Ram Cuts Powertrain Warranty for 2016

4 Ram Rebel 015 II

By G.R. Whale

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will reduce the powertrain warranty on most model-year 2016 gasoline-engine vehicles from the current five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles, according to an Automotive News report. A Ram spokesman confirmed the report. Not included in the change are Fiat, Alfa Romeo and diesel-powered vehicles; warranties on those vehicles remain the same. Powertrain warranties typically cover the engine, transmission and driveline parts.

In March GM did essentially the same thing, dropping powertrain coverage on Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles; Buick and Cadillac's six-years/70,000-miles period was not reduced. Ford already has a five-years/60,000-miles powertrain warranty while Lincoln offers six years/70,000 miles. It all comes across as the payload and towing wars in reverse, as warranty durations drop and other manufacturers follow suit.

The change does not affect the basic three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper vehicle warranty, which covers non-drivetrain components, or warranties for emissions systems.

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This trend is unfortunate for consumers, not only does it reflect lower confidence of the manufacturers but it pushes cost to customers.
Just goes to show you, it is all about the bottom line for companies.
Being a "fan boy" of any product is silly, they all have one final customer, the share holder.

A warranty is just an insurance policy. This is a way to reduce costs for their new vehicles. If you can't afford to pay for repairs out of pocket, then you should buy an extended warranty. I'd rather have lower pricing and an option on what type of warranty I want to purchase anyway.

Where are all the RAM fans now that were claiming the fact that FORD only provided a 5yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty must mean that FORD made a lower quality product ??

Again, a warranty is only as good as the company backing it up.

Oh goody, the Italian pickups made in Mexico with Japanese airbags are now reducing their warranty.

I have been told by ford horde, they don't need warranty for quality product.
RAM is at least same quality as ford now. Congratulations.

I love how people demonize business when they don't profit.
I bet the 401k that is invested and returns a profit you give to charity right NorthernMN? You sound like the blue fist morons around here.

For the buyer who buys new every three years (surprise, this is the Big 3's target market), the reduction in miles to 60k is a non factor.

Average drivers tally about 12-15k miles per year, the reduction hardly affects them.

What the reduction can do is reduce support costs, which makes the producers more competitive and better able to slash retail prices during the key selling seasons.

I'll use this as ammo against the salesman when haggling. "So your product must suck since your warranty is shorter now. If you want to sell me this truck you better start knocking off thousands of dollars." Either he laughs and I walk or I get a heck of a deal. And as for you who think the prices will be lower due to shorter warranties, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

Last month Fiat raised wholesale price cost for there vehicles by 1 percent.... This month they reduce there warranties. Trouble must be a brewing financially over at chrysler's headquarters in London

Unlike most here, I post from experience. I have owned trucks from all of the big three and can say without a doubt the RAM was the worst, primarily due to the lack of servicing the warranty. I don't expect perfection but I do expect you to honor a contract.

Re-read my post, I'm not bashing RAM at all but instead questioning all the sheep who have always hung their hat on a longer warranty. That my friend, is the true ignorance.

Could you be more specific and say what warranty RAM didn't service?

My last 5 vehicles were used (20k or less) Chrysler products. I grew up in a Ford family, but switched solely because I wanted a powertrain warranty that lasted as long as my payment book. The Jeep's and Dodges have been good to me, but I'm not loyal to a fault. I will definitely consider more brands now

Here in Canada we never had the 100,000 mile warranty we just had the 60,000 mile warranty on Rams. I plan on trading my truck off around that point anyways.

Ram will probably lose some sales to this. Even commentators here say warranty is must for there purchase decisions. Ironically they have Hemi in some form as there screen name and bash ford and GM for having 60k. I imagine since Ram has nothing new that there 16's will be hitting the dealership floors in the next month or 2 and the build out on the 2015's are close to down so they can get away from the 100k warranties sooner rather then later. So all the rebels I assume will be 2016's so that means no 100k warranty for the complex air suspension in a "purposely", according to some, off road ride. No way would I own an air suspension outside 60k do to the cost of repairs.


That's hilarious.People who never buy any RAM complain about cutting their warranty for same length like any other manufacturer. Nobody I repeat nobody will get 100k miles warranty for air ride.

That's hilarious.People who never buy any RAM complain about cutting their warranty for same length like any other manufacturer. Nobody I repeat nobody will get 100k miles warranty for air ride.

It seems FCA have done their homework here.

If you look the diesels maintain the current warranty and the gasoline vehicles get the new shorter, or normal warranty of their competitors.

The Fiat side of the business will still have the longer warranties. This also indicates that FCA want to expand Fiat and Alfa Romeo in the US.

I don't see this as a negative or a positive for Ram.

Considering the massive improvement in Ram numbers and quality since FCA's take over of Chrysler my response is why continue with the long warranties? What do they achieve?

I think FCA is realising that Ram and the rest of Chrysler must be near it's peak number wise and production capability wise in the US.

The US vehicle market has plateaued and building new infrastructure and plants would be not viable.

I think this is a cost reduction move to do G.M.'s high legal problems and makes it harder for the future people with problems to recover their money. Does the warranty matter to me. Your dam right it does and especially with an all new platform I.E, Ford F series. So again looks like Chrysler will be getting my money again.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Mar 17, 2015 6:42:26 PM

Why would i want a truck that is ...When i can buy a better warranty
Posted by: HEMI V8 | Apr 18, 2015 1:13:12 PM

2014 Ram 1500
Unsurpassed 5-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty+
Posted by: Hemi Mechanic | Nov 14, 2013 11:21:12 PM

Will Ford give a better warranty on their new pickup that will match what GM and Ram offer?
Posted by: greg | Jan 13, 2014 7:51:20 AM

Until ford comes out with a 100k warranty they aren't even an option in my new truck search.
Posted by: Ryan | Apr 14, 2014 8:51:46 AM

The Chevy Silverado has a warranty with 100,000 miles. That is 40,000 miles more than Ford and Toyota. I have no desire to continue to "debate" with someone who cares so little for the Chevy Silverado, so congrats, if you read and reply to this message, you'll get the last word. Hooray for you.
Posted by: bobby | Jul 10, 2010 4:31:27 AM

Would you buy a 3yr. old Eco used with 61,000 miles? Don't forget that fantastic 60,000 mile warranty. That would not be a smart move imo.
Posted by: Fred the man | Feb 6, 2013 6:01:35 PM

Maybe Ford should change their 5yr/60,000 mile warranty, the worst in the truck industry. Oh, I forgot. Companies never drive over 12,000 miles a year. That's what the Ford boys say.
Posted by: fredtheman | Jun 19, 2014 12:41:53 PM

It looks as unreliable as the 2014 150. But being new, maybe Ford will move to 26th place for reliability with the new pickup. I wonder if Ford will match GM and Ram's warranty with the new pickup, but I doubt it because of the poor reliability record for Ford.
Posted by: greg | Nov 14, 2013 5:37:41 PM

"Until ford comes out with a 100k warranty they aren't even an option in my new truck search."

I like many others will NOT buy another vehicle without coverage till at least 100K!!! if the manufacture will not stand behind their product, how can they expect a buy too!
Posted by: sandman

@ gomjabber
In no way am I demonizing corporations. The object of any "for profit" company, like all auto-makers, is to make money for its owner. This is not a bad objective; in fact it is necessary for our economy.
It is easy to be passionate about vehicles but let’s face it; this is just a handful of companies trying to make a large profit. GM, Ram and Ford do not care about you or me, they are trying to make money.
That is why be brand loyal is silly, purchasing a vehicle should be an economic decision based on need and possibly desire. Know your vehicles and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each model.

Fiat Chrysler is looking for another manufacturer to merge with. Their debt is unsustainable and they will not survive unless they find a company that wants to merge with them. They contacted GM in March about merging but GM blew them off. Smart decision because Fiat Chrysler has nothing worth anything to offer. They should approach VW because they do not have a truck line but Fiat Chrysler better hope somebody comes to the rescue or the Ram truck will not exist anymore. I am surprised it took Fiat Chrysler this long to reduce their warranties.

My main issue with my RAM was a stalling problem developed at less than 6,000 miles. Dealer duplicated and contacted the manufacturer who said they didn't feel like it was a defect but rather a less desirable driving experience. Multiple dealerships and an attorney later, I was able to move on to a safer vehicle.

When you have the vehicle you are driving die on you multiple times while pulling into traffic and you stare at other drivers trying to avoid hitting you it makes all of the smaller QC defects ( fitment, rattles, creaks..etc. ) become a non-issue. But when two separate dealerships tell you that they cannot believe the manufacturer will not authorize them to do anything, and they can verify the problem exists ..you really see and understand what kind of company you chose to do business with.

How surprising to not see some of the 'usual suspects' here touting guts and glory. So is it now




Again, I always go back to Tommy Boy and his line about putting warranties on the box. Personally, I'll just buy a quality product in the first place and not have to worry about warranty fairies.

I don't about you guys, but here in PA, it doesn't matter what brand has a better warranty, that resides on the dealers. When I bought my 09 Ram new, I got the lifetime powertrain warranty through the Dealer, not Ram. When I got my current used 2011 F250 Diesel with 37K miles on it, the Dealer gave me a 150K warranty, so long as I must take it there to get that warranty done. Point is, when I was shopping HD trucks, I also was dealing with a Chevy 2500(2012) and that Dealer also offered a lifetime duramax warranty thru them. Problem is they don't come out and say it, so I asked, and they had it. Since I have known this from my 09 experience, when my wife bought her 2014 Accord, the third dealer we spoke with thru in a 200K warranty. So they all can do it.

Please don't tell me you drive ecoboost in the rain, because it experiences same problem over and over again even after recall.
You were unlucky with one RAM, but you can be absolutely sure , you won't be lucky pulling with ecoboost in heavy rain.

"Multiple dealerships and an attorney later, I was able to move on to a safer vehicle."
You don't specify if you got a different truck or money back, but you are not stuck with defective truck, like ecoboost owners are.
So yes , there are lemons in any brand build friday late afternoon, but there are also wrong technical solutions which nobody can fix.

This is a purely economic move. It is either raise prices or reduce costs. In the mind of the average consumer, an increase in price is far more likely to push a potential buyer to a competitor or to decide to hold off on the purchase. A reduction in warranty is something we grumble about but we buy anyhow. When the reduction is from 100k miles to 60k miles, that's so far in the future for most of us that the grumbling doesn't last long, unless problems occur after 60k miles.

nitro - there are many 3rd party suppliers of extended warranties. It looks like the dealers you work with have a contract with a company for them and offers that warranty as a selling feature. Warranty is insurance. No different than buying crash/theft insurance on a car or life insurance.
Nice to hear that you have a dealer that proactively supports its customers.

Funny to see the Rambo Sheep Herder spin on this shortened warranty.
Zvieratko once again pops up with a new alias. I suspect that the only pickup he owns happens to have hotwheels or matchbox stamped on the belly.

I don't own an ecoboost but definitely would over another RAM simply because FORD has acknowledged the problem and has attempted to correct them. RAM turned a blind eye to me and many, many others. Google stalling and RAM and you will see I wasn't just dealing with a lemon.

I'm entitled to express my experiences with any manufacturer and since this article pertains directly to my experience with RAM and warranty obligations, I can say without fail RAM did not provide any value to me by their factory warranty.

I don't care if it was a lifetime warranty, I wouldn't buy another RAM and expect the warranty to have any more value than the paper it is documented on.

You sir are a sheep and I will not pretend to be a sheep herder on this site.

Ford didn't correct that. It's still goes to limp mode after fladed with water in the rain . Google it.
You still didn't say , what RAM dealer did for you. If you got a new truck or money back, so I am assuming you made that story up, based on what you could find by Google.

The warranty wasn't shortened, just got on the pair with ford.
Do you see any problem with ford warranty? I don't remember you to complain. Please remind me.

You do understand that when an attorney gets involved and things get settled, you typically sign an agreement stating that you will not disclose the details of the agreement, right ?

Your wrong about me and my experiences with RAM but the fact that you acknowledged how easy it would be to Google the problems with RAM having stalling issues just confirmed what I said.

Best of luck, I suspect you will need it.

It's good to hear you had an agreement with RAM. Ecoboost owners are not that lucky. They have to live with defective engine.
Not one stalling problem with my HEMI at 175000kms you experienced in your dream.
I wish you more luck to find somebody who will believe your bs.

Having a 5 year/100K mile warranty was a gimmick anyway. Who in the heck drives their truck 100K miles in 5 years except for fleets or municipalities?

If you are going to go up to 100K miles, then do it for 10 years. 10 years/100K miles, which ever comes first, and then you will have something. Otherwise, it's mainly an empty promise because most people are confined to 12-15K miles per year anyway. On a lease, you are typically penalized for excessive mileage and even with a straight buy, you will pay more for excessive mileage under your insurance carrier.

FCA doesn't need the expense for such little return and the competition only goes to 60K miles. The cost versus benefit wasn't worth it so it's a no brainer why they took it back down to 5 Years/60K miles. If you need more than that, they have the Mopar extended lifetime warranty.

RAM is absolute trash. My truck rattles and creaks from the suspension like no other. When I went on their facebook page with a link to the video of the noise, they blocked me from being able to post again. Wouldn't buy another chrysler product again.

@the other mike
Wisely talking you are.

You know, you should consider to see a service with old truck maybe.
My neighbors ford needs to do an oil change. What a piece of garbage.

@ greg your a HYPOCRITE GM DOUCHEBAG .....

@ Zvieratko another RAM DOUCHEBAG you know nothing about ecoboost . My wife's Explorer Sport going on 33 months . 23 months in the Pacific NorthWest. Lots of (RAIN/SNOW) NO STALLS . 9 months in Bryan/College Station TEXAS .... It FlashFloods here ... hmmm and NO STALLS .... JACKASS....

My co-workers all own Ram 1500's and as a F-150 owner I am impressed with the toughness and reliability of the Ram but what impresses me most of all is the newer 5.7 HEMI with engine deactivation GET'S BETTER GAS MILEAGE THAN THE F-150 ECO-BOOST ! ! !

yep! 19 MPG HEMI 5.7

(the best your 3.5 eco-boost gets is 17 MPG)

She doesn't have F150 and doesn't pull anything in heavy rain, like I posted.
Google it.


You never posted anything about F150. You just said ecoboost. So he could share his experience with an explorer ecoboost. And at first you said drive in the rain then you changed and said pull in the rain. Which is it now?

I said :
"pulling with ecoboost in heavy rain".
His wife didn't pull anything in heavy rain.

@z-wtfiero - or what ever your name is now.... the point is that the Rambo's like you kept saying that Ram was better due to the longer warranty.

The point is , what ever I say, but in this case you said that quality truck doesn't need 100000 miles warranty, but 60 000 is enough , which I agree with you for this time.



My last 5 vehicles were used (20k or less) Chrysler products. I grew up in a Ford family, but switched solely because I wanted a powertrain warranty that lasted as long as my payment book. The Jeep's and Dodges have been good to me, but I'm not loyal to a fault. I will definitely consider more brands now

Posted by: Mr.Obvious | May 28, 2015 9:50:32 PM

Mr. O, Let it go. Now you make yourself look worse with another outburst. smh.


Here you go buddy:


I really don't understand why you have such an envy for the ecoboost..this article is about powertrain warranties. FORD has honored theirs by repairing the few that had the problem you seem to think is widespread. My whole point is that in MY experience, of all the big 3 manufacturers, RAM was the worse at honoring it. It's my experience and apparently I am not the only one based on the info in the link I provided.

Enjoy your RAM, and I will enjoy that I can rely on my current ride not to die on me as I pull into traffic.

I don't know, what your problem is. It's not like you are stuck with RAM. You got different truck or money back, so RAM solved your problem. Ford doesn't do that. People still experience engine flooding with water and they are stuck with ford.
The forums are full of Ford stalling problems even preecoboost era. Ford still didn't fix this ecoboost limp mode issue. It's happening in 2015 as well.
Google it.
This is not even funny anymore.


Back to the topic. RAM has a warranty on pair with ford.
It use to be better than ford, it's on pair now. Nothing wrong with that.
My warranty at 175000kms is over anyway, so why would I care ?

Dude, YOU asked ME for specifics because you apparently believe RAM can do no wrong. I provided you with the spefics and YOU can't seem to handle someone with a bad RAM experience mentioning that bad experience when asked.

Get over the fact that I had bad RAM warranty issues and get over the fact the a small few people have a problems with an intercooler on the ecoboost engine. Be happy with what you drive, you don't have to like what I drive ( not an ecoboost ) and I can be thankful I no longer have to deal with my RAM warranty issues ( the whole point of this article ).

I was happy what I drive before you post your bashing , I am happy after. You are the one who should get over it.

Looks like you forgot which login you were supposed to use. Better luck next time.

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