Halo 5 Ford F-150 Sandcat Ready for Duty

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In honor of the next-generation Xbox One "Halo 5: Guardians" video game (available Oct. 27), Galpin Auto Sports has created the Ford F-150 Sandcat, a special forces bad-guy killer designed for the United Nations Space Command Army.

The 2015 F-150 FX4 SuperCrew has all the appropriate off-road packaging along with a 3.5-liter V-6 twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, but it also underwent a ton of special modifications to make it a supreme military recon vehicle, complete with 10 different alien outlines to represent how many of the "bad guys" the Space Command Army has decimated.

Among the truck's modifications was a suspension from Addictive Desert Designs that offers 20 inches of wheel travel in the rear (largely due to the custom shock rack in the bed and 9-inch custom Currie full-floating rear axle) and 13 inches of travel from the independent front suspension. High-performance external-reservoir Fox Racing shocks are at all four corners, along with 35X12.50R17 Nitto Mud Grapplers, custom front and rear bumpers (and matching side steps), and a unique bed-mounted water-can housing. Additionally, high-power projector lights are mounted on a swiveling light bar that will light up a darkened planet surface outside the solar system. Finally, the vehicle is completely wrapped with a protective body decal in a color inspired by the military's olive drab green.

The Halo F-150 Sandcat will be on display at the E3 show — Electronics Entertainment Expo — at the Los Angeles Convention Center this week.

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Got the right truck, just don't see the need.


No mounted turret??? Darn... Lol

My grandkids love it.

Ahhhh....a real turret would have a ma deuce mounted to it,lol.Just another cartoon truck for the kids.

LOL! Quick Ford fans put on your tinfoil helmets for the United Nations Space Command Army. Plus the tinfoil helmet will protect you during a crash, cause Ford cheap out on the wheel bars for protecting you during a crash. LMFAO!

Quick kids, don't even touch that ignition switch on that POS chebby cause you may die like all the over 100 poor folks have that trusted gm to keep them safe while gm knew they were not safe. Even a tinfoil hat won't save you from these rolling time bombs!!!!!!

Pretty cool pickup! But kinda sad that they had to replace the factory rear axle... .

Got to love leaf springs.... 20 inches of rear travel. Couldn't even get half of that get that out of a ram rebel factory air ride suspension which is just a couple inches to begin with. Heck the discontinued $30k ram runner suspension kit would only get you 12 or 13 inches of travel.

The last time an Eco Burst was tested off road it went into limp mode. :-((

Meeh. Got to love springs....34" of rear travel.


Meeh. Got to love springs....34" of rear travel.


Posted by: Svina | Jun 17, 2015 8:31:32 PM

Sweet street legal rig that cost a 1/4 million or better.

Get 20 inches of travel out of the factory 5 inches of travel in the ram rebel while keeping the the air suspension system.

New leaf springs and get you the 20 inches travel with new shocks and shock mounts!

What's your point? Ford doesn't make this truck, suspension and axle is made by Addictive Desert Designs and not made by ford and it's not like you can buy this truck anyway.
Eat your own medicine.

The axle is currie, not addictive desert design.... It's full floating versus the semi floating stock on all halve tons. Deaver are the springs, either national or deaver make the springs and fox makes the shocks and ADD makes the bed cage, some front end components and bumpers.... They don't make the suspension. All this will bolt to a regular axle but obviously the currie axle is wider to match the widen front track width.

Point is this was a normal f150 and on the rear it just takes some new rear leaf springs and some new shocks and mounts and you could put 20 inches of travel in the rear of the 2015 f150... Try that with a 2014+ ram and you will find there is very little out there to make them offroad worthy. Heck Nissan sentra's go and play in the same area that is challenging to the ram rebel to the point that they have to drag some power wagons along cause ram wasn't confident in the rebel offroad during its media event it recently had.

Rear axle and suspension is not made by ford. You can't buy this truck. Sorry bro. Thank you for playing.

Try to get 34" of travel with leafs.


the bilstien shocks aren't made by ram as is the toyo tires on the rebel aren't made by ram. There air ages are prolly made buy someone else. The ram runner kit wasn't made by ram.... Blah blah blah.... You can take a ford farther stock and also with just simple aftermarket spring and shock upgrade. Takes huge amounts of money to make a ram even come close to going as far offroad as a Nissan Sentra.

You can still find brand new raptors. Never mind the fx4 which is already superior to any ram you can go buy, but you can get 2015 f150 brand new, with full warranties intact offroad designed suspension from a ford dealer. Ram has nothing that would compare.

You are funny guy.You trying to compare truck made by aftermarket company with aftermarket axle and aftermarket leaf suspension to stock Rebel, just to say, that leafs are better than coils and when I use your own medicine, you don't want to svalov it.


fx4 is better then a rebel not to mention they are not going to sell very many of them anyways. It's just a ram with aftermarket shocks and a different tread pattern.

You are wrong. New Fx4 has shortened leafs , no air ride.....

New Ford commercial for 2015 F150


@Scott - Snivelina likes to flog a dead goat er sheep just like Marchionne.

But since Snivelina keeps mentioning air ride on the Ram 1500 it does not offer any advantages other than EMPTY ride. PUTC said this:
"but where the Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."
They also said "it did not win a single category".

4th place for a truck with industry exclusive air ride and 8 speed.

Wow that engineering really paid off.


Cool story, but numbers say that

Ford F series -9.7%
RAM +7.6%

I guess nobody really cares about your opinion.

Snivelina - If Ram and Chrysler are doing so well why does Marchionne want to force a merger with GM?

GM was off to a slow start last year with their new trucks.

That reminds me, when will Ram release an all new truck?

At the rate things are going it is going to be either a rebadged Chevy or a rebadged Mahindra. I'm betting on the latter.

They could call it a MahindRam....



I love your posts, they keep me laughing all day long.

I don't care how any manufacturer is doing. I don't have any shares.
I just drive best truck, which suits my needs. RAM.

@Snivelina - if you do not care as to how a company is doing then why do you keep posting sales stats?

Most people would consider an overloaded Ram 1500 as legally being incapable of meeting their needs.

PUTC post it as well. I just keep you informed , what the trend is, if you forgot.

@Snivelina - on the subject of forgettin..........Being a Rambot means you forget about a lot of things like the location and numbers on the door tag or was that a complete lack of knowledge or information or perhaps incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about; cluelessness about such things as legal cargo capacity.

I have no idea what are you trying to say. Personal attacks maybe?
That would be typical.

Air suspension definitely helps when towing and hauling. When the tow vehicle and trailer are level it will handle better. Also giving you better gas mileage. Complaints about Ford truck sagging effects front end steer, headlights at night, hitting the bump stops in the rear over rough road.

" we found the most problems surrounding the truck were underneath in the form of the suspension's challenged ride quality, both when loaded or empty. None of the other trucks sagged as much as the Ford, which showed a pronounced droop in the rear end when loaded. Likewise, when loaded, the ride was floaty and wobbly — especially when taking corners." :-(

@Snivelina - I'm not surprised that you did not understand what I said since you are an ESL type trying to fit in to a new country desperately searching for acceptance and a better life.

So why do you overload your truck?

Baltic backwater bad habits?

You have no clue LOL bc.

Those little decals at the bottom of the rear doors with the red slashes through them should have been goat heads!

Ram trucks have the worst quality ratings of any trucks, except perhaps Nissan . Overall all the Fiat company offerings (mostly called Dodges and Chrysler over here) fill up all the lists of the 10 worst.

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