Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota Pickups Are Segment Leaders in 2015 J.D. Power IQS

2015-FORD-SUPER-DUTY_SKV_5628 (1) II

The 2015 J.D. Power and Associates' Initial Quality Study was released today revealing a different brand winner in each of the three pickup truck segments. The IQS examines problems experienced by new vehicle owners in the first 90 days of ownership, measuring problems in eight different categories: exterior, seats, driving experience, engine/transmission, features/controls, interior, heating/air conditioning and audio/navigation.

The industry as a whole improved by 3 percent, according to the report, with Porsche and Kia dominating the results. The winner and second-place finishers in the three dedicated pickup categories are:

Midsize Pickup

Winner: Toyota Tacoma
Runner-up: Nissan Frontier

Large Light-Duty Pickup

Winner: Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Runner-up: Ram 1500

Large Heavy-Duty Pickup

Winner: Ford Super Duty
Runner-up: Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500

For the full story and chart listing scores by brand as well as the winners of each of the 26 segment categories, click here to read coverage at News.

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But but Ford sells more f150s then anybody else so they have to be number one.

Omg what do we do now?

But but Ford sells more f150s then anybody else so they have to be number one.

Omg what do we do now?

New Ford commercial for 2015 F150

I don't like Fords. Best selling does not best truck by any means.

quado is exactly right. Selling more trucks creates the inverse...less quality. Because the more trucks you try to push out of the factory, the less time you have to focus on quality.

no surprise the colorado/canyon twins aren't mentioned.
They were crap last gen, probably are again.

Why is there a Ford picutered in the article when Chevrolet clearly did better than the others?

Because the site administration are a bunch of Ford fudgepackers.

"But but Ford sells more f150s then anybody else so they have to be number one.

Omg what do we do now?"

Personally? Love the sarcasm.

That said, while the Ford F-series may be #1 in sales, does that guarantee that the F-150 is the most popular? I can't say how many times commenters on this site have bemoaned the fact that Ford doesn't separate out their different F-series the way the other OEMs do. But then again, to someone like me who finds Ford's quality on average pretty abysmal, I couldn't really care one way or the other.

On the other hand, Hyundai is hitting a high point in quality--outclassing even the Japanese. This could mean something when they release their SUT.

Actually gm sells more 1/2 tons then ford. Ford dominates the hd category on sales numbers. That is why gm is number 1 in IQS in the light duty segment and ford is the best in IQS study. And Toyota is number 1 is the midsize.... 1 problem if you only sold 2 trucks is going to make that truck appear like junk..... You put out 100,000 trucks and have only 100 complaints the vehicle will appear good quality.

Who here has ever filled out those surveys???

One guy posted "best selling does not mean best truck." Really? Seriously? How about best selling for more than 35 years in a row. Still think that? Seriously? Did you miss your anti-delusional pill today?

@Dale u know the the f150 has been the best selling truck for 35 years of coarse gm really sells more though because the sell them under the GMC and Chevy nameplates and sell more half tons then ford. Best selling DOES NOT mean it's the best built truck. Their are a lot of best selling products that are junk, not saying ford is junk and they wouldn't sell as many as they do being junk but they are NOT the best.


Ford's best selling for 35 years is a technicality. Yes, they can wave that flag but, if you know anything about the market, the GM twins (Sierra/Silverado)have outsold Ford many times during that 35 year period.

Ford uses it in thier advertising to suck in people that don't know any better. For some reason alot automotive jurnalist seem to perpetuate the technicality.

Ford has more dealerships, more fleet contracts, and spends more money on advirtising to get sales.

Dale- care to guess who's been selling the most cheeseburgers the last 35 years?

Seems to me the only ones that combine the sales of the GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado are the fan boys so the can say "GM sales more" even though GM does not make one solitary vehicles, it's brands do. PUTC or any other automotive site does not count them as the same. Neither does GM. I happen to agree with GM that they are seperate trucks since there are options you can get on a GMC that you cannot get in the Chevy. Until the day GM itself and all other automotive sites count them as the same, they will continue to be two seperate trucks made by two seperate GM brands.

As far as the JD power thing. The other brands took the same hit when their brand new models came out so why are they given a pass, but Ford isn't? How come the Chevy, GMC, and Ram guys give their trucks a pass when it had all its recalls and issues on its first year, but they don't do the same for other brands? Double standard?

@chris GM does sell more 1500 trucks. GM is the company like Ford is the company dur ta dur LOL! Ford guys just keep getting dumber by the day.

Large Heavy-Duty Pickup
Winner: Ford Super Duty (#1 with a 10+yrs old truck. LOL)
Runner-up: Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500

Theirs more variation in trim level within the same brand then their is between Gmc and Chevy. I'm not a fan boy just stating the obvious. If gmc went away those guys would buy Chevies.

Theirs more variation in trim level within the same brand then their is between Gmc and Chevy. I'm not a fan boy just stating the obvious. If gmc went away those guys would buy Chevies.

@johnny doe

Okay, name me one vehicle that GM itself currently makes and not through it's brands? GM doesn't make vehicles, it's seperate brands do and they will tell you that right on their website. Also, why does GM itself count the sales as being seperate? Why are there options you can get in a Sierra that you cannot get in a Silverado? If they were they same then you would think they would have the se availability of options.

Like I said, only fan boys count them as the sales the same. Not even GM counts them as the same truck in sales figures. Chevy does not count Sierra into its Silverado sales, and GMC does not count Silverados into its Sierra sales.

General Motors Company/Ford Motor Company GM has to brands or truck lines in its company Ford only has one. Not my fault Ford Motor Company doesn't have to truck likes like General Motors Company.

Go Ford And GM Both Companies American Owned.
Only 2 left

@johnny doe

There is a real vehicle that is called a Ford F150. There is no such vehicle called a GM Silverado or GM Sierra. They don't exist not even on GM's website. It is not my fualt that GM does not report the sales of GMC Sierras or Chevy Silverados as the same truck and neither do any of these automotive site. Only the fan boys do.


You can divided it up how ever you want to but the Silverado/Siearra are more closely related than the F150 and the Superduty are yet the "F-series" numbers are added together . In fact the SD is probably more closely related to the mid 90's Ecnoline vans than the F150.

Other than an LED cluster from the Denali and maybe colors, what are the list of options that you can get in a GMC that are not available in a Chevy?

No they don't Chris I think everyone understands that. Ford sells more f150's than Silverados or the biggest selling nameplate. But thir is no arguing that Gm sells more half tons then Ford. It's a fact and all Gm's half ton are built on the same frame with the same motors and the same specs

First thing you see is... Which GM vehicle is right for you?

Full List of General Motors Models
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Oh and if you order a OEM part is says GM right on the box or bag.

Lol at johnny dork's ignorance, smh.....go back to sleep.

The real question is when can I buy a Navistar SOTV-B?

from the Wall Street Journal.

Ford’s brand value was pegged at $20.3 billion, which put it in the 25th place overall.

GM Twins.
Chevrolet, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) largest division, with a value of $7.2 billion, which put it in 66th place.

GMC ranked 172nd in the Brand Finance study, with a value of $3.5 billion

Again, there is no such thing as a GM Silverado or GM Sierra. Until the day GM count them to be the same then maybe I will concede, but the truth is that GM doesn't count them as the same. Only the fan boys do.

from the Wall Street Journal how Chuck Taylor and other Ford boys fight caught on camera! this one goes you to you Chuck Taylor Ford brother LOL!

People do not understand these surveys or how volume effects quality. JD Power calling this "Initial Quality" is a misnomer but that phrase looks better than "First Impressions".

When ever a company changes a vehicle design "IQ" drops. People familiar with the "old" product need to readjust to where controls are or even how they feel.

The number of vehicles pumped out by a car manufacturer can effect quality but not as much as you'd think. It all depends on quality control measures.

I've sat in all of the 2015 models and I find that Ford, GM, and Ram have well laid out interiors. There are slight variations but not enough for me to pick one over the other.

The worst interior I found was in the Tacoma. It looked old and dated with the infotainment system looking like it was installed by a backyard hack. Even with its appearances everything was within reach and easy to use.

I laugh when I read about soft touch plastics. WTF? It's a truck. I remember pickups with most of the interior being painted metal and bench seats as hard as a piece of plywood.

Quadoo - there was a study done a while back about brand loyalty. The majority of GMC Sierra guys would in fact cross over to Chevy Silverado if Sierra died as a brand BUT the love was not felt the other way around. There were less Chevy guys that would automatically cross over to GM Sierra if Chevy brand died.

@Johnny Doe Boy

Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge

@Jack - Ford can legally get away with combining sales because all of their trucks fall under the banner of Ford F Series. When Ford made the Ranger in the USA it counted separately because it was not classed as a F Series truck.

Another point of clarification is that Ford F Series pickups count separately than Ford F Series commercial chassis cab units. There was a PUTC story about this. Ford counts all pickups up to F450 in their tallies. Anything bigger than F450 does not get included in monthly sales releases.

Fans can cry foul BUT Ram does the exact same thing. They count up to 4500 in Ram pickup sales. Anything bigger is counted in commercial sales.

GM currently does not make anything bigger than a 3500. GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are both counted by GM as separate brands under the GM umbrella.

When Ford owned Range Rover, Aston Martin and a large share of Mazda they did not count those sales figures under Ford's banner.

What confuses people is the fact that GM is a global umbrella corporation just like FCA is an umbrella Corporation. Both do not sell vehicles directly under their Global corporate nameplate. They sell under brand nameplates. Ford is both a global umbrella corporation and a brand name.

@Chuck Taylor The new Mustang sucks! It can't even beat the old Camaro, plus it looks like a Focus and a Fusion boring!

LOL if you want a pony car that looks like an every day moms car the Mustang if for you. If you want performance, handling and looks the Camaro is it. Well you could get a dodge but their only good in strait lines too, but at least they don't look like a everyday grandma car like the mustang , and with the new 2016 Camaro coming soon, being lighter with much better interior it will only get better!

Hey lets combine Buick and Cadillac sales together while we at it!! Oh yeah, johnny doe is out of school so look out for more of his ignorance in this comment section.

@Filoe - Johnie dose used to say that drum brakes were better. When he first started posting he claimed to use his truck for work but didn't even know how many miles were on it.........


I completely understand that argument and Ford has a technical claim to the title. However, everyone knows that the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado are one in the same and have been for decades. All I'm saying is that the shared GM fullsize truck platform Sierra/Silverado have outsold the F-series many times in the last 35 years.

It's like saying Ford sales more burgers than GM because Chevy has a burger and GMC has a cheese burger.

Oh and you full of CRAP on 2012 sale numbers LOL! Here two sites to prove you wrong


and 2013

and 2014

Camaro slapped the crap out of the Mustang since it came back. Enjoy you're one year sales lead while it last LOL!

@Johnny Doe Boy.

I know the 2015 Mustang front end look's like $150K Aston Martin. That is why online they are call Aston Mustang's.

The Camaro needs an extra 90cid to match the Mustang HP. The SS its a 6.2 the mustang is only a 5.0

That is why the Mustang is the best selling Musclecar of all time.

@Lou_BC I still think rear drum brakes are better! Don't wear out as fast driving in the mud as disk brakes do, plus two less rotors to replace as they warp faster then drums do. It would be the only think I would change on my 2014 Chevy.

@Johnny Doe Boy.

Car and Driver from a real reliable source from a (60yrs old established) magazine stats ,May 20, 2015.

Mustang outsold Camaro in 2012 by over 2,000 units.
Mustang outsold Camaro in 2014 by over 36,000 units.

Again, Nice try Johnny Doe Boy.

@Chuck Taylor Are you really bragging bout Ford using like the 1999 Aston Martin Grill on a 2015 Mustang, that they also stuck on every other car they are building right now LOL even the cheap stripper cars? HAHA If this would 1999 then I would agree. So Ford got a 5.0L, not Chevy's fault Ford can't figure out how to make a V8 run LOL! They got to run to Shelby to make it make any kinda power, or throw a turbo 6 in with fake v8 sounds LMMBO!

@Johnny Doe Boy.

World's fastest Factory Super Stocker of all time is a Mustang 5.4.

Where your 6.2 Copo Camaro with it's factory installed Ford 9" rearend. LOL

I posted three different sources that proved you wrong on 2012 numbers so far. You posted the same link, do you have at least one more source to back this car/driver claim up?

@Johnny Doe Boy.

My stats are from May 20,2015.
Your stats are from 2013 and 2014.

The question is. Do you, have any newer stats dated after May 20,2015? Also from a top notch magazine or website like a 60yrs old reliable source like Car and Driver?

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