Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: May 2015

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May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red. The Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Tacoma are this month's standout players, with segment-leading sales increases for each.

Additionally, GM also has a lot of be happy about with the strengthening sales numbers behind its all-new midsize Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. It looks as if GM will reach its unofficial goal of 100,000 units by year-end. Total GM sales numbers are soundly outpacing Ford's.

Ram continues its strong showing, increasing month-over-month sales for more than five years. Unfortunately, these same strong sales could mean we'll have to wait a little bit longer for the next-generation of the Ram 1500 to come to market. With Jeep and Ram sales so strong lately, waiting a little longer to upgrade the models means dealers will have plenty of inventory to sell — not a bad problem to have when your products are hot.

The biggest surprise of the month might be that the stout-and-sturdy Nissan Frontier, which had been selling well due to aggressive pricing strategies; it's now in a significant slump. That strategy did not work in May, with monthly sales down almost 20 percent; year-to-date sales are on par with last year.

We'll have more sales data coming when we look at May's fastest and slowest sellers.

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Tool#3 should be very excited over these numbers. It will make his ford bashing easy

The Ford fan boy excuses will be rolling again. We are now approaching the half way point of this year and Ford is still loosing sales.

Still losing sales yes, but remaining at number 1, I do wonder if the confirmed 109 deaths GM caused and will now have to pay out will effect their bottom line.

Ram still looking good, I'm surprised Toyota is up, soon to pass one twin maybe?

Excuses from the Ford Fan Boys will be pouring in. The fact is there is no excuse. Every month gets worse for F-Series sales where it should be getting better.

The new F-150 is a flop. Way too high priced, ugly as can be, and a rash of major issues. Door alignment being the biggest.

Where is Scott?? He's usually full of excuses. He's probably too busy gargling that Ford Koolaide.

It maybe time for ford to rethink switching the super dootys to alum before they lose more sales

This is what happens when you make a truck out of aluminum and people think "weak material" and "expensive to fix" and "can't put my company signs on the side" and "I don't know how this will hold up in the long run".

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Stick with steel.

Sometimes when you gamble, you lose.

The Nissan Frontier continues to be the most under-rated pickup on the market. 281 lb/ft of torque, good fuel economy, a fully boxed ladder frame, disc brakes all around, more interior room, factory spray in bedliner, and a 10-year proven design that has all the kinks worked out...for thousands of dollars less than a Colorado or Tacoma. Nissan owns the midsize truck segment. Unfortunately, people are too dumb to actually SHOP trucks and will buy whatever the "new" thing is.

The Chevy Silverado by itself could out sell Ford by almost 20,000 units if this trend continues for the rest of the year.

Ford is currently having supply issues with the frame and other parts. When those are sorted I'm sure their sales will rebound.

GM outsold Ford and RAM is doing very good. Any customer Ford looses this time, will never come back.

The sales chief is pleased that the average transaction price for the trucks is $43,300 which is $3,300 higher than a year ago and up $600 from April.
Posted by: Dave Z. | Jun 2, 2015 11:55:16 AM

Awesome. You must be Ford investor , not a customer.
I couldn't care less what sales chief is pleased about.
You must like to be bend over, if you are Ford customer.

Ford Boys are now happy about average transaction price??

Bahaha I have heard everything now!

GM should offer some better incentives, almost unheard of incentives on the Silverado and it could take over the number one spot. That would be a huge slap in the face. I know there is a frame shortage but Ford may need to look at incentives if they don't want to lose that all important number one position. I think that would be devastating to say the least. There is plenty of ill advised aggression towards aluminum. It doesn't matter, UPFRONT COST DOES.

I read that the frame shortage only slowed overtime shifts at one plant and both plants are working at normal production rates. that mean they should be making enough trucks to sell at last years rate...but they are not.

I love how gm fanboys are already waving the victory flag yet Ford still leads in sales. Frame deleys and not running plants at full capacity due to the shortage is ultimately hurting Ford. And remember how Chevy lost sales when the new generation trucks where released?

Ford concentrated on building their higher end models in the beginning, which is why the per truck transaction price is up. Once they start building more lower end trim models, the price per truck transaction will go back down. All the dealers in my neck of the woods (north of Chicago) have the higher end models. The entry level models are non-existent here. XLT through platinum is all you typically see. So if that's all you can buy, you have no choice but to buy the higher end models. I personally am a Ford fan and plan to buy one of the new F150's in the near future. But the numbers don't lie. Ford needs to do something to get customers through door if they want to remain #1. Like it or not, GM is doing what it takes to take the #1 slot.


GM trucks are absolutley destroying Ford Trucks in sales.

Ford sales keep going down while GM sales keep going up.

Quit with the excuses of frame shortages, that is just an excuse from Ford as to their lackluster truck sales. There are a good selection of new F150's on the lots, and the plants are at full capacity. They just aren't moving because they are over priced, over hyped, aluminum issues, ugly, and still trying to shove the ecoboost engines down the customers throats.

Ford lost 6650 truck sales this month, which multiplied by $43300 average transaction price is $287 945 000.
I don't think it was worth for ford to switch to aluminium alone. Where is 10 speed and rear multilink air ride suspension ?

KC plant right now isn't at full capacity. I'm not giving excuses just the facts.

KC plant right now isn't at full capacity. I'm not giving excuses just the facts.

Yup if this year mirrors 2014 data the first 6 months Chevy was lackluster. Then the next six months they gain ground on ford like crazy and continues to do so into 2015. If Chevy second half is a repeat, they be sitting pretty. While Ford continues to lose ground fast going to the worse part of their time of last year. Yikes losing sales over a 12 month time frame. Good chances Chevy could be number 1 once again by the end of the year.

I called it the Ford excuses are rolling at high speed. The KC plant has only cut back overtime so they are still running full bore. Ford also has a 68 day supply of F150's so there is no shortage.

I have to correct my last post about days of supply, it is even worse for Ford and the days supply has gone up over the past month. Ford now has a 77 day supply of F150's.

"Automotive News reports Ford had a 77-day supply of F-Series (including Super Duty) pickups on May 1, up slightly from 68 days in April."

2015 F-150 is still turning on dealer lots in 26 days against tight supply, and F-150 average transaction prices set a record in May, as customers continued buying a rich mix of high-series pickups.

Ford 12% to 15% profit per unit.
GM 8% profit per unit.
Ram 4% profit per unit.

and F-150 average transaction prices set a record in May

Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Jun 2, 2015 1:15:54 PM

Nobody cares if you like to bend over. Keep it for yourself.

Sounds like the Ford boys are now focused more on transaction prices than sales.... hmm

Oh god!!!

The way it currently stands GM is selling a whopping 33% more pickups than Ford.

That would worry Ford.

I don't know if the new F-150 is as scarce as Ford is making out, I do believe there is some spin in the Ford talk.

I mean the incentives on one of it's biggest selling vehicles is up over $1 000 in a month.

Ford has many secondary and tertiary issue with the production and selling side of the new 2015 F-150.

I do believe half the problems can be attributed to the production side of the business. The other half is attributed to the less than anticipated interest in the F-150 that can be translated into sales.

Cost is one problem for Ford as the new F-150 is one expensive mother to manufacture and produce in comparison to the "old" steel F-150. Like I've mentioned in the past on a number of occasions, Ford has employed thousands more employees to manufacture the new 2015 F-150. Why? So it can produce over 10% less? Doesn't make business sense if you want to produce and sell a competitive product.

The production side can be easily broken down into a number of areas. Remember the chassis is a new chassis with varying wall thickness along it's length to reduce weight. Could Ford have a potential chassis issue down the track, ie, cracking? I did mention the durability of the chassis as well in most any off road situation concerning damage.

Well, if next month Junes figures have the same or similar changes as this month the Silverado will come close to outselling the F-150.

As I mentioned at the onset of my comment there is plenty of secondary and tertiary issues for Ford to resolve. The two biggest ones are cost and having the consumer trust the vehicle.

It seems GM rules the pickup roost by more than just a little bit, but by a country mile.

While the debate is looking at GM vs Ford, Ram has been quietly roping in the two biggest sellers. As it stands GM is selling twice as many pickups as Ram. The difference between Ford and Ram is the same in percentage terms as Ford to GM.

My guesstimates have been quite accurate so far. This is a pity as I do like the aluminium F-150. It would be the best full size 1/2 ton if it had a nice diesel version. But imagine the cost! It wouldn't be competitive with the Ram VM diesel pickup.

The Colorado Canyon seem to be bumping along at 10-11 000 per month. I can't see much change in that. It just means GM can profit from this.

A lot of Ford's inventory are remaining 2014's. There are not a lot of 2015 F-150's and the ones that are at the dealers are the higher trim models. Ford could get additional frames from Toyota.

Ford Tops Auto Companies in Brand Survey (Wall St Journal)

Ford’s brand value was pegged at $20.3 billion, which put it in the 25th place overall. Ford was followed on the list by Chevrolet, General Motors Co. largest division, with a value of $7.2 billion, which put it in 66th place. However, sales of its flagship Silverado full-sized pickup substantially trail Ford’s F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America.

GMC ranked 172nd in the Brand Finance study, with a value of $3.5 billion

@Jeff S,
Then why would Ford have $5 050 worth of incentives on it's best selling model F-150? These aluminium F-150s.

There is something wrong here with what Ford is stating and the reality of pricing vs incentives.

Ford will continue its slide. It isn't all about supply as I've shown.

If the demand and interest by the consumer was large enough then these vehicle wouldn't need such large incentives to move them off the lots.

GM is producing high end Colorado Canyons and they are moving off the lots.

Or should that be Connor? You can't even spell your name??? who else are you on PUTC??

The 2015 F-150 is far from an Edsel.

Why make such an ignorant comment? Are you a fool or a mountain goat?? I'd say the latter.

Real Mr Obvious Here,

The Ford Koolaid drinkers are paying too much for their trucks, this shouldn't be a badge of honor, its gonna hurt you at trade in, buying first year of any vehicle is a big mistake, even second year is a gamble, paying too much to be guniea pig.

I think Ford got a few things right, sans the EcoBusts, a lower opted XLT 4x4 with the 5.0 if you have to buy a Ford and you have to buy now, the front end styling is not bad, the rear is not, looked better before.

The "winners" buying Platinums are getting hosed, especially at the sticker prices/prices paid, I could have picked up a high country with the 6.2 for 16k off sticker with my gm card but I couldn't see the value, the rims aren't even that nice, a Denali would be a better choice over all of them, from a great dealer like Laura Buick GMC that sells them "cheap".

I'd feel good about these numbers given the constraints and facts if I was Ford.

Half the inventory and both plants have slowed and one plant isn't at full production yet. Didn't run any Memorial Day sales. Virtually no incentives.

BAFO is anti Ford because Ford didn't bring over the Ranger or the diesel and they are an American mutiltinational company headaurtered in the United States of America. I don't know what his deal is or what stake he has in this because he doesn't even live here. Must be because he is anti-American and pro big government and big steel.

Wow, Good job GM... 354,008 trucks sold! Eclipsing the new F-150.
I'm not Ford bashing here, simply pointing out a strategy that seems to be working. It looks like GM's 3 truck strategy is proving to be a good one. If you need a full size you can have it. If you don't need a full size, get a great medium size Colorado/Canyon. Make more sense to me then getting a full size with a 4 cylinder engine.
If I was ford, I would bring back the Ranger soon.

BAFO would be praising Ford if Ford was the one who took the big government bailout. BAFO would be praising Ford if Ford did a new Ranger instead of new full-size trucks in aluminum and new vans. BAFO would be praising Ford if Ford thought about volume like GM without any regard for overall profitability.

2015 Truck Resale Value (

F150 @ 58%
Sierra @ 51%
Silverado @ 49%
Ram @46%

Ford Tops Auto Companies in Brand Survey (Wall St Journal)

Ford’s brand value was pegged at $20.3 billion, which put it in the 25th place overall. Ford was followed on the list by Chevrolet, General Motors Co. largest division, with a value of $7.2 billion, which put it in 66th place. However, sales of its flagship Silverado full-sized pickup substantially trail Ford’s F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America.

GMC ranked 172nd in the Brand Finance study, with a value of $3.5 billion

@ Chuck Taylor

Stop drinking the Ford Koolaide.

We get it, you like to pay more for your Ford so Ford makes money off you.

Go ahead and pay crazy prices for a truck that the doors don't fit properly, makes fake engine sounds, and gets the same or worse real world fuel mileage than a comparable GM or RAM.

Would love to see F150 vs Silverado 1500 YTD and monthly sales numbers. I'd bet the Silverado 1500 is outselling the F150 by its self.

Both ford plants ARE running at normal full production one is running a overtime shift and the other had to stop the overtime shift due to the frame supply. There is no excuses to be made just poor sales!!

I sure hope this causes ford to discount their trucks. I'm sure a lot of people are buying chevy cause they don't want to pay $6,000 more for a ford even if it is better. These people paying near full msrp for fords right now are just crazy.

hasn't the gm 1500 twins beaten the f150 in sales for along time
everybody knows they are the same truck under the skin. i bet 80-90% of gmc owners would buy a chevy if gmc was gone.


The Silverado/Sierra outsold the F series from 99-2010 with the exception of maybe two years. I pretty sure they outsold Ford from 88-97 as well.

However, Ford has outsold both GM brands year over year since 2011.

GM is within 5,738 mid size truck sales of over taking the Tacoma and their are waiting lines for the mid sized twins.
Toyota must be chitting bricks knowing full well that the diesel option coming late this year will eat into more of their share.
I bet they are thinking, why didn't we offer a diesel option, GM is going to slaughter us. HA HA HA HA

I don't think the Ford guys can even read LOL! The first two sentences of the story here is

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."

Done end of story, people are tired of the 2004 body style on their 2015 trucks. They are of sick of grill changes and being charge thousands of dollar more for a 2004 truck, well at least a 2015 truck that looks 2004. Talk about outdated LOL!

i only found 2013 break down but gm 1/2 tons beat f150 by 55000 trucks i bet there is more years like this

To sum up: Midsize is growing ,and the fact that " the twins" have definitely helped grow the segment. So Midsize is far from dead

Ford it appears is losing its mantle and it does not have an entrant in the Midsize category

How does a company like Ford that only sells a few trucks a year valued at 20.3Billion & Company like Government Motors which sell a Zillion trucks every year valued at around 10Billion by Wall Street Journal????

Ford sells more than a few trucks
Gm lumps there vehicles into many makes and their value should be rated for gm as a whole.
Same should goes for ford


Wall Street Journal only listed the top 500 companies.

Ford was 25th @20.B
Chevrolet 66th @7.B
GMC 172nd @3.5B
CFA,Cadillac & Buick didn't not make the top 500. Must be valued at less than a Billion dollars each.

Gubmit Mototr is selling a lot of trucks cuz they discount them 25 - 30%. A lot of people will buy junk if it is cheap enough. When GM rolls out their AL truck, how you steel-is-better fools gonna feel?

Ram will never even come close to Ford cuz their 7L pushrod "helmi" gets it's doors blown off by a 2.7L F150. BTW a "hemi" is not a hemi as it doesn't have hemispherical heads - it's just a brand name.

Ford bashing is popular because they are the leader and being the leader evokes a lot of jealousy among the owners of inferior stuff.

And, quatrinarily Big Al, Ford's sales have dropped slightly because there are no or very few trucks on the lots in my area.

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