Get a 3-D 2017 Ford Raptor Straight From the Printer

Ford_F150_PLASTIC 2 II

Are you looking for fun things to print with your new 3-D printer? Well, you're in luck. Ford has just announced it will offer a new download service, through its Ford 3D Store. At this website customers can purchase a file of their favorite vehicle and print it out on a 3-D printer.

As 3-D printers become more popular and prices for the machines come down, Ford is banking on people wanting a small, plastic likeness of the 2017 Ford GT, the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R, the new 2017 Ford Raptor or two other vehicles (Ford plans to make more models available later). With the right equipment and file, you can print a vehicle at home in 1/32nd scale.

Many auto manufacturers are using 3-D printers to prototype parts and pieces to save money when developing and designing vehicles and technologies. For more information, go to

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Ford_F150_PLA_001_002[7] II



Hopefully it won't break down like the full size one.

This is news?

Ha, Cooper you so funny!

if you have 3d printer you can replace your warped Ram boxes.

Probably be better than the real ram. Hell, anything will be better than a real ram.

Probably still more reliable than any GM truck...

This is a practice run for Ford. Next F 250 made out of foam.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'll just wait for the highly detailed Revell 1/25th scale snap kit to come out early next year. Larger scale, fully detailed interior, rolling wheels and much cheaper.

Ford abandons aluminum in 2017 and will build the 150 using plastic. Cheaper, lighter, easier to repair, and ford kool-aid drinkers will cheer

I could make a 100 funny comments about this article, but I am not going to, because I don't really care about ford.

What a bunch of tools, to may clowns on this site.

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