Ram Announces Pricing for 2015 1500 Rebel, Laramie Limited

1 Ram Rebel 003 II

We recently had the chance to test-drive the new 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel and found the pickup truck to be stuffed with good-looking and practical features, ready for just about any backcountry adventure you could want. But we didn't have pricing for the new package; now we do. Ram also released pricing for its new top-of-the-line luxury Laramie Limited trim for the Ram 1500 crew cab.

Ford, GM and Toyota do not offer comparable trim packages and/or options. The Ram Rebel comes standard with a unique interior design, an adjustable four-corner suspension, 33-inch tires and monster-sized tailgate lettering. The Laramie Limited also has the new tailgate lettering, real Argento wood inserts, Berber carpeting and a 3.0-liter turbo-diesel option. Pricing includes a $1,195 destination charge. All configurations below are mated to eight-speed transmissions. To read the full press release, click on the icon below.



2015 Ram 1500 Rebel

  • 4x2 5.7-liter V-8: $43,985
  • 4x4 3.6-liter V-6: $45,915
  • 4x4 5.7-liter V-8: $47,565

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited

  • 4x2 5.7-liter V-8: $51,870
  • 4x2 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel: $54,990
  • 4x4 5.7-liter V-8: $55,375
  • 4x4 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel: $58,495

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2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited II



It looks awesome. Pricing, not so much.

"Ford, GM and Toyota do not offer comparable trim packages and/or options."

"The Ram Rebel comes standard with":

"a unique interior design" - that is ugly with red inserts and tire tread design

"an adjustable four-corner suspension" - and with that you lose rebound travel. you're trading jounce travel for rebound travel. off-road this makes the vehicle less comfortable.

"33-inch tires" - with overall height that is the same as their other tires with 20" wheels

"and monster-sized tailgate lettering" - is that a good thing?

It's a pity Ram has that awful snout.

FCA should do a refresh on the Ram. Improve the front end with some sheet metal changes.

The engine/drivetrains seem to be okay, especially the diesel.

I do think the Rebel should be offered with the diesel, as the Rebel is touted more a "tough" 4x4 vehicle. Diesels perform far better off road.

Does every single truck built today HAVE to cost $40-50k? This is getting ridiculous.

If this is the new face of Ram, then they lost my buisness.new grille is really bad

Thank you Ram for the new face. I like it and am planning on getting one shortly. I want something different and new when getting a new truck.
Funny why the Ford being the whole grill on the Raptor, of Platinum covering the whole tail gate doesn't get the "headline" comments.

that is one ugly asz truck,who ever designed that front end should be fired,talk bout butt ugly

Nearly $60k for a 1/2 ton with the weakest pickup credentials in the class?! Like they say, a sucker born every minute... .

Your joking right? Noone offers a comparable? seriously the TRD Pro will mop the floor with this truck off road you have to be joking...... LMAO

So if Toyota is guilty of not building a comparable I would say that they don't build a TRD Pro with Limited trim.......... WHICH THEY SHOULD but to say the Rebel has no comparable is laughable! And OH MY GOD how overpriced can you make a Ram??????

OH wait I know why they price them so high! just put 10k in rebates and then its comparably priced to a Tundra LMAO..... comparable that's the best laugh i'll have all day!

$47K????????????? *jaw dropped*

I'll pass. WAY better equipment available elsewhere for less cash.

RAM is the best and growing every month. Rebel will mop the floor offroad with any truck. Laramie Limited looks like Lexus in truck industry.
Nobody has anything even close to these models. Exactly like article says.

Love the looks--even the grill is less pretentious than most other full-sized trucks. But the price is prohibitive, as is the size. This should be 25% smaller in every dimension.

It looks horrible. I'll take a Raptor any day.

Grill looks cheap. I almost vomited.

"Nothing comparable"............ that is a good thing!

On the subject of nothing comparable: "Suppliers close to FCA and its plans say production for a dozen new and redesigned models have been delayed, including key Jeep and Ram offerings."

On the subject of nothing comparable: Marchionne still searching for a merger partner.

Pickups are getting more expensive. I suppose you can still go out and buy a second hand pickup, or a nice car/CUV for less.

u no what's really funny that ram does all these ugly trucks and yet still 3 places on sales like always face it ram no matter what undo to you're trucks you're never gonna get out 3place poor material is one you're failures u can pit what ever want in you're trucks I'll never ever in my life being alive will bye junk like ram is


So if GM buys Fiat do they drop the Ram line?

I don't think you can make any truck pretty or good looking. I think they all try to make their truck stand out from the others.

Jose needs to take typing lessons....

Wow, My first new Dodge in 1982 cost me 8672.00 & stickered for 11100.00.

Times have changed.


@NothernMN - you pose an interesting question. If Marchionne successfully forces a merger I suspect that GM would go with 3 lines of pickups instead of the current 2. The Ram would morph into a badge engineered GMT K2XX truck.

The Viper would die as it competes with the Corvette. Most of Chrysler cars would also get dumped. They would keep the minivan since GM currently doesn't have one. I suspect that the Challenger/Charger would go as well since GM has the Camaro.

Jeep is profitable but most of the Jeep line is based upon an old Mercedes SUV. They'd need a serious upgrade. GM has a large number of SUV's in the same segment as Jeep but none sell as well. The Wrangler would stay but also needs upgrade.

Ferrari would still exist, not sure about Alfa Romeo or Maserati. Lancia might stay as another badge engineered product. Fiat might stay.

Does the merger include Case NewHolland, Iveco, and VM Motori?
What would happen to Cummins as an engine supplier?

GM will not buy Chrysler http://blog.caranddriver.com/rebuffed-mary-barra-swiped-left-on-sergio-marchionnes-merger-proposal/ and things like this are probably the reason http://wot.motortrend.com/1506_fcas_scandal_down_under_former_australian_ceo_accused_of_corruption.html. Who wants any part of their books? Then their ownership history doesn't help much either.

Currently drive a 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn. I bought it over the F-150 because of the nicer interior and the 8 speed auto. Love the Rebel except for the price and the grill. If this is where Ram is going with their prices and their grill design, I'll be back in an F-150 with my next truck.

The trend is clear.
Ford -9.7%
RAM +7.6%

Even ALLL1 switched to RAM.

Best in Class Fuel Economy, The industry's only light duty diesel, legendary performance with the HEMI V8, class exclusive Torqueflite 8 speed tranny, Smart & Sophisticated Interior, CLASS EXCLUSIVE RAMBOX. Why chose any other truck?


Hello Mcfly, your twenty year old technology tundra TRD Pro in crew max version with wet noodle frame and half the mpg with less power is only about $2k less than the Ram. Then the Toyota gives you no options in anything (color, ect) and you are driving a dated truck that should be 10k cheaper than they price it. Come on man, get a clue before spouting off...

The Tundra a dated truck? This generation Ram is only two years newer and the new grill with the big giant "RAM" letters in the middle is extremely TACKY looking. If anyone thinks this grill looks good, they need to get their eyes and probably their head examined as well.

A $60K fully loaded Ecodiesel Laramie with a 750 lb payload capacity is not my idea of a good truck. A nearly 7ft wide luxury car with a balcony for a trunk is what it really is. Ram can do better ....Ram MUST do better!

Laramie Crome grill is hugly yak,yak,,,but the rebel is nice,,

Gm would have no interest in ram.... GM already makes better trucks then Ram and has better powertrains as well compared to Ram. Only thing FCA could bring to to table worth buying for GM is Jeep.

FCA could part out Chrysler. Jeep could be bought by GM or Ford.... Ecoboost jeep wrangler would be awesome.

Ram could be bought by VW or Kia... They need trucks in the US.

Not sure anybody would step up and buy dodge... Nothing really worthwhile in profitability terms.... Maybe a minivan but they are seeing huge monthly sales drop in those.

SRT is dead.... They sold less then 100 vipers last month and just need to kill them as they lose a bunch of money on them.

Enough capital could be generated that Fiat could save Fiat from extinction across the globe.

Some of the comments and suggestions specially from ford horde are really funny. No wonder non of you run any business and is not a CEO of any cars or trucks manufacturer.

No worries, there is plenty of new technology coming from FCA. Sergio is just playing with you.
PUG upgrade for Pentastar and HEMI, turbos waiting for low sulfur gasoline...
Enjoy your direct injection destroying your engines with high sulfur gasoline.



Ram is trash. My 50k 2013 Ram 1500 rattles like no other.

It's time for you to make oil change.

Svina - new name for the Ram Tr0ll DP from Canada.

Keep changing your name and IP because PUTC keeps blocking you.

You are posting at the wrong thread.
You should address ALLL1 aka Cummins now.

More power to ram if they convince some suckers into buying this garbage at these prices. On the rebel and make offroad 1 mode the normal mode for the suspension, slap some all terrain tires on and run wild with the jc Whitney catalog on the rebel and limited........ If these things sell it 100% proof that there are suckers born everyday.

@WXman and Scott,

From Ford and GMC build and price (you can check yourself)

2015 GMC Denali 6.2 6speed trans loaded $54,830 (includes $2,500 rebate.)

2015 Ford platinum 3.5L V6 EcoBoost® Engine, 6-Speed loaded $59,500. (no rebates)

2015 Ram limited 3.0 ecodiesel 8speed loaded $58,495. (no rebates)

So what ones better for the price and options?????

Truck guy
6.2 gm is the best at what you listed currently out.
The next best would be the ford
Both offer equal spirited drive and fun to drive trucks. When the new 450 hp and 500 ftlbs ecoboost comes out then it will easily be the ford.

Only advantage to the diesel is mpg's and be able to mix it up with the 18 wheelers at the pumps as you fill up with the big nozzle pump..... You just have to put up with the worst in class performance and constant CEL's and scr replacements as well as a host of other problems that comes in these new 1/2 ton diesels..... Get past 20k miles with out engine troubles in these vm diesel is cause to party like its New Year's Eve in time square

Ford Sued Over Eco Boost Design Problems, Engine Flaws. Just GOOGLE LIMP MODE. lol FORD GARBAGE!

I actually like the Rebel grill (partly because it reminds me of the 1955 GMC grill). I really don't like the Laramie grill though.

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