Recall Alert: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 48,000 model-year 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups

The Problem: The seat frame attachments may not have been properly secured during body assembly, which could result in the front of the seat not being secure in the event of a crash. Front passengers could suffer additional injuries during impact as a result. GM knows of no crashes or injuries or fatalities related to this condition.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect the affected pickups and determine if the seat hooks need repair or replacement, which will be done free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: GM has not yet announced an owner notification schedule. Owners can call Chevrolet at 800-222-1020, GMC at 800-462-8782 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236.

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48,000 - isn't that all of them????

I think the good news here is that not all 48K trucks have been purchased.

I think the good news here is that not all 48K trucks have been purchased.

You left my seat lose??? Looks to me like everyone produced has lose seats. Hope they get this extremely dangerous idiotic problem fixed. Hate to see more gm fan girls and boys hurt or even worse, killed. No excuse for this at all.

Recalled more than sold. smh.

@Truck Crazy Any retard could figure out that a no steering on 2015 f150 is more dangerous then a loose seat. If you lose steering you crash! If you're seat comes lose, you would be able to feel it and have it fixed! LOL 25 years of Ford KOOL-AID is no help for you!

those crappy Chinese and Mexican parts they stuff in these vehicles,the downside of slave labor, profits trump quality everytime

Agreed Johnny doe... loosing sterrinf4 is headlined for a minute then a loose aeat frame attachment is left as the focal point of this website.... Ford Kool aid at its best...

Can't GM do anything right? So much for truck of the year!

Where is Tom#3 ????

I see the Ford and Ram boys are giving their child like remarks. Sad to see all envy in them because the Colorado and Canyon have been so successful and Ford and Ram have nothing to offer in the mid size market. Grow up boys and own a real truck and you will see what it is like to be a real man.

It's amazing some of the comments here.

First up the it states the seat attaching point. It sounds more like the bracket that welded/secured to the floor pan.

These are not made in China or even Mexico. They are made in the US.

It will be interesting to see how GM fixes this if it's a welding issue. I'd bet they would use some form of fastener.

But, like the F-150 steering column issue GM will not allow any pickups out of the factory until the problem is fixed.......I hope.


Here I am!

Anybody can feel the seat is loose and its not that hard to get under there and tighten up the seat bolts yourself!
Throw a drop of Lock Tite on the threads and it will never come loose again!
Personally I would feel like a loser if I had to take my Colorado in the service department and wait 2 hours for a mechanic to do what I could have done myself in 5 mins.

........ one thing I didn't think of.....
I wasn't totally accurate saying it would be easy for ANYONE to crawl under there and tighten up the seat bolts.......
I forgot about the fat guys, that big belly would get in the way would make it difficult for you to squeeze in there to get to those bolts.
I am so sorry cause I am skinny and I take it for granted that everybody else is as skinny as me.
I apologize , I was wrong.

At least no one died. Over 100 people have died in gm products so far and many more are likely to do so. No excuse for such a company to exist, just like no excuse for these stupid fan girls and boys to defend them. Hope you all choke on that gm koolaid.

Show me a Company that doesn't have a recall and I will show you a Company that doesn't tell the whole truth. I am glad that it was caught, no matter what the reason why, before any injuries resulted. Keep up the good work GM. Glad to know that you have my best interest in mind. Love my 2015 Colorado. Only great things to say.

Loose seat frame bolt still the head line huh??? I might just start looking for my pickup news in other places...

This is crazy, but at least a notification is better than nothing.

T - good post but at PUTC common sense is, well, uncommon.

Truck Crazy ,That is the most stupid remark, about the amount of people killed by GM auto. What would nice to see is how many have died in a Chevy, GMC, RAM, Ford and Toyota's for the year 2014 and start comparing death by each make, would that be real news ? Do you really want to go there?

Great input.

I do think the problem is a two way issue.

First is the site isn't moderated effectively. That is these types of comments aren't monitored and deleted.

Secondly, this allows from what I can gather school kids to run amuk. Sort of like a classroom without adequate leadership.

That is what the site needs, leadership and direction.

Sounds very much like a management issue from

This means this site is of little value to them in monetary terms.

Truck crazy, since you love statistics and recalls... The Ford Firestone recall was attributed to over 250 deaths and 3,000 injuries... As sad as each of the deaths are, every manufacturer has skeletons in the closet. I would bet this recall is more of a fallout of the CYA approach to recalls vice using TSB's and customers comments. Enjoy your day.

Oh I'll enjoy my day as I don't drive gm crap. My Cousin did and he's no longer here to talk to you retards about his experience with gm. It cost him his life. I'm done.

Like I previously said, each death is tragic, but far more lives are saved in vehicles due to the improvements in all the manufacturers than lost due to defective design.

"GM recalled a record 27 million vehicles in the U.S. last year in the wake of a safety crisis caused by defective ignition switches, which have now been linked to 100 fatalities."

"General Motors has issued more recalls on more of its models than any other auto manufacturer since 2004, according to a TIME analysis of federal safety data. In last ten years, GM has recalled an individual model for a specific issue 756 times."

Wow Hemi... Congrats! You appear to be good at finding information on the Internet. Next you will be posting on the location of Bigfoot...

@Al--Big Foot was last spotted driving a Hemi Ram with his lead foot all the way to the floor.

@Al--Big Foot was last discovered driving a Hem Ram. I am sure Hemi V8 will post some pictures and comments of Big Foot.

Truck of the year ? At 800 miles my Colorado leaked oil all over my garage floor. 4 days to repair , no parts. At 1900 miles while on vacation in IL. , the
Power steering went out while my daughter was driving. Stranded for 5 days again to fix, no parts. When will it end ??
I love to support American companies but no I am beginning to see why the imports are kicking butt in our country

I scheduled a look see at one of the largest dealers in town. The service manager said they have looked at a bunch of them and have yet to find any problems. From that, I take it the issue is rare.

My company purchased 10 of these new trucks.They are a pleasure to drive. Unfortunately we are experiencing the same problem Mary L. Vasquez had. So far 3 of the 10 have had power steering failure multiple times. I don't know if this will be a recall item later down the road. The 3 trucks were dropped off to be fixed in 3 different dealerships,and came back with different repairs. 1 dealer got it right, so the others are going there,one at a time.

i love my new colorado just wondering if they rushed production a bit and if there are any other things i should be worried about . JUST SAYIN

I have a 2015 canyon, turn corner and no steering. Took to dealer they did 2 updates and that's all they can do. They said no other complaints about power steering loss. Reminds me of acadias problem with steering.

Wow. I was just on my way to pick up dinner for my husband and I when the power steering went out WHILE I WAS driving! I have the 2015 and am very upset here as I was going on a trip tomorrow. I'm pretty shook up! Is there a recall on this???

I've had my 2015 Canyon 5 months now and I absolutely love it! A day doesn't go by that someone isn't complimenting it. However, I have a problem with a squeaking noise when driving and the engine is warm. It sounds like it's the belt tensioner (I had the same noise on my 1997 Jimmy and it was always the tensioner). The dealer said they couldn't duplicate the problem. I now have to wait till others complain of the same problem and they get a bulletin, or bring it over to them when it's happening. Since I don't use the truck much during the week, it happens on the weekends when the service department is closed. No other problems though.

Lost the power steering 3 times within a 15k run. No recall from GM. Do they not know this is a safety issue?

My 2016 feels like the front seat backs are loose. The same problem as the 2015 or a new problem? Deal says it is the way it was designed.

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