New Ram Commercial Targets Women, but Touches Everyone

Courage Comm II

Some commercials go beyond their intended purpose. No matter what you think about the brand, Ram is hitting the bull's-eye when it comes to reinforcing the triumph of the human spirit in something as commonplace as a pickup truck commercial. We like this one, called "Courage Is Already Inside," which will debut during the running of the 141st Kentucky Derby. For good measure, we thought you also might want to see the commercial that started this direction, simply called "Farmers."










watching that brought a tear to my eye

They are also targeting tomboys.

And the Ford girly men!

That's serious commercial. No eco BS.

The ones with the g///uts to stand apart join a league all of their own. G///uts. G///lory. R///am.

Great message, great message.

That's serious commercial. No eco BS.
Posted by: cicka | May 2, 2015 11:09:14 AM

I have to clarify, so nobody gets confused
" No eco BS" means No eco BooSt.

That's serious commercial. No eco BS.
Posted by: cicka | May 2, 2015 11:09:14 AM

I agree with cicka. It's time to get serious. No Ecodiesel with low power, low payload and high cost.

I do think Ram has had the best commercials for a long time. One of my favorites was "That thing got a Hemi ?" I bought the exact truck in that commercial. Some others are awesome too like the Farmers.

God bless America!

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to actually start moderating posts. This place has become a cesspool with some of the posts here.

No commercial with a Ram pickup will make me want one of their girly trucks.

Maybe you guys didn't understand the secret message of that commercial.
It shows less attractive, hard working, independent and tough women. That appeals and gets respect to the women watching, respect may be the wrong word to use cause women have no respect, but you know what I mean.
When the woman watches that commercial she is more agreeable when her husband wants to buy a new Ram Truck.
Or IF her man is considering a girly man truck such as an F-150 she may force him to change his mind and buy the Ram instead.
The other message is outdoor middle America, the cowboys, the Texicans , the hillbillies, the tough hard working people away from the girly men from the city.

I thought all RAM drivers had vaginas. Isn't that why they added airbags and rear coils to the truck? To soften the ride so their pu$$ys don't swell up?

@ Cickastick, what was that you just said?? Most of your comments make zero sense and you always have to bring the F150 into the picture. The more comments you make the more I realize how stup%$ you really are. You've changed your name from zervera or whatever it was, can't keep up with the stupidity but you just need to do ram a favor and shut up.I'd hate to be a ram fan on here and have you embarrass the ram brand over and over. Between you and tom#3, you make the ram look like #2.

@Crazy Truck
I wasn't talking about F150 in my last post.
Maybe you still have a blurry vision from f series driving or you didn't get a massage today yet.

No blurry vision here. Don't need a message or what ever the heck your talking about????


I wish the S O B's in Washington who are destroying our country would watch "So GOD Made A Farmer".

Maybe we would become one nation under GOD again.

@Crazy Truck

If FCA thinks the Renegade will replace the Patriot/Compass MK twins, they are seriously mistaken. If you take a look at the market demographics for those vehicles, the Patriot appeals more to male buyers than the Compass and the Compass appeals more to female buyers than the Patriot.

Why am I talking about the Patriot? Well, because FCA is going to discontinue it along with the Compass and replace it with a single vehicle yet to be revealed. Rumors are that the newly introduced Renegade will replace them. Well I'm sorry, but the super cutesy Fiat derived Renegade does not cut it. It's too feminine looking and it is a vehicle I would never buy. However, the Patriot is something I would buy because it has masculine broad shouldered linear styling. Unfortunately, all the small SUVs in that class look like human suppositories with that rounded feminine-like smooth pucker butt styling to them.

Since women as a demographic control most of the major purchasing decisions here in the U.S. market, we can only assume that more and more vehicles will cater to their styling tastes including pick up trucks.

It seems the major auto makers want to tap into the female market demographic and as a male consumer, this has me worried. Trucks should remain masculine and tough looking, not feminized and super cutesy looking.

Sorry Fiat, but if you cancel the Patriot/Compass twins you will lose out on a fairly sizable chunk of potential profits considering that the Patriot is now selling at an average of almost 100K units per year. And, the reason why it's selling so well is because it's a great value for the price and its one of the few vehicles available today in its class that has masculine (Jeep heritage) type styling.

@ the other mike

You are wrong.


Read my post more carefully, I stated consumers here in the U.S. not Europe. They are two totally different consumer markets when it comes to the automotive segment.

My points are still valid and while the new Renegade may enjoy a flash in the pan sales jump here in the U.S. (remember I said the U.S.) it will never surpass the MK twin sales.

@ different mike
What else did you see in your crystal ball?


Crystal ball? Well, if you really want to know....the winning lottery numbers are: 23, 12, 6, 19, 11 and 44. You can thank me later.


My crystal ball? Well, if you really want to know...the winning lottery numbers are: 12, 6, 22, 35, 7 and 44. You can thank me later.

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