2016 Ford F-150 Limited Photo Gallery

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Ford just released information about the 2016 F-150 Limited last week and it is one of the most advanced and luxurious pickup trucks ever built. Although official pricing won't be available for a month or two, you can bet this fully loaded half-ton will get close in price to a fully loaded one-ton turbodiesel. We're guessing around $70,000 when fully spec'd. Here are a few extra photos we shot during its reveal; this is the preproduction unit Ford debuted in Southern California.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams; Ford images


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Not bad looking, I bet it rides like a wagon with those 22's though as it's not a great riding truck on smaller wheels.

70 grand, and not even any liners in the rear wheel wells, typical Ford.

Ford crowd was screaming at Chevy for not putting them in on $26K truck....go figure

Lol, 70k for a half ton truck. You could buy two mid grade trucks for the price of this truck.

What makes it "luxurious"? Looks like any other truck inside. Are those low profile tires? On a truck!

Wow, I didn't think it was possible to ask that absurd amount of money for a pickup. You can keep it Ford, I've already been forced into the midsized market because the prices of full sized trucks has gone into the stratosphere. At least in the midsized category I can get options and not have to have a full sized strippo..and my midsized can trail hop like a mountain goat AND fits in my garage. all for 33K.

What makes it "luxurious"? Looks like any other truck inside. Are those low profile tires? On a truck!

Posted by: Cooper | Jul 26, 2015 10:15:14 AM

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The letters on the hood make it luxurious. I can't see anything else that makes it worth 70k.

I want to see a load put on those low profile tires.

I really like the seats. I wouldn't spend 60k for any vehicle.

$70 000 . It won't sell in Western Canada for
C$ 91 000, what exchange rate is now.
It won't even sell for C$ 80 000 with tires like that and no liners in here. We don't have rappers, we don't have too many full hook up camp sites with concrete platform, but we go wild camping and offroading.

Very nice truck. I really like it but not for 70,000 dollars. I would never spend that much on any vehicle. Bad a#s truck though.

Its as if Ford is testing to see just how much people will spend on a pickup truck. Fine looking truck though.

This truck is not made for camping, offroading, not even for gravel road. This truck is made for one purpose only. Exactly like pictures show. And you definitely need a massage chair , because of short leafs, 22"rims and no air ride. No mud or gravel, no liners . Small boat or Seadoo pulling on Hwy in style and comfort, passing all the cars briskly, asking dash board to back it up to the marina.

Being in my 60's,I have owned a lot of pickups so far,but 70k for a 1/2 ton is beyond my imagination,and my wallet.No doubt doctors and lawyers and such will lay down the money for these trucks,but I will bet they only get used for a 'hey look at me' while on the way to the office.Hey,if they sell,good for ford.If they don't,they will need to rethink the whole luxotruck concept.

People will buy them just like they do with Denali packages, and Laramie limited packages that push 70k. Not much seperates the Denali from a regular Chevy.... Not much seperates a Laramie limited from a regular dodge... Well except you pay more for to get the uglier trunck in a Laramie limited

Lincoln Blackwood reborn. Only pricier and way uglier

The thing is, Laramie Limited can still make it offroad comfortably with liners and air ride. Speakers doesn't need to play V8 music to have luxury engine feeling though.

Looks nice from the other angles, but the front though...

That's right somar and everybody bashes ram for stupid stuff when it comes better equipped than any pickup

I just got back from a cross country trip pulling my 5th wheel with a '78 F250 which has the original 460 motor and a C6 transmission. The A/C blew cold the whole time and there were no problems whatsoever.

The total cost of the trip was gas and campsite fees. I haven't made payments on this truck since the early 80's. Sure it doesn't have all the modern conveniences, but I sure as heck am glad that I didn't pay $60k for this truck. Trucks are for work, not for play.

@Mr. Truck
"Trucks are for work, not for play" Yes, trucks are for work, but not for play? Don't tell me you've never taken that bad boy out to go sling up some mud! (Love the 78s by the way) You do have a point though, the luxury truck thing is getting ridiculous. I personally would never shell out that much money for a pickup, but luxury trucks are getting all the more popular. People are willing to pay so Ford, GM, FCA, and Toyota are willing to sell. Will this sell? I think so.

Lincoln blackwood reborn? Way uglier? Oh please... At least this LOOKS like a pickup truck.

Don't get me wrong when I say that trucks are for work and not for play. I mean, technically because I'm hauling a 5th wheel around, that is for 'play', but the point is that I'm using my truck as a means by which I can do something fun. By the same token, someone might use their truck to tow a boat to the river, or to haul dirt bikes. The truck is just a means to an end.

In certain cases, yes, the truck can be used for 'fun' such as with off-roading, or other stuff, but in most of these case, no one in their right mind would be $60k invested in a vehicle in order that they could have fun. If someone wants to off-road, they would go out and buy something used, and then run it to the ground.

With the trucks we're seeing now, they have a lot of creature conveniences, however, it comes at a price. I'm not against any of that, I just don't want to pay a premium for a vehicle that I'm going to be using mainly for things that will tear it apart. Back in the day, you could get get a basic pickup for cheap, and it would last you a lifetime. These days, you go buy a truck an it's an investment.

Trucks are for whatever you want to do with it, work, play, family hauling. That said I'd never pay 70K for a Truck.

Have not got a dog in this fight, but that tiny boat seems appropriate, the 22" inch wheels, no bed liner.. I guess it would never get dirty either. Not a fan of those tan insert seats either

@Robert Ryan
I will tan your hide if you waste anymore time on the internet.

This truck is certainly not for play you are talking about in your post. No liners, low profile tires, short leafs, low air dam, no repositioned intercooler, wrong color. ..

To have a champagne taste on a beer-bottle budget.

It is obvious here some are on a beer budget - you can see their dirty looks, the jealous stares.

The thing is, Laramie Limited can still make it offroad comfortably with liners and air ride. Speakers doesn't need to play V8 music to have luxury engine feeling though.

Posted by: Somar | Jul 26, 2015 1:54:16 PM

Not that any one would offroad the limited of either Ram or Ford but the Ram doesn't even having a locking diff or retractable side steps.... The ram limited have these big low hanging side steps that would dent up and get high centered really easy since they hang so low. If somebody wanted to offload a limited ford you can easily lift it and put some aggressive tires on it. The ram airsuspension you can't really lift and what lift you get from the air supsension deactivates to normal low mode over a few MPH.

Scott, you cantake the side steps off, 3 bolts per side. A lot less then having to go out and get a lift which can cut capacities and affect handling and ride.

So you are going to take off and put on the side steps overtime you need to go off road? Never heard of anyone doing that. Usually people removing side steps will just leave them off. A limited should have electric retractable side steps as they are the most advanced setup that don't compromise offroad ability.

But lets not fool ourselves... These limited models won't be offered wether its a ford or Ram.

These limited's won't be offroad.... Dang autocorrect

Posers vehicle at best. Guess there is a market for it. Will not be big

I would just take them off perminantly, to me they just get on the way. You have to step out over them getting out and their awkward for a tall person like myself to use.

For that type of price, does this truck come with any "special" dealer perks or ownership benefits?

Love that trailer backup control.

As long as money's free, they'll sell well to New England execs relocated to Texas wishing to fit in and have a beer with president Rodham.

Cheesy or not, with a fifth wheel they're still miles ahead of hooking an overweight camper to the back of an equally pricey Land Cruiser, Aussie style.


$70K and you don't even get wheel well liners in the rear? Ridiculous! Also, for that much money, I'd like to have color matched mud guards to protect the lower body sides.

Hmmm, I wonder what the depreciation is going to be on this truck? You'll probably lose $15K just driving it off the lot. lol!

Dash is too messy, too crowded.

That interior is WAY too busy and cluttered. I didn't know Ford used a Boeing 747 cockpit as their design inspiration for the interior. GM nailed their truck interiors with a simple, clean design. Ford knows people will buy this gaudy, plastic oasis of Americana and make boatloads of money on them.

no even interrior rear wheel well cover you see all the frame and body ....

So 10 more years before they hit 100K?... 12? 15ish...

Sure it's got leather inside, but the flat seats don't look like they'd be very comfortable ( especially the rear)

It's comical to see all the empty pocket guys try to bash a truck that they just plain can't afford to buy.
To pretend they don't understand the concept of a "luxury truck" that you can take your boat to the lake in style, that rides and handles GREAT for a pickup, yet still IS a pickup if/when you need one and a luxury vehicle when you don't.
I can tell you for a fact, I have a 2013 limited and I love it and in a few months I'll have a 2016

I am interested in 2016 F-150 LIMITED rear wheel drive extended pickup truck

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