Gifts to Make Dad Smile on Father's Day

Sportsmobile II

Father's Day is almost here, but not to worry. We've culled the archives and searched for new ideas too, and have come up with some suggestions for that special man in your life — everything from mild to wild and thrifty to crazy expensive.

Although at the upper end of the price index, our top pick could be used as school transportation as well as serve as personal luxury accommodations. The new Sportsmobile camper van (shown above) on the brand-new 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 offers a fuel-efficient and powerful turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 and a host of specialty equipment designed to allow you to do just about anything you can imagine when camping. Our favorite is the extreme expedition model with pop-up sleeping quarters, swivel captain's chairs, a full stove and sink, and a custom full-size spare mounted on a custom tire rack. No, these vehicles aren't cheap, but just think of all the hotel and resort fees you'll save staying in your own self-contained luxury suite on wheels.

Here are a few other ideas for you to ponder. Each piece below offers a link to either a past story we've done or something we're pretty sure your father would appreciate. 


Gifts for Gearhead Dad Who Love to Do It Themselves

MothersProducts II

We offer several creative gift ideas that your dad may enjoy; everything from do-it-yourself products to electronics designed to keep you out of trouble. 


The Perfect Pickup for a Dad With a Family


We know finding the right present can be tough, but Cabela's did a great job outfitting this 2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty with all the right equipment to make any outdoor adventure safe and fun.


The Perfect Wagon for a Dad With a Family

HellcatWagon II

Not everyone needs a pickup truck; in fact, depending on your stage in life, you might be better off with a wagon. If you have to have a station wagon, our colleagues at have cooked up one that any dad would be happy to drive.


Easy Gifts for Pickup Truck Guys

GrizzlyCooler II

You don't have to break the bank to make your dad happy; just take a few minutes to think about what he likes or likes to do. Here are a few ideas to keep a smile on his face all year long.


Keeping It Simple Is the Best Recipe for Success 

SuperBumper II

If we've learned anything from our own father, it is that it doesn't take much to make him happy. From tools to toys, here are more options.


A Cool Book Ready to Keep Dad Busy For Months

100 Things Gearhead II

No matter what your dad likes to dislike, there's bound to be a great idea in this book. The nice thing about having a pickup truck is that it's easy to load for that road trip to that place you've always wanted to visit. This book has 100 suggestions.

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I'd settle for being able to order a new Promaster City Wagon SLT.

I'd like something other than cut and paste journalism for father's day.

I'd love to have one of those Cabela's Ford trucks! Let me just hop in my time machine back to 2009...


Jerks will be jerks...

A 4 x 4 Mercedes without the Pop Top( tend to get fine red dust driving through Australian Outback roads)

What no winning lottery tickets so I can afford to go buy everything on the list? For shame :)

Still I think there could have been a few more accessories on here that would have caught people's attention. The Challenger wagon is a nice addition though. I say bring back the Magnum with the Challenger nose. Oh and Hellcat, because obviously....

As an aside the other car mags have gotten info on the Trackhawk (aka Hellcat Jeep GC) and also the proposal for all trucks class 3 and above to meet increase EPA standards was listed up this week. Why no stories on either of those?


You must be a Chevy fan. They get their wittle feewings hurt so easy.

Make mine a Hellcat.


How are my feelings hurt? I'm just pointing out the obvious.

Nope, I like them all.. They are all decent trucks. I've stated many times on this site that people shouldn't give other people crap about what other people prefer.

I've actually been a ford fan for most of my life.. I have learned to respect each brand.. Especially Toyota. :)

What about an all expenses paid weekend getaway with a top class female escort? I think my dad needs one because he's been pretty uptight and nervous for most of my life. lol.

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