2016 Ram HDs Push the Torque, Towing Envelope

2016 Rams The Five [1] II

In the never-ending quest to offer the biggest, strongest and most powerful pickup trucks in the market, Ram has upped the ante by pushing several of its models to new, class-leading heights.

For the 2016 model year, the Ram 3500 with the 6.7-liter Cummins will now be rated at 900 pounds-feet of torque. Although we don't have all the details, Ram said it achieved the torque improvement by upgrading the fuel delivery and boost calibrations to get the additional torque.

Likewise, to deal with the added power going through the rear axle, Ram has strengthened the 11.8-inch rear axle, making it a stronger 16-bolt axle housing instead of the previous 12-bolt. This means Ram can now boast having a maximum tow rating of 31,210 pounds(when properly equipped), up from Ram's previous max tow rating of 30,000 pounds with a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer. That beats Ford's F-450 Super Duty by just 10 pounds. Finally, Ram also increased its maximum payload rating to a class-leading 7,390 pounds, beating Ford's F-450 Super Duty by more than 100 pounds.

The first 2016 Ram 2500/3500 pickups will start rolling off the Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant in Coahuila, Mexico, this fall. Starting prices for the 2016 Ram 2500s will be $32,680 and 2016 Ram 3500s will be $33,185 (prices include destination).

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You're just kidding, right?

I hope so cause that is the most off the wall thing I've heard all day and if you truly believe that... wow.

Dodge Ram Owners Join Cummins Million Mile Club.

"Although Harry drove Class 8 trucks with Cummins engines at a previous job, this is the first Ram that the Albachs have owned. Harry previously owned two Ford trucks with 6-liter engines. After having to pay very expensive repair costs for many failed injectors, he decided to purchase a Cummins-powered Dodge Ram. After recalling his unfavorable experience with Ford PowerStroke engines, Harry passionately stated, “I will never buy another Ford!"


CKREID, that came from people who would know. The lag only occurs when you really floor the accel - no other situation. That tells me it's designed that way, because it's drive-by-wire.

"The Albachs truly believe that if they take good care of their Cummins Turbo Diesel, their Cummins Turbo Diesel will take good care of them. Over the years, the Albachs have had to replace only a head gasket and exhaust manifold. “Regular maintenance is the key,” said Harry."

head gasket and exhaust manifold - routine maintenance????

Rambot Hecho en Mexico V8 is full of gems er polished turds.

Only if u knew how easy is to work on cummins l6 engines
Try that on a ford without lifting the whole cab off
Lol ford fanboys!

I'd like to see the 900 lb-ft engine on the 2500 also.

Funny 10 lbs more than ford. maybe there are no new upgrades just new numbers.

No matter what brand you like. The best news for all of us is that, announcements like this just means every manufacturer keeps getting pushed to compete, and we the customer get a better more versatile truck.

Just my 2 Cents.

Road trip
Sounds to me like some lame excuse for poor programming. When I get in my car or truck and hit the accelerator, the faster it responds the better. Not sure who would like it the other way....

I've personally worked on Powerstroke and Cummins. I totally agree that most things are easier to access on a Ram Cummins than a Ford Powerstroke because there is simply less material under the hood. But you're kidding yourself if you think the Ram Cummins are easy to work on.


The cummins is know as the sbc of diesels
and I'm talking mechanical aspect of these
to change a manifold is a 30 min job and a head gasket with the right tools n hour o so.Try doing that on a chevy or ford!


being pushed to change something before its proven isnt a great thing. the wars of bullsh!t need o end and quality needs to be reintroduced. id rather use that mercedes cab chassis than a pickup with a huge nose anyways. too bad that is built like a joke too.

Rambot Hecho en Mexico V8 is full of gems er polished turds.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Jun 22, 2015 5:34:20 PM

Here is a 2016 Super Dooty.


" Ram maintains credibility and customer confidence as the only automaker to align with SAE J2807 towing standard across its entire pickup truck line."

I think Ram saw those spy photos of the 16/17 Duramax and launched a preemptive strike.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong but diesels don't have a throttle.

My local Dodge dealer has at least 4 or 5 single cab dually Rams on the lot right now so they're not all that rare. However, I think I've only seen a handful of them out on the street compared to the dozens upon dozens of dually crew cabs I see driving around.

900 lb-ft is certainly a lofty number. However, I don't know how much higher they can go until they have to increase the displacement of the Cummins inline 6 again.

Why would the cummins have to run to 3k+ rpms to match the horsepower of the Powerstroke? The calculation for hp doesn't change just because one engine is an inline 6 and the other is a v8.

@Also Eric

I see your point about the calculation for horsepower and understand your point. Now with that said it actually I think it might http://www.dieselhub.com/tech/i6-vs-v8.html? "Lower operating speeds." Some of you guys with a lot of diesel know how can answer.

Rambot HemiV8 - you find one guy to post about and I find a study covering 10's of thousands of vehicles.

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute did a study on the total cost of ownership of diesel vehicles versus gasoline. This was over the period of 2008 - 2011.

They were surprised by the results considering this period covered Ford's problems with the 6.0 and 6.4. They even mention this in their report.

This was the Total cost of ownership advantage of diesel versus gas at 3 and 5 years:
Ram - 3 yrs. $67 dollars...... 5 years. $578 dollars
Ford - 3 yrs. $1,395 dollars.. 5 years. $763 dollars
Sierra- 3 yrs. $3,673 dollars.. 5 years. $2,613 dollars
Chevy - 3 yrs. 3,673 dollars.. 5 years. 1,278 dollars

Why would Ford diesel trucks with the POS 6.0 turn out to have a better return on investment than a Ram with the better Cummins inline 6???????????

Wonder when VM will start putting there own design v8 diesel in the ram hd.... Has to suck for Sergio to send a large check to cummins every time a diesel hd is sold.

Scott - Marchionne is out pimpin' FCA to anyone who might have the cash. R&D costs is one of the main reasons that he cites for the need for a merger.

So if the head of FCA is strapped for R&D cash, where does that leave Ram or Jeep ?
Ford will release a new HD soon and if it drops 700 - 1000 lbs Ram will NOT be able to counter with higher cargo or tow numbers unless they want to pass a class 5 truck off as a pickup.
Jeep success is based upon an old Mercedes SUV platform.

FCA is also struggling with CAFE numbers.

FCA can release all of the Hellcat clones they want or spring dust all of the HD's they want but the facts remain the same. They do not have the resources to play the long game with Ford or GM or even Toyota.

"Given the reputation of Cummins as a maker of bullet-proof diesel engines, it is hard to be surprised by Ram’s announcement today that their Cummins-powered trucks are Canada’s most durable diesel pickups."

More than 80% still on the road. More than Chevy or Ford.

"The “most durable” claim comes from a study showing the percentage of Canadian diesel pickups sold within the last 20 years that are still on the road, by brand.

Within the United States, the Cummins engine has an 85% take rate on Ram 2500 and 3500; and, since 1989, Cummins-equipped Rams have held more best-in-class titles than comparable trucks from any other pickup maker."

More Guts

More Glory

More best in class

Ram trucks!

@Eric I'm 46 years old and remember Dodge very well, for building junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why they never sold as many cars and trucks as Ford or GM. Even with the brilliant and new at the time 1994 Dodge Ram truck, they how many problems with the transmissions. The only engines that last where the 360 and 318, and of course the Cummins which is built by Cummins!!!!!! That reputation finally caught-up with them in 2008, when they where dangerous close to being liquidated.

Funny to see MimiV8 bragging up the Cummins.......... NEWS FLASH........ it's a Cummins engine not a FCA engine.

BTW - the whole moronic "most durable" in Canada is the same PR hype that GM used in the USA.

It is based on registrations not repairs.

I had a Dodge Grand Caravan. Based on registrations I owned it 7 years. Registration data does not say it was at the dealer for repairs 28 times.

@ Eric

"So,go eat a Taco "

I invite all of you in putc to some FREE DOGGY TACOS in TJ, all on me!! We got chihuahua, pit-bull, mutt, rottweiler, bring your trucks.

Cummins needs to up the hp no doubt. The torque difference isn't going to make it tow any better. You don't tow 31,000lbs at 1700rpm. Even more try to get full boost out of a stock Cummins by the claimed peak of 1700rpm. Most of the newer diesels run between 2200 and 3000rpm when towing any real weight which is where the Cummins needs the improvement.

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ram 3500 hd dually just went fro the top of my list for a new truck to the bottom.. highest price and built in Mexico....right.

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