2016 Ford F-150 Gets New Special Edition

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In the never-ending quest to offer more a more unique look to the most popular half-ton pickup truck sold in the U.S., Ford will offer a new Special Edition Appearance Package for its model-year 2016 F-150, but only for the midlevel XLT and Lariat trims.

The new SE Package also requires the XLT or Lariat be ordered with the existing Sport Appearance Package, and adds 20-inch anodized aluminum wheels with sport lettering, smoked headlamps, unique body-side graphics, SE seats with red Alcantara inserts, a stitched steering wheel and transmission gear selector, and a unique instrument panel. The SE package is further distinguished from other models by a blackened mesh grille on XLT models and a dark anodized dual-slat (red and black) grille on Lariat models. The new SE offers a sportier look reminiscent of the 2014 Ford Tremor; however, that particular pickup was offered in only regular-cab configurations, while the new SE model will be offered in all three cab setups.

This SE Appearance Package adds to the many combinations of F-150s that can be ordered. Ford offers the F-150 in XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum trim levels, each of which can be ordered with or without the FX4 Off-Road Package. The XL, XLT, Lariat and King Ranch can be ordered with the more stylish Chrome Appearance Package, while XL, XLT and Lariat can add the Sport Appearance Package. Finally, there is a Monochromatic Exterior Package exclusive to the King Ranch, taking the number of possible looks for the Ford half-ton to 20.

Pricing for the new Special Edition Appearance Package will be announced later this summer.

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cCass action lawsuits for Ram steering and recalls in the millions happen for steering. You can lose control of your steering in your Rams and when you go to get this danger fixed you can't do to them not having a repairs available. Its even in there recall notice on some models they don't have the parts to fix it.

EPA had to initiate a recall on behalf of FCA as FCA wouldn't do it on there own for pumping toxic/cancer causing exhaust fumes in the cab. EPA should initiate one on the 4x4's as they suffer the same problem.

Here is a vid of what you must buy and what you must do so you don't have $4500 dollar exhaust replacements on Rams... You must monitor and also drive extra mileage to make sure its good temps to shut down around ever 100-300 miles. If you don't get one of these gauges and drive the extra 20 miles during regens before shut down you will eventually break something that requires replacement. He explains it really well at about 8 mins in this vid of why you need to install gauges on the ecodiesel and must not shut down during regens. Shutting down during this temps will lead to destroying expensive components.... Hopefully you have a warranty and have had all your maintenance done at ram so they don't void your warranty.

Back in the day, we painted our trucks instead of decals. You only had one chance to get it right. I put my own stripes and decals on my vehicles and change them when I think of something different.
I actually think that all 3 makes of trucks have some good looking Special Editions but in the end or when it is dark, they all look the same...

Paint. ...It's easy. You do something wrong, you repaint it. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of the stickers?
8 months we were cleaning one from unexperienced sticker men. This is just our second attempt and we got it right! No wonder Ford is a leader and always will be. We use just high end technology for testing, like 2 way radios ,email and TV shows.
We needed to climb many obstacles. Do you know how hard it is to set high temperature in our hot chamber, so our truck doesn't burn? Or how hard it is to set just the right rain in our rain chamber, so our Ecobbosst go through it like rocket without limp mode?
Other companies are always behind. They have no ide how much heat is going to set their truck on fire , or how much rain will soficate their engine. We know that precisely and we can adjust our testing procedure exactly for truck to past. That's very sofisticated engineering we are talking about in here people. Not some mumbo-jumbo testing other competitors are doing.

Not my style but always good to have options. I do find it funny that it looks a lot like my nieces F150 Sport Power Wheels.


From CNN Money: Goldman Sachs says: "Buy Ford stocks dump GM stocks"


I hope one of the 2016 new trim levels is a true 4x4 on 33's or 35's

I'd like the stripe if it didn't go up like a hockey stick. A similar flat black and red treatment on the hood "bumps" would look cool. GM has that on one of their trim packages. Looks great on the darker colours but sh!tty on white.

And in other Ford F150 news.

US opens probe of Ford F-150 power brake failures

DETROIT (AP) — U.S. safety regulators are investigating complaints that the power brake assist can fail on some Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the probe covers about 250,000 pickups from the 2011 and 2012 model years with 3.5-liter six-cylinder turbocharged engines.

The agency says in documents posted on its website Friday that it has 32 complaints alleging that electric vacuum assist pumps can fail, causing loss of power brakes and increased braking effort in traffic. Two crashes were reported but no injuries.

Ford's F-Series trucks are the top-selling vehicles in the U.S.

Many of the people complaining wrote that the problem happens when they first start the trucks. One wrote about losing power brakes while backing up at 5 miles per hour and crashing into a tree. "Cannot park in garage as may hit house or garage or kids when backing out," another person wrote. People who file complaints are not identified in NHTSA's public database.

In all the complaints, no dashboard warnings were issued before the problem happened. The agency says the complaint trend is increasing, with about 60 percent coming in the past nine months.

Investigators will look into the cause of the problem and how often it happens. The probe could lead to a recall.

Ford says it's cooperating with the probe and that customers who experience problems should contact their dealer.


"the problem happens when they first start the trucks."

So they start the truck and immediately go into Drive and wonder why things don't work well?

I would suspect that unlike hydraulic or vacuum systems that kick in immediately an electrical system may have a delay for the ECM or BCM to do its "self diagnostic" and to activate necessary electronic components.

One again we may be seeing a case of blaming the machine for a faulty biological interface.

Best engineering from the ford ever.. Who would think you need to start and check vacuum brake assist electric pump immediately, before ECM or other crap check your catalytic converter. Good luck with 20 cameras on the board to get you report, that one of them is dirty before you crash to the tree or kill the kid , because of no power to brake.
It's all about priorities and just remind you, that electricity moves almost as fast as light in the vacuum, so electric pump should start sooner than even engine when you turn the key.
The reason it doesn't is a design flaw.

Can't Ford think of anything else other than similar variations of the old Tremor package decal theme?

Come on Ford, infuse some imagination into your trim package designers.

Since I started my well earnt 2 month holiday I have noticed the quality of the commentary has improved. The arguments are balanced..........not. This is a pity.

To the article.

First up. Why is there package offerings for the new and great aluminium F-150?

Is the current line up of aluminium F-150s not adequate?

Is this another indication that the acceptance of the new F-150 is not what Ford anticipated?

In all honesty you would of thought so early in the life cycle of the new aluminium F-150 demand would be sufficient for the existing models.

This move again highlights Ford has not made the best decisions with this great F-150.

Will we next see run out sales?

I for one will walk before driving a "government motors " POS! G.M. lost all creditability when they bilked the American taxpayer out of $ billions some of which will never be repaid not to mention the fraud of the infamous ignition switch which by the way killed
more people than we will ever know. For this G.M. got a slap on the wrist as the White House still owes them for the union votes.
Ford took the high road and told the POTUS they couldn't be bought!
this being said Ram builds a Damn nice truck, but it is still a Damn Dodge !!!!
Sincerely@Semper Fi.

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