Recall Alert: 2015 Ram ProMaster City


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 2,400 model-year 2015 Ram ProMaster City cargo and passenger vans manufactured Nov. 6, 2014, to March 17, 2015

The Problem: Due to an installation issue, the side curtain airbags may not deploy properly, increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants in a crash.

The Fix: Dealers will modify the installation of the side curtain airbags free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will begin notifying owners June 12. Owners can call FCA at 800-853-1403 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 for more information.

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Fix It Again Tony

A look only a mother could love.

It's good to see the vehicles will be modified.

Looks like a nice little van for a business.

I do think having the alloys only make the van look pretty. Why not steel rims on a work truck.

looks like a Kia Soul

I'm waiting to put my order in sometime in late June for a 2016 model,wagon slt.Perfect for my needs.

I'd be a little worried, "dealer to make modification to the installation". No two vehicles will be fixed the same? File down some plastic?
Sits to low to be taken seriously for commercial business I think.

Passed one of these going home the other day and I threw up in my mouth. I've learned to deal with the Transits and so on but this thing is beyond ugly. Just terrible.

Remember,'beauty is in the eye of the beerholder'.

Still looks better than new f150.

Looks like a Scion XB on steroids.

Why do they have to make these new generation Euro work vans look so darn ugly?

The old ancient ones that these replaced looked good. Yeah, they were extremely old looking, but at least they looked good from a styling stand point.

The only one that looks halfway in a non-gag inducing reflex for me is the full-sized NV from Nissan.

These new style Euro vans are yuck yuck yuck and that ain't a Curly impression from The Three Stooges. lol!

Somebody needs an eye exam really bad, real bad.

@Crazy Truck
I agree with you.

For so many here its about the "looks"... How about how well it WORKS? This is a vehicle made for work and business. It is a modern, efficient, and more capable version of the van/small truck. And lets be honest has the van ever been beautiful? Im no fan of Fiat but recalls do happen. Hopefully this one was Fiat's idea and came before deaths/injuries/denials/lawsuits/government forcing/years of litigation and will be handled once and properly. This vehicle hasn't been on the US market long enough to be judged as to its reliability/durability/cost of ownership so the jury is still out on it.

@ Clint... as I said earlier, judging by how low front appears to sit close to ground, not sure how well it'll fit as a commercial van, parts deliveries, or job site work. It'll bottom out. Plus notice at least from this picture how it has nice shiny wheels. May look a bit flashy but is that only wheel option, because ads $$$. Most commercial vans have steel rims, even the Mercedes vans do. Just not seeing this van as any serious commercial vaan used in volumes. More of a van for kids to pimp out.

Why don't you give us all a favor and instead of posting this nonsense , go to the RAM web site to see, that it has much more clearance than this picture shows and it has Best Payload in Class 1883LB.

The 2015 Ram ProMaster City gives you upfit-friendly capability along with payload, horsepower, torque and cargo capacity that the Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV200 and Chevrolet City Express just can't match.

Hauling is what these vehicles do. That's why the ProMaster City maximizes its abilities with a payload capacity that's unmatched by the Ford Transit Connect, Nissan NV200 and Chevrolet City Express. In fact, it also beats them with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of up to 5,395 lb (2,447 kg)

For somebody , who doesn't know to use browser.
Even wheels are different.

In the above pic of the PMC,it is the slt model,body painted facia and other goodies.The wheels and the fog lamps are from the 'wheels and lights' option.

The internal payload is 1800+lbs,there is 48.4" between the wheel wells,so loading in a pallet is no big deal,as would be taking home a new washer and dryer.

On the wagon model,the rear seat folds and tumbles,and is completely removable giving you a huge cargo space.

Also on the SLT trim,you get heated front seats,that for me is very important.Overall,it suits my needs to a 'T',and I will order a 2016 I believe next month,when it opens.Flame on...

Will it be a daily driver or a work vehicle?

Also, we have the Fiat version with a 2 litre VM turbo diesel.

It's a pity the US doesn't have this, they would be very good as a courier vehicle that's on the highway all day, everyday.

Looks like a cricket. Time to throw up again.

@Truck Crazy,
Are you going to buy one?

They are primarily work trucks. I can't say that commercial vehicles are first and foremost designed for beauty. They are to be functional to perform work.

Maybe when you have left your beauty saloon, you can go and look at some Hyundai CUVs. They might suit the look you are searching.

Cute and pretty, all the qualities you seem to hold close to you heart.

Even a Getz or Jazz might suit your personality.

@ Big Al: no,not a work vehicle.I am totally disabled and I was retired by the Army decades ago.I have worked on and off since but only until I was 'caught'.I love to work,a character flaw on my part.I will use it to haul some giant scale rc planes to and from the flying field.

@Truck Crazy,
Are you going to buy one?

They are primarily work trucks. I can't say that commercial vehicles are first and foremost designed for beauty. They are to be functional to perform work.

Maybe when you have left your beauty saloon, you can go and look at some Hyundai CUVs. They might suit the look you are searching.

Cute and pretty, all the qualities you seem to hold close to you heart.

Even a Getz might suit your personality.

If this comment submits, then there is a problem with Car.coms "naughty" word software. I'm trying to type in Honda J@22 and it won't accept.

It seems to be the perfect vehicle.

Cheap on fuel, large van back.

You could easily convert it into a small camper. If it is over 4' between the wheel well you can place a double bed matress in between and down the sides for storage with a small fridge and supplies easily accessible in the rear of the van.

You could almost live in it, for a few days anyway.

@ tom#3 I agree tis does look like an oversized Kia Soul, other than the Air Bag issue and hopefully that's the only problem, it should do well with those who need this type of vehicle.

@ Big Al: It will also tow 2000lbs.trailer.Perfect for a small tent camper for the wife and I.It would be nice should they offer a diesel to us here,but I won't hold my breath on that one.Too bad too,that would be killer.

Passed one of these going home the other day and I threw up in my mouth. I've learned to deal with the Transits and so on but this thing is beyond ugly. Just terrible.

Posted by: Truck Crazy | May 5, 2015 6:18:52 PM

Well duh your a Ford lover boy!


Looks do matter to some people. I don't care how capable a particular vehicle is, if it looks ugly I will never even consider it.

Maybe I'm from a different era though. I remember when vehicles had great styling, capability and performance for their time periods.

You can always improve performance and upgrade the capability to a certain point. However, you can never do anything with ugly @SS styling.

We can all agree that the Pontiac Aztec was a fairly ugly or bizarre looking vehicle, right? However, it was pretty darn capable and offered a lot of value for money when it first came out. Still, the ugly bizzare styling did it in and sales tanked.

If we want to take it to historical examples, we can talk about the Ford Edsel. As a vehicle, it was certainly no less capable than most cars made at the time. In fact, I think it offered some innovative features not offered on most cars at the time. Unfortunately, the Oldsmobile sucking on a lemon front grill design made it the poster child for endless comedic ridicule and utter disdain by the automotive buying public.

Of course, these days most vehicles are considered appliances unless it's
a specialty model and or one with a large enthusiast base. So, if it's just a regular vehicle for the masses, it's going to have to be ugly or at the very least, not that good looking from a styling standpoint.

@different mike
Your argument is moot.
Ford Transit has face like sucker and they sell most.


Nice try, but you fail to properly read once again.

My argument did not say the new Euro vans were not selling well due to their extreme ugliness. I stated that since they are work vehicles, they don't have to necessarily look outrageously ugly to fullfill that utilitarian role.

That was the argument I was making, not how well they may or may not be selling. Stick the new power trains offered in the new Transit in the much better looking old E-series and they would be just as popular.

The reason why the Transits are selling so well is due to the fact that the E-series is no longer available except for the cutaways. There is no other option in the Ford portfolio. And, the fact that the MPG is better on the new ones compared to ancient power trains offered in the E-series encourage fleet buyers to choose the new ugly Transits by default. In other words, there is no other option if they stick with Ford.

However, I'm sure fleet buyers comprise most of the sales of those new ugly Transits and for fleets, the most economical choice with the best incentives is the one that they want the most. And right now, the new Transits are available for purchase while E-series has been discontinued except for the cutaways.

@different mike
Sorry I lost you after "Nice try".

All the comments from non owners are funny. Like talking about a girl, having never taken her out.
OK, 9 speed transmission on a 2.4 shifts funny, going 70 mph it wants to be 8 or 9, but cannot decide. If if does make it into 9th gear it gives amazing fuel economy. Around town, if you put your foot into it at a light the City will shift like a motorcycle 5-6k rpm, then grab gear after gear. My SLT wagon is titled as a car, due to second row seats. Cuts toll costs in IL to 1/3 the toll of my Express van. Ride is pretty quiet.
Biggest gripe is not getting a spare tire and jack. Seems that if you are buying a work vehicle it should not be a 300-400 cost option. Second biggest gripe Drum rear brakes.
Corners well, very little body roll, and handles like a car. Strong cross winds remind you that it is a van... Has nice overhead bin but they did not put a power outlet up there. Would have been a much better vehicle if it was 1 foot longer. Roof rack and bars are nice, but a little pricey. Trailer cap is under 2000. That makes pulling a camper questionable. Keeping my Express for that.
About how it looks, well a corvette it isn't. My Chevy express isn't winning any beauty contests, even with the chrome and light package.

If I wanted an expensive cute SUV I would get a MB or BMW or Porsche.

I would rather make money with my trucks, not spend money on them.

I own one and it is crap.
Bought from Willie Dodge Victoria B.C. Canada
140000 km and the front end is making noise like the bearings are shot.
Visor never stays up.
Vent button dropped inside dash
Vent slider fell off.
Right signal won't shut off after turn is complete.
Heated seat worked for 6 months.
Transmission would lock into 8th gear.
Stalls shifting from drive to reverse from a complete stop periodically.
The arms that hold the back doors open broke and got stuck inside the doors.
There is no spare tire ( Compressed goo under seat to fix if small hole )
Sometimes did not start. Just clicked. Dealer charged me over $200.00 to tighten the quick release on battery.
Dealer charged me about $700.00 to fix a stretched wire from transmission ( which they probably f'd up on the first place ) They claimed "You must have hit a bump" Really? I can't hit bumps in a commercial van? WTF?
The van pulled to the right since day one. It was a defective tire. The dealer said they didn't make the tires and would not replace it. They said I was on my own to contact the maker and have it replaced.
In all these cases it was still under warrantee but the dealer charged me for repairs.
They kept it over the weekend once and put on 84 KMs for a test drive, Really? Found out the service manager took it home with him and used my gas.
I could go on forever how much this van sucks azz.
My opinion about the Ram ProMaster City ($hitty) is it is GARBAGE.
Thank you for reading my rant.
Darrell Edwards / Victoria B.C. Canada

Another thing...
It pops out of gear and then slams into drive on its own.

Dealer refused to fix it as it didn't happen when they drove it.

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