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We saw plenty of excitement in Detroit at the 2015 North American International Auto Show for the world debut of the 2016 Nissan Titan XD, complete with its all-new 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins turbo-diesel. Our own video, which highlighted the all-new frame and chassis, proved quite popular. And it looks like both the aftermarket and Nissan engineers are more than ready to get the new truck into the hands of new-truck buyers. The latest episode of Nissan's ongoing "truckumentary," called "Diesel Goodness," allows powertrain engineers to talk about what's special about this new engine and the transmission. We're not likely to get behind the wheel of the truck until later this year, but these early looks have us excited.


"Diesel Goodness"


Specialty Equipment Market Association measuring session photo by Evan Sears



It would be much easier if everyone gets autocad file for the whole Titan, so they can measure any distance they want, but I guess someone would copy the entire truck then. Do we know pricing already?

If pricing is in line with current truck pricing, the Titan will knock Toyota from third to fourth.

Not only is Nissan deliverying an impressive truck line up, they're loudly voicing their playing tough and in it for the long run.

I agree that Cummins should not have gone cheap and aboutht the Aisin trany.

Nissan is taking over so I would really like to hear those facts ford is talking about.

The fact is that, this Nissan has no competition in HD market and ford is going down every month and RAM is going up and Nissan is making a comeback. Even Ole1 ditched his EgoBoost F150 for a Ram3500!

I will wait for Mark to test this Nissan Titan, because non of you ford horde has driven this truck, yet you will posting your assumptions like sure thing in here.

I am really excited about this Nissan Titan, because a F-150 with HD Payload just doesn't cut it.

That's the key point here, the cummins is and will be awesome, question is will the truck actually have the real towing and real payload to go along with it. I am a diesel guy, and have one to tow my camper around the east coast, I get the comments about the gas engines, and diesel is for people who need it tow fairly heavy things, the only big issue I see here, is the truck needs to out perform the big three in the towing/payload category, and not buy pulling a GM/Ford and removing bumpers and spare tires to inflate their payload numbers, but actual weight based towing, otherwise this truck will be another 1/2 ton fail.

At 3:30 in the "Diesel Goodness" Video - is that a dent right above the right front wheel?

You mean from 6th to 7th? The tundra is behind ford chevy gmc ram and the tacoma in sales

Look at the Frontier vs. Tacoma that's currently sold. The frame on the Frontier is fully boxed and WAY stronger. Nissan doesn't play around. They build a better truck than anybody else in the marketplace except Ram. Period. I have no doubt that the Titan XD will be a very solid truck for towing a hauling.

I agree. This Nissan Titan is A LOT better than those Fords!

You can take that to the bank!

The Titan XD has the opportunity to fill market demands that are not currently met by Ford, GM, and Ram. Some seem to think this is competition for Tundra; it is not. Toyota currently does not participate in that market and it does not yet appear they intend to before the next major change in Café.

If Nissan is able to provide both a quality product, that is long lasting then this product will be direct competition to current ¾ ton offerings.

The Titan XD will be on par with Ford or GM when it comes to towing. Hauling will be another issue. At best this truck will bump up against the upper limits of class 2b. The Cummins engine is heavy and that will take away from cargo capacity.

A 2k cargo and 12 k tow is most likely the best that they can hope for without becoming an actual HD class 3 pickup.

I agree the Nissan will be a very competitive truck.

I do read with some entertainment this ideology that somehow it has to be bigger, moster, larger, etc than the competition to succeed.

I agree with Lou regarding the pickups capability. Maybe it might have a slightly larger payload.

The pickup segment that this will most affect is the smaller HDs in the 250/2500 region. This will take sales away from this segment. Probably at a rate that will surprise many of the hardcore "Big 3" lovers.

I really like Cummins.

If the stars align correctly I might be hopefully working in the US for 6 months next year. I might even buy one and shove it in a container to bring back to Australia.

But, I'll have to do some research first regarding the front end, ie, steering, suspension, etc, then look at the dash. I'm hoping this is based on the Nissan Patrol. If it is, well it will make it relatively easy for a conversion.


You`re saying Nissan is making a comeback wait for sale number in the future it is way too early to say that. I think you are a Nissan junkie.

I`m a Ford junkie and Ford doesn`t have to make a comeback they are number 1 and will stay that way sorry.

I like the way they Copied FORD on the Doors, Mirrors, Headlight, and tail lights.

I like the way they Copied FORD on the Doors, Mirrors, Headlight, and tail lights.

They copied Ford?

Have you ever heard of aerodynamics? Mirrors account for a considerable amount of drag, hence, reducing FE.

So, say, if Ford drops a diesel in the F-150 or even a 8spd auto, does this mean Ford copied Ram?

Or, is Ford using available technology and design to improve FE.

Sooner or later most vehicles will be so similar it will become awkward to distinguish them from each other.

Look at a Boeing B-737, then look at a EADS Airbus A-320. There isn't much to look at in differences, even size and capability.

Speaking of Ford, here is a rather disappointing article.

Last I checked, The mirrors are far from Ford clones, Ford has the parking lights above the headlights on the SD and does not offer LED running lights on the SD line or late model F150's and the tail lights are an evolution of the current Titan. SO that leaves the lowered portion of the window which is used by a bunch of tractor trailers to allow better visibility.

That doesn't seem much like copying IMHO. Wait!! Ford has 4 wheels and so does the XD!!!!! Copying Ford!!! SMH

Hmm apparently there is no more validation required.

@Big Al--If you do decide to buy a Titan it would be good if you wrote an article about your experiences with it.

@Jeff S,
Yeah, if they allow me!

But, I will look at all pickups.

In all honesty the Ram 1500, EcoDiesel would be the next best option from a business and maintenance perspective. I'd expect a lot of "maintenance perspective" to be quite probable.

Procuring spares is the biggest issue when you grey import. The Ram is very similar to the Grand Cherokee diesel we have here. Even the suspension is doable as ARB and TJM are Australian companies.

The problem is with the Ram it's a FCA product and our Grand Cherokee's are not the best you can buy. They have niggling issues.

I'd say the Ram wouldn't be much different. I want to buy a vehicle and not have to worry about these types of problems.

I should be in the north west and down in the deserts of California in the more rural areas. So vehicle the size of the Titan would be ideally suited. I'll have to investigate the tax implications and all the other downside issues with grey importing. This would be new territory I'll be entering.

I'd look at a high end 4x4 dual cab.

I agree. NIssan is taking out Ford in 2016.

F250 is history.

@Big Al - if design orthodoxy was left to engineers then yes all trucks and cars would look pretty much the same as there is only one great aerodynamic shape.

Engineering gets hit by manufacturer "corporate looks" and drivetrain traditions.
GM goes with pushrod V8's due to tradition and that forces engineers to come up with ways to get VVT out of a cam in block design. Same can be said for the Hemi. It isn't the most efficient design but engineers had to make it work. Toyota engineers when tasked to engineer a NASCAR engine had commented that they were reverse engineering a dinosaur.
We see the "corporate look" at all of the companies. Ford has the big monster western cowboy belt buckle snout look. Chevy has chosen a "late 80's" look. Toyota has chosen unfortunately to mimic the domestics. Ram is saddled with the crosshair grill.

Big Al - forgot to mention Ford. They stuck with the modular V8 for much longer than they should have done. Currently the small V6 TTDI strategy is their focus. Some see it as a trap others do not.

I'm not a Nissan Junkie.
And where did I say they would dethrone Ford?

Half ton sales only and combine GMC and Chevy. This results in the following leader board:
1) Ford
2) GM
3) RAM
4) Toyota
5) Nissan

Ford's Modular V8 has been around to long, as many other V8s in the US manufacturers arsenal.

Even the Coyote is a modified form of the modular V8.

I read an interesting article on how and why manufacturers use the engines they do. It was actually from Ford.

Ford Australia's current in line 6, the Barra engine takes it's roots back to the first Pursuit engines of the 60s.

The block platforms and dimensions of the Barra had to be able to be manufactured using the old Pursuit machines.

No bull. This was in the 90s.

So, as you can see the US manufacturers don't invest enough into tooling and design. The Japanese and Euro manufacturers do invest more. Hence the accelerated technical improvements in comparison.

I must agree the new Titan looks impressive on paper but I consider myself a Patriotic American first and will always own an American truck for that reason.

Why is that Banks guy in this video?
A 2000# payload (as indicated thus far) won't cut it for this truck- A gooseneck hitch is pointless at that weight. You need at least 2500, better 3k for you can accomodate the 25% pin load on a 12k gooseneck.
@hemiman2- what do you have against Aisin transmissions (a tranny is someone who gives bowies for crack)? Seem to work fine behind the ISB in the RAM and thousands of commercial trucks.
@WXman- overseas, the Navarra (Nissan) was actually regarded as having the weakest frame in the segment. No judgement of the new NP300 truck
@Big Al- I don't think it shares much with the Patrol, at least not the XD. I spent a good while looking over the front end of this truck- straigth us from the big NV vans. Steering is an old scool box and idler on the other side.

@Mr Knowitall,
The Navara does have a weak frame. This is most evident when towing off road camper trailers. The use of airbags on the Navara is even worse.

The Navara is the last of the Nissan San Diego designed midsizers, and the last midsizer designed in the US that was used globally.

The D40 is probably the worse of the Nissan pickups. I find it amazing how in the US many consider it to be the "ducks guts" of the midsizers (previous).

What I will find interesting is if (and how) the US style Colorado we are supposed to be getting will have the US frame. If it does it might become another Navara in that respect.

Aisin are a good gearbox, even here in the Izuzu version of the Colorado runs a Aisin 6 spd auto, they say it a very good unit.

@Big Al from OZ,
That article from Joshua Dowling( my least favourite Auto journalist) is a bit old. Not surprised, they were not going to convert them. GM cannot see why their should be RHD Corvettes, probably wondering why they have few sales in England
Still looking at a current model, F150, you can see demand would be tiny
Ford would be better served with RHD, F250/F350's Caravan market would snap them up

I seen one of these trucks out testing today. I was driving on I65 northbound by Seymour,IN. I was able to get a pick of the side and back of the truck.

You said from third to fourth. Chevy and GMC are separate brands so at best it is from fifth to sixth.

Gotta wonder how long before Toyota/Nissan/Ram do a joint effort 8 speed transmission.

Looks like it will be fairly capable, but I simply do NOT like its looks--not to mention its size.

"...@Big Al--If you do decide to buy a Titan it would be good if you wrote an article about your experiences with it.
Posted by: Jeff S | May 13, 2015 2:10:49 PM

@Jeff S

you should try sucking-up to Big Al more often. It looks good on you. makes you look cool! Really. It does. Plus Big Al seems to like it too. A lot.

Bottom line is that this is a great looking truck with potential to do what most want out of a oversized diesel. this engine is all they need in light duty trucks. I just hope to see this motor in a heavier model pickup. a regular cab aluminum superduty with this engine would be a smash hit. many guys who used to buy crew cabs are going back to the regular cab truck because they are more useful. you can buy a new kia and a reg cab truck for less than a loaded crew. in my eyes why wouldnt you? it gets old driving a 20ft long pickup. my reg cab f350 is shorter than even reg cab ram 1500's with 8ft bed by a few inches. maneuverability is better and i have leaf spring front suspension. that holds 1000lb plow better than a modded coil from any manu. put cummins 5.0 in that truck with some space behind the seat and roll up windows! you got the best plow truck with excellent towing ability.

Some of you are missing the point of what Nissan is doing with the XD. It isn't a HD and it isn't a 1500. What it is, is a truck that can handle being loaded up and towing heavy daily that has a diesel engine that increases efficiency. The other manufacturers offer limited production of "heavy half tons" but all with gassers. The sweet spot Nissan hits is the buyer who wants a diesel but doesn't need the crazy power numbers that the HD versions are cranking out, wants better mpg than the gasser heavy half tons and the big diesel and know that they can safely load up the truck to it's limits and not worry about wearing out components designed for a 1500. Provided it is priced right, I'd buy one in a heart beat for towing my travel trailer. The biggest reason I only looked at gas engines when I bought my current truck was that the mpg running empty was almost a wash with the big diesels and I could not justify paying $6000 more for an engine that burns more expensive fuel. This 5.0L Cummins looks to have shifted the mpg more towards the mid 90's diesels that could get 24mpg highway and still pull strong.

When this Nissan starts to sell, like it should, then maybe GM will get on the ball and bring us the 4.5 Duramax in their trucks and SUV's. But this Nissan truck just might be the first import manuf. truck I take a real serious look at, to buy. It all depends on the price, and the final style available to me, and cab/bed configuration I can get. It would be nice to be able to experience the "diesel goodness", without having to go with a HD truck, as I do not want to drive one daily just because I need one a few times a year to tow my travel trailer, well more than a few times but, also be able to drive on the beach and around town without having to drive some 6-7k+ beast around!

@papa jim--I am less interested in sucking up and more interested with an owner's experience with this new Titan. You sound like a crabby old man who does not have anything better to do except put people down and criticize. Whether Big Al buys a 2016 Titan or not is his business but if he does it would make some good reading if he wrote on his owner experiences. TTAC has articles on longer term owner experiences with certain vehicles. Bark Bites has an article on TTAC about his 2015 turbo Ford Fiesta. There are other articles about vehicle restorations as well.

Excellent write up on the segment Nissan will be targeting with the XD.

That's why I do think it will be a hit. When I say hit I'm not even talking Ram numbers.

I do think the Titan will stagnate the growth of HDs, and Toyota did talk about themselves introducing a XD style Tundra.

If this occurs this will definitely scare the Big 3.

I can't wait for the next Frontier, it is supposed to be the narrow body version of the new Frontier we are getting, the size of a Hardbody/D20.

Ram sure missed out on using the Cummins on their 1500 trucks. This Nissan will be a beast.

This makes me think Dodge chose poorly with the wimpy little vm diesel. Damn

@roadram360, When you look @ the MPG and capability of the V.M. 3.0 it's quite clear Ram knows what they are doing.

Yes Ram knew exactly what they were doing with Ecodiesel . Going after Mpg and not capability.

Well its safe to say that Titan sales can only go up... and its not that the Titan was a bad truck. Actually for what you get for the money its a very good truck. Its just not near as cool, fun, interesting, nice or has the options/configurations of its competition and has failed to continuously improve/refresh and stay relevant. Will the 5/8 ton work? I don't know. Its a classic game of one-up-manship that made compact trucks too big to be efficient or cheap and has current 1/2 pickups rated higher than many 3/4 ton trucks from less than a decade ago. In the Titan's current situation it cant hurt. Is it the BEST way to go... Its too soon to tell. I don't think they are going to blow anyone away. I think they will make a lot of money per unit for those wanting to shell out the preimium for this 5/8 ton. I don't know that sales volume will be mind blowing but profit should be good. I really think they need to focus more on the less sexy non cummins engines the Titan NEEDS so badly. What are the V6 offering(s) in diesel and gas (personally I think the Ram Ecodiesel was the way to go with half ton diesel being smaller and more about the MPGs leave the big diesel power monsters to the HD crowd)? What about the gas V8(s)? These are areas that the Titan lags badly in its competition. I need to see some gas options with DOHC, Vari Timing, DI all those engine technologies that are old in cars but just getting to trucks that a modern truck really needs. Where are they on that? Enough of the Cummins. Gas is where the sales volume/market share will be.

For as long as the Ecodiesel has been around, it's having too many issues.

The 5.0L cummins looks promising. Looking forward to more information on it's release date, tow/haul ratings, mpgs, price, etc.

Copy or no, I think Nissan did a great job with the new Titan. Toyota should have taken a chance with its HD concept back in 2010. Instead they dropped the ball. I'm willing to give the Titan a spin when it becomes available.

Hi, I just want to know if Nissan Australia will ever bring in the Titan XD and the Warrior 2016 into Australia? By the way I really love those PICK up truck and I reackon they woul outsell all Utes here in Australia.

Oh! Going back to the Titan XD and Warrior 2016 bring them here to Australia in V8 diesel twin turbo 4x4 . Thanks that's all I wanna say.

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