Consumer Reports Critiques 2015 Ford F-150

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Without much explanation for why it's taken so long, Consumer Reports has officially offered its opinion on the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck, and it's not good. In fact, Consumer Reports said that a new truck buyer would be better off purchasing either the new, better-handling 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 or 2015 Ram 1500.

CR prefers the ride quality of the Ram 1500's rear coil springs as well as the fuel-economy benefits of the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel when compared to the harsh-riding and thirsty F-150. Oddly, CR wishes the segment-leading half-ton had some of the ride and handling "magic" that it likes so much in many of Ford's cars. Of course, CR wouldn't be the first outlet to wish a pickup truck rode and drove more like a car.

We recommend you take the time to view CR's "car-dudes-in-trucks" video (as painful as it is sometimes) to hear exactly what the test crew at CR liked and disliked about the all-aluminum pickup. Spoiler alert: It won't take you too long to figure out CR doesn't do much towing or payload testing (unless you count putting four passengers in a crew cab) in its evaluations. And don't expect to hear too many numbers in this discussion either. That's not likely to surprise pickup enthusiasts because CR always has been about how much worse a pickup truck is than a good car. And that's why CR seems to appreciate the Ram and GM half-ton platforms.

The 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge, our most recent half-ton comparison test, focused on crew-cab V-8 4x4s. We did plenty of towing and payload testing to get our results, and then posted all the numbers from the objective tests and judges' scoring in the name of full disclosure. Our results were a little different.

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@Hemi V8

"Nice theory. Can you show me some MPG numbers to back that up. All the tests I have read have shown the Eco bust gets horrible gas mileage especially when loaded or towing. Didn't the big 6.2 Chevy V8 gas get better MPG? How about a diesel?"

Theory? Oh it is not theory. Look at PUTC'S tests along with Truck Trend, Edmunds, Car and Driver, and Autoguide's average furl economy when they test they 6.4L. The highway fuel economy was worse that what most other half tons get combined. The combined fuel economy numbers were a dismal 12-13 mpg. Go look it up if you don't believe me. Then there is towing.

Funny how you keep saying that the Ecoboost gets horrible fuel mileage towing yet it gets better fuel mileage than the Hemi towing the same weight in every comparison. Look at the last PUTC annual physical numbers versus the V8 challenge. The Ecoboost got better fuel mileage than ANY of those V8s loaded and unloaded and it didn't need migrade fuel like the Hemi does or premium fuel like the 6.2L does to get it. Again, go look for yourself if you don't believe me.

Although I will tell you something that might aka you happy. I have made up my mind to trade this POS Ram back in for a new Super Duty when they come out. I love the engine but I am tired of taking it back to the dealer for repairs on the rest of the truck. I have taken it in twice for transmission issues, a few times because for the TPMS sensors, and the last draw was just recently when the cruise control stopped working which is apparently a common problem with these trucks according to the Ram forums. The closest Ram dealer is in another town so it is a PITA to coordinate getting this truck in for service. This is the most I have every haven to take any of my trucks. I never had to to take my 2011 F150 in and only had to take my 05 F150 in once. So you and your too much of a joke to acknowledge brethren will be glad to hear you will no longer have to put up with me driving a high end Ram that you guys wish you had. My wife was a little mad because she liked the interior, even she commented on how many times I had to take it in. Too bad that Cummins is wrapped in such a truck. It deserves better.

This is why you shouldn't buy anything from FCA!

I consider 3.5 ecoboost fuel economy horrible. 11.3 MPG when towing, going Ike Gauntlet down first and up.

This is very bad for 2 way run. It would be around 4.5 MPG pulling just up the Ike Gauntlet. I don't think, that 6.4 HEMI can do worse than that and probably better downhill, because of MDS and cutting fuel.

2.7 Ecoboost did 4.3 MPG pulling just uphill.

I don't think ,that 6.4 HEM can do worse than that.

RAM 3L Ecodiesel did 6.1 MPG pulling uphill. 42% better than 2.7 Ecoboost.
You must also consider , that Ford gasoline computer is favoring MPG compare to Ecodiesel and RAM generally, so the real numbers would be even worse for Ford and better for Ecodiesel.

Wow, there sure a lot of butt hurt Ford fan boys in here today.

I would love a new truck b from any of the Big 3. Also, CR is known for having an agenda.

Utility trucks do not need heavy towing or hauling capacities--they're almost never used for those purposes whereas work trucks such as the 2500 (-250) and 3500 (-350) models. As such, to have such capacity in a "light utility truck", i.e. half-ton, is ludicrous overkill. I wouldn't put more than 5,000# behind it (typical lightweight travel trailer or heavy pop-up camper) and probably wouldn't carry more than 1,000# on board INCLUDING passengers, since you normally would carry either a load OR family, but rarely both.

Add to this that Ford's lack of reliability is already showing with reported brake issues (even discounting some of the other complaints listed above) and quite honestly we have yet another reason to not buy a Ford of any kind.

@Svina, you do know that GM is already in the aluminum game for the next gen Chevy trucks, and Ram will follow why because, they want to stay in business and be competitive. THE FUTURE IS SUPER HIGH TECH ENGINES, COMPOSITE BODIES, DURABILITY, AND CAPABILITY. If Ram leadership were to listen your opinions they would be out of business in 10 years max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IN 2008 THAT ALMOST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU CAN DOGG FOR FORD ALL YOU WANT, BUT RAM AND GM BOTH CONSIDER FORD TO BE THE LEADER PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S WHY THEY SET BACK AND WATCH TO SEE HOW FORD'S NEWER TECHNOLOGIES WILL DO.

Do you really think, when you use capital letter , that your post will become automatically true?
There is many possible futures and some of them is with multilink rear suspension, 8 speed, turbogasoline engine with low sulfur gasoline for direct injection and lean running engines, which doesn't destroy spray nozzles like gasoline you running in ecoboost doeas or Ferrari-inspired" 3L turbocharged V6 with 510 horsepower with cylinder deactivation technology like New Alfa Romeo has, a dream for ford.

Honda is up to something. It will have a decent payload, much better ride than any half ton and they have some experience with V6 displacement engine.

FCA produces this engine already for Alfa Romeo.

Ford has nothing like Hellcat, or small diesel yet, or 8 speed, or multilink rear suspension, air ride....
Ford is not a leader. Ford is behind. It took them lot of money and effort to switch to aluminium body, but it's still old design and old technology inside. Please don't mention camera and massage chair. It's getting boring.

papa jim - CR is great for reliability and durability data. They do a very good job of reporting issues but as I said earlier, I tend to disagree with some of their driving test results.

supercliffy - the only thing I hate about Ram is their durability ratings and lack of cargo capacity.

I haven't ridden in a new F150. My 2010 rides great on rough roads. I don't have any issues with GM trucks either. I don't know of ANY fleets that have Ram 1500's.

When it comes to HD's both Ram and Ford tend to ride better than GM HD's.

the only thing I hate about Ram is their durability ratings and lack of cargo capacity.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Jun 30, 2015 2:23:50 PM

RAM 2500 has more payload than F250 and ride and squad is not even funny anymore.

@Snivelina - the discussion IS about 1/2 ton trucks NOT HD's.

You Rambots have to bring up HD's as that is the only way Ram can compete with Ford or GM trucks.

No comment about durability?

Ram 1500 finally made it to 3rd place with JD Power.

Ram HD is always 3rd in durability.

Nothing to brag about their since there are only 3 companies making HD trucks.

@LOL bc
You said RAM.
The discussion is about :

Consumer Reports said that a new truck buyer would be better off purchasing either the new, better-handling 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500 or 2015 Ram 1500.

CR prefers the ride quality of the Ram 1500's rear coil springs as well as the fuel-economy benefits of the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel when compared to the harsh-riding and thirsty F-150.

I have a 2012 Ram and have had no issues other than needing a wheel alignment last year but that's normal on the roads we drive here no matter what brand of truck or car you drive. And btw Lou Saskpower here do run Ram 1500's over here. Their 2500's are mainly GM's.


"but where the Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."

supercliffy - you can thank guys like HemiV8 or Snivelina for the stance I take with Ram. They make an okay truck but in the 1/2 ton ranks they do not make a truck for my needs or for the majority of guys who pay attention to cargo ratings and need a truck to carry some weight.

If the new F150 does have a poor ride and if I needed to replace my current truck I would take that into consideration. I'd be more inclined to buy a GM 1/2 ton if I had to purchase right now as they have a 1/2 ton that is also available with a decent cargo capacity. The GM 1/2 ton has been out over a year so it also isn't totally new.

I'd consider Ram 1500 if they release a crew long box 4x4 1/2 ton that can carry 1800 lb in something other than a base model truck. I'd also consider one if they were to make Top 2 rankings in most durability rankings.

Ram 1500 finally made Top 3 in JD Power durability but that was pre-air ride and 8 speed.

@LOL bc
RAM 2500 will exceeded your needs perfectly. ALLL1 ditched his ford and went to RAM ,it's tome for you to do the same.

Snivelina - you must of missed the part where he said he loved the Cummins but the truck is POS and is getting a Ford HD. He also said he still had his F150.

Why would I want an unreliable gas guzzling Ram HD when a Ford or GM 1/2 ton will meet all of my needs?

If I needed a HD my first choice (gas or diesel) would be GM.

@LOL bc
He said many things and non of it was true. I would take his comments with grain of salt all the time. The true is, he bought RAM over ford.
I don't think you could trade your 5.4 gutless guzzler to any RAM dealer anyway, so you are stuck with it, or you could donate that to kidney disease foundation. You made a progress, because you don't consider ford anymore and I am 100% sure your next truck is not going to be ford.

If FCA is doing this in Canada they are probably doing it in the US as well. Giving incentives for dealers to buy the new Ram's and other FCA products and then selling them as used vehicles just to boost there numbers. In return for the dealers buy and licensing the vehicles and then putting them on there used they give bonuses to those dealers. So a lot of the new Ram sales are just dealer that buy them and resale them as used to get a bonus. Hence the reason FCA is completely broke and want a merger.... They are trying to drive the market down on profits so they can force a merger......

If FCA is doing that, Ford must be doing that for a years. I have been told, that Ford is a leader and their leasing program and year end numbers support that. Ford sells to themselves.

Your article is 2012 in Europe in a depressed market

The link I posted is in June 2015 in North America in an extremely hot market. If you are using the practice in an extremely hot market you are in a bad way with business... especially with the extreme debt FCA is stacking on.

Crazy these trucks in North America are considered used with essentially no KM's on them!!!

Ford is going down , losing market share, depressed market for them. Just imagine what they do now, if they did, what they did in Europe in 2012.

You Ford boys can tow 12,000 lbs with your V6 1/2 ton. lol I am going to use a Ram V8 3/4 ton. I would rather be at the middle of my tow cap than the end. Wasn't it you Lou that told us your brothers company tried to use 1/2 tons instead of 3/4 ton trucks to save money and the trucks simply were not lasting? Oh well.
Stay thirsty my friend.

"I am going to use a Ram V8 3/4 ton."

No, you are not. You're going to use a 13 year old half ton. Stay thirsty.

US Pickups actually do a lot less work, from my observation than what the Global Pickups do. They appear to be a replacement for the Station wagons that were very prevalent in the 1970's

There is hundreds and hundreds of 2015 F150 listed under used just in one web site , with abound 100km at ODO just in one province.
I am not going to even check US dealers, but ford is doing exactly same thing.

You should vet your links better.... Why there are a few that appear to be under the same as dealer that buy and resells as ram does its not hundreds like you state.... Northway dealership appears to be the only one really doing this tactic in the links you posted most are new. When in the descripition it says new and you go to that dealers website they are listed under there new inventory they don't qualify as used or previously licensed. Another tell tale sign that they aren't used or have never been licensed/sold before is the availability of factory incentives that is listed.
SBYL on you vetting your links.
Ram has twice as many 2015's listed as used on that site you linked and many more then Ford that are USED but no Km's to speak of.

Like I said, I didn't check any US dealers, because I am sure ford does that as well. They did it first in Europe.

You need to do a better job of vetting your links in most of your post here. Ram acknowledges to doing this in Canada per the story I posted.

Here is just one of the many trucks in the link you posted as "Ford does the same"..... While you would be better to check individual dealers as of the 157 2015 f150 very very very few are used even though auto trader list them as used.

For example your link listed this one as used.

You go to the dealer website and it list the same exact truck as new with all factory incentives and such intact. This dealership has no 2015's used currently.

This is the case on 95% of your assumptions in your link auto trader you posted. Go to the dealer website to vet you data or even attempt to back up your claims.

Watch out for Hemi V8. He is another scammer. He claims to be able to buy 3 new vehicles every year and it never happens. Something funny is going on.

Svina: Long after your rusted out heap of a Ram with flat air bags left its last stains on your driveway, that old re-purposed Ford will still be hauling roof shingles to job sites--and will look good doing it.

Fiat sold you on gadgetry in a less capable truck, but I guess things could always be worse...

This is the case on 95% of your assumptions in your link auto trader you posted. Go to the dealer website to vet you data or even attempt to back up your claims.

Posted by: Scott | Jul 1, 2015 1:34:06 AM

Good. 5% ford doing this is good enough for me to prove my point.

I don't do roofs, so I am ok with that. My RAM, not FIAT is capable good enough for me, but if I need more capable than Ford, I can still buy different model, like RAM 2500 or RAM 3500. Exactly like ALLL1 did. Without massage chair.

Meeh .

F series -8.9%

Here are the numbers of the 2015 Ford F150 3.5 Ecoboost versus the winner of the Light Duty V8 Winner, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 6.2.

As you can see, the Chevrolet wins almost every test, you could say 8 speed vs 6 speed is an advantage for GM, as you could say Gears favor the Ford, along with slightly lighter and less payload, versus 100 pounds more trailering on the Davis Dam Run Only.

Chevrolet 54310
Gears 3,23
Weight 5620

0-60 5.92
0-60 loaded 7.09 1240 pounds
1/4 14.34
1/4 loaded 15.36 1240 pounds
Unloaded Chevy 6.2 19.8 MPG
Braking 60-0 133.7 unloaded
Trailering Chevy 6.2 10.2 MPG 6,700 pounds
Braking 60-0 132.2 loaded with 1240 pounds
Davis Dam 19.92 6,700-pound trailer

Ford F150 60880
Gears 3.55
Weight 5560

0-60 6.22
0-60 loaded 7.02 1080 pounds
1/4 14.84
1/4 15.50 loaded 1080 pounds
Unloaded 3.5 Eco boost 18.5
Braking 60-0 133.6 unloaded
Trailering 3.5 Ecoboost 11.1 6,800-pounds
Braking 60-0 135.3 with 1080 pounds
Davis Dam 20.76 6,800-pound trailer

Svina: Long after your rusted out heap of a Ram with flat air bags left its last stains on your driveway, that old re-purposed Ford will still be hauling roof shingles to job sites--and will look good doing it.

Fiat sold you on gadgetry in a less capable truck, but I guess things could always be worse...

Posted by: redbloodedxy | Jul 1, 2015 7:27:22 AM

That's funny right their. My Ram is 12 years young. Ram trucks make the most capable truck on the road. Ford and G.M. need to play catch up. Get a clue.

Stay thirsty and remember to recycle those cans. Today's beer can is tomorrow's new Ford.

I agree these Ram fanboys suck! But I do know a few idiots like them that are loyal truck guys of the other brands as well. In fact I have seen guys have problems where the truck has left them stranded on the side of the road and go out and buy the same brand of truck. Fortunately for them the next truck was much better.

LOL @ Ram being the most capable truck on the road.

Ram is perpetually in third place.

HEMI V8: "My Ram is 12 years young. Ram trucks make the most capable truck on the road."

You're hilarious! That 12 year old Ram was in 3rd place when new and still is today. At least it can probably carry more than 900 lbs. Hell, even an old El Camino has a better payload rating.

Put all your collected beer cans in your rotted Ram box [if it's still on the frame] -- Ford thanks you...

@ redbloodedxy, Your funny. When my Ram was new it was doing circles around that gutless Ford. How long did it take for Ford to get some balls under the hood?

Where the Ram did much better than either of the other two competitors was in our qualitative scoring, impressing each judge enough to get a unanimous first-place finish.

Ford Turd place sagging and lagging. lol

I do wonder if Consumer Reports tested this truck with a load on it?
I looked at their site and they didn't even post the rated cargo capacity for their tester
I'm not going to be as critical of ride if the truck is rated to carry 1800 lbs or more.

It is all a trade off.

I'll gladly sacrifice some empty ride quality for better cargo ratings since my truck usually has a minimum of 500 lbs of gear in the box.

I can only say that I have owned a 2014 Ram Laramie with 4 corner air suspension and now a 2015 F-150 XLT. Both crew cabs. The Ram was a beautiful truck and the ride quality was nice BUT I have to say the first thing I noticed in the F-150 was how smooth the ride is. I can honestly say it is at least as smooth if not smoother than the RAM with air suspension. I am not loyal to one brand or another. I research every thing before I even begin looking. In all honesty any of the big 3 trucks are probably good trucks. I haven't had a new generation GM truck out for a drive. Their prices where I live are always higher than Ram and Ford. I do love this F-150. It does feel light , the 2.7L EcoBoost is super fast (faster than the Hemi) and easy on gas unless you floor it all the time. My driving is mostly city and I am averaging 20 mpg which is way better than I got with my Hemi. Although my Ford is an XLT and not a Lariat , I still like it better than the Ram Laramie. That's just my 2 cents on the ride quality. It always baffles me when I read such negative comments about the ride quality. Mine is like driving on a cloud ; definitely better than the Ram

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