Fiat Chrysler Expands Takata Airbag Recalls

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In the wake of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's broad expansion of the Takata airbag recalls earlier this month, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced expansions that affect a large number of Dodge and Ram pickup trucks; in some cases the expansion supersedes older recalls. For more details, check out this report at sister site

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Maybe they could recall the RAM trucks for being so ugly?

So, this means that owners who had the original airbag recall done have to go back and get them replaced again? That's pretty bad. I'm glad my truck doesn't have these Takata airbags in it.

As for the styling of the Ram, it's not ugly, but it ain't pretty like a Sierra Denali or something. The Ram Heavy Duty looks like what a Ram 2500 should look like and some higher trim lines can look pretty nice. The 1/2 ton 1500's (though getting long in the tooth) are fairly decent looking all gussied up especially in that nice factory two-tone paint scheme with OEM wheel well flares and 20's.

However, the new front grill on the Rebel model is ugly and the giant RAM letters on the tailgate look very tacky especially in black trim paint. The era of clean pickup designs and conservative but tasteful styling details is long gone apparently.

I get a chuckle out of these GM guys who are trying to convince the rest of the world that their trucks are "pretty." "Pretty Ugly" is much closer to the truth. I've owned both the GM and the Dodge Ram. Never had any problems with the Rams in over 100k miles on each. But never could keep the GM's out of the shop for very long. Never again will I own a GM product. Been there, done that, have the depleted bank account to show for it.

Sounds like Dale spent all his bank account on coke then bought a Dodge LOL!

Lol... Just got my 2009 5500 back from the steering recall, and new lift pump and egr service.... I guess it needs to go back in again do the airbags killing ya.

You are the lucky one. Your boss knows, which commercial truck is the best and lasts. 6 years old company truck must have many clicks already, not like Oles1 2011 ecoboost sitting in the ditch for almost a year.


We had 5 rams on the crew.... We are down to 2. Been replaced with 550 super dutys. Our last ram will be gone next year. These Ram's on our crew replaced old v10 fords back in 2009 to do a cost study. We are going back to Gas cause the previous V10 fords were down a lot less and cost less to maintain and only got 1 mpg less.

Cummins were great motors. What was wrapped around it not so much.... Repair bills over the last year are staggering. The Cummins engine is a 500k motor.... The rest of it is a 100k truck.

Coll story. Too bad you have no idea what's the maintenance cost, because you are not a boss in the company you work for, but a driver.

You must be driving empty, because just 1 Mpg difference.

It's hilarious like you try to bash the RAM, but not the Cummins. Takata airbags, lift pump, egr is no problem, but RAM is. LOL.

1 mpg at 75 mph(governor speed for the ram) 9.5 mpg to the fords 8.5. The cummins turns at about 2700 rpm at these speeds. Truck scales at 14460 lbs. I have rode in the tow truck twice in the past year....... Transfer case blew up into pieces at 75 mph..... Second time is the alternator locked up losing the belts shredding it and ripping up some electrical sensor. Power window failures on the switches are pretty regular. Had exhaust leak that would that would water your eyes in the cab during regens.

I could continue on and on but you have no clue

Local Toyota Dealer simply un-plugs the passenger air bag then places a sticker-decal on the dash that says: "Caution Air Bag Deactivated - Unsafe to sit here"

You can go on and on, but I will still not believe you. Or maybe you just don't know to use truck. Driving 4x4 on dry surface at 75 Mph always destroys transfer case. Read manual. I had 375000 kms at HEMI in Durango when I sold it and alternator and belt was still original. Never replaced . 500 000 miles ~ 800 000 kms with just 2 alternators is impressive considering, that this is company truck, not your personal, so non of you care .

Scott you are so full crap all the time. All you do is bash Ram trucks.

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