2016 Ford F-150 Limited Should Lead the Luxury Pack

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In a world of top-of-the-line luxury, it looks like Ford is reaching higher than just about anyone else in the half-ton marketplace. Although all the major truckmakers offer premium packages, only a select few are pushing the limits of taste and technology the way Ford is.

Whether your preferences run to urban luxury packages meant to satisfy more sophisticated palates (meaning a lot of chrome and black leather) or more western-themed, soft saddle-leather trims (like Ford's King Ranch, Ram's Longhorn or Toyota's 1794 Edition), all truck manufacturers are cashing in on customer-driven high-life pickups that carry, by no coincidence, some lofty profit margins.

The truth of the matter is that these top-shelf pickup trucks have some of the most advanced safety and luxury features of any vehicles sold. For a company like Ford, which seems to have a customer base that is comfortable with and willing to shell out large piles of cash for a pickup truck, pushing the outer limits seems like the responsible — and highly profitable — thing to do. We're told that average transaction price for the new all-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 is several thousand dollars more than 2014's average price.

The latest Ford F-150 luxury model, which could possibly be the most luxurious vehicle with a pickup bed to date, is the 2016 F-150 Limited, which will include 22-inch aluminum wheels, raised satin-finished lettering on the hood and tailgate, 360-degree cameras, 10-way massaging seats, aluminum interior accents and the same premium polished wood inserts found in a Bentley Continental GT. Of course, there's much more.

Standard equipment on the 2016 F-150 Limited includes the 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost, the factory six-speed automatic transmission, two-wheel drive and a massive panoramic sunroof. Pricing will be announced later this summer, but you can expect a fully optioned Limited to flirt with $65,000. We'll have a full photo gallery as soon as we see the new top-of-the-line Limited out in the open. 

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2016 F150 chart

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Cheap looking compared to a Denali GMC that's is the most luxurious pick up on the market. Ford fail again.

Now that's one good looking truck right there. Makes the Denali look cheap and outdated. Ford wins again!!

Ford exterior styling is on point. Interiors for at least 10 years have looked like they were designed by a committee.

Interior looks sharp. Best factory interior I have ever seen in a pickup truck.


Funny how Ford conveniently omits the Denali from its "Standard High End Features" Chart.

Clearly the Denali must compare well against the Ford otherwise it would have been included in the comparison.

@ tj the gmc denali is cheap, and sucks, gm is a joke, Ford for the win.

Still pimping the ecobust, compared to the real mans engine, the corvette based 6.2 the ecoburst doesn't MEASURE up.

Ford wins this one hands down, the denali is in left field compared to this one

Platinum Edition Tundra is more luxurious than either.

"could possibly be the most luxurious vehicle with a pickup bed to date". Mark if not this truck, then what truck is it? If this were Ram or GM I'm sure your wording wouldn't have left room for debate.

@GM Man

Still pushing that old 1955 technology design pushrod/lifters Corvette engine 6.2L/455hp. Ford Mustang 5.2L/526hp (102hp per Liter).

I don't see most of the items listed by Ford as "luxury".

Even Chinese and Korean vehicles are blinged to the hilt.

Luxury isn't bling or a V6 turbo engine, or the short and stiffer rear leaf springs.

Luxury comes with refinement, not more cheap electronics.

If Ford can profit from this good, but don't consider this luxury.

Luxury is designed and engineered from the ground up.

The new aluminium F-150 or any blinged pickup (even my BT50GT) is no Range Rover or for that matter even a Discovery.

It a pickup with lots of bling.

I love the look of those seats


That's right, GM still using the tried and true technology, that still works, beat the Ecobust in that last compare in every category, including FE.

Now you show us that POS flat plane 5.2 that Furd will make maybe 1000 of them??

GM has laid waste to Ford in the powertrain department for, that's right 70 years PLUS or just say basically forever.

That great engine you tought was crushed by the ancient 7.0 V8 Camaro Z28 in the last track race, how embrassing to be a ford engineer that rode the short bus to the special school that a Camaro that was designed in the late 2000's, came out 5+ years ago with an engine that dates back to the old Z06 corvette days spanked the Rustang, haha.

Just like that ancient 6.0 Vortec from GM is still power HD's, Van's and commercial vehicles and still spanks Ford's new 6.2 while make less power and torque and will last forever, while Ford's 6.2 is such a joke they don't even offer it in the F150 anymore.

GM wins, Ford loses, Upchucky and the ford nuthuggers run off the cliff from embarrassment and GM rides into the sunset.

Still pushing that old 1955 technology design pushrod/lifters Corvette engine 6.2L/455hp. Ford Mustang 5.2L/526hp (102hp per Liter).

Looks like any other f150. So they give you larger dia tires, satin grille (ooooo!), raise lettering on the hood, other usless gizmos and the fanboys go wild. In the end its still a Ford. Why would anyone buy a truck that without any doubt is gonna break down. I don't get it.

Ford luxury list is pretty funny....

The only luxury I see on that list is leather seat and massaging seat.

$70K for 3.5L V6 and 6-SPEED tranny! OUCH

It's a nice looking truck, I like the aluminum body, the seats are great looking and the massage feature would be nice on a long trip. I still don't like the look of the dash, and I've had 2 F150s in the past (before my Ram 2500) that I liked better. I would reserve judgement on the Sync 3 but the operating system is more a proven system already (Porsche and BMW) but who knows how Ford tinkered with it. I just have a hard time with the cost and I own a Laramie with the Cummins. If you don't like the EcoBoost then don't buy this truck, the power is great but you really are saving gas (no real eco here). All of the trucks are pretty close in performance and capability, so it's all down to looks and features.

Luxury truck doesn't have a huge hole in the front bumper and doesn't need a modification or aftermarket cover to get better look than tractor.


Never read any were that the 6.0 outperformed the 6.2

I own a Ram, which I love, but I must admit that the interior of this Ford is really nice. Good job on all the gadets as well.

I would Never Spend that kind of depreciating coin on a 3.5 Liter V6 Pickup Truck! LMAO

The luxury pickup market is risky business.

The current hot pickup market is partly due to pent up demand.

With gas prices going up, people are going to want to go back to cheaper vehicles.

Ford trucks.com is right, I love the headlines "Ford f150 should lead....." Any other brand would have been " blank brand attempts to offer luxury trim level but falls short"

@GM Man

Still pushing that old 1955 technology design pushrod/lifters Corvette engine 6.2L/455hp. Ford Mustang 5.2L/526hp (102hp per Liter).

Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Jul 21, 2015 8:24:40 AM

Sure beats that chain stretching over head cam engine.


@ Hemi V8

.....Quickest & Fastest Super Stock Car of all time is a FORD !!

Competitors watch each other closely, so I wouldn't be too surprised if the others started offering the same things (minus the aluminum) by the 2017 or 2018 model year.

I like the seats.

@ Hemi V8
this is what happens when u try to boost weed eater engines for pickup use lol.

Seats look cheap, they remind me of them cheap plastic winter coats stuffed with lose cotton the light on fire super easy. It's got bunch of brown inside no one liked that on the Chevy High Country. It's got a small 3.5L with fake v8 sounds, I am sorry but if I was going to pay 60-70 grand for a truck. I would want a real v8 to make v8 sounds and atleast a 8 speed transmission.

* Leather: Yes. I like a nice cowhide leather. I used to tool it and even now sometimes dink with it a bit. Not nearly as hot or cold as vinyl and when properly cared for is more durable than any man-made equivalent.
* Chrome: Too flashy and on a dark body especially, too bright. A little bit goes a long way when used right--today's trucks don't use it right.
* Aluminum body: It has its advantages, and its disadvantages. No better or worse than steel in all actuality, though admittedly a bit lighter for the same strength.
* "Advanced" engine: Not something that is a deal-maker or a deal breaker. I like the idea of decent horsepower from a small engine, so turbo can be good, but it is just something more to break which means a truck with turbo is more likely to be traded when the turbo goes, rather than paying for an expensive repair.
* Quad-beam headlights: This one's funny. Reminds me of 1959 when my dad couldn't get a raise from his boss because, "Your car has four headlamps while mine has only two." (1959 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88)
* Adaptive Cruise Control: This one's worth having, but soon enough it will be standard, not an option, just because of its safety aspect.
* Active Park Assist: Another one soon enough to be standard. Far too many people simply don't know how to parallel park and need all the help they can get.
* Multicontour Massaging Seats: A distraction--and a dangerous one. Get too relaxed and you'll fall asleep behind the wheel. Already happens far too often than it should.
* 360° camera system: With these big trucks especially, you need every visual aid you can get; little wide-angle mirrors on the side mirrors aren't enough for some drivers, obviously. Got cut off at Atlanta's airport just last Saturday by someone who simply didn't look. I would have hit him right in the passenger door if I hadn't hit the brakes... HARD!
* LED side-mirror spotlight: And what is its practical purpose?
* Remote tailgate release: Now this is just plain laziness for a pickup truck. What, you're going to pop the gate and make someone else load your truck for you while you sit in air-conditioned comfort?

No, I've never really been a fan of hyper-luxury vehicles of any type. Yes, I do like certain conveniences, but some of these simply make no sense. Others have other options just as good in their own way. Me? It's unlikely I'll ever own something in the Cadillac/Lincoln class (or truck equivalent). I may eventually own a Tesla, but for the very real economy of them and not any assertions of luxury. On average, I keep my vehicles until I can no longer trust them to be safe, reliable and/or economical. I would certainly not spend double its real value just to appease my vanity.

Why not add a few extra things on to this truck and raise the price to 95k. There would be enough to buy it at that price and for any left over Ford could offer a 30k rebate or a 96 month zero percent interest loan with nothing down. Having a 95k pickup would give Ford bragging rights for having the highest MRSP.

Great looking truck! Quit complaining chevrolame boys..

They wont. GM monkeys gotta fling their poo around every chance they get

This is for Chuck Taylor, The Turbo V6 only won the first race, Chevy old Tech 7.0 small block, have won all the rest. The Ford new 5.2 has won two races,the Camaro 7.0 and other brand have won the rest . Oh by the way ,they have added weight and higher ground clearance to the body on the Camaro to make the competition Equal, because the Camaro was winning all the races

We all know, that new aluminium f150 with short leafs, rain choking engine and limp mode in most inconvenient time is limited. You don't have to put a huge letters on the hood because of that. I would be embarrassed to drive a car with LIMITED letters on it. Ford would need to pay me for that.

A bare bones F150 can cost somewhere in the mid $20k range. A top of the line one will now cost $60k or more. The difference in cost of materials between the two is a few thousand at most. There is essentially a $30k profit margin for Ford.

So why will buyers be willing to put $30k into Ford's pockets? Maybe because guys think that they trucks they drive prove the size of their _. I guess paying an extra $30k must be worth that, so everyone knows you have the biggest package.


I agree. POS UAW truck copying the real leader in innovation and quality.

In the past Limited was overused on cars just as Brougham and Deluxe. After a while the only difference in Limited was a plastic gold plated nameplate put on the trunk lid of a mass produced model. Limited meant that it was limited to a couple of 100,000 units and not a million. I had a 73 Chevelle Deluxe which was the lowest trim model of Chevelle. In the 50's Deluxe meant the highest trim level. Deluxe is to cars as a Tall is to Starbucks coffee size. Remember the Mercury Grand Marquis Brougham meant thicker velour interior and body trim and wheel covers matching the body color, otherwise the same engine and the same car.

This cheaply made beer can will be sitting in the scrap heap before it has 200,000 miles on it. I'll ride on past in my Tundra and laugh!

Drink up Ford boys, those cans are needed to make more trucks!

I have a Ram,,,,, Ram you bests follow suit or you lose.... and for GM,,,,,thats a old man and womans Truck......

Sad part is I usually see these lux trucks parked in front of houses that look like thier worth less than the truck.

Hemi V8

.....Quickest & Fastest Super Stock Car of all time is a FORD !!

Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Jul 21, 2015 1:51:10 PM


These luxury 1/2 ton pickups are getting ridiculous. It still looks like a boxy F-150 with more plasti-chrome bling. For that price, I could buy a leftover Titan and a low spec 2.5L Altima and have a few grand left over.

Now, I can understand the appeal of the Euro luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW that showcase status and prestige, but a $70K F-150? Ugh! Ridiculousity at it's best.

@Louis O

The Mustang GT350 5.2 has only entered two races so far this year with a bran new car at Watkins Glen, NY & Bowmanville ON. Watkins Glen was a RAIN shorten race where the Camaro Z28 was declared the winner with 20 laps to go. At Bowmanville ON, on a dry course the Mustang GT350 small block 316 beat the big block 427 Camaro Z28.
Next race is Lakeville CT on July 24-25.

IMSA is making the Mustang GT350 run a 3.23 rearend gear instead of 3.73 to give the big block 427 Camaro's a fair chance to win.

Wow they have massaging seat why the ride is ruff...

Wow they build a truck for woman's..now,,,

@ Hemi V8

Very sharp looking Drag Pak Challenger's cars with the 354 & 426 engines.
Nice looking Ford 9" rearends in those cars.

The Mopar Super Stockers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J65FxT8q_W4

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