2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Gets a Face-Lift

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To say the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is on a roll is to horribly understate the point. Amid the high-visibility plays both Ford and Ram have made with their 2015 pickups — the all-new F-150 and Ram Rebel, respectively — Chevy has quietly been plugging away, producing some of the best monthly truck sales numbers it's had in many years. According to some reports, Chevy is winning the Half-Ton Pickup Truck War.

To take advantage of that momentum, the Silverado 1500 is getting a subtle face-lift to keep the truck looking fresh. The new look is restricted to the front of the truck with a bulging new hood, a more color-integrated grille and several reshaped design cuts to the headlights and bumper.

Although it doesn't look like there will be any significant powertrain or undercarriage changes, it is possible the 2016 models will include some trim package additions and adjustments. As expected, the new eight-speed transmission (previously only available on the 6.2-liter V-8) will move through various 5.3-liter V-8 models, but will not be standard on all V-8-equipped trucks. We're guessing that's to keep the six-speed 5.3-liter Silverado prices as low as possible.

Whether this massaged look will spread to the heavy duties or to the smaller Colorado remains to be seen. Regardless, this midmodel design refresh — along with new available driver connection technology like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay — should give new buyers a few more good reasons to feel like they have something unique.

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I have to say it does look better, some nice lines on the hood and a little less square.

Interesting new face for the Silverado, will need to see other variations before I can say whether I like it better than the current look (I'm sure the crossbar will be chrome on non-Z71 models). It appears the headlights are similar to the GMC Sierra now, whereas the 2014 & 2015 Silverado had a dual light setup (simplifying the commonality between the two brands). It also looks like the Z71 takes on the monochrome appearance that the GMC Sierra All Terrain model has had since 2014.

Sheesh! What an awkward amalgamation of mismatched elements! Way too busy..

It looks as though they're trying to bridge the visual gap between the Silverado and Colorado.

It's somewhat mind boggling. I'm not sure if I like it or not

Bland and boring was fine. Just go with that and leave it alone already. This is really hideous though.

I like it.

The front end has a GMC feel to it. It's good to see Chev are attempting to remove the overly compensating and huge "wanna be" trucker grille.

I would still like to see more aerodynamics involved in the design.

I think I have to see it in person first!

It's a definite step in the right direction. Doesn't look as refined as the GMC but I like it.

Is this a joke? I'll keep my '14 Sierra. That looks like crap.

In terms of aero, don't let the looks fool you. This design, like all Chevy Trucks, spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel. Something things that look "aero" really aren't, and vice versa. The trick with trucks is to maintain the strong front end designs that customers like while continuing to reduce drag.

I like this look better. Should've released it with this look in the first place instead of that square look which wasn't too exciting.

Looks better, but its still the worst looking truck out there. Those square wheel wells look horrible.

Nooooooooooooooooo! 2014/2015 was the first time the Silverado got the front grill right since 1998 and now they have ruined it once again.

You may dislike the Silverado but it sells like hot cakes!

I think this is an improvement, front end looks better, though still not crazy about the wheel wells.

I like the front end on the new surburbans and Tahoes, this is gravitating towards that look...

It looks like face of four sport cars one on each other pressed together include air dam. Makes me dizzy.

Designer is watching transformers too often, or maybe they specifically ask about new truck wit 568 face elements,so it's easier to produce new movie.

Think I like the 14-15 look better, but have to see it in a different trim or with chrome.

I like. Though I liked the '14-'15 Silverado, I thought it was just a rehash of the '07-'14 models, HDs included.

The grille is better, definitely. The bumper doesn't dominate and make the whole front end ugly like it did just a few years ago. They still need to do something about the side view, like change those ugly square fender outlines or at least make them smaller. They're getting there. A ways to go to be an nice looking truck but definitely better than those laughable looking trucks they've been building.

Not bad. Kind of fun for a change I guess. It will be interesting to see what other trim levels look like with the refresh. It will be most interesting to see how the performance/efficiency is affected by the 8-speed in the 5.3.

I have to say I'm a ford guy but this truck has some style. They finally figured out that front end, now if they could just do something about the box wheel openings. Looks like the GM products are making a good run at 1st.

At first glance it looks like the Colorado.

That's some face-lift, it almost looks like a completely different truck (from the front at least)

Looks good so far.

I'm a 'chrome don't get ya home' type of person,so for me the front end looks a lot better.But as mentioned,the language is kind of confusing giving the square wheel wells and all.Overall,a definite step in the right direction,imho.

Eh.. At least is looks slightly less like a brick.

I like the front end much better. The front does not have that big rig grill. The fact that the front is similar to the Colorado is a plus.

I like that GM is addressing the "plain/ordinary/boring" complaints but the issue I have on this and the GMC's are the LED DRL's. The individual LED lights look like the LED's that came out 6 years ago. Over the last 2-3 years all other automakers have been moving to LED light tubes which look so much sharper and modern. (think Audi, Ford, FCA, Mercedes)

I like the styling cue of this new Silverado nose but GM needs to move away from the proposed LED's to light tubes so the new headlights don't look like Pep Boys add-ons.

Also, GM add the 8-speed across the board. The rumor mill is only the 5.3 with max towing will get the 8-speed. it should be available to all truck motors as it is badly needed (especially in the V-6)

I like that hood. If I knew this was coming out I would have waited. I just bought a new Silverado last month.

The front looks much better.

Front end looks better however, the square wheel wells need to go. If they were rounded off in this re-fresh, the truck would look MUCH better. Are the wheel wells squared required for structural rigidity when using thinner sheet metal? I can't think of why GM insists on keeping them - it looks very unnatural just as it did on that GMC SUV of a few years ago (the name escapes me).

I only wish it was siting much lower to the ground,,two wheel drive doesn't need to be so high..
Would make loading so much easier and improve handling in the corners too..

I hope we can all agree it looks MUCH better than the upcoming RAM grille.


No, they both look awful.

Will have to see it in person, got the gmc headlights.

The ram is still the best looking by far, the f150 looks good in front/side, the rear looks fugly though.

Aero? I thought we had sorted that out, Big Al.

If your truck spends its whole life on the Interstate doing 85mph then aero is a big deal. If your average vehicle speed is less than 50 mph (key word, Al, average) then all of the aero is wasted in terms of FE.

What Detroit is doing with aero is building trucks that can work hard, live long, and have very little noise in the cabin.

Waiting for you to tell me that I'm wrong.

I like my'14 style better. The front end was fine those square wheel wells was what needed refreshing.


I am replacing my 2010 Ford but the Chevy just has two much hard plastic and I still hate the fender wells. Probably will still go with the Chevy but I wish GM would step it up to compete with the Ram interiors.

It will be a hard choice between this and the new F150 ECOBOOST when I trade my Dodge clunker in!

Man, this has gotten ridiculous. I don't think that thing could clear a standing beer can let alone a forest service road--and its the Z71!

I like the retro 70s/80s look of the current truck including the square wheel wells. I just want the new 8 speed...with paddle shifters.

They made the front end look fugly now. The '16 Silverado looks like it doesn't know what brand model it is. Is it a Chevy Silverado or a GMC Silverado.

The hood is way overstyled and what's with the center bone ridge running up though the middle? Are they trying evoke styling elements from the old '73-'87 models?

Also, the deeper cut in the bumper makes the front grill look too GMC-ish and I'm not sure if I like that. The Silverado always looked smoother and less brash that the GMC's.

The front bumper is a complicated design mess and the chrome trim slapped in the lower center looks odd. I like the '14-'15's much better.

Some the comments made by the Ford Dodge boys are really funny . they don't like the looks of front grille ,the square wheel wells bothers them, So gives a sh-t. The Chevy looks great.

It's still ugly, why would anyone buy a Chevy. They need new designers the Chevy ones are terrible.

hows it feel to buy a truck and have it out dated in 2 years? LOL you boys think your 14's look good? they look like sh!t. id take a 14 ford f150 looks over those. this is a step up honestly. Im glad they did it! makes all you jones who cant keep up sweat like pigs when a new one drives by... Enjoy your outdated 14 with a 6 speed. Ill be the one waving at you with my 8 speed with the new grille. and ill pay less because im a better negotiator! chew on that boys

It's good to see that GM will not allow it's Full-Sized trucks to fall behind the competition when it comes to ongoing refinement whether it be the Sheet Metal itself or beneath the Sheet Metal. Like the Refined 2016 Camaro, this truck also has an aggressive front-end appearance, I personally can accept it's new look!

To me it already looks a little dated, but I think that's what they were going for. Not a fan.

Doesn't appear gm is going to the 10 speed if they are just now bring there 8 to the rest of there lineup

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