Shelby Unleashes the Baja 700 Pickup

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By G.R. Whale

The recent 2015 Carroll Shelby Tribute brought nearly 200 Ford-powered cars and the original Mustang Shelby GT350 build team members to Shelby's Los Angeles office. There also was one pickup truck: the limited-edition Shelby Baja 700 based on the 2011-14 Ford SVT Raptor.

Just 50 of these 6.2-liter V-8 "ego trucks" will be built, starting at $45,000 on top of the cost of the base Raptor. Each one will be documented with a unique Shelby CSM number and entered in the Shelby registry. Shelby believes some people will not want to wait for the 2017 model year for the next Raptor and some will only take a V-8. Compared to the current Shelby Raptor, this one has more power, better suspension and 18-inch wheels.

It's not a Shelby without a mountain of horsepower, so power is up to 700 hp from the previous Shelby Raptor's 575 hp. Like many current Shelby products, the Baja uses a Whipple twin-screw supercharger with a belt that looks narrow compared to Shelby's other vehicles; at full tilt (11 pounds per square inch) it takes about 60 hp to drive the blower. The Baja 700 also is fitted with an air-to-liquid charge air cooler with dual electric fans, higher-flow injectors and throttle body, and revised spark plugs and calibration.

The cat-back Borla touring exhaust with Shelby tips continues in this version, and headers are available; the acoustic improvement is more noticeable than the few extra top-end horses. The transmission, transfer case and differentials are stock, and the truck is street legal in all 50 states (which is true of any vehicle Shelby builds more than one of). Shelby claims 11.5-12 mpg on the highway, and while the majority of its customers don't go off-road, the factory speed limiter remains since the tires aren't built for triple-digit speed.

Shelby turned to Rogue Racing for suspension improvements. Some bits are off the shelf and others, like the traction bars and the valving for the remote-reservoir King shocks, are Shelby specific.

Along with rear leaf packs, the new shocks and Rogue's hydraulic bump stops are said to increase travel by 2 inches and soften hard landings.

Up front, the Stage 3 Rogue kit is used with new uprights, coil overs, upper and lower A-arms, and steering arms that necessitated the change from 17-inch to 18x9-inch Custom Fuel wheels. Load range BF Goodrich K02 35x12.50R18LT 123R tires aren't shy of load capacity at 3,415 pounds each.

By default the front reservoirs are rail-mounted behind the tow hooks for the best cooling; with considerable rearrangement they can be moved inside the fender wells for the 20 percent of owners who might damage them. At cursory inspection, Rogue and Shelby didn't skimp on hardware or hoses.

Shelby upgrades the Baja 700 cabin with blue-and-black leather upholstery from Katzkin and uses the gauge pod from its cars with pressures for boost, oil and fuel without compromising A-pillar visibility.

Options include Shelby bumpers and AMP electric side steps in place of the Raptor cutouts and headers. Bedside braces to keep the tailgate from falling off are being considered. Do you think Shelby might have lost one during testing?

The tribute didn't offer a Baja 700 drive opportunity, but we'll bring you driving impressions as soon as possible. Regarding a future second-generation EcoBoost Raptor, which Ford has said will make more power than the 6.2-liter and about 600 hp in its GT, Shelby said Ford Racing hasn't touched the new Raptor but the two are working together closely. As a smaller company, Shelby can do some things faster. We also believe Shelby is working on the current F-150 and to our "sport truck" query, Shelby replied that it can't share details yet, but stay tuned. photos by G.R. Whale


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That leaf spring pack in the picture isn't the stock raptor springs like the article states.

nope the stock Raptor uses a rear block, LMFAO. now this truck is a true pre runner, not a street runner like the raptor

So for about $90,000.00 you can purchase an old truck? Why a 2014, why not wait til the next Raptor is here?

So for about $90,000.00 you can purchase an old truck, that the tailgate will fall off of LMAO!

"Bedside braces to keep the tailgate from falling off are being considered."

I really like the engine.

I wonder how many will sit in a garage and accrue some capital growth.

I wonder how many will take this off road and come unstuck. I hope it has and adequate harness and roll cage for the inept.

Really? $45K ABOVE the base $45K? Some people have more money than sense.

Like I would have bought the Raptor in the first place even at its base price. I remember watching the Ford video about the work behind designing a true sport truck--meaning the Raptor--and my wife and I both almost fell in love with it. Almost. The first thing that turned us against it was the base price. Then she realized just how big it was. It went from, "I want one" to "I wouldn't have one if they gave it to me" in almost no time flat.

We do have to remember that there are people out there that can pop 90k on a toy without batting an eye. This truck will be parked next to a 2 million dollar Veyron.

I wonder how many will take this off road and come unstuck. I hope it has and adequate harness and roll cage for the inept.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | May 23, 2015 4:26:13

No, No it does not.

2014 Ford Raptor @72,000 before taxes and fees.

Last of the V8's

The answer is still the same. Find a 2011, or 2012 F150 used with decent interior and sheetmetal. Do an online check to assure it's not a truck someone else scrapped. Buy it cheap. Finding one with a ruined motor/trans would help alot.

Buy/build a powerful non turbo and non supercharged V8. For Ram fans find an older current-gen Ram and a V10. Ford had one too but they didn't make very many--there's a lot of the old Ram2500 trucks with V10s though.

Put it all together. I think you could buy/build a sweet truck for less than $30k And the project would be fun.

When you're finished you've really got a great truck and a great story to tell. And an extra $50k in your pocket.

I don't know what's worse, rich people who are stupid enough to buy this thing for $90k+ or Shelby making a 700 hp truck with a top speed limiter of only 99 mph.

It's kind of analogous to be being married to a very beautiful super model without the ability to touch her at all.

Like they say, there's a sucker born very minute.

@papa jim - Buyers of something like this have more money than mechanical ability or imagination. You could also put $20K on top of a used Mustang and out do a GT500 by a long shot. Not the point though.

$90,000 WOW !
My wife is mad at me cause I just spent $11,000 for a scooter already owning 3 motorcycles, just think how mad she would be if I spent $90K for a new truck!

I say if you guys really like that Raptor and you can afford it then buy it cause later in life you'll regret later.
When you talk to people on their death beds they always talk about what fun they had with the vehicles they owned in the past, they are not talking about the love and relationships they had with other people, they are talking about the vehicles they loved more.
Just sharing some experiences cause when I talk to people they always are the happiest when they are talking about the pickup, fast car or motorcycle they have owned in the past.

Boy, there are some errors in your comment regarding the prices of oils. Are you for real? Or are you just adding nonsense?

1. You state you work in the oil industry in Alberta and are from Canada. I'd bet you also live in Winnepeg in an apartment;)

2. Isn't oil sold by the litre and not a quart in Alberta?

3. Is the price from Fort McMurray or Calgary.

Between you and the other person from Canada who is a Ram phan make it hard for people like Lou_BC to make all Canadians as stupid as some of the Ram phans or some of the Ford fans.

From what I've witnessed Lou_BC must be holding Canada together, especially if everyone up there are like you and your imaginary friend, rather simplistic.

Here's link to help you buy oil. Consult your owners manual to ensure you do buy the correct grade of oil.

Like all your comments, they are of very little value to anyone but yourself.

At the end of the day it's still just a Ford. Wait a year and buy it used at actual value.

Shelby comes up a little short on this suspension.... For a Shelby on the rear they should have put a rogue cantilever suspension on the rear instead of the +2 deaver a on the rear. For gone the blower and just went the fuel meal deal on rogue suspension.

Comparing a ram suspension to a raptor suspension is laughable. Ram has the least offroad capable suspension.... If you think a ram 1500 can step up to the big boy level of the raptor you are comical.

Why is the Ram suspension laughable?

Hmmm.........coils do perform better, even off road.


Not the Rams 1500 stock suspension vs a raptor stock suspension. Coils do perform well when modded snd purpose built suspension.

By the way all have you ever been in a ram or a raptor or any modern full size truck... Australia's restrictive vehicle market doesn't allow them unless they go through crazy expensive mods.

I put a complete suspension in my ute for under two grand.

Old Man Emu at that. So, how well would a Ram do with an ARB setup compared to what it currently is using?

Actually the coil on the Ram have the underpinnings for a fine off road suspension.

Just that you having to modify you suspension to perform offroad says a lot. As well as only costing 2k. You could buy a factory trd pro Tacoma that would easily out perform your setup. 2k suspension mod is basically a mall crawler, look at me suspension. Just decent shocks alone are at least 2k.

So what is the suspension under a Raptor?

Man, you talk some real crap.

Here I'll make you feel better Ford Sucks!

That seems to be the way you argue/debate.

The Coil under Ram offers a better platform for off roading.

I don't care what you read while you do your homework on the web or in magazines. When you get old enough and a big IF you can get a job to earn enough to buy a pickup, let alone modify it for off road I'll listen.

Until then finish your homework.

You can believe whatever you want Al..... But in the same sense what would make commentators here believe that you own what you say you do.... Your are not known on this forum as intellegient or correct when it comes to discussions here.... Especially since you think less then a 2k lift on a bt50 is special. Doubt you even have a 4x4.

Typically also when people attempt to throw out insults they are just describing themselves. As in child, reallyyoung and no job. Etc etc etc.

why you would ever want to run bypasses on a truck that will spend most of its life on the street i can't figure. money better spent elsewhere

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