Ram Updates Owner Apps Suite

FCA app update 1

By G.R. Whale

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Mopar division has redesigned its suite of owner apps to provide a wider range of vehicle-specific information. The apps will work for model-year 2011-2015 FCA vehicles and will include some vehicle-information-number-specific features. The apps can be customized for your preferred FCA brand such as Ram Toolbox or Drive Dodge. Each brand version supports the others, so you'll still be able to access information about the Challenger or Jeep in your garage via the Ram Toolbox, for example.

The updated FCA Owner apps are available in English and Spanish for cellphones or tablets (Apple and Android) as free downloads.

Besides providing VIN-specific information such as maintenance schedule, service history and recalls, FCA Owner apps will also provide an "augmented reality" function for model-year 2015 vehicles that allows owners to use the camera on their mobile devices to scan and identify certain instrument panel icons.

The app will provide push notifications for some of the above as well as provide special offers, tips, and how-to tricks and videos. A parking reminder lets you pin your location and meter time, and will direct you back if you've forgotten where you left your pickup truck. An accident assistant feature ensures you do all the proper documentation, and helps you summon roadside assistance and find an FCA-certified repair shop.

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nice job Ram

This right here is what really makes the difference!

I want one of these trucks

The 30,000mile maintenance scheduled forgot to say "replace truck"

The 30,000mile maintenance scheduled forgot to say "replace truck"
Posted by: mike | Jun 2, 2015 8:46:26 AM

Hahaha, that would be ford version. They even run commercial " you can get a new truck every two years, not like the other guys. "

This is cool! I'm sure many will find it useful.

provide special offers (SPAM).

A parking reminder lets you pin your location.

An accident assistant feature ensures you do all the proper documentation.

This is really, really helpful. Thank the lords at FCA!

Replace front brake pads at 30,000 miles? That soon already?

Replace Ball Joints at 45000 and Transmission at 80000.

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