Ram Cuts Powertrain Warranty for 2016

4 Ram Rebel 015 II

By G.R. Whale

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will reduce the powertrain warranty on most model-year 2016 gasoline-engine vehicles from the current five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles, according to an Automotive News report. A Ram spokesman confirmed the report. Not included in the change are Fiat, Alfa Romeo and diesel-powered vehicles; warranties on those vehicles remain the same. Powertrain warranties typically cover the engine, transmission and driveline parts.

In March GM did essentially the same thing, dropping powertrain coverage on Chevrolet and GMC vehicles from five years/100,000 miles to five years/60,000 miles; Buick and Cadillac's six-years/70,000-miles period was not reduced. Ford already has a five-years/60,000-miles powertrain warranty while Lincoln offers six years/70,000 miles. It all comes across as the payload and towing wars in reverse, as warranty durations drop and other manufacturers follow suit.

The change does not affect the basic three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper vehicle warranty, which covers non-drivetrain components, or warranties for emissions systems.

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I bought a new Ram on Memorial day. I never thought I would buy a Chrysler product. I made fun of those who did.Warranty length was a huge reason I bought a Ram. If you don't have a problem with your product a longer warranty shouldn't be a issue. Ford with their twin turbos how much is that going to cost to fix? G.M.? I'd be happy if they would stop killing their customers through willful neglect. So I bought a Ram. Now I feel kinda ripped off with the change in warranty. I know it won't affect mine but I should have bought a used god awful ugly Honda Ridgeline because Honda does stand behind iit's products.I have 2 of them so I know.

You should really get over it.

Another thread loaded with 99% pure BS. I have owned Ram trucks since 1996 and have not had any major problems with them. In all that time I have only had to have three items fixed two under warranty both of which were minor, one a wheel speed sensor the second a dash trim piece that was warped. The third issue was a service bulletin where Ram replaced the front coil springs on my 2005 3500 dually.

I would say only three service visits in 19 years is pretty damn good quality.

I simply added the MOPAR Maximum care warranty at time of purchase. I'm covered bumper to bumper for 99 yrs/ 1 Million miles and my copay per visit is $50. I'm a religious maintenance freak anyhow so I don't worry about anything in this thread. What was that Ford and Chevy? Is that crickets I hear ?? ;)

Love dodge 3.0 deisel

Scott it must be the are you live and the dealer. Like you I too have owned other of the big three. And the best service has been the Ram dealer. Been driving Ram 2500 and 3500's since 2004 a and probably will not own anything it Ram.

My husband bought a 2016 Ram Powerwagon new in 2016. Within a few months had to have a new rear end. Now at 25,000 miles, having transmission issues: dealer says it needs a new tork converter, front pump, and the a “rebuild kit” for the transmission. We said, we don’t want a rebuilt transmission, we want a new transmission, that’s why we bought a new truck with a warranty...the dealer said Crystler wont allow them to put in a new transmission... and the warranty isn’t extended past the 60,000 on this proposed rebuilt transmission either. Won’t ever buy a Ram again. They haven’t fixed the truck yet, looking for a way to contact Crystler costumer service and Searching for an attorney.

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