2016 Toyota Tacoma Partners With GoPro

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To better separate itself from the competition, the all-new next-generation 2016 Toyota Tacoma will offer a GoPro camera and mount on select models to better capture owner experiences. GoPro's popularity has grown exponentially over the last decade as more and more people want a record of their extreme activities, in many cases to post on social media. And from Toyota's perspective, the pairing of a new action camera with its new truck made sense.

According to Automotive News, many of Toyota's younger midsize truck buyers are gravitating to the Tacoma, which continues to dominate the newly energized segment, and many of those same buyers are using their pickups to explore some of the country's most beautiful four-wheel-drive areas. That made partnering with GoPro a logical idea, Tacoma Chief Engineer Mike Sweers said in the AN story.

The GoPro package (with pricing yet to be announced) essentially offers the camera equipment and mount so that owners can record their own adventures. The mounting bracket will be integrated right next to the rearview mirror, but the package won't include the new Hero4 Session camera.

It's worth noting that this system will not be as sophisticated as the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Performance Data Recorder that uses an internally mounted camera behind the rearview mirror and digitally pairs the view with track coordinates onto a digital screen. Obviously, the Corvette's system is for race outings, but it is possible that a future Toyota setup could be used in conjunction with electronic topographical maps to show what specific trails the 4x4 has conquered. This almost seems like something a Jeep pickup truck should have as well.

Finally, it should be noted that this Toyota's use of a stand-alone GoPro is nowhere near as sophisticated at the Ford F-150's or Chevy Silverado's use of camera technology in collision avoidance or surround-view technology that is fully integrated into the vehicle's computer controls. We've been told the next-gen Super Duty will take camera technology to an even higher level, including seven separate cameras onboard. The Tacoma's independent and removable system is set up for selective use, while the front, side and rear cameras on other systems are part of the pickup's safety net.  

We'll have to wait and see how the new GoPro system is accepted by new Tacoma buyers to find out if the truckmaker takes the next technological step with the camera system and integrates it into the computer controls.

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Seems more of a marketing ploy by Toyota.

Go Pro is a trendy brand name to some, connecting this with the Taco will make Toyota some easy cash.

@ Mark Williams

REALLY? do you really always need to downplay what Toyota does? do they pay you that well to do so? Couple questions for you.

1. does the camera system in the f150 and Silverado record video and allow you to upload it to youtube? I'll help you..... NO

2. Does the f150 and Silverado system allow you to take the camera out to put it on your trail rig you towed out to where you are or boat or your helmet for biking, skiing etc......... I'll help you...... NOPE

3. Does Toyota's Pre collision system that is available on many other vehicles work better than whats on the f150 and Silverado....... I'll help you....... YEP it makes their system look like childs play actually applying the brake for you and stopping you not just preloading the system for full brake once applied........

4. is this system standard on the f150 and Silverado as you imply........ i'll help again........ NOPE only available on upper end models.

5. is their system neat for full view around the truck? why yes, yes it is........... Does that make the Go Pro camera mount idea on the Tacoma somehow inferior because its not tied into the truck as you suggest on a Vette that's at a minimum cost DOUBLE or TRIPLE the price of a Tacoma? NOPE so why bring it up?

CLEARLY this Go Pro mount was IN NO WAY intended to compare to a safety system such as your suggesting on 2 full size trucks........... Funny this isn't available on the Colorado/ Canyon either..........

Dude just give credit where credit it due the Go Pro mount is Cool and ALOT of people will like it. Sorry your favorites didn't come up with it first.

Who cares! Upload what, who cares! The cameras on cars are for vision not for recording. Recording, ha, record THIS!

"It's worth noting that this system will not be as sophisticated as the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Performance Data Recorder...Finally, it should be noted that this Toyota's use of a stand-alone GoPro is nowhere near as sophisticated at the Ford F-150's or Chevy Silverado's use of camera technology in collision avoidance or surround view technology"

Good points. It's also worth noting this isn't even a system or a camera. It is merely a camera MOUNT.

If you buy the Taco you still have shell out money for your own camera. The camera is not included.

You're only getting the $40. mount. lol.

I have a dash cam in my truck. It records all my trips. Videos are saved on SD card. It haven't been used to prove anything yet, but I have recorded some interesting situations.
I took it with me to Germany in April as my brother was picking up his M3 from the Welt. Recorded some nice videos on the Autobahn ;)
Cool feature to have, no doubt.

You sure there is a camera in the pkg, PUTC? All of the links say the camera has to be purchased separately by the buyer.

This is a scam.

This is not news. Anyone can go to the store and buy a dash cam or a go pro with a mount for your vehicle. i see them all the time on cars coming into my dealer.

Also at my acura dealer most customers do not like the collision warnings and auto braking. good thing they can be disabled.

No camera. Sorry hemi lol.

Ok great, so instead of going and buying a mount at the store or online, you can get one at your local dealership ..which isn't exactly known for saving you $$ .

This isn't any more news than being able to order optional sunglass holders that mount to your sun visor.

But if that is what will make Hemilol go buy a Taco ...have at it. The Taco is the leader in aftermarket, manufacturer supplied, rearview mirror mounted action camera mounts. Woo hoo !!

In 3 years:

PUTC article: The Ford SVT Raptor intergrates a GoPro camera mount included in the SVT Raptor Package.

Mark Williams and PUTC:
"OMG Ford is so innovative, this is a must have for any offroader. Ford is the leader, you can now share your awesome offroad footage to social media. You can also share you Raptor doing pavement pounding and jumping those speed bumps going 40 MPH"

This shouldn't have even been a story, what a joke, lets hear about the new Titan, the Raptor, the new GMC and Silverado, these are all news worthly, even Fords Trailer assist system which I think is dumb is still news worthy, putting some plastic clip mount into the headliner, near the mirror that's a huge joke.

What Tacoma needs is a regular cab powered by a small turbo-diesel with a six speed standard gear box.

@ hemi lol, That toyota camera mount would have been great to capture unforgettable moments like these.





BFD !!!!

If this implementation is for real Toyota would need to integrate it into driver controls so it could be turned off/on etc.

I was wondering to myself why there would be a whole article about a plastic camera mount from Toyota. Looks like it was because PUTC needed a segway to promote the camera features of Ford and Chevy.

Hemi lol, Yeap I read just fine and I read one stupid comment, that's all.

It must suck to be a Toyota fan.

@hemi lol

I can only imagine how red your face must have been while typing out that diatribe.

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Garry Sanders I know its nothing new, but rewind the tape to a month ago. Ford was screaming we got shortage of frames that's why our sales numbers are not going up.


Now a month later Ford them self is throwing 10 grand off trucks of short supply??? Smell like Ford is try to cover up that F150 just aint cooking. The new F150 isn't even a year old yet with 10 grand on the hood LOL!

The 2015 F-150 is a year old already.

The order date for the 2015 F-150 started on 7/16/14.

Did you think there wouldn't be any discounts? smh. Get a clue, Bowtie boyz.

Discounts are still lower than normal (I don't want a 2.7L XLT SuperCab).

@Hemi lol, looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so. Bet you were red when writing all that stuff out.

Wow, that sure is exciting! Not a single peep about any integration. Not even mention of a power chord. If the mount cam with a factory installed power cord and video cable to link into the infotainment, you might have something. You know camera on and ready all day, perhaps even recording a loop. Push files to smartphone, etc. Not one word of any such capability makes me think it really is just a mount. SAD

Who is the village idiot?

How about integrating this into the vehicle? It is not a difficult jump to see that this is the next step for dash cams?

I just bought a 2016 has the mount but didnt come with the camera like they are saying above.

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