2015 Ford F-150 Falls Off Cars.com's American-Made Index

AMI Graphic PD II

Cars.com just published its annual American-Made Index, and for the first time in the index's nine-year history, fewer than 10 vehicles qualified. In order to make it onto this list, a vehicle must be assembled and sold in the U.S., and have at least 75 percent domestic parts content.

The cars that made this year's list were the Chevrolet Corvette sportscar, the Buick Enclave crossover, the GMC Acadia crossover, the Honda Odyssey minivan, the Chevrolet Traverse compact SUV, the Toyota Sienna minivan and the Toyota Camry sedan, which took the top spot.

Cars.com only considers vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating less than 8,500 pounds, so only half-ton and midsize pickup trucks are eligible; vehicles like the Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra and Honda Ridgeline have often landed on the AMI. The Ford F-150 was the top-ranked vehicle on the AMI for the last two years and took second place in 2012. This year, however, the redesign of the F-150 caused its domestic parts content to drop to 70 percent, disqualifying it. It's worth noting no pickup truck made the list this time around and that it's not unusual for a vehicle's content percentage to change slightly from year to year. 

For more information about the 2015 and previous AMIs, click here.

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So, the Corvette, all three versions of the GM Traverse (not a compact SUV, has almost as much interior volume as a Suburban), two "Japanese" Minivans and one "Japanese" sedan.

Not a SINGLE Fiat or Ford on the list--yet a bunch of Toyotas! I've said it before, I would bet that the Tundra has more TRUE USA content than the F150--if you don't allow the Canadian content that they consider "American". Nothing against our hat, but lets not play games with words.

But... how much bearing does this stat really affect sales?

@supercrew. Not as much as is should--cause some manufacturers practically lie about it and their buyers are too ignorant to know otherwise. Remember the "imported from Detroit" Fiat 300 commercials? Noting Amercian about that car whatsoever! Hand me down German engineering, Mexican drivetrain, assembled in Canada, owned by Italy...

Much of the expansion in the US vehicle industry has come from the expansion of vehicle assembly.

The importation of vehicle parts has increased significantly. It seems the US vehicle manufacturers have not really expanded the employment side of the business within the US very much.

When the market finally subsides more will become redundant leaving room for a reduction of workers during the next expansion phase.



F series -8.9%


I woudint go buy this, my 98 was made in Canada.

70% is not bad. It was 60% for the 2011 F-150. 70% must be the highest of all trucks because we didn't hear anything about the others.


Why should this affect sales? It's a global economy, not everything can be made in America.


The Tundra has been the second most American truck on the list for a while. So, with this drop in domestic content by the F-150, I wouldn't be surprised if it has overtaken it for the number one spot.

Nope, they would have stated Tundra replaces F-150 as the best for pickup trucks if that was true.

If the F-150 fell below 75%, then the Tundra is number #1 or tied with the Ridgeline with 75% American Parts Content. That is basic math... 75% (Tundra) > less than 75% (F-150).

Honestly, I don't think most average consumers care THAT much about what percentage of their vehicle is made in the USA. Having a high domestic content is nice, but having high quality parts that last long is even better.

@Dav: " Remember the "imported from Detroit" Fiat 300 commercials? "

No I don't, though that's probably because those commercials don't exist.


If the Tundra had 75% domestic parts content it should have made the list though.

"In order to make it onto this list, a vehicle must be assembled and sold in the U.S., and have at least 75 percent domestic parts content."

Door jam on my '11 Silverado says "Fort Wayne Assembly". Good enough for me. Wife's '15 Outback also built in Indiana.

78 d-150. Warren mi. Drivetrain, USA made. Keeping her

@roadram360, That is my favorite front grill. Does it have the bullet proof 318 V8 that was used in the military for over 30 years?

It is very sad when jap cars are more American than American cars. America is a sell out. :-(

The irony.

Flies in the face of the anti-Japanese types when ONLY 10 vehicles made the list.

It is very sad when jap cars are more American than American cars. America is a sell out. :-(

@HemiV8 - and you just figured that out?

No American pickups any more.

That aught to make you feel better since you plan on buying an Italian Hecho en Mexico truck.

@hemi v8, I always liked that grille. 1978 was a highwater mark for all trucks. Even the trucks from brands x were attractive. She had a 318, 727, 8 3/8 rear axle. Changed it 10 years ago after 240k miles.

The F-150 frame is made in Elizabethtown KY.... HOWEVER.. the plant is owner by a Mexican.... Metal.SA HA HA HA HA HA

Everyone should care exactly how much of their vehicle is AMERICAN MADE!!! The most important thing is supporting blue collar America. Jobs used to be very plentiful and good paying. Everyone complains about not having that anymore but doesn't make right decisions when it matters. That should be in our minds no matter what your buying. I dont care about global economy at all. I care about our AMERICAN economy. If more people thought like this it would force businesses to come back. Buy AMERICAN

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