Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: May 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red. The Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Tacoma are this month's standout players, with segment-leading sales increases for each.

Additionally, GM also has a lot of be happy about with the strengthening sales numbers behind its all-new midsize Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. It looks as if GM will reach its unofficial goal of 100,000 units by year-end. Total GM sales numbers are soundly outpacing Ford's.

Ram continues its strong showing, increasing month-over-month sales for more than five years. Unfortunately, these same strong sales could mean we'll have to wait a little bit longer for the next-generation of the Ram 1500 to come to market. With Jeep and Ram sales so strong lately, waiting a little longer to upgrade the models means dealers will have plenty of inventory to sell — not a bad problem to have when your products are hot.

The biggest surprise of the month might be that the stout-and-sturdy Nissan Frontier, which had been selling well due to aggressive pricing strategies; it's now in a significant slump. That strategy did not work in May, with monthly sales down almost 20 percent; year-to-date sales are on par with last year.

We'll have more sales data coming when we look at May's fastest and slowest sellers.

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Putc sales 0515


Love it when GM guys want to add two to four truck lines together to get one number they feel good about against Ford's one truck line. Then they want to split up Ford's one truck line to get another. smh.

GMC + Chevy combined for a long time sold more than Ford. Then Ford started beating GM for several years.

Now it's still early but GM combined is back to beating Ford's single truck line again but only after Ford shut down factories and have half the normal inventory. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But GM guys are sounding a little desperate to show they are beating Ford.

@ Sal Minella

Show me one new GM truck that is 30% off??

I hope you also know the difference between rebates and dealer discounts??

You Ford guys are going completley retarded now that your precious F-Series are flopping.

Coming up with every excuse in the book.

Keep them coming, just makes you look more and more brain washed.

Looks like the Tacoma will remain as the best midsize truck available for 2015. Untouchable now. Too bad for some reviewers especially Motor Trend. Majority buyers are the experts and they proved that a lot of journalists must of had their head up their asses. Tacoma is the best midsize available and they continue to hold that trophy.

What does crow pie taste like? Ask some auto journalists that wrongfully stated a GM was a better midsize. They will likely tell you that buyers are not experts yet we are the ones that buy the best truck that suits us for our needs and Tacoma does better, just a fact.

Way to go Tacoma, best vehicle for resale in all of North America, not just best truck, Viccentric states it is the best vehicle period that holds the highest resale above all vehicles. And buyers know why.

@ Thomas

You do realize there is ZERO Colorado/Canyon inventory?

The Colorado and Canyons are selling as soon as they get on the lot.

Plant capacity is 140k units a year which is the exact pace as the sales.

In other words, every Canyon/Colorado being built is being sold.

So does it hurt the Ford faithful to admit that Ford tried selling two trucks off the same line and failed? Remember the Lincoln Blackwood or Mark LT... If Ford could have figured out the marketing they would still be doing it. As for who sells more... I could care less... I actually prefer to seeing 50 trucks just like mine on the way home, and yes it works just fine.... I do like the improvements throughout all the trucks and can see in the not so distant future they all will be either aluminum or a composite. So I don't like eating crow, so I'll admit the 2015 F150 will be a success once they can build them fast enough...

This data is really simple to figure out.
I'm surprised nobody else did.
Allow me to explain:
These numbers show all the models of the trucks Ford, Chevy and Ram, these numbers include the 1/2 tons to 5 ton trucks.
NOT just the 1/2 ton!
Ford is always going to sell the Super Duty models but this data doesn't break down how many F-150's were sold.

Look at the Toyota Tacoma's numbers, that's ONE model, they only make one Tacoma
The Tacoma numbers are thru the roof!
That tells me two things
Buyers are going away from full size pickups
Tacoma taking away sales from the F-150

Didn't Ford say they are NOT going to build the Ranger for the U.S. because they believe the F-150 is more efficient than any mini pickup? and it gets better MPG and the consumer will pick the F-150 instead.

Ford put all their eggs in one basket with the F-150 and the consumer is rejecting it.
A blind man can see the F-150 is in trouble!

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."

As per Wall Street Journal
Ford 1 Truck brand Company valued 20.3Billions
GM 4 Truck brand Company valued 10.5 Billions

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."

"Ford 1 Truck brand Company valued 20.3Billions
GM 4 Truck brand Company valued 10.5 Billions."

I pretty much read the same. Pretty sorry for GM.

"Ford 1 Truck brand Company valued 20.3Billions
GM 4 Truck brand Company valued 10.5 Billions."

I pretty much read the same. Pretty sorry for GM.

Ford maybe you should read these comments and learn from them.
With only 80 million people working that maybe 2% that drive a truck and less than that can afford a new truck maybe you need to listen to them.
Ford? Allow your employees that work on the assembly line design a truck instead of country club members on the top floor.
Make a trip around the country and blend in with the different cultures of people that drive a pickup and see what they use it for.
You're outta touch!
I would more than happy to welcome you to my culture and my lifestyle depending on a pickup but you have to understand not everybody is the same.
I think you'll be surprised about the small minor things that people like and dislike about their pickups.
Pickups are a love and passion to us and we can see someone that shares our same values and culture didn't design and make it.
A girly sissy man designed the 2015 F-150 and it shows!

Ford girlie men lose, and GM wins AGAIN!


@Chuck Taylor

Wall Street, and every other major financial machine on earth is trying to put a logical price on future revenue streams. Unfortunately, most bankers and investors make their decisions based on the past performance of stocks.

That's how you end up with Ford outpricing GM 2 : 1

GM and Chrysler both were buying horrible assets 15 years ago and they're still paying the price for it.

GM was busy buying failed companies like Saab and Suzuki, firms that have no position in emerging markets such as China, and zero consumer interest in place like the US. Chrysler made huge investments in Mitsubishi over a period of 20-plus years and today you can't give away Mitsubishi cars in North America. At the same time, Ford was buying into partnerships like Mazda and Volvo, firms that are not Tier One players but they contributed a TON of engineering to the cars that became the Fusion and the Focus.

RAM & Jeep were the only smart things Chrysler did, which is why Daimler took such a bath, losing more than 30B on that misadventure. RAM remains the bright spot with Jeep doing well in a few places.

Don't count Ford out yet, but you can buy 2 shares of GM stock for the price of a single Ford share...

"May was a strong sales month for full-size pickup trucks, with the glaring exception of Ford's F-Series. Even with all its plants online and producing at or near peak efficiency, Ford is the only heavy-duty and light-duty pickup maker in the red."


I never get the angst about GM's lineup. As a corporation they're selling ALOT of trucks. I don't think having more options for people is a bad thing.

Now for the Bright side of Ford sales. lol
Mustang sales increased 39 percent in May, with 13,616 cars sold. Year-to-date, Mustang sales are up 55 percent, with a 116 percent increase in southern California, America’s largest sports car market.
Ford keep's on spanking those Camaro's & Challenger's.

@ Chuck Taylor Bout time them poopstain ford cars start selling. The Camaro had out sold it ever year since 2009 and the old Camaro's even out perform the new 2015 ford poop stain. Once the 2016 Camaro comes on line next year it'll be back to second place for ford LOL!

@Big Al--I have seen a total of 2 2015 F-150s on the road, one black crew cab and one brown crew cab and both fully optioned. I have yet to see an advertisement for the 2015 F-150 from the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Ford dealers, but they are still advertising 2014s for 12k to 14k off sticker which are mostly loaded crew cabs. I have seen maybe 1 or 2 2015s on a dealer lot. If there are ample supplies of 2015s they must be outside of the metropolitan areas of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, and Lexington which I have traveled to recently. I doubt the dealers in those areas are discounting them since they cannot get very many. Eventually they will be advertised and there will be discounts but they are very rare around where I live.

I have only seen about 3 or 4 2015 Colorado/Canyons as well on the road and the dealers have 1 or 2 in stock which are usually fully loaded crew cabs. These are not advertised as well and there are no discounts. New Silverados, Sierras, and Rams are plentiful and the discounts are generous. I cannot speak as to the volume of Colorados/Canyons elsewhere but they are scarce (same with the 2015 F-150s)

ever year since it came back in 2009* fix my typo above

ever year since it came back in 2009* fix my typo above


Not according to Car & Driver website.
Mustang outsold Camaro in 2012 & 2014. With 2015 will be the 3rd year in four for the Blue Oval.

Nice try with the BS, Johnny Doe Boy.

@Chuck Taylor Nice try, it was only a month worth of time the ford poop stains has ever out sold the Camaro since 2009 -2014. HAHA need me to buy you a GM towel to cry on Ford boy?

I am not a Toyota fan but I would put the value of Toyota and its potential for future growth above Ford, GM, and Chrysler. My security advisers are not recommending any auto stock but Toyota. I own Toyota stock. Ford has its share of problems and its sales have not grown to the level expected. Ford put all their eggs in the aluminum F-150. Eventually the new F-150 will pay off but it was a risky venture with no guarantee of success. GM and Ram have any opportunity to gain market share even if they do not make as much profit per unit as Ford does (GM and Ram are still making plenty off of their trucks).

We’ve got some bad news for the Ford faithful, then: for the third year in a row, the Chevrolet Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang.

do I need to go on and school you again Mrs.Chuck Taylor ? LOL!


Motorautority report came out in Jan16/2013 It is 2.5 years old report by some goof living in his mama's basement. Johnny doe boy do you have anything more current.

My report (by 4 reporters) from Car and Driver came out May 20/2015 just a few weeks ago. by a Car and Driver Magazine established in 1960's.

2012 sales: Mustang 92408 vs Camaro 90310 (+2098)
2014 sales: Mustang 134082 vs Camaro 97,632 (+36450)

Again, nice try with the BS, Johnny Doe Boy.

The problem with Ford, GM, and FCA is that they are mostly reliant on trucks, suvs, and crossovers. Now these companies are selling these vehicles like hotcakes and reaping in record profits, but if energy prices go up and/or the economy takes a dive then Ford, GM, and FCA will all suffer and possibly all will ask for a Government bailout. This reliance upon trucks and truck like vehicles is similar to the Big 3s' reliance upon V-8 powered full size cars and vans. I don't blame any of the manufacturers for cashing in on the truck, suv, and crossover craze but without any other competitive and compelling products they have left themselves vulnerable.

I don't like the new F-150, I've scene them on the road and they all have a cheap look, not sure what it is but it doesn't look like 50 Grand thats for sure.

chevy sucks, 110 deaths confirmed by ignition, for delayed recalls, Fords the best mines 98 F-150 has 280,000 original, and actually does stuff unlike 97% of chevys.

@ Jeff
Not really. Seven FCA vehicles set records last month, led by the Chrysler 200 which posted an all-time sales record, up 537% to 20,007 deliveries. Chrysler 100 is on the way.

Fiat Chrysler just reported U.S. sales of 202,227 units, up 4% compared to the 194,421 units sales from last May.

It was FCA’s best May sales since 2005 and the company’s 62nd consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains.

Nobody cares about aluminium. I think that Ford had a very bad timing , because of oil price plummeting . It doesn't look to move high anytime soon now, so ford aluminium doesn't have any advantage. It's just more expensive and customers are sensitive for initial pricing. I think ford lost momentum and next month is not going to be exception for ford.
FCA will start implement aluminium slowly with Jeep doors first, so customers won't see any big price adjustment, but Mpg is going to be slightly better.
FCA and GM is smarter than Ford.

Gloating about coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc and suggesting that is somehow better than coming in first? It's like coming in 5th in a race and bragging to the guy who won the gold medal, that you had a better improvement than he did. It makes no sense at all! But I suppose if it makes you feel better...

^^^^ Is English your second language?

Well I just helped Chevy out. After owning three Rams I decided to try out a Silverado.

Ford needs to get those frames and up production so the dealer lots are full and they start offering incentives worth something if they want to go for the title of most sales. We are just a couple months away from the 2016 model year trucks hitting the lots and 2015 production complete so there are bound to be skeptics that are waiting to see how the new perform and if any issues arise also you are just a few months away from model year end incentives for the ford like the ram and gm are currently having. I would have a hard time buying a 2015 knowing 450 hp and 500 ft lbs is just around the corner with a 10 speed. It is amazing how much money the f150 are bring in to ford with how much there average transaction price they. I think alot of the sales decrease is buyers waiting on what the new superduty is going to be and some specks so I think the U.S. Market is dragging the f series sales down.

It will be interesting to see days on lot figures when they come out.... If the f150's are 60-70 days on the lot ford will need to think about finally putting some incentives on there new truck.

Another thing I find interest is it looks like the midsize buyers aren't buying up the gm midsize twins like they are the Toyotas. The gm midsize twins don't share much of anything with any other gm model and designing that truck from the ground up was prolly just as expensive as the f150. It's going to take gm a long time to recoup its cost on this segment. 10k-12k a month trucks doesn't leave a lot of room for money's for refinements and redesigns that are needed to stay competitive.

Chevy started off slow now look

I would have a hard time buying a 2015 knowing 450 hp and 500 ft lbs is just around the corner with a 10 speed.
Posted by: Scott | Jun 2, 2015 7:05:33 PM

This is exactly what I heard from ford horde when their sale were down last year. " Wait for New 2015 aluminium F150." It will crush the competition.
2 years is not just around a corner, but what ever makes you happy.

2 years from now 2017 will be half over. Usually around sept or so the model year closes out. So next year you will see the new trans and the new 3.5. People are going to wait as ford is still asking way to much compared to Ram or GM. Once the incentives start coming sales figures will kick up if ford wants.

"Days on lot" will say a lot will say a lot when PUTC post that

Everyone here sounds like Jr. High boys arguing who's better: MJ or Lebron? Sales fluctuate based on a number of reasons and everyone here thinks what they drive is the best. No wonder this site closed out it's forum board years ago.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

This article isn't about not optioning a truck to reduce its price, but about having the base price of a truck drop, like you stated without the options and bells and whistles.

Competition breeds more consumer lead innovation, not regulated innovation. So, you might be able to get a 30mpg truck for less than $20 000. We have them.

Unitl (and if) a diesel Colorado is released and the diesel Ram you will not have a 30mpg pickup. The best you have is that 6.5' bed, 8spd, Pentastar Ram for $27 000. It can only tow as much as our outdated Hilux and carry half the weight and still gets 5mpg+ less FE.

Even Chrysler's head for trucks in the US stated $22 000 is going to be the price for pickups.

Even here, our pickups are mainly mid to high end vehicles. But we also have loaded trucks that are the price of base model Japanese vehicles. This is forcing a rethink of the Japanese prices.

A classic example is the Toyota Hilux here that dropped $6 000 when the Amarok, Ranger, BT50, Colorado and Dmax where released in the past couple of years.

Toyota even optioned up the vehicles to try and remain competitive.

The Korean pickups and Chinese pickups all force the main players to reduce prices. There comes a point when the consumer becomes price or brand driven for a purchase.

Competition is great, you just have to convince the UAW and Big 3. Countries are now pressuring the US to remove the protectionist tariffs for trade between countries. I hope they succeed. The consumer will be the main beneficiary in the end.

@Papa Jim
I agree with you whole heartedly. I think the Big Three will always dominate the US truck market.

But, why not allow some of the foreign (made overseas) trucks in without the taxes and protectionist measures. There are the crowd who always state we don't want them or they will never sell.

Even if only a handful of imported midsizers are sold each year in the US it gives more choice to the public.

If some are cheaper it will force the locally made trucks to be more competitive in pricing. I think its a win-win situation.

Cheaper midsizers will cut into some fullsize pickup sales, how much I couldn't answer.

Remember there are no full size pickup manufacturers outside of NA. The biggest pickup style vehicles I've seen are the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Landcruisers.

I do totally agree with your comment, the US will become more like the French, but with slightly larger vans.

CAFE will choke full size trucks, I can see a way out and that is to use 2.5 to 3 litre diesels in the full size trucks.

I read somewhere in this thread a person disputes my $27 000 claim for the price of a pickup. But that Pentastar, 8spd with the little bed is the closet full size that can be compared to our pickups for FE, not work. This pariticular style of pickup is what will be the norm for US pickups in 5 years because of CAFE. Like I also stated it can't carry or tow much.

Our best performing pickup dual cab is getting 40mpg on the highway and that's US gallons.

I'm even getting 32mpg out of my diesel which is the same diesel that's going into the US Transit. It can tow 7 800lbs and carry 2 500lbs. They are even towing 30' fifth wheelers with the BT50 now.

After using Carilloski's AUD to USD pickup price converter (thanks Carilloski) our cheapest Ranger would cost about $18 000 in the US and it is getting 35mpg on the highway.

All I can say is the US has to change the direction the UAW, Big 3 and government are heading in and adopt the UNECE regs for pickups to remain affordable in the future in the US.

As I wrote before high tech, exotic materials will price them out of reach for most, like that Ram for $27 000. I hope sanity prevails.

I don't want to see the demise of full size 1/2 ton pickups, but the UAW seems to be hell bent on destroying them.

Guys don't hate the player hate the game .even if Ford sales are doing bad this year look at the last 50 years. give your head a shake Ford is always number one that's for there trucks and sports cars to.

GM is blowing Ford away in every way possible. Ford is running out of excuses so why don't they just use the the most logical excuse which is, their products just don't match up to what GM has to offer. Great job GM. Keep up the great work!

"I don't blame any of the manufacturers for cashing in on the truck, suv, and crossover craze..."


Can you be serious for a second? Craze??? Ford's half ton truck has been their sales leader FOR YEARS!!! Craze???

During the last recession when Washington was slapping all manner of incentives on electric cars and hybrids, American buyers still favored SUVs and Pickups.

Detroit aka the big 3 know exactly what they're doing in regard to the product mix. They have smart guys studying the sales data nine ways to Sunday. Their sales predictions fall within a percent or two consistently.

If Washington would kill the CAFE standard and stop subsidizing various communities over others, the truck business would even out. Ford's experiment with aluminum bodies was an effort to deal with CAFE, so was the turbo V6 powertrain in half ton trucks.

Another thing: the reason you haven't seen more advertising for Fords is because you're in an economically depressed part of the country. Ford (corporate) is not going to pay for co-op advertising in places like southern Ohio or northern KY, when they can use those dollars for a better profit elsewhere.

Ditto where I live. Central Florida has been slow to recover. You don't see much advertising here except during the NFL season (for trucks).


Yeah, the guys at Toyota are really scared. I mean their 10 year old platform is still kicking the pants of the GM twins and the margin only got worse for the month of May. At this point Toyota's is gaining a ton of profit off the EOL 2nd generation especially when you consider the new 2016 3rd gens are coming out. For the out going Tacoma to be outselling the incoming GM twins tells me that the midsize still belongs to Toyota by a large margin, only one that will get bigger with the 3rd gen Tacoma. As far as diesel goes, it is still going to be a much smaller segment compared to those who buy the petrol version. If GM can't keep up with so called "demand" of the petrol version how do you think they are even going to produce enough diesel engines to overtake the Tacoma? Time will tell but for now the Tacoma still reigns supreme and they are squeezing every damn ounce of profit out of the 2nd gen Tacoma.

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