2016 Ford F-150 Gets New Special Edition

16F150LariatApperancePackage_05_HR-1500[3] II

In the never-ending quest to offer more a more unique look to the most popular half-ton pickup truck sold in the U.S., Ford will offer a new Special Edition Appearance Package for its model-year 2016 F-150, but only for the midlevel XLT and Lariat trims.

The new SE Package also requires the XLT or Lariat be ordered with the existing Sport Appearance Package, and adds 20-inch anodized aluminum wheels with sport lettering, smoked headlamps, unique body-side graphics, SE seats with red Alcantara inserts, a stitched steering wheel and transmission gear selector, and a unique instrument panel. The SE package is further distinguished from other models by a blackened mesh grille on XLT models and a dark anodized dual-slat (red and black) grille on Lariat models. The new SE offers a sportier look reminiscent of the 2014 Ford Tremor; however, that particular pickup was offered in only regular-cab configurations, while the new SE model will be offered in all three cab setups.

This SE Appearance Package adds to the many combinations of F-150s that can be ordered. Ford offers the F-150 in XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum trim levels, each of which can be ordered with or without the FX4 Off-Road Package. The XL, XLT, Lariat and King Ranch can be ordered with the more stylish Chrome Appearance Package, while XL, XLT and Lariat can add the Sport Appearance Package. Finally, there is a Monochromatic Exterior Package exclusive to the King Ranch, taking the number of possible looks for the Ford half-ton to 20.

Pricing for the new Special Edition Appearance Package will be announced later this summer.

Manufacturer images


16F150LariatApperancePackage_02_HR-1400[3] II

16F150LariatApperancePackage_08_HR-1500[5] II

16F150LariatApperancePackage_0_HR-1400[5] II



Hey the 1970s call and ask for their ugly sticks back Ford!



That's a very nice package. And Boob, GM won't give the ugly sticks up. They are currently using them on there HD trucks. Then they go back to the suv division E.T.C

Ditch the stupid hockey stick down the side and it would be nice.........

High piles of Ram sh!t batman........ Me and Johnnie Doe agree on something.


I don't usually like gimmicky sticker packages, but this one looks pretty decent.

It's better looking than than the Silverado SE with black, paint and chrome awful mashup. And better than the Ram Rebel. Better than both by far.

The seat scheme ranks right up there in the horrendous category.... Those are almost as bad as the ram rebel seats.

No way the Rebel seats and grilles were god awful. This one is decent.

Try all you want, you just can't fix ugly

different strokes for different folks.

hideous, the red trimmed seats really tacky
Looks like you put cheap mail order seat coverings on.
Vinyl stickers frosting on the pos

I have to admit that the Ford is the best and edges out the Silverado mashup and the Ram Rebel is the worst.

1) F-150 SE
2) Chevy Ralley Edition
3) Ram Rebel

NO. Chevy Special Edition is better!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chevrolet announced it will, again, offer two Rally Limited Edition Silverado 1500s for 2015 in both 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains configurations, double-cab or crew-cab, and with either the 4.3-liter V-6 or 5.3-liter V-8 engines. Of the two, the Rally 2 Edition has the sportier personality with more standard features like a blacked-out grille, door handles and mirrors and a pair of twin black stripes on the hood and tailgate.

The Rally 2 Edition will offer 22-inch wheels and tires while the Rally 1 Edition will be less expensive and offer standard 17-inch wheels and tires. Rally 1 can be ordered in either LS or LT trim levels, depending on how much content the buyer wants his or her pickup to have, while Rally 2 trucks will only be offered in the higher LT trim.

And in other news, Consumer Reports has panned the new F150. Pimpin Aint Eazy Edition for the gangbangers should be a hit in the inner cities.


I agree with johnny doe and Bigger Bob. Chevy FTW!


Chevy is also beating Ford in sales!

I pity the person getting doped into spending more for less by buying these sticker editions such the gm ralley editions, the se from ford and the rebel edition from ram. Fools are easy to get them to part with there money!!!

GM Man - I read that link and oddly enough the complaint IS the fact that Ford pickups have traditionally been the most "truck like" and the 2015 F150 continues with that tradition.

They (true to form for car magazine testers) say "Ram 1500's unique rear coil spring suspension raised expectations for ride quality."
They mention NOTHING about loaded ride or ride pulling a load.

In closing - you want a pickup to do a job a pickup is SUPPOSED to be able to do you buy a Ford OR a GM.

Air Ride is supposed to be better than coils alone BUT................

This is what PUTC said about Ram 1500, "Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."

One last point - Consumer Reports is great for DURABILITY DATA but pizz poor for tests......

remember this, they have picked the Avalanche and Ridgeline multiple years in a row as best pickups.

take away everything that is red and it would look pretty good. The red just makes it look too much like a kids toy.

The disappointing thing is still no 10 speed. It was first rumored to be going into the 2015 model. I wonder if they have run into some problems with the development/testing.


What benefit would a 10 speed offer an ecoboost??? I think people will be disappointed as there won't be any efficiency gains or performance gains with more gears on a table flat torque curve of an ecoboost. On a v8 and a NA v6 base motor, yes there will be gains as they have a narrow torque band compared to a boosted motor.

That's not red, it's orange!

They (true to form for car magazine testers) say "Ram 1500's unique rear coil spring suspension raised expectations for ride quality."
They mention NOTHING about loaded ride or ride pulling a load.

Lou BC

The Ram out performed Fords Max pac with a 1/2 a ton in the bed. Ford is described as jittery, wobbly, saggy worse when cournering. :-(

Air suspension rides rougher just like an F 150. Rams air suspension will level the truck with a load making it handle
better. Rams suspension out handles all other as well. The axle is better located against side forces IE cornering.

Pimply, positively Pimply....

Rams 2500 not only rides and handles better than Ford F250 but it hauls and tows more. Ford still using a C channel frame. :-(

When the Ford F150 was tested off road the Eco Boost went into limp mode. Testers stated the F 150 was uninspiring off road. :-(

Recent consumer reports say the F150 simply is not as good as G.M. trucks and more importantly Ram trucks. :-(

Presently the US economy is treading very close to the same fundamentals that existed in 2006 (record Dow, new highs in home prices).

If you can be patient--and you actually like this kind of truck--just wait a year and they might get really cheap. Not just Ford, all of the blingy trucks.

New Ford trucks still catching Fire, unknown cause. Motor is not running when truck goes up in flames taking minutes to burn to the ground.

This Ford actually doesn't look too bad. I Like the power wagon inspired red grill. Rebel inspired seats. looks sportier than the trembler does. The name trembler does match what a lot of Eco boost owners are experiencing.


Goes against every thing hemi ever posted on the 2015 f150. No limp mode but the kid sure has a creative imagination.

Fourwheelerdotcom also love the new f150. And tested for 2400 miles and averaged almost 19 mpg during there test.

@Fake Furd Engineer,

So finally I get to ask a Furd Engineer, did they have AC on the short bus and did you ride it with Mike Levine?

It must be embarrassing spending so much time making stickers for the New F150 to look like Bat Man's Truck.

Instead of wasting all that time, you should have figured out how to make the 6.2 work in the F150, oh that's right you tried and failed, after testing it in the new slimmer F150 you found it still sucked, gas that is and fell way short of the Superior GM Corvette based 6.2 as well as the Hemi 5.7/6.2.

Face the facts, Furd doesn't know how to make engines, this isn't a new thing btw, they were embarrassed by the Vortec's for decades and before that, the 350, 454 crushed the 302/351 and lets laugh more, the 460 haha.

I agree with Scott. It took us 3 month to shoot this video in right sunny days. There is nothing even close to new F150 when sunny days without rain. We wanted to test RAM as well, but production manager Bill Ford Jr. said no. RAM lost again.
I hope, that people buy this special edition, so we can buy stickers in bulk and bring the price down as well. It's very expensive and china is no exception . We make stickers in the house. At least that's what sticker department told us . It drives also faster than version without stickers. Win win situation. Poor RAM doesn't have any stickers. Loser.

Ford Sued Over EcoBoost Design Problems, Engine Flaws


This above video was taken in dry sunny weather.

Ford uses it's customers for R&D.

@ford engineer

You can breathe easy.... The ram engineers out did your stupidity by putting scribble marks that resemble tread pattern on the seat, and put the 1980's-90's fake hood scoop nostrils thingy son the hood and didn't go to Sesame Street's costume/character designers to design the new ram grills and the future face of all rams.

Your sticker mess up is easily curable with a blow dryer used to remove the stickers.

Continuing Fords long history of vehicle fires.


2015 Ford F-150 Recalled for Fire Risk

Published: 04/30/2015

Ram gobs of Rams recalled for fire

@Scott and Lou,


According to reliable source oh2o, production of the 2016 model year heavy duty pickups begins in July 2015. Aside from the Laramie Limited, already shown at the Chicago Auto Show (and pictured here), they have conventional cross-hair grilles. The big news is a boost in diesel power from 865 to 900 pound-feet of torque, coupled with an increase in the peak towing capacity from 30,000 to 31,320 pounds. The former is a record for a production vehicle, the latter is best in class.

To increase towing capacity, Ram moved from 12 to 16 hardened bolts on the rear axle ring gear (for all trucks with the 11.8-inch axle), and used stronger materials in the differential case.

oh2o wrote that all 2016 “heavy duty” Ram pickup trucks will have a new center console layout (we have not been able to verify this). New 18 inch aluminum wheels will be used on Big Horn, Lone Star, and Outdoorsman, with new pickup box lighting (LED lights on each side at the rear) on Longhorn and Limited, optional on some other models, and included with Luxury Group and Rambox.

2016 Ram 2500

Engines appear to remain the same, except for a new compressed natural gas (CNG) option on Crew Cab / long-bed in rear wheel drive, and regular cab models in rear and four wheel drive. Ram continues to have the only factory-upfitted CNG option, not using an aftermarket solution.

consoleThe base radio on Tradesman remains the same but will be renamed from RA1 to Radio 3.0 AM/FM. Some models will get optional front and rear parking assistance (standard on Laramie and higher trimlines).

The rear camera will be able to toggle between a cargo view and the backup camera; the cargo view camera will be packaged in the Convenience Group with rain-sensing wipers and automatic-beam headlamps.

Finally, the usual paint changes are going to be made, with red pearl replacing deep cherry red, “Luxury Brown” replacing “Western brown,” and a new pearl white option on higher-level trucks starting with September production.
2015 Ram 3500 and Ram 2500 Pickup Changes

Ram its upgraded Cummins-powered, Aisin-transmission pickups to 865 lb. ft., with Ram 3500 increasing its payload to 7,390 pounds. Cummins and Ram worked together on a “more aggressive fuel delivery and turbo boost calibration” to push an extra 15 lb-ft of torque out of the 6.7-liter straight-6 diesel.

ram 3500 cummins
2015 Ram Transmission Horsepower Torque
5.7 Hemi 66RFE automatic 383 @ 5,600 400 @ 4,000
6.4 Hemi Automatic 410 @ 5,600 429 @ 4,000
6.7 Diesel Manual 350 @ 2,800 660 @ 1,400
6.7 Diesel 68RFE automatic 370 @ 2,800 800 @ 1,600
6.7 Diesel Aisin AS69RC auto 385 @ 2,800 865 @ 1,700

The new pickups will maintain their class-leading maximum tow rating of 30,000 pounds, backed by SAE J2807 testing criteria. Ram is the only maker of three-quarter and one-ton pickups to use the SAE standard testing system. Unlike its domestic competitors, Ram does not remove its spare tire, radio, console, or bumper to bolster its payload figures. Ram claims to have the greatest towing, payload, and power in the segment.

The Ram 3500 pickup with the 6.4 liter Hemi V8 engine gained 100 pounds in its gross vehicle weight, and is now weighing in at 13,800 pounds, including radio, console, and bumpers.

There are three versions of the Cummins diesel engine, calibrated to match the limits of their transmissions — including the only remaining manual heavy-duty-pickup transmission in America. Every 2015 heavy duty Ram pickup has a six speed transmission.

The Ram 3500 continues to use a rear Hotchkiss leaf spring system, but will, with late availability, have a supplemental air suspension system which allowed softer leaf springs — allowing for more unladed suspension movement, even with a 30,000-lb. trailer.

2015 rams

Ram heavy duty trucks have a five year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty, extended oil change interval (15,000 miles on diesels), the largest brakes in the segment, and a diesel exhaust brake. The full truck is covered by a five year, 36,000 mile warranty.
Also see 2013-14 Ram 1500, Ram chassis cabs, Ram 2500/3500 test drives

Ram classifieds: buy and sell

The 2014 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 pickups both get a new 6.4 liter V8 engine producing 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque.

SRT cars use a 6.4 liter Hemi rated at 470 horsepower; the truck engine, though, was designed for long-term durability under heavier constant load conditions. It includes an active runner intake, for both low end torque and high end power, and has best in class power ratings.
diesel longevity chart 6.4 hemi

The standard engine remains the 5.7 liter Hemi, pushing out 383 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, with a 10.5:1 compression ratio; 89 octane fuel is recommended. The 6.4 has a 10:1 compression ratio and the same midgrade fuel requirement.

The 6.7 liter Cummins diesel continues, with three versions depending on the transmission..
Link/Coil or Hotchkiss suspensions

air suspension

A new five-link/coil suspension on Ram 2500 provides far better handling and ride, with better articulation over obstacles, according to Ram representatives. A load-leveling airbag-type rear air suspension is optional, as is a gooseneck hitch (fifth wheel capability). Ram Director of Engineering Mike Cairns told Allpar:

Link-coil design went into [XJ] Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and then Wrangler years ago. Vehicles that needed to be very tough, very off-road-capable, that get worked really hard, we saw the success of that in Ram. ... The only real downside is cost. It costs a little bit more money than leaf spring. There’s actually a weight save, because leaf springs are heavy. So there’s a weight save, huge ride and handling benefits, and no compromise to durability, payload, or towing capability.

On the heavy duty [Ram 2500], we increased the payload. Yes, it’s coil spring. You make it as big and heavy as you want. You can get any spring rate you want, within some reason. It certainly doesn’t limit payload. We pick the payloads for out trucks to gain the balance of fuel economy, ride handling, etc.

With leaf springs, [there is a stick-slip due to friction]. You load up and it’s pushing back, pushing back, and all of a sudden it’ll slip. It’s not smooth. It’s busy, where a coil is just smooth, constant spring force, so you can much better tune a coil spring suspension. We take advantage of that. We’ve got about 18 different [types of] rear shocks on a Ram 2500 [depending on model and powertrain] because we specifically tune each one. On our old leaf spring, I think we only had four because it didn’t make that much difference. [Now] we’re able to fine-tune more.

HD suspension

Ram 3500 keeps the familiar Hotchkiss leaf spring system, with a supplemental air suspension on SRW and DRW trucks, to avoid giving up the trucks’ best in class payload, gross weight rating, or towing capacity (Ram 3500 can tow up to 30,000 pounds and has up to a 7,320 pound payload, with a peak GCWR of 37,600 lb).

rear suspension

Up front, both Rams have an advanced three-link suspension with greater roll stiffness, avoiding body roll.
2015 Ram Power Wagon

The updated Ram Power Wagon had a modified version of the front suspension, with high-movement links for better flexibility and axle articulation.

The American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) axles’s ring gear was 9.25 inches in the front and 11.5 inches in the rear (increased from 10.5 inches), with a 4.10:1 ring and pinion ratio. Rear axle shafts were upgraded to 38 mm (the front stayed at 35 mm); 33 inch tires were used. The segment-exclusive front axle disconnect system was kept. The front pinion was 98.3 mm, the rear 121.3 mm.

The unique suspension system, had Bilstein shocks at all four corners, special control arms and spring rates, and more than two inches of lift over the ordinary Ram 2500. The three-link suspension system was modified for Power Wagon, and dubbed “Ram Articulink;” it included high movement joints at the control-arm-to-axle mount, for flexibility and axle articulation. More suspension flex was gained via the class-exclusive electronic disconnecting sway bar, so the front axle can move more independently of the truck’s frame.
(All are 2015 4x4
or AWD models) Ram Power Wagon Ram 2500
Reg. Cab 2500 Crew Cab 2500
Crew Cab 2500
Mega Cab Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Jeep Cherokee
Box length 6.4 foot 8 foot 6.4 foot 8 foot 6.4 foot n/a n/a
Ground clearance 14.5” 12.0” (?)
Suspension or axle to
ground (min.) 7.4” 7.1” 7.2” 7.7” 10.3” 8.7”
Ramp travel index 510 (26”) not listed not listed not listed not listed not listed not listed
Approach angle 34° 23° 21.8° 21.7° 23.9° 44.6° 29.9°
Breakover angle 25.5° 16.9° 18.2° 16.5° 18.3” 25.5° 22.9°
Departure angle 23.5° 21.6° 22.3° 21.4° 23.0° 40.6° 32.2°
Water crossing 30” not listed not listed not listed not listed 20’

The rear suspension was similar to other Ram 2500s, with Jeep’s five-link coil design, providing a payload up to 1,490 pounds and towing capacity up to 10,810 pounds.

Fore-aft bars bring together the transfer case and fuel tank skid plates, resulting in armor that minimizes underside damage and rock wedging. There are now three trim levels: Tradesman, SLT, and Laramie.

Four Wheeler compared four 2015 pickups, and found that Power Wagon easily dominated Chevy and Toyota models (it also had the top interior and exterior ratings, by a large margin on both):
Power Wagon Colorado Z71 Tacoma TRD Pro Tundra TRD Pro
Trail Performance 26.08 16.62 20.44 19.02
Empirical 22.14 20.36 21.07 21.43
On-Road 13.23 13.54 12.14 12.8
Story of the Mega Cab

The Ram Mega Cab returned for 2014. Former employee “JTE” wrote about how the original came to be:

Texas truck dealers requested a truck with larger interior accommodations. My department took on the job of designing and building a prototype to sell to management. The only way it would fly was by using as many existing components as possible and having it fit on the line. At that point in time Saltillo had a max wheelbase limit of 160 inches (8 foot box Quad Cab). We used an existing short box rear frame section and an existing Quad Cab front frame section, added a box section center frame to bring the wheelbase to 160”, and added two new cab mounts and propshaft supports.

The cab was stock to the B-pillar; rear doors, roof, rear floor, and C-pillars were new, mating to the existing cab back. It was important to have a flat rear floor and we had to add stiffness that was lost when removing the hump. We tried carryover standard cab C-pillars but the doors were way too long.

The interior was fun, we did many varieties of folding, sliding, tumbling, reclining, sleeper, and flipping seats, only to lose to the lowest bidder. By using so many existing components and processes, the pitch to the VP went quite well.

2014 Ram Engines

The engine has a cooled EGR system for greater efficiency, cylinder deactivation for economy, PVC integrated into the intake, and a floating pin on the systems. Sodium filled exhaust valves and tough valve seat material, stainless steel exhaust gaskets and fasteners, and oil jets for cooling the pistons add to durability. The engine has a cast iron block and forged steel crank. (For more details, see our 6.4 Hemi engines page.)


The Cummins returns, in three power levels as in 2013, with a new smart exhaust brake (using Cummins’ unique sliding-nozzle turbine) for a smoother ride, and better performance and durability from a new cooling system. The diesel has a variable-geometry turbocharger, building on Chrysler-Garrett work from the 1980s.
Electronics and upfitting

A best-in-class interface module (VSIM) communicates between aftermarket and factory modules. The VSIM upfitter interface module has 53 circuits, including lighting controls, door position, and throttle and transmission position. The class-exclusive module is a secure gateway to the vehicles’ electrical systems and data bus, for safe, secure connectivity.


Both heavy duty 2014 Dodge Rams have an in-box connection junction and standard class 4 or 5 receiver hitch with a four or seven pin connector on the bumper. A tailgate handle-mounted, rear high-definition camera backup system is available with dynamic imaging in the 8.4-inch display.

Ram Heavy Duty uses four-channel electronic stability control for dual rear-wheel Ram 3500, the first such application on a “duallie” in its class; stability control is standard across all 2500 and 3500 pickups.

Rams with the 6.4 V8 have an optional dual alternator system, the first gasoline driven one of its kind in either class, combining 220 and 160 amp units for a total of 380 amps; Cummins diesels pair two 220 amp alternators for 440 amps of output.

Other Dodge Ram heavy duty pickup truck changes

The segment-exclusive front axle disconnect system is now available on Ram 2500, raising 4x4 gas mileage by up to 1 mpg.

The gross combination weight rating has been boosted to 37,600 pounds (on Ram 3500 diesel), thanks partly to the 11.8 inch rear axle; it has a 300mm hypoid gear set, four pinion helical differential, and cooling-fin-equipped aluminum differential cover.

ram 2500 tail

Both part-time transfer cases are supplied by Borg Warner, and both have rear drive, 4x4 high and low (2.64:1), and neutral positions; one (44-46) is electric and one (44-47) is manually operated. They have a front-rear locking differential.

2014 Heavy duty Ram pickups have an optional air suspension setup.

The 2014 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty starts at $29,600, plus $1,095 destination. The 6.4-liter Hemi option is $1,495. The Ram Heavy Duty has an unsurpassed five year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty with gas or diesel engines, including, if needed, free towing to the nearest dealership.


For much more, see our 2013 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup page.
Transmission 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Rev Axle Ratios
G56 Manual 5.94 3.28 1.98 1.31 1.0 0.74 5.42 3.42,3.73
66RFE 3.23 1.84 1.41 1.00 0.82 0.63 4.44 3.73, 4.10
68RFE 3.23 1.84 1.41 1.00 0.82 0.63 4.44 3.42, 3.83, 4.10
AS69RC 3.75 2.0 1.34 1.00 0.77 0.63 3.43 3.42, 3.73, 4.10
The rumor mill

Dom had said in June 2012 that there would be a 6.4 Hemi option for the Ram heavy duty trucks. The 6.4 runs on regular gas (87 octane) and is hooked up to a six-speed automatic only (66RFE, with an optional Aisin); like the SRT version, it includes cylinder deactivation. We had written, “We do not expect horsepower ratings to be anywhere near SRT’s 470 horspower, but it should break 400.”

Ram Long Hauler

The Long Hauler concept used a Kelderman air suspension in front and rear, for higher capacity with a smoother ride; that model was based on the Ram 5500, which has a leaf-spring rear suspension. The Long Hauler now appears to be a “go” for production.

oh20 wrote: “Dodge is currently working on a plan that would make the Ram 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs available to all Ram dealers.”

2014 Ram 2500

Commercial heavy-duty trucks (e.g. tractors, class 7-8) might be planned, though they could be Ivecos, and aren't expected until 2015 at the earliest. Update: These were discussed, and the expertise is available from Iveco, but leaders decided that they did not know the market well enough to field and sell a credible entry. The decision was made to wait until the end of the Five Year Plan (calendar year 2014) and then revisit the question.
Also see 2013-14 Ram 1500, Ram 2500/3500 test drives, and Ram chassis cabs

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@ ford engineer

Its ok.... Your job is safe cause they are just chinese stickers. Customers can buy them or not. No biggie.

Ram needs the 8 speed for there lack of power compared to ford. The 8 speed goes a little ways in making up for high rpm peak torque of a hemi and the gutless nature of the ecodiesel, which the ecodiesel is lucky to make it past 20k before needing replacement.

"Well I hate to say it. My engine now needs to be replaced... Seems to be a common failure now. The dealer (Ontario Chrysler has 2 and Edna's? has 1) making it 3 Eco diesel locally that have failed. Same symptoms. Bottom end bearings go and engine fails."

Any MPG gains of the ecodiesel are negated by a lot of these fellas by watching there expensive aftermarket gauges that tell them when they are regening. So then they just drive extra 10,20,30 extra miles ever couple days just to make sure they don't interupt there region cycles. If they don't there ram ecodiesels are exhibiting emission problems and such and CEL's

And be glad you didn't design the air suspension as it is one Hedgebloom away from being overloaded which the system records in the ECU as overloaded and voids your warranty.

Your sticker mess up pales in comparison to the disaster that ram has going on.

That is why fiat is broke and wants help from another auto manufacture. $14k dealer cost in replacing the gobs of ecodiesel engines that are going bad and they are having to replace under warranty. Edmunds long term tester even had $8k in repairs for stalling and needing a tow.

@ford engineer
Just trying to give you a confidence boost cause you work for a superior company that makes 900+ million in pure profit per quarter compared to going in the hole like ram and wanting another bailout.... Your job is safe even though you screwed up some stickers. Just imagine your future at ram.... Maybe Kia or hyundai would be writing your paycheck in the future if you are one of the lucking ones that get to keep there job after the take over. Dang consider yourself lucky you are a ford engineer of stickers and you have previous chrysler engineers that came to ford to build the best trucks on the planet cause they saw the right on the wall over at FCA. They gave you a superior product to put stickers on!!!!

@ford engineer
Just trying to give you a confidence boost cause you work for a superior company that makes 900+ million in pure profit per quarter compared to going in the hole like ram and wanting another bailout.... Your job is safe even though you screwed up some stickers. Just imagine your future at ram.... Maybe Kia or hyundai would be writing your paycheck in the future if you are one of the lucking ones that get to keep there job after the take over. Dang consider yourself lucky you are a ford engineer of stickers and you have previous chrysler engineers that came to ford to build the best trucks on the planet cause they saw the right on the wall over at FCA. They gave you a superior product to put stickers on!!!!

@ford engineer
Here is a possible business opportunity for you, you could quit ford and go out on your own.... You can design a sticker better then a sticky note paper to go on your gauge cluster so the check engine light doesn't blind you in night driving and such. You would sell tons as these rams all constantly get check engine lights that require trips to the dealers for repairs.


I know that. We lost some suckers last month, but these stickers are so good, nobody can resist them.
We know, that we sucks, so there must be enough suckers around us.
I am confident and I don't need you to asure me this will be success, but thank you for worm words anyway.
I don't consider myself lucky, but very well educated kissas. I make much more than competition engineers and I am thank you for that ford suckers. I mean customers.

@hemi V-8 Let me help with the knowledge of why C-Channel frames are preferred when tow very heavy loads. See heavy-duty pick-ups towing capacities are reaching a point to where Frame flexibility will because an issue. As Weight increase along with torque, the twisting force most be absorbed by the frame (This is the reason why class A,B,C,D, and E trucks still use C-Channel Frames) A rigid frame will start showing signs of metal fatigue (cracks) a product of an engine's high torque and towing very heavy loads.

With Ford and Ram approaching 1000 ft/lbs of torque and towing of 35,000 lbs, frame flexibility is critical and more important.

Sure thing Latwoods. lol Is that why Ford is bragging about the stiffness in their F150 frame vs the Tundra frame?


Is this why C channel is so good? lol


Stay thirtsy my friend. lol

New Ford T.S.B. for the limp mode Eco Boost.


I absolutely agree with you. It took us 10 years to bring this to perfection and make flexible enough frame to handle forces you are talking about. The next step is going to be eliminate any suspension. Flexible frame will take care of it. Some silly unexperienced newcomers tried to make Raptor frame stiffer and it broke. I told them as a senior ford engineer, it must be flexible, but they wouldn't listen. I don't want to point a finger, but they were ex Chrysler engineers. Losers.
Everything is going to be bouncing in the cabin , like in Apollo on the way to the moon, but surprise surprise, we have a massage chair for that. Nobody was willing ro pay for good suspension anyway, but for massage chair.....That's why we make much more money than any of you.
Thank you again. I got to go to sleep. We have a meeting tomorrow about some slogans for shorter leafs we need to promote . I came with something like this .
Shorter leafs and shorter skirts are more sexi.

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