2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Reveals New Styling

2016_Sierra_Denali_grille II

The design gurus at General Motors are giving their GMC pickup trucks a new look, retouching the 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 with a few front-end and tailgate upgrades. Like clockwork, now that the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 made its debut earlier this week, it's GMC's turn.

The 2016 GMC Sierra half-tons will get a larger grille and freshened look on all 2016 models (to go on sale by October). The new models revealed in this just-released YouTube video (see below) show that the new Denali, SLT and All Terrain trim levels have bolder grille designs, each offering a unique flavor.

The Denali will continue to lead the way with the most chrome and the flattest grille surface. The SLT will likely continue to be the most popular mid-trim model, and the All Terrain will fit into that mix as the new entry-level trim, with a unique color-coded bumper and grille. All grilles have a deeper trapezoidal cut into the lower bumper, a larger GMC logo and newly harmonized LED projector headlights. Additionally, all rear taillight designs have a C-shaped LED look to match the front daytime running lights.

Although not announced yet, we would expect GMC to follow with powertrain changes similar to Chevy's recent moves, making the eight-speed transmission more widely available for the smaller V-8 (5.3-liter) option. The V-6 and 6.2-liter V-8 engine options remain unchanged.

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2016 GMC Sierra 3-truck shot II

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Looking good!

I like the changes. One minor thing is it seems to me they should have centered the GMC logo top to bottom in the grille opening. Otherwise good changes. Have to see it person. I wonder if GMC us also getting the 8 speed trans for the 5.3l...

Why the larger grill? I would think for aerodynamics they would make the grill smaller. The new engines should not need that much air to flow thru the radiator to keep them cool. Looks as aerodynamic as a brick, BTW I have a GM truck now....

Wonder if they will ever address the terrible square wheel wells, especially on the 2500 and 3500

Both the Ford and GMC front ends are gorgeous. The Ram and Chevy, not so much.

I'd say it's an improvement from the rear -- GM finally gave the GMC tail lights that are a true upgrade from Chevy. That was one of my biggest styling complaint about the outgoing truck [along with the Chevy looking dated out of the box].

Per the front, the grille is too big with the bumper too thin in the center.

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I liked the look on the 2014-15 model better, but this one still looks nice enough to make me buy it, if I were looking for a new Sierra.

I should've added this in my comment above, but the grille reminds me of the 2016 terrain and the headlights a 2015 Yukon.

The SLT looks perfect! i might just order a few of these GMC pickups to go with a few chevy! fords are fugly compared to either of these.

Congrats Gmc u just made the ugliest pickup available.

It's okay, but my '14 All Terrain still looks better.


It's the C in GMC.

Looks like vomitt

Our tax dollars hard at work. Maybe the next truck will have some new innovations.

I like the 14-15 styling a lot better... though the rear tail light is pretty cool. First impression is disappointing compared to 14-15...

Noooooo! The "trapezoidal cut" is awful. It looks like an SUV now.

My god this thing is beautiful. I like the 14-15 Sierra, the Chevy was ok. Then they made the Chevy almost as nice as the current Sierra, but this new Sierra is just awesome.

I especially like the All Terrain. The 14-15 All terrain was a bit of a miss. As much as I like monochrome, they were just off, but the SLT looked great. Now the All Terrain is what it should be!!!

Great job GMC. Best looking, best power trains and best interiors.

Now that actually looks nice (and I have a Ram currently), 100x better than the Chevy.
(nice in the front anyway, the rest still looks too box like).

Looks like the front end of a Honda Pilot .

Yes, but does it have rear AC vents?

They make the Chevy look better, and the GMC look like poo. Guess they are trying to move more Chevy's next year. I personally would have addressed the hideous wheel openings first.

Wow, that Denali looks incredible, this is going to be a great refresh, 8 speed and 5.3 might just be enough, but the 6.2 Denali's are going to be freakin awesome.

Has GM ever heard of aerodynamics or streamlining? Keep that huge flat grill and design cues resembling a brick and I'll continue to keep my money and GM can keep their trucks-that way we will all be happy!

I'm a Ford guy, always have been always will be. Personally when it comes to GM trucks, I've felt like GMC's have always looked better than their Chevrolet siblings. But this new generation (2014+) has changed that opinion. I feel like the Chevy's actually look better than the GMC's do this generation.


Love the 14-15 Denali , this not so much , maybe it will grow on me. The set however it's better than the current.

Greatest Machine Created!

Not a fan of this. I think I like the Chevy better for the first time ever. However I like the Ford more I think then the Ram.

Wow look at that chevy! Er.. I mean gmc.. Sorry it's just that once again they look exactly the same...

It good to see GM introducing some cosmetic changes to thier pickups. Hopefully GM will attempt to look at the shapes of their pickups and start removing the brick shape of them. This would also remove those unnecessarily large grilles, the appendage enhancers.

In other words I do hope GM engineers and designers start making vehicle more aerodynamic.

These changes will keep the GM S twins in front of Ford, even with Ford's latest $10 000 offer on the new aluminium F-150 wonder trucks.

I dont mind the wheel wells i think they look better than fords rainbow wells.

Any news on if we can finally get the 6.2L in lower end trim levels like the SLE? I can't stand how GM still refuses to give those of us not willing to spend $55K, the option of the best V8 available on the market.

So... where/which are the front turn signals? (I shouldn't have to guess when presented with a front-end picture.)

turn signals light up so they can be seen!

I like how big al comments so much about pickups he has never and will never drive. The highest rebate on a F150 is 9200. That's on a SuperCab xlt with the 2.7. Good luck finding SuperCab trucks with the 2.7 motor.

Now as far as the gm twins go. I think the 2016 chevy actually looks better. I thought the 2015 gmc was better though. The 2016 gmc looks like it will be parked in front of hobby lobby and Victoria secret more than on a job site.

The new f150 looks like a kids truck. I have a 2013 Ford f-150 and think the new f150 2015s looks so "sporty" and small that I am willing to switch to the less reliable Sierra when I buy a truck next year. Really, the f150 has been great but the new one has pushed me away and towards the sierra, which I always thought was the best looking truck on the road.

Crossroads Ford Cary N.C., 2015 Ford F150 2WD Supercrew 145” WB XLT 302A 3.5 EcoBoost $13,000 off MRSP .
Detroit Free Press said discounts vary across the nation.

Good news Chris, when you trade up to a GMC you don't have to worry about it being less reliable than your Ford. GMC and GM trucks have been more reliable than fords since...ever.

Jon I am serious that I am changing to the Sierra. My source for the reliability issue with GM is from Consumer Reports...they literally gives it black circles for reliability....then again their favorite truck is the Ridgeline! I bought my wife a Chevy Suburban and we love it (our first Chevy). Guess I am slowly migrating away from Ford.

So you know for sure that the V6 will still have a 6speed then.

But about the All Terrain, that should be a package not a trim. At least that's how it is on the Canyon. I don't see All Terrain packaging on the 2015, so this looks new to me. Sure does look awfully nice though. This might very well be the best looking truck I've ever seen.

The only remaining question for me is, will they actually offer it in grey this year? I can't believe that was omitted for 2015.

@DR evil ford backwards.

D river
R eturning
O n
F oot

As a Chevy truck owner for over 30 years, I just am not getting where GM is going with their designs. The interiors look good, but the exteriors are getting cartoonish and gaudy. That is okay, because these new trucks just make the older ones that much better looking. Besides piston slap and body rust, the '99-'02, and the '73-'87 trucks will always be the ones that defined GM's sweet spot with me.

It's a new Sierra, it HAS to be gaudy and excessive. That is just what the sticker price reflects!


“The truck hasn’t sold up to expectations for the most part,” said Akshay Anand, an analyst at auto researcher Kelley Blue Book. “This may be a hint that in certain parts of the country, the issue might just be more than supply.”


Ford is getting scared LOL!

Camshaft The only thing that's the same on the front end is the shape of the grill, Everything else is different.

Changed a few things. I like this way better. What do you guys think? This was 5min. on paint and definitlely not a good photoshop job.


The red one is the only one that I like. That's the one with the best looking grill.

Rewind the tape to a month ago. Ford was screaming we got shortage of frames that's why our sales numbers are not going up.


Now a month later Ford them self is throwing 10 grand off trucks of short supply??? Smell like Ford is try to cover up that F150 just aint cooking. The new F150 isn't even a year old yet with 10 grand on the hood LOL!

What 5 years 100,000 miles of owning a F150 will give you LOL! Changing exhaust manifolds sounds easy but it is not!


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