May's Fastest- and Slowest-Selling Pickups

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Six of the top 10 fastest-selling pickup trucks in May were midsize players in the form of the Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma and GMC Canyon, in the crew and extended-cab versions. As the weather begins to turn warmer and more people think about upgrading, replacing or downsizing their aging vehicles, the fuel economy and price benefits of the smaller pickups seem to be winning, even when fuel prices are still relatively low for most of the country.

To arrive at the fastest and slowest sellers, we use sales data collected from dealerships around the country. Our top 10 fastest sellers must meet a minimum threshold of sales in order to weed out special packages and "unicorns." The majority of cab configurations on both lists are crew cab. For May the extra-large Tundra CrewMax cab qualified as a fast seller, while the Ram MegaCab proved to be a slow seller. We should note that our slowest sellers do not have to meet a minimum sales requirement, which gave us a range between a low-volume GMC Sierra 3500 extended cab to the Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab, one of the highest volume sellers of the month.

It's worth noting that some of the pickups on the lists below could be affected by both national and regional incentives, which could prejudice buyers in one direction or another. For example, when manufacturers look at the numbers from a pair of lists like this, we'd guess there could be fewer incentives for the F-150 crew cab in June (already selling very well) and probably some more money on the hood of the Silverado 1500 crew cab (not doing that well). Of course, there are many other factors that go into a corporate financial decision like incentives. The best way to find bargains is to visit local dealerships.


Fastest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2015 Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, 12 days on sale
  2. 2015 Chevrolet Colorado extended cab, 17
  3. 2015 GMC Canyon crew cab, 19
  4. 2015 Toyota Tacoma extended cab, 21
  5. 2015 Toyota Tacoma crew cab, 24
  6. 2015 Ford F-150 crew cab, 25
  7. 2015 GMC Canyon extended cab, 25
  8. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali crew cab, 30
  9. 2015 Toyota Tundra crew cab, 31
  10. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali crew cab, 33

Slowest-Selling Pickups

  1. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 extended cab, 131
  2. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 extended cab, 116
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 crew cab, 88
  4. 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 extended cab, 84
  5. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab, 80
  6. 2015 Ram 3500 HD crew cab, 78
  7. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab, 78
  8. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 crew cab, 77
  9. 2015 Ram 3500 HD crew cab, 76
  10. 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 extended cab, 76 photo by Mark Williams


Gm effort to become the best selling full-size is causing them to over produce. They only have a few more months left of making 2015's. Big model year end sales to come from GM.

Hard to believe Toyota can't make enough tacoma's.

Looks like the frame shortage at ford is on there crew cab models.

Im surprised to no see the super duty in the worst selling list.... They are getting long in the tooth and need there aluminum refresh imo. And Ram needs to do something with there HD to make it a better seller.

Look at all the Edsel's Trucks on the Slow Selling Pickups list.

4 Chevrolet's.
4 GMC's
2 Ram's

No Wonder Wall Street Journal valued Ford Motor Co @ 20.3B
Chevrolet Div. @ 7.3B & GMC Div. @ 3.5B & FCA @ less than a Billion.

chuck taylor do you have a link to this wsj info

Where is the GM guys on this? Again the only half ton truck on the fastest list is Ford(F-150)

then look at he slowest list, there's no half ton Ford on there.

Seriously this is very contradicting to the first list put out.

The most popular cab configuration of F150 sits on the lot for a month before it's sold, yet Ford guys will tell you they're not selling because there is shortage of them? Please somebody, explain.

Please somebody explain the Denali being considered a different truck from the regular 2500/3500.

These figures support my view that all of Ford's problems are not connected to a shortage of frames or any other production issues.

Some of the lack in sales is due to customer acceptance of the new F-150.

Ford doesn't seem to have any real shortages of the new F-150 at the moment. The only one is sitting on the lots for 25 days.

The Colorado Canyon appear to be selling far better than the F-150. Toyota with the Taco and Tundra seem to be moving vehicles along quite well as well. So Toyota are making money.

Ram again appears to have the ability to sate demand along with Ford.

These figures do show Ford isn't in that bad a position as Ford has made out, hence the $5 050 worth of incentives.

Don't get me wrong there would be some production issues.

The number of HDs sitting around indicates that the business side of the pickup market is slowing.

So, most are looking for a car/SUV pickup, not a business working vehicle.

These figures support my view that all of I have no idea what i am talking about and I don't have a life here Australia so I have to go onto American websites to fill the void in my life.

Some of the lack of me not having a life has to do with me being a dou-c-he bag and no one here wanting to talk to me..

I don't seem to have any real shortages besides my pe-n-is. It hasn't been used in 25 years.

The people in America seem to be doing a lot better than me which is why I come on here to rag on them about their full size trucks because I am jealous og their full size trucks . Those full size trucks in America to be moving vehicles along quite well as well. So the US manufacturers are making money unlike those in Australia.

It again appears I have the ability to talk gibberish even though I don't even know what I am talking about yet I still think I am smarter than others..

These figures do show I am in bad a position because all the BS I have been talking is not coming true, hence the $5 050 worth of incentives which are only on 2014 F150s.

Don't get me wrong, I do have issues.

Time on lot is really not a very useful metric, as the biggest factor is supply capacity. More useful would be quantity and % of MSRP paid. Also, while some makers may have current (old) and next (new) trucks on the lot, others are making their change-over later in the year.
GM is demonstrating why RAM doesn't even offer an Extended cab on the HD trucks anymore.
@nitro- I see two half-tons on that fastest seller list.

@Mr. Knowitall--Maybe they will stop making extended cab and regular cab HD trucks. I prefer an extended cab on the midsize trucks.

Ford CEO: "lets call an office meeting about bringing back the Ford Ranger.

Ford Production Mgr: "are you crazy? we have too much invested in 2 plants running full time making the F-150"

Ford Marketing Mgr: "give the new F-150 more time ,,it will sell, it will sell, IT WILL SELL I promise it will!"

Ford CEO: "looks like the customer wants the smaller pickups such as the Colorado and Tacoma.

Ford Marketing Mgr: "we have new advertising ideas, increase the advertising budget and give bigger rebates"

Ford CEO: "we have too much money in the new design of the F-150, our profit margin is worn thin, we can't give them away, lets cut our losses now before the losses get worse"

Why doesn't anybody get this?
Lets see if I can make it easy to understand.

SUV sales are HOT! ON FIRE! Everybody wants an SUV!
They want an SUV for the 4x4, winter traction, toughness, safety, crash protection.
These same people that want a SUV don't need a bed for heavy hauling, or they have nothing to tow.
"But" when that SUV comes with a small bed that's an added plus, the bed is an added free-be, they still have a 4 door 4x4 SUV.
That's the way that SUV customer looks at the Colorado and the Tacoma.
If we are going to get an SUV why not get an SUV with a bed?
These people don't want a full size truck, they have no need for it!

That's the reason why Ford needs to bring back the Ranger!

So comparing the month to month info shows Ford is actually starting to get inventory up, whereas the GM midsize twins are holding at less than 2 weeks on lot. Once I get back from deployment hopefully the ZR2 will be out! GM needs to continue to build the midsize twins as fast as possible. Also wish they would bring the 8 speed to the rest of the half tons.

GM mid sizers moved faster than the coveted taco?? Oh say it ain't so! ha ha Wait and watch how fast the GM twins move with the diesel option.... Toyota will flip out and I predict Toyota will announce late next year they too will bring a diesel option.

There's NO excitement out there for the 2015 F-150
Add that to the premium price Ford wants for it we can call it a failure.

It's tough for me to accept how stupid Ford is how they are outta touch and don't see the market trends and what age group is buying trucks.
People don't want to take a risk on the new aluminum body then when Ford sticks their nose in the air and demands top price with no discounts its easy for the customer to tell them to get fu*ked.

Have you talked to anybody from a Ford Dealer?
They don't even like it!

@Tom#3: Again, you are at least partially right, but also again there are those who simply don't want four full doors or an SUV that you have to climb up to get into--which is still the C-twins biggest drawback: it's too big STILL. The only SUV buyers who would consider the Colorado/Canyon are the ones already driving full-sized and near-full-sized SUVs. The only reason these things are called mid-sized is because they're smaller than the current full-sized trucks, even though they're effectively the same size as the full-sized trucks of 20-25 years ago. We already know that if the Ranger were brought back, it would be the same size as the C-twins and Ford is right about that one point: it would detract from F-series sales while offering no real advantage in size over the F-series itself.

Hey, I'm glad the C-twins are doing so well, but when I went to buy a SMALLER truck than my former 1990 F-150, I discovered that the Colorado simply was not smaller. The crew-cab short bed Colorado was actually longer and taller than my reg-cab long bed (8-foot) XLT Lariat and certainly no narrower to the eye when the two were set side by side. In every way it looked bigger than the older truck.

But what the mid-sized to compact SUV/CUV drivers what is a truck the same size as the original Ranger and S-10... or even smaller. GM already makes one, as does FCA. But it's taking Hyundai to feel out the potential market and I believe they're going to bust the SUV/CUV market wide open by offering a visibly smaller trucklet that can handle light-duty tasks and still go places the larger trucks struggle to reach because of their size. Every day I see full-sized trucks--even standard-cab short beds--having to make two- and three-point turns to maneuver where the typical car manages without having to stop and reverse. This is most evident where U-turns are legal on divided streets in towns and cities and the pickup truck needs more than the two lanes available to complete the turn while even the largest factory-built (meaning non-stretched) car today achieves it without needing to stop. We need a model running on the same basic wheelbase as the SUV while letting that back porch hang out a little farther. That's hardly impossible as it has been done in the past and is available in countries pretty much around the world.

Ford F150 Sales down 1.1% from May 2014. I agree with the Chevy & Ram boys. This is a no brainer, Ford should go back to a steel truck to get that 1.1% loss in sales. LOL

May 2013 -- 42,973 sold
May 2014 -- 68,520 sold
May 2015 -- 61,870 sold

The glass half full. Ford is up almost 19,000 units or +43% sold from it's May 2013 list.

The question is how many 2014 F150's selling verse the 2015 F150's each month that is included in that monthly sale figure.

Also the GM midsize trucks are about where they will be, I expect in a few months you will see them drop back a little as right now they are just satisfying GM owners pent up demand.

The GM midsize Colorado/Canyon has not put a dent in Toyota Tacoma sales.

Those crowing about this stupid list, this is nothing more than dealers controlling their own inventory. If you want to know how many trucks are being produced look at manufactures days supply they have on hand.

Case in point Ford currently has a 77 day supply of their F series on hand, that is called inventory management. That is the only metric that truly tracks how well the factory is doing against the end sales of the vehicles.

LOL, here is something funny, where I live we have two Chevrolet dealers both owned by different people. Neither one has a Colorado on their lot. One of them says they just are not a hot item and they will order you one but they are not stocking them.

The second dealer says the same but they are going to stock one maybe two on their lot, the second dealer currently has one on the way but they say they just are not getting interest in the Colorado to stock them.

The local GMC dealer has three Canyon's in stock but they are not moving. They say they have no plans on stocking a large inventory of the Canyon.

So three dealers in one town and none of them have runaway sales or even strong or average sales of the new GM midsize pickups and none of the dealers will be carrying more than what you can count on your fingers on one hand.

Chevy Dealer 1: Does not stock will only order.
Chevy Dealer 2: Will have one in stock rest they will order as sold.
GMC Dealer: They have three in stock, no plans on ordering more.

@Sad Sack ,Mike Levine said 63% of F 150 sales in May was the new 2015,a 13 % increase from April, also Ford Sold 87K EcoBoost Equipped F-150's through May of this year - a 17 percent increase over last year

@Sad Sack. Can you give me the name of the town and the names of the dealers that you are referring to? I would love to call and confirm this info. I believe your blowing smoke and I'm calling your bluff. What say you?

Ft Myers Florida tough guy!

Estero bay Chevrolet is showing 6 in inventory... You probably found the sales guy who was tired of being asked about them and not able to get then...

A car that I need, it's reasonable to life as well as my job

With the way the new aluminum F150's have been selling and the resultant PR excuse of having a frame "shortage" on certain models, I betcha the CEO who nixed the next gen Ford Ranger from reaching our shores is feeling pretty stupid. Now, Ford has to do a mad dash R&D scramble to get a U.S. market competitor out into the market place to siphon some of those highly lucrative and profitable Colorado/Canyon sales from GM.

Ford arrogantly told us Ranger loyalist we wanted an F-150 or a Focus. Too late.

Comparing "sell days" of trucks in short supply, high demand vs those in full production is on the silly side. Shows absolute zero understanding of the market.

There's way more "demand" for the trucks that are the "slowest sellers". These stats don't begin to cover the gigantic sales figures of the slow sellers, vs low volume and limited production, fastest sellers.

It doesn't account for the dealers with zero trucks to sell. Once there's up to 4 dealers for every truck in very short supply, that shoots down the "sell days" dramatically.

And since there so many ways to option/trim/package a truck, dealers will stockpile all they can, thus vastly increasing the "sell days" of trucks in full production and high volume.

"There's way more "demand" for the trucks that are the "slowest sellers"."

That is one of the most illogical arguments you've made in quite a while, DM. The slowest sellers have the highest demand? How does that POSSIBLY make sense?

Your argument did start out correctly with, "Comparing "sell days" of trucks in short supply, high demand vs those in full production is on the silly side." But you killed that argument with, "Shows absolute zero understanding of the market." False. What it shows is that there are two different markets being addressed here simply due to the fact that the updated 'mid-sized' market is in flux while the full-sized market is relatively mature--though experiencing shifts due to new products facing established products.

Ford's aluminum F-150s are facing off against GM and FCA's steel trucks and the charts, at least for now, show them doing fairly well. You should be happy for Ford. On the other hand, commentary both here on PUTC and over at TTAC point out that supply of the aluminum F-150s is still somewhat limited; as is the supply of the GM C-twins. This data can be verified by PUTC's own "Best Selling" article where Ford F-series sales are slipping in overall numbers despite being the fastest movers off the lot compared to other full-sized trucks. Even so, it sells only 20% quicker than the next quickest-selling full-sized truck, a GMC Sierra 2500 Denali.

The rest of your comment is irrelevant in that all you're doing is proving that the trucks are selling faster than they can be stocked--which is something every car maker wants to see as that means fewer discounts to move them and higher profits.

@Sad Sack: I love your comment, but not for the reason you expect.
What I see is that your local dealerships are refusing to stock the Colorado because they want to push their walk-in clients into full-sized trucks. They're actually afraid to stock a selection of the smaller trucks in fear that they will begin to cannibalize full-size sales and reduce their profits.

Quite honestly, this is one reason I dislike the traditional dealership paradigm. It's the dealerships that have cost the consumer the ability to choose colors--claiming that the monochromatic colors are more popular--and A La Carte ordering of options claiming higher costs despite the fact that Ford in particular is proving on a daily basis that A La Carte is eminently possible through their 17 varieties of F-150 trim packages.

Oh, I can see having a limited number of special models equipped with a fixed selection of options, but even right here on PUTC I read about drivers not wanting garish stickers plastered all over the sides of their truck even while wanting the rest of the package. But what if I wanted an XLT Lariat WITHOUT My Ford Touch (or current version). I'm tired of dealerships telling me what I can or can't have on my vehicles.

But the argument again is whether or not your three dealerships 'carry' the Colorado and again I believe they simply refuse to keep a working supply in stock for fear they will lose profits from their full-sized models.

@Road Whale,
You are correct on most accounts.

It's a little more complex than what you stated and far more complex than what the other person appears to be able to comprehend.

You must also factor in monthly numbers. Also, if, what Mike Levine stated is gospel that 63% of all new F Series sold are the new 2015 aluminium F-150, then there is a net loss for Ford as you suggested with people moving into other brands and even I might dare say a few Colorado's, which do represent better value than the new F-150 if you don't need the size of a half ton pickup.

This is also evident by the difference in the overall performance of the GM S twins, Ram and GMs C twins. Ford is losing F-150 out to these vehicles.

Also, add to this the incentives on offer for vehicles like the 2.7 EcoBoost XLT dual cab, then I think Ford isn't being truthful or sincere.

The aluminium F-150 is moving in large numbers, but not enough. If it's decline continues for a few more months then Ford will have to start to come up with better answers. So, far most are buying the Ford line.

Like I stated if the aluminium F-150 declines like it has this month and Ram continues improving at the rate it has, Ford main challenger will be Ram. Who would of ever thought Ford could be in that position.

GM if it improves like it has a few months from now the Silverado alone will be the biggest selling pickup.

GM has played a great hand.

Then add the Titan, even if the diesel sells in small quantities of 5 000 a month it will stagnate the Big 3's HDs.

This again will hurt Ford more than the others, since it's losing many sales and customers.

@Road Whale - This goes beyond your grasp. So in terms you may understand, say an new brand of bacon soda pops up in the specialty/eccentric soda segment.

Bacon soda lovers come out of the woodwork looking for it. So OK, the limited places you can get it, sells out quick. Very quick!

Meanwhile, lots more Coca-Cola sells. Exponentially more. Now Coca-Cola is in far less "demand", because vendors stack cases to the rafters.

But explain to me what BAFO said. It started getting stup!d and I got bored after the 2nd paragraph.

Looks like the regular cabs are the ones in the Goldilocks spot. No "frame shortages", no rusting on lots....

If Toyota got one single thing right with the Tundra, it was the flat floor and sufficient space behind the seats of the reg cab, rendering the extended cab mostly superfluous for anything besides actual passenger hauling. The others' reg cabs aren't even in the same zipcode.

In Alaska I see 2014 F150's with ads showing 10-12K on the hoods. 2015 Silverados with 15K, Ram seems about the same as GM overall. Only discounts I've seen on 2015 F150s is around 4K on the extended cab. Here at least it appears Ford isn't in a hurry to sell 2015s at a deep discount.

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