Toyota Discontinues TRD Supercharger

Tacoma front II

By Tim Esterdahl

One of the outstanding questions for Toyota Racing Development fans has been answered with Toyota announcing it will discontinue its TRD supercharger assembly and component parts, effective immediately.

In an emailed statement, Toyota Midwest spokesman Rick Bourgoise said the supercharger was discontinued for a variety of factors.

"Increasing legacy costs associated with the recalibration of an expanding pool of past model year vehicles, along with rising development/engineering expenses and evolving emissions requirements have negatively impacted the program's return on investment to the point where it is no longer financially viable to offer these products for sale," Bourgoise said in the email.

He also said Toyota plans to sell all existing supercharger stock; once the supply is exhausted Toyota will no longer offer a supercharger kit.

This news isn't a big surprise since the writing has been on the wall for a while. The TRD supercharger was noticeably absent on the TRD Pro lineup and when the 2014 Toyota Tundra was unveiled.

Also, Toyota buyers have had an ongoing issue with flex-fuel capable trucks. Due to the way these truck engines are built, the TRD supercharger isn't compatible.

While the TRD supercharger is gone, Toyota pointed out that TRD performance accessories available through dealers will still offer a range of upgrades like exhausts, suspension components, wheels and other trim features.

Toyota was the last full-size truck manufacturer to offer a supercharger kit. Supercharger kits are still available through after-market suppliers.

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TRD Supercharger II



On my 2013 F-150 4x4 with the 5.0 all of the sudden my gas mileage just shot up to 17.3 from 14.2 MPG.
That's according to my MPG dash display
No! I didn't reset it.
But 2 weeks ago I did change the oil switching to 0W20 Mobil 1
Does that anything to do with it?
You think my MPG computer is going haywire?
That's not possible my V8 gets better MPG than an Eco-Boost!

maybe its the summer blend of gas
I have an appointment with Ford Service next week I will ask them about that.

what was the performance benefit to using a supercharger? Was it just for the Tundra or the Tacoma as well? Anyone have numbers on the power output?

No need for a supercharger as You can buy factory installed turbos on a v6 from ford that dominate the competition's v8 in performance and capability.

Toyota, lol.

@G-man, depending on the model the gains from the superchargers were anywhere from 60-110hp/tq. The 1999 Camry V6 had a supercharger option that brought the output at the crank from 187hp/tq to 250hp/tq. The Tacomas/FJ Cruisers/4Runners (from memory) had about a 100hp gain, the Tundras/Sequoias got about a 75hp gain. It was decent and many people decided to change the pulleys for more boost. It's a shame they are discontinuing them.

I suppose the Atkinson cycle engine would make it harder for supercharging. Maybe some rocket scientist can work that one out.

As emissions become harsher it will be much harder to deviate and modify engines.

On a gas engine used off road a supercharger is the better option over a turbo charger by a country mile. A supercharged engine will have oddles of torque off idle.

This is where gas turbo engines fail. The gas engine will still work at low idle speeds, but they will lack power and use more fuel than a non turbo engine of the same capacity.

Maybe they could use turbo gas engines on highway vehicles, this is the domain of the turbo gas engine.

The best engines suited for a turbo charger are diesels, it's as if they were made for each other. Even then some of the high output small diesel lose much torque at off idle speeds for off roading.

Maybe Toyota will follow GMs lead in the US and offer the next Tacoma with the turbo 2.8 diesel. A better engine for off road, hands down.

@Scott. Sorry, you are very misinformed if you think Fords Ecoboost dominates a supercharged 5.7

Tacoma V6 stock 236hp 266lb. ft.
supercharged its 307hp 330lb. ft.

Stock Tundra 5.7 381hp 401lb. and is faster than an ecoboost
supercharged its 504hp 550lb. ft. and DESTROYS every truck out there...... Crew max will run a 13.2 in the quarter!

It sounds like Toyota does not want to risk future warranty claims on factory equipped S/C trucks. After all, it's really tempting for owners of these trucks to get a cheap $70 pulley for even more boost.

This along with FCA's decision to scale back the mileage limit on the Mopar powertrain warranty for Ram means the auto manufacturers are limiting their liability on warranties to reduce overall costs. It makes perfect sense from a business perspective.

@hemi lol,
I don't think in an off road situation a pickup that can do 13s on the quarter is of any real significance.

It's about traction, not speed. I don't know of any time I ever exceeded 110kph off road. Even a Toyota 2.8 diesel in a Tundra will offer this capability.

I would rather a Raptor off road than a TRD Tundra.

If you want performance, why bother with a pickup, they handle poorly for starters.

For the cost of a TRD Tundra there are far better options out there for performance driving.

Super chargers by design take power away from the engine to make power, turbos are far more efficient. That said super chargers don't run at any where near the rpms of a turbo. That really isn't an issue if you remember that after coming off the freeway your tubo is hot and spining over 10,000rpm. If you want your tubos to last you do need a little cool down before turning the engine off. Some diesel trucks like the new 6.7 F350 have an option that will keep your engine running for a short preset time after you turn off the ignition and walk away.

Yeah the eco boost is slow! especially when drag racing. Oh yeah mine is sooo slow. that i win every race against spaort cars doing rolling starts. yup real slow...

I do have custom tunes by MPT though. and it isnt power that gains you time its transmission shifting and converter lockout. My tow tune gives me 3 truck lengths on tundras. the performance tune isnt even a contest and people get mad! go tune your tundra youll need it! see you at the races

Everybody has speculation as to why Toyota cancelled the TRD Superchargers and we will never know.

My Speculation is that Bully Dog has found a way to crack that Toyota ECU and the have released tunes for the Supercharged Tundra that add way more power Then people will also run a smaller pulley and or headers.

My guess is a a tuned ecoboost gets you off the line harder than a supercharged Tundra but a tuned supercharged tundra probaby has way to much HP so it catches up and walks away from a tuned ecoboost I have raced to loud sounding coyote mustangs from one stop light to another and beat both. I jump them off the line by about a car length and then they start to catch back up. Now 1/4 may be another story as that is a long of a race. My setup is Supercharged Tundra with DT LT Headers and really light wheels. My dyno was close to this with 457HP/473lb ft. I swapped to a lighter wheels I pulled harder off the line and the dyno confirmed that as I got 400lb ft at the wheels @ 2700 which is sooner than them. I haven't used my tuner yet for more HP. I have yet to see a tuned ecoboost that has the same HP as a tuned supercharged Tundra with exhaust (530HP). So the bottom line is neither of us is scared of the other.

Here is an interesting article, which is mostly about the Cummins plant that builds the Ram HD diesels in Indiana.

It seems Indiana has made the structural changes along with work to right laws that created a competitive state. They figure 60% of Indiana is reliant on manufacturing.

I like the comment from a woman who works at the Cummins factory regarding a machine that took the place of five workers. She believes that is the future.

She is what the unions need, a progressive minded person and not a Luddite.

DenverMike or his papa jim tag made a comment the other day regarding how good Florida is.

Well, it appears Jeff S was correct. Even Louisville is a rapidly expanding region.

There might be a lesson for Michigan and even Illinois to gain from Indiana.

You can't beat good management.

another story to make us forget about the disaster with the new F-150.
nobody is talking about how great the Silverado and Colorado is selling
everybody including PUTC is trying to fool you making excuses why the F-150 sales are down like delay in production cause of a shortage of frames and a late start
a blind man can drive past any Ford Dealer and notice his lot is full of 2015 F-150's with an empty showroom

when the truck customer isn't scared away how ugly, small and cheap it looks he will surely be scared away after the test drive and the pay full sticker price demand from the salesman

"oh come back in July"
the salesman said
"there will be great rebates"
"I wouldn't take it if it was free" I said !


The supercharger for the Tundra was a great option. It allowed you to turn just about any configuration of Tundra into an absolute beast--and still keep your full warranty.

I agree that the prevalence of "flex fuel" models could be driving the change. Many buyers cannot find a non-flex fuel vehicle in their area.

I specifically bought a non flex fuel Tundra in case I ever decided to supercharge. I guess now is the time to decide. I don't need a pickup that can do 0-60 in under 5 seconds or run 13's in the 1/4 mile, but it would be fun!

I think we are all missing something very important here: The EPA's ridiculous requirements are taking options away from the consumer.

Further, with recent reductions in warranty coverage, the impact of these requirements with respect to reliability shift a cost burden to the consumer.

The EPA has demonized the auto industry when in fact automobiles don't produce near as much pollutants as residential power generation.

I would really love to be able to buy an ultra reliable and simple diesel.

EPA doesn't have much to do with Toyota killing there supercharger. Demand is what killed it and profitability is what killed it.... Very similar to the ram runner kit..... You need demand and profitability to make it worthwhile.

I like what Tom said above. I have a supercharged Tacoma. I cannot defend the purchase, except that it's really fun. Add exhaust and air intake for a bit more. On dollars per HP, an air intake is maybe best.

@ AD and Hemi LOL :) :) :)

Thats just a little taste ....

@D that's cute, but bye bye warranty.

I have a 2003 Tacoma S/C'd, love it. I was waiting for the 2016 Tacoma and hopefully a new TRD S/C. I guess not. Looks like I don't have to wait for the new Tacoma. Looks like I'll have to buy a Ford or Chevy now:(

@ v10 shut your PIEHOLE ... I'm sure it goes both ways .... Twin Turbo a 5.0 5.2 6.2 5.8 ? hemi with the 8 speed has same Performance as a new 2015 ecoboost ? 3.5 2.7 ? what are you SMOKING ? hemi's barely competed with the 2014 3.5 6 speed lmao ....

@ v10 gm 6.2 better performance ? what are you smoking again ?? pretty close to even ... soon to be updated HP/TQ for the 3.5 450/500 easy numbers ....

As an observer watching the banter of Ford vs Dodge vs Tundra and on and on the real proof is on the hills with a 30 ft RV. I run a supercharged Tundra and recently returned from a vacation right after the SC install. Bravado went away quickly as I found it boring pulling against every gas powered pick up. I saw EB Fords hold their ground quite well, Hemis slip away below speed limit on 7% grades and chevs running high RPMs to keep up with the fords. No BS to say that if you hold the Tundra at its peak torque of 3600 rpm up the baddest hill seeing 3rd gear is rare. I hit 3rd to hold 60 at the top of Shasta with half throttle. No heat, no drama and no more watching diesels walk past me. One can chat it up on a website but if you run into a warranty approved S/C Tundra on a hill and you are towing apples to apples get ready to spool up gents cause it's humbling trying to keep up. Now sticking together with my gasoholic brothers, pump up those gas buggies with whatever you can afford cause it's a blast pulling your RV next to an 800ft lb Diesel and he can't pull away from you. I have to admit pulling 6-7% grades with my 30 ft trailer in 4th gear at 2300RPM at 60MPH all day long watching the diesel guys doing triple takes cause they can't figure out why that Tundra isn't screaming and is next to them is priceless! Those that open their window to see if I'm in second gear then hear the whine of the windmill get it and give the thumbs up.

No problem. I'll just buy a Nissan frontier and have it supercharged.

I was lied to by your dealer to sell me a 2016 when I had a perfect 2013 they told me I could get the supercharger this summer .. the had to have known bought truck under false pretence..

"No need for a supercharger as You can buy factory installed turbos on a v6 from ford that dominate the competition's v8 in performance and capability."

...but not on reliability or real world MPG. The motor should be the last thing modern manufacturers have consistent problems with, but Ford can't seem to get their head out of their rear ends.

I have a Tacoma 2013 Super Charged. It's amazingly powerful, we take most vehicles on the road with little effort.

Why Toyota ever thought this is a good plan is crazy, I will never ever sell my Truck.

Well my stock tundra 5.7 makes 381hp and 504 ft lbs of torque, which really is plenty for anything I would need. But does anyone really NEED a supercharger? Of course not, but we do want them. The TRD supercharger increases output to 504 hp and 550 torque. That is and increase of 123 hp and 149 lb/ft torque. The magnuson supercharger kit claims to produce 550 hp and 550 torque, increase of 169 hp and 149 torque. While the stock 5.7 tundra is surprisingly powerful, (0-60 in 6.1 seconds!! in a 5600 pound truck!) The supercharged Tundra is really something special(0-60 in 4.4 seconds!) Since the TRD supercharger is a factory package, the factory warranty is not affected and that makes the supercharged 5.7 tundra the fastest production pickup truck. We're talking this truck is faster than many Ferraris, corvettes, aston martins, etc in 0-60 and quarter mile times. In conclusion, this of course isn't the most economical, sensible vehicle. But if you are a truck guy or just a guy who needs a truck but still wants power, this tundra will not disappoint.

this tundra will not disappoint.
Posted by: adam templeton | Jan 18, 2017 3:42:30 PM

I disagree. The Tundra has been very disappointing over the last several years and the supercharger hasn't been missed. I can afford and will buy better trucks.

back in 07 i wanted a factory muscle truck and the only one up here in canada was a supercharged tundra. ordered a fully optioned dblcab trd off road tundra and picked it up from the local dealer here in sask. in 08 . broke it in with 15k on the truck, got the dealer to bolt on the sc in 09 and now have 95k on the odometer. have had zero problems other than factory issues that were taken care of by the dealer and trd, and personally just the cost of seven sets of goodyear summer eagles over the last ten years. i still have my original bf goodriches which i use in the winter. long story short, i have a couple hot rod bikes, a hot rod boat and the need for speed for the last fifty years, (pushing 70 now) but they'll bury me in another 20 years with my tundra and a smile on my face.....please email me for more of my story if interested, keep the tires down and your foot in it buffy..........

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