on, and they just don't jive together. I don't like seeing it come and don't like seeing it go down the road. That's poison in a design. Just a looooong time customer Ford giving you the blunt truth. The lack of early success is a no brainer.

Ford's poor sale numbers showed up when they missed all their numbers on Wall street with their quarterly results. The GM twins outsold Ford once again and their new mid size pickups are still growing in sales. And then they have their full size suvs that are breaking sale records every month. GM has a lot to smile about.

Always grew up a ford fan. Owned 2011 ecoboost xlt, then a raptor. Was looking at the new tricks and the sticker prices are way to high. Also the damn truck seats are designed for very wide people. I am 6' 200lbs, and I have to throw my arms out like a chicken to use the arm rests. It is just not comfortable. I will wait for ford to release an f100.

"The GM twins outsold Ford." -greg

You're illiterate and need to learn basic math. Clear F-Series beat it. Oh wait, you want to add mid-size trucks to sales now.

LMFAO! We're done here.

@ Frank

Well basic math is this:

April 2015 Sales:

F Series= 62,827

GM Twins= Silverado= 45,978 + Sierra 18,082= 64,060

Last I checked, 64,060 is more than 62,827.

So yes in fact Silverado and Sierra did outsell F-Series.

When Colorado and Canyon are added GM trucks smoked Ford truck sales.

Go back to school!!

@ Chuck Taylor

Why do you bring up cars in a truck forum?

Because F series got destroyed by GM?

Of course the mustang is selling well, its a new design and was needed a long time ago to catch up to the Camaro.

Camaro is winding down production for its new model in 2016.

Don't compare apples to oranges, especially in a truck forum.

Please do us all the honor of adding YTD.

@ Frank

Well since the Article is titled "Best Selling Trucks for April 2015" the logical responses should have to do with what the article is about, but since it doesn't conform to your picking out certain numbers that only benefit Ford you try to disregard them.

You kind of remind me of Ford with their misrepresentation of sales numbers, fuel mileage numbers, etc etc.

Face it GM Trucks in total are destroying your precious Ford trucks.

Now go drink some more Ford Kool Aide and jam out to your fake engine noises in you egoblow.

Just wait if not now maybe later????

Ford problème is the ugly front grill,,


You're dumb, you're stupid.

Fact is Tacoma remains the best midsize truck in its segment.

Voted best resale above all vehicles for 2015 for 11 years in a row and 2016 only gets better

I wouldn't get too excited one way or the other about Ford's sales numbers. Remember- the GM twins started very slowly. Many people want to make sure the bugs are worked out of a new design before they sign the multiple dotted lines. Who can blame them.

The truck buyer is starting to become educated knowing the problems Ford is having with their eco-boost and the poor gas mileage it gets.
I could get a Ram ECO-DIESEL for $3000 LESS than a 2015 F-150 4x4 crew with the 2.7 EB !
I could get a similar Silverado for $7000 LESS and a similar Colorado for $12,000 LESS

The Ram Eco-Diesel gets 28 MPG where the F-150 with the 2.7 EB gets 17 MPG PLUS the ECO-DIESEL has a cast iron heavy duty turbo where the F-150 has one made out of plastic!

Another reason why I don't like the eco-boost cause people like Cummings and Scott owns one !


I totally agree that the front grill of the F-150 is ugly
The way they have those horizontal bars that cut off half of the headlights looks hideous .


I was surprised the Tacoma had the best sales numbers of all the pickups where I thought the Colorado-Canyon would out-do the Tacoma.
The only issue I have with Toyota is they refuse to honor any warranty problems, and their oil changes and service costs 4 times as much as a domestic truck.

Easy to see why GM has the longest lasting, best selling, best value for the dollar, best quality and best resale value. Americans in droves are turning away from the lack luster ford trucks that finish last in all of PickUpTruck.coms tests with GM trucks unfailingly finishing first. It is hilarious that Ford invest billions in retooling their factory's to weld aluminum and GM spend thousands to change their weld tips to weld aluminum. Ford = Failed Operation Repeatedly Defeated.

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