2015 Ford F-150 Frames in Short Supply

F-150 frame supply

By G.R. Whale

According to an Automotive News report, Ford plant workers and a United Auto Workers official say that 2015 F-150 production is being constrained by a tight supply of frames from the Kentucky plant that builds them.

Production of the 2015 F-150 began in November 2014 at the Dearborn, Mich., plant, with the facility hitting full-production stride in January. The Kansas City, Mo., plant began building the aluminum-bodied 2015 earlier this year. Some planned overtime hours have been canceled because of the frame shortage, including "Super Sunday" shifts in Dearborn and Saturday overtime shifts in Kansas City, according to plant employees and the UAW.

However, Automotive News reports Ford had a 77-day supply of F-Series (including Super Duty) pickups on May 1, up slightly from 68 days in April. And a dealership president who also serves as chairman of the Ford National Dealer Council said he wasn't aware of "any unexpected delivery delays."

If you've ordered one and have run into a delay, please comment below.

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Boy, now I can see why the 2015 incentives and handouts have increased. There is a shortage of pickups due to a lack of chassis frames.

I find it funny this is released just prior to the monthly sales figures for pickups.

Hmmm.....is this obvious?

Sounds like a made up reason to make up for why these Fords aint selling, oh wait the Ford boys made a comment like then when there was a parts shortage on the 2014 gm trucks with 5.3Ls. They will run crying if I said it bout their f150 turd.

How much are the factory incentives on them currently?

$750. according to my zip code. And only applies if you finance through Ford Credit and qualify. So basically zero incentives still.

And no I cannot get a 2.7L in my configuration.



Big Al probably does even know the factory incentives on the 2015 F150s or that the incentives on the 2014 F150 are almost 3 times higher. He is just saying that because he is still mad that Ford went with aluminum instead of a diesel and because of his disdain for Lou and I. He cannot back up his assumptions although it is kind of idiotic for him to say that they are lowering costs due to a shortage of supply. That does not make any sense and goes against every rule of supply and demand. He is just saying it because he is looking for reasons for the new F150 to fail and so his mind will come up some wild arse assumptions to fit the outcome he wants

I agree with johnny doe

Wow!!!!! These F150's are selling like hotcakes. Dealer in my area can't keep them in stock. GM is making good trucks and adding jobs too. Ram is kinda stuck. Nothing but an ugly grille and some chrome ram letters. Ford F150 wins again!!


I don't think Al understands dealer selling price vs factory incentives and the differences.... There are dealers that are just pushing numbers and are discounting there price and cutting into there profits.... But every manufacture has large volume dealers that just pump numbers and will sell for invoice or slightly above..... Or you can sign up at about any brand specific forum and get a pin for employee pricing, or friend pricing pin.

But currently Ford has very little factory incentives on the f150. And the ones they do have are very restrictive on what models, engine choice and options that get incentives.

See you go in an haggle with a dealer and you get them down on price you are just cutting into that dealers profits... Not ford profits. Factory rebates is what gets into fords profits...

BAFO just see red when anything is posted about the aluminum f150 cause he hates it..... Kind of like the Hemi guys that see red when they can't catch that ecoboost badge on the tailgate and always are seen in the review mirrors of Ford and GM pickups...


There's dealers that will sell below invoice just to make it up on the back end, accessories, and make something off your trade. That happens with all brands!

Ford can't produce enough frames. Hmmm. Some CEO decided to cut frame production , so they can blame frame shortage for tomorrow abysmal numbers. PR department at full force.

Low number of frames?

In my area it looks more like a low number of 2015 F150 buyers! Ford and GM brought a lot of new product to market in the last 18 months, no doubt believing that the US consumer economy would pick up in 2014-15 did not happen

January thru March 2015, the US economy actually contracted in the First Quarter. There is zero momentum.

Ram and Toyota end up looking pretty smart because they put off bringing a major change to the showrooms. Nissan has a major change next year with the Titan. We'll see how that works for them.

The new 2015 gets uglier every time I look at. That's why I bought a 2014 with the rare 6.2 American V8!

Ordered a new XL, super crew heavy payload pkg with nearly all avail. options on February 13. (First new vehicle ever). Salesman said 8 weeks to delivery. Now 16 weeks and still waiting....and told that we'll pass 20 weeks before the heavy payload pkg trucks will even be built. If no truck by August, will probably cancel and wait for a 2016 model.

Derek, Your salesman is an idiot and you need to educate yourself and him. HD Payload trucks are not scheduled to be built until July. It doesn't matter when you ordered it. This has been known since day one.

Crew Cab (W1C/W1E) with 6.5' box, 4x4, WITH Heavy Duty Payload Pkg (627) – not available until 07/06/15


My friend has had a Platinum F150 on order for 17 weeks now and still no sight of it. I have had a Platinum also on order since 4/08/15 (from a different dealer too) and still have no idea when it may be completed. Last request from dealer was that I needed to drop the larger gas tank option so I did. Then the dealer stated, sorry, Ford states you can't select the premium White Platinum color. But I can if I order the sprayed in bed liner. Makes no sense. Ford can abuse customers and dealers and we will remember this for many years. Ford is burning "customer" bridges!!

You just have an uninformed salesman. You don't need to drop the gas tank, but if you order one the large gas tank will increase lead time by 12-14 weeks. These items are delayed because they are late availability at Kansas City which was just made over and is working towards getting up to full-production. I don't see any restriction on colors so you may want to double check that and don't believe everything a salesman says.


Estimated delivery time is 8-10 weeks. If you order the large gas tank at this time that means your delivery time will be 18-22 weeks.

If you order something like the HD Payload, a tonneau cover, etc. which are late availability then the clock doesn't start ticking until July 6th.

Stuff like this happens every time there is something new. They don't make everything all available at once.


Just put in 08204 as the zip code.

Currently on XLTs there is $5050 worth of incentives, plus another $500 on top if you are military.

The incentives at this zip code have increased over $1 000 in a month.

I thought XLTs were a big seller?


Just put in 08204 as the zip code.

Currently on XLTs there is $5050 worth of incentives, plus another $500 on top if you are military.

The incentives at this zip code have increased over $1 000 in a month.

I thought XLTs were a big seller?

Learn to debate with accurate information, and then we might be able to have a Lincoln Douglas style debate.

Opinions are very good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how can they be? Look at what you guys have done to the 2015 F-150 and 2015 Silverado.

Terror tactics (union stooge tactics) don't work on me.

When you guys stop somewhere with your new 2015 F-150 and you step out of the vehicle I will get your attention and tell you how UGLY your truck looks.
I will say something like:
"Wow! That sure is an UGLY truck"
"you should be wearing a dress driving a girly truck"
"are you going to be the next Bruce Jenner?"

As much as it pains me to agree with Tom#3, I do think the new Fords are, uh, homely. I just got my first close up look at one this weekend (I've only seen a couple in central PA). Chevy has taken a lot of heat about the square wheel openings, but the Ford's completely round ones don't jive with the squareness and angles of the rest of the body. The air dam looked to be 9-10" off the ground on a 4x4- but then all of the manufacturers are guilty of that.

I saw multiple truck loads of frames leaving the Louisville plant on Saturday and headed to the interstate.

So what is the problem with the new Ford - is it just the looks? Maybe it doesn't look as good as the Silverado, but how many people really buy a truck just based on how it 'looks'?

Doesn't work on lariat and above.
Take $300 away for the ecoboost
buy something other then the xlt take $1000 away
which would eliminate $2k since you are not getting the chrome and appearance package.
Don't trade anything in its take $500 away
And don't finance through ford credit your lose another $750 also you must take delivery from dealer stock.... You probably are going to no find to many of the above trucks.
I can see them through some money at the 2.7 though as that is a new motor I am sure that has some skepticism

So if i wanted to go in and buy a lariat 4x4 with a 3.5 what are my incentives???? Even a 5.0 maybe in a lariat or platinum.

2015 Ford F-150 XLT
SuperCab or SuperCrew
2.7L V6 EcoBoost
w/Luxury Chrome or Sport Pkg.

Get up to
in Total Savings

$500 Customer Cash (PGM #12726) + $1,000 XLT Customer Cash (PGM #12694) + $300 EcoBoost Bonus Cash (PGM #12724) + $2,000 XLT Luxury Chrome or Sport Appearance National Discount Package (PGM #97386) + $500 Trade-In Assistance Bonus Cash (PGM #30102) which requires trade-in of 1995 or newer vehicle, or terminate lease 30 days prior to or 90 days after new retail delivery + $750 Ford Credit Bonus Cash (PGM #12728) which requires Ford Credit financing. Not all buyers will qualify for Ford Credit financing. Not available on F-150 Raptor. Residency restrictions apply. For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 7/6/15. See dealer for qualifications and complete details.

You can also eliminate the $2000 "discount" even if you buy an XLT with the chrome/appear pkg because that is part of the STANDARD MSRP of the 302A luxury package. It's not a real incentive and does not given you any further off.

When you add 302A, it replaces 300A for $3024 additional and the chrome/appear pkg is included automatically. They call that a $2000 discount, to make it sound like you are getting more money back. But you are actually adding to the price and this is the standard MSRP.

If one actually look at some of the prices, they have gone up. Both tow packages went up a couple hundred in past couple months or so, the extended range tank went up a few hundred. And like you said there are no incentives still. I wish there were incentives but the trucks are selling without any so they do not need to discount.

Whether or not ford is covering something up, a frame shortage is in excusable. Get it together Ford.

And it's been that way since day one and in previous models. For instance on the 2014 F-150 there is a $2000 302A "discount". To get that you must add 302A for $4,080. Again you are getting nothing off MSRP. This is just MSRP and how the price the pkgs.

If they are at full production at Dearborn how is there a shortage?

Ford F Series -9.7%


Ford Fan Boys in overdrive for excuses.

Maybe they found a difect in the frame??or cover the poor sales,,

It seems everyone is convinced that the "frame shortage" was contrived to cover for slow sales. I've had a regular cab w/ 8' bed on order for 12 weeks. Today I was told that there will be no more 8' beds produced this year due to a shortage of frames. The factory rep recommended putting an order for a 2016 (not happening). So it does not make sense that they are cancelling sales to cover for low sales.

Either way it sucks for me!

I am one of the many suffering through a delay in production. I am overseas with the US Military and bought an F150 through the overseas military auto sales program so that my truck would be awaiting me and my family's return stateside from being posted overseas. The 'Guaranteed delivery date' was June 26, scheduled so that we could be met at the airport in the U.S. by the Ford dealer with our new truck, saving us rental car fees and giving us our truck in time to take a month of family vacation in the U.S. after being away for so long. We are now being told that Ford is at least 4 weeks late in delivering trucks, leaving us stuck in a rental and ruining my family's return to the US vacation plans. Thanks Ford, you really make me feel great about switching to an F150 from my tried and true Chevy Silverado. Way to represent those of us serving overseas on our nation's behalf!

Does anyone know when Ford will offer 0% financing on their 2015 F150's?


An update to my June 1 comment regarding my first ever new vehicle....the XL, super crew heavy payload pkg with nearly all avail. options ordered on February 13.
Ford cancelled the order today. Only building 15 heavy payload pkg trucks per region for 2015, and even with a priority 01 code and Feb order date mine didn't make the cut. They're offering a $2000 rebate. (doesn't exactly cut it with the $1000 price increase since Feb and about the same to keep my current 1998 f-150 road safe). I'm extremely easygoing....and this has me worked up. General Manager is going to see this week what he can do. Not feeling optimistic.

ordered 3-4-15 a single cab, 4x4,3.73,5.0l. was told they have to fullfill a 20,000 truck order for n.or s.dakotas fuel project and will know 6-23-15 if my truck will be assembled. hopefully dealer will have good news for me tomorrow.

That's an interesting rumor John....had not heard that one. Please let us now what you find out tomorrow.

Yep same problem. Ford cancelled all orders on long beds. Mine was due in another week or so. How can they do that to loyal customers. I lease mine so creates some problems turning my other in. Why isn't there someone else higher up that customer service will let you talk to. Anyone have any other contact person? Dealer has no control but to order a 16. Don't trust that Ford will come through again.

I work for a large Ford dealership on the West Coast. This is no joke. We simply cannot get any basic F-150 work trucks with few options. The ones that sell in the mid to high $20K range. No dealer around us has any of these trucks to sell either.

I could sell a bunch if I could get any . . . what F-150 production that is arriving is for existing Fleet Orders and high end (i.e. more profitable) trucks like Lariat, Kings Ranch and XLT.

This constraint is hurting Ford Truck Sales, with customers who would normally prefer a Ford being forced to buy Chevy or Dodge.

No one seems to know when things will be back to normal. Ford denies any shortage.

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