Ford F-150 Ranks No. 1 With Military Buyers

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The Ford F-150 was the No. 1 one selling vehicle in 2014 across all branches of the military — Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard — according to the most recent survey of United Services Automobile Association members. (USAA offers insurance to military members and their families.) The survey included former and active military personnel who used USAA's car-buying services last year.

Among the top 10 vehicles purchased in 2014, the Ford F-150 was the top-selling vehicle for each branch. Other pickup trucks were popular as well with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 making the top 10 list for each branch, ranking seventh for the Air Force, fourth for the Army, second for the Marines, eighth for the Navy and sixth for the Coast Guard. The Toyota Tacoma ranked eighth for the Marines and second for the Coast Guard.

Among SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler ranked 10th for the Army and Navy, sixth for the Marines and fourth for the Coast Guard. Apparently members of the Air Force are not interested in the Jeep Wrangler.

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Really? I would have never guessed that. The f150 is the number one selling vehicle, I bet it is the top selling vehicle in most male dominated fields on the military and blue collar side.

I would agree with Jony. Purchase patterns will most likely parallel civilian patterns.

Zvera - You are saying that serving your country means " Those people are not very bright."

Coming from an immigrant who left his own country - I can see where that sentiment comes from.

@Zvera, if your brand was number 1 you would never make that comment.

Everyone who remarks that our military personal are less than intelligent are only making themselves look ignorant. (plus a bit of a jerk)
A wide variety of civilians join the military for a wide variety of reasons. I could care less what they drive but let's have a little respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us.
Thank a vet for your freedom.
Oh, and I have never been in military service.

Support our auto workers and our Troops!!! Yah Baby!

If you look at the entire list it would suggest that military buyers are'nt trying to make any statements with thier vehicle purchases, they're buying appliances. The Jeep Wrangler is the only 'frivolous' vehicle on the list.

It's a very unimpressive list and I'm not sure why anyone would care, or why there needs to be a story about it.


We do not have to comment on your intellect by reading your comment. You score low low low.
A CRV or Camry in the army for what deliver flowers or pick up grocery what the heck.


It's quite apparent that you are the one who is not "very bright" by making a blanket comparison statement of the U.S military based solely on your service in another nation's military. Additionally, by making such an asinine statement, you only denigrate yourself and your country of origin, not the United States nor its military.

Have a nice day day and I hope that one day you will come to appreciate your time and service to your nation of origin.

RETIRED PARA - great post.

Not just the US Military, what about the Canadian Military as well. I fully support our CDN troops along with the US troops. I also support the North American auto workers.

I wonder where did the Ram trucks tally in this section?

Ram trucks suck

I am in the CDN Army, and think some of the comments here are offensive. unnecessary and not the place for it. Zvera sometimes your opinions are best left to yourself.

Don't forget military discounts; I'll wager they paid a lot less for their F-150s than y'all did.

That is the least we can do for those who serve our country, give them a decent discount on a new car or truck. Ford has had some great discounts on remaining 2014 F-150 especially the loaded crew cabs. Chevy has also had some good discounts. Why not take advantage of a good deal if you want or need a new truck.

" At the time, Chrysler confirmed that it would update the light-duty Ram 1500 in 2017. The current Ram 1500 was introduced in late 2008 as a 2009 model and has received several significant upgrades since then.

However, the five-year future product plan shared with investors in May made no mention of when the Ram would receive a full redesign.

Industry sources familiar with the company's plans said Chrysler is not likely to undertake a full redesign of the Ram before 2021 at the earliest.

Nonetheless, by putting off a full redesign of the Ram and a shift to more aluminum, the smallest of the Detroit-based automakers risks losing ground to the Big Two after several years of booming pickup sales. "

No wonder broke FCA is in desperation mode seeking partners.

The F-150 is the most American, made in America truck so its fitting its the top choice for our respected members of the military.

Lou BC

I am too lazy to move back to the last story where you asked me a question.
I just want to tell you I admit I am dumb, but I make up for it with my good looks, its very rare for anybody to have both good looks and brains at the same time.
That's how I get thru life with my good looks , I married a woman with money and I have a easy job cause of my good looks.


You guys just got trolled!

gomjabber - that is why this site is a joke.

Funny. I mentioned that this site has gone down hill with Mike Levine's departure and it was deleted........

let's see if it happens again.

@ Lou BC, I am with ya. This site has become trash compared to what it started as. Let's see if they delete this comment too.

And boy would this merger stir things up IF it were EVER to happen. The thought...

@supercrew02--GM and FCA might not merge but I think that there will be other mergers in the near future. It would not surprise me if we eventually see only one domestically owned auto manufacturer. The Italian auto industry appears to be disappearing as the British auto industry has in that it will most be owned by foreign industry with a lot less players. More globalization and the growth of the Asian auto market.

Military folk get discounts with Ford, so it is no wonder why it is the truck of choice.

"I served in army for 2 years, because everybody in our country had to. I was on opposite side that time. I can tell , that people in army are not very bright, if you like it or not. Who of you served in some army little boys ? LOL."

The main reason they stopped the draft was that with the new high tech weaponry they don't need people like you anymore.

no surprise here..they want the best too

Mr./Ms. Zvera, Beyond your low regard for the American military is a low opinion of American trucks. So why are you visiting anyway?

I was at the Ford Dealer yesterday.
I was told the discounts and rebates will come this July on the 2015 F-150.
They had a rush of selling the new F-150's when they first came out the beginning of the year, but sales have died off even on the leftover 14's so the dealer admitted to me that drastic measures such as deep discounts will happen.

"...would not surprise me if we eventually see only one domestically owned auto manufacturer."

@Jeff S

Since big publicly traded corporations are really owned by their stockholders (who are free to live anywhere they like--China, Africa, Detroit...) wouldn't it be true that in a global economy there's no such thing as a domestically owned auto mfg?

BMW, Hyundai, Daimler-Benz, Nissan and Toyota have built major operations in the US during the last 20 years--does it matter if their owners live here or there?

Auto making in the US is a thriving industry everywhere the governments stays the F... out of it.

Everywhere the government gets heavily involved in making cars (Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, China, Michigan, Indiana, Russia) it goes straight to hell.

Of the places I listed only China hasn't ruined their auto industry but give them time. Ditto Korea and Japan.

I have some strong opinions and this is a topic where the subject gets my goat. The US still has a chance in this business but let the unions and the Democrats have their way a little longer and it'll get screwed up really good here too (see Detroit).

Everywhere the government gets heavily involved in making cars (Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, China, Michigan, Indiana, Russia) it goes straight to hell.


You forgot to mention California and Pennsylvania.

I was in the Air Force when I bought my f150 raptor my brother who is in the Air Force just bought a wrangler unlimited, his wife owns a mustang and they have an old Ford Explorer. My brother in the army drives a Vw Jetta diesel wagon.

Heh. My Air Force unit had a brand-new F-150 crew cab...

Auctioned it off almost exactly one year later because it had already run through its repair allotment.

How about this self parking Volvo that ran down reporters because it was ordered with out the pedestrian option.

Cars can already be hacked today, what do you think will happen when self driving cars start getting hacked?

About our current military sadly the current administration (Obama) has run off pretty much all the senior officers that would have stood in his way and we are now left with a bunch of puppets that will do what ever Obama wants them to do including turning on American citizens as evidence of the training that they are doing in our own states across this country like the house to house searches and rounding up people in groups. This training has been done on America soil with one goal in mind to put down the American people when the liberals think it is time that they can attempt their take over of America to make it complete.

I am one American that no longer believes our own military won't turn on it own citizens when the liberals give the order. But rest assured that if or when that day happens there are going to be a lot of armed Americans who will fight to take back this once great nation that the liberals have almost completely destroyed with their phony great society created by the Democrats and Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson that has only served to destroy our own people. The Obama administration is the final blow as he now has house and senate Republicans that refuse to fight back and have pretty much given up their power powers of government to Obama.

We are headed for another civil war.

@Sad Sack

All Americans hate the other parties president and try to make them out to be the worst president ever. Your comment about Obama running off senior officers well Bush did the same. I should know I was on watch aboard the Roosevelt for the transition ceremony of a 4 star Admiral that that got out because he opposed the Bush serge That happens all the time and is done by a lot of presidents

The best you can do is find one admiral who retired after 41 years?

Obama has run off many of our top military people.

I know you liberals think that the government is there to take care of you from cradle to grave but the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

Liberals have just about completely destroyed America, there is only a small window of opportunity left to try and save this once great nation and it will be conservatives who will have to do it.

So you think just one person got out? Calm down it happens all the time I'm sorry by the way you provided nobody not even one!

@papa jim--Ok, you are correct I should have said domestically based. I own some Toyota stock so yes corporations are globally owned. I do see more consolidation in the auto industry and if and when the Chinese get their quality up to snuff they will eventually be a global force in vehicle manufacturing. I don't see Government bailouts or ownership as a viable business model (British Leyland). British auto industry is a case in point. I don't think the Swedish government owned Volvo or Saab but they did give financial support to those industries. TTAC had an article about the Italian based auto industry which painted a bleak future. I think if it weren't for Ram and Jeep FCA would not have a future. I can't blame FCA for looking for a partner to merge with. It will be interesting to see what Geely does with Volvo especially with the Volvos that will be made and exported from China. Volvo's long term viability is still questionable. The Chinese might be better off buying FCA.

This place has become an absolute cesspool. Why isn't there any active moderating happening? Is this what the site thrives off of, controversy and the constant bickering? If so, you guys can keep it... this used to be a decent place to get news on pickups. I'll go elsewhere if you'd rather keep it in its current state.

When I was in the military I owned a Chevy truck. Now I realize I was one of the smart ones.

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