2016 Toyota Tundra: Updates and First Look

2014_Toyota_Tundra_Platinum_005 II

With the all-new midsize 2016 Toyota Tacoma on the near horizon (in fact, we should be driving it next month), it’s not surprising that Toyota would make relatively few changes to the full-size 2016 Tundra.

Rumors about a possible diesel engine option for 2016 remain just rumors. Some have speculated that Toyota will use a version of the Cummins 5.0-liter V-8 ISV turbo-diesel (to be used in the new Nissan Titan, due out later this year), but neither Cummins nor Toyota have confirmed any such plans. Nothing in Toyota's 2016 rollout material mentions a new engine option, but that doesn't mean midyear availability is out of the question.  

Although there will be a few exterior grille changes to certain models, specifically the SR5 and 1794 Edition trims, most Tundra trim packages will look similar to the 2015 models (Platinum photo above). With that said, it’s worth noting the Tundra will continue to offer the TRD Pro off-road trim (the new Tacoma will not), but the 1794 Edition western-luxury premium trim (pictured below) will now be available with a more serious off-road package that includes bigger, more aggressive wheels and tires, Bilstein-brand shocks, skid plate, tow hooks and more. On the other end of the spectrum, base Tundras will only be offered in Super White, black and Radiant Red colors.

All trim levels (SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition and TRD Pro) will have upgraded Entune audio technology, yet the only significant mechanical changes will be the addition of a brand-new, segment-leading 38-gallon fuel tank option. The new tank will be standard on some of the more popular 5.7-liter V-8 models, including the Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition and TRD Pro Series. Inside, the trailer brake controller will be standard with the bigger V-8 option, but unavailable with the smaller 4.6-liter aluminum V-8.

Lastly, the blind spot warning and rear cross-traffic alert systems are no longer a separate option and are now bundled in all the premium-level models (Limited, Platinum and 1794 Edition) and part of the Safety & Convenience Package on the lower-end SR and SR5 trims. Pricing will be released next month.

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2014_Toyota_Tundra_1794_INT II



QX80 sourced that is.


The only thing the turd Ram is leading the class in is most breakdowns.

Posted by: America Bails Out Chrysler | Jul 20, 2015 8:06:01 PM



The only thing the turd Ram is leading the class in is most breakdowns.

Posted by: America Bails Out Chrysler | Jul 20, 2015 8:06:01 PM


Fiat/chrysler is in some financial trouble. Since no one wants to merge with FCA looks like the piecing out to stay afloat has finally sets its course and has begun.
Magneti Marelli has often been touted as a takeover target. While FCA has always denied any interest in selling, the sources said the Italian-American carmaker had recently told interested parties it may reconsider its plans.

Good morning
Just one question please.
Does the TUNDRA come out in a right hand drive option?

Do you k ow if it will have push to start?

@Nico Fourie,
Like all US Pickups has to be converted to RHD

@Robert Ryan, I won't argue your point about the Duramax not being designed for HD use like a 5.9 Cummins (or a DT466 or CAT3116). My point is that the torque peak is and has always been @1,600 rpm, same as the Cummins. I read somewhere recently (sorry, I don't remember where) that it has been the most reliable pickup diesel for several years now.

The new Titan will be a game changer in the diesel category. I'm not happy that they are releasing the "HD" model of the Titan first and then latter the other trim levels. Not everyone has $50k to drop. It will be interesting to see what happens to Toyota and ram trucks once more diesels are on the road. Toyota's redesigned tundra is on the books for 2017.

Where's the first look?

Both the above pictures are of the 2014.

If it were a Ford you can bet there would be plenty of pictures and praise.

Scott, You can hype the ecoboost all you want, but its a POS! Multiple recalls and not carbon problems on higher mileage engines.

@Scott, Your test data is flawed. If the V6 trucks were tested on different days than the V8 trucks its worthless. Here is just one example and their are many. Today the wind is 5mph out of the west. Yesterday the wind was 10mph out of the south west. Would this make a difference in MPG?

Incorrect hemi v8

Blah blah blah. Look at some of the pics and there are 2 fords.... Ford only has 1 v8 and a tundra and etc etc. same or similar days.... Make all the excuses you want a 3.5 ecoboost will always outperform and get better mpg's then a ram hemi.

@Scott, Do you think the Ford with 3.55 gears will get better gas mileage than the Ram with 3.92 gears?

Finally, a brake control and larger fuel tank. Why did it take 8 years?

I think the premium Tundra's interiors are as good as anything on the market right now. The 5.7 is easily in the pack but a new alternative to the 5.7 would be nice.

If I have bad luck with my new Denali a Tundra will be next truck for me.

@hemi V8

I don't think... I know the eco gets way better unloaded and loaded mpgs then the hemi ram that was used in the test... Its in the results!!!!!! There test data proves it. Even with 3:55 gears and an old six speed the eco perform extremely better then a Hemi Ram with 3:92 rear end with a 8 speed with multilink coils.... Performance and MPG wise while loaded and unloaded. The ecoboost with an old 6 speed and an non tow friendly rear end ratio got easily the best MPG towing. Can you imagine when Ford upgrades the 3.5 eco to the generation 2 and cranks up the ponies to 450 hp and 500 ft lbs of torque next year!!!! Game over for ram... First selling off ferrari and now looking to sale off one of there main parts makers all in the effort to make ends meet. LOL!!!

Also Chevy with the 6.2 with an MPG focused Rear axle ratio got way better MPG's loaded and unloaded mpg then the ram while The gm performed extremely better then the HEMI.

What is wrong with a Hemi with 3:92 rear end and an 8 speed that it gets such horrible MPG's compared to GM and Ford while performing significantly worse in every measured aspect of a truck???

I don't see why Toyota would release a totally redesigned Tundra in 2017 when they just went through a significant expense in performing a major update on the truck for the '14MY.

This was an extensive update which will probably last almost as long as the original '07-'13 design.

If anything in the short term future, we may see a small power increase for the 5.7L to remain competitive and perhaps a new 7-8sp transmission to replace the aging 6sp automatic.

In my opion the Tundra is the most truck like half ton and has exactly what i would want for in a 1/2 ton, enough power and towing to get the job done , 2nd in ground clearance only to the Titian which the two proably have the best offroad capbility and a big v8 engine which is what most American men want in a truck, the only problem is its a Toyota not a American brand that puts out the vibe. In Fords case with the new F-150 which is whats going to be the downfall of Fords truck market as they keep making the F-150 more car like and jacking up the prices, while adding more and more unnesary luxury items. Sadly i feel as if Ram and GM will eventually follow Ford.

Console shifter on a Pickup is right up there with putting a scope on a lever action...its just too G@

The West was won on a buck board bench seat, not buckets

In that configuration as a 3/4 or 1 Ton Pickup engine, I agree with you. That is what is was designed for. Isuzu make reliable engines

If you're wondering why there is still nothing significantly new since the 2010 model year (when they put in the 4.6/6speed to replace the older motor/5speed)...
Toyota has one plant building these trucks near capacity. That means they won't invest in engineering, not even to integrate on-the-shelf stuff (like the Atkinson capable 5.0/8speed from the Lexus) until they absolutely have to. They build fewer combinations than the competition, which helps cost. The Tundra product group has not successfully convinced Japanese mgt. that engineering investment will increase profitability sufficiently.
All that means is that the product group has to content itself with the cheap stuff, like a brake controller (very low investment, engineering done by the supplier), fuel tank, and such.
Sure, I would love to se something cool, like an 8speed trans and cool engine features to make the truck get much better fuel econ. Or (gasp!) their own diesel V8, a 6-7ft bed behind their Crew Max cab, 8800# GVW...

@Robert Ryan- I call BS- far as I can tell, all Volvo currently offers is their D5K and D8K, the larger having (class typical) 280hp max cal. You have to go to the next size up for anything near those ratings in the MD segment.

@Mr Knowitall not my imagination but the D7 engine which I think is now 7.2 litres is 340hp and 950lbs ft of torque and that is for HDT use

"The D11 diesel is available up to 450hp and with torque of up 2,150Nm while the D7 is available up to 340hp and with 1,300Nm (on the FE) or 290hp/1,070Nm (on the FL)."

@Mr Knowitall you do not get the same engines in the U.S.

@Mr Knowitall,
Our MDT's correction, which cover some Class 8's in the US

I agree Tyler the Tundra is the beefiest 1/2 ton on the market. It really better competes with the gas 3/4 tons from the big-2 and Fiat, but it will last longer and have better resale then those trucks too!

the Tundra is made in Texas, the silverado is Mexican and the f150 is made by the un-american liberal UAW. the Fiat-ram is an Italian piece of junk also made in mexico or by liberal UAW members.

@Robert Ryan- that's a 6 year old article with incorrect information. Here's from Oz Volvo...

I don't get where most everyone says they get terrible mileage. We've put close to 4000 miles on our new Tundra 2015 5.7L SR5 TRD 4WD Double Cab. We drove right at 300 miles Saturday, mixed driving about 60% highway and 40% country roads, filled her up Monday and calculated the mileage on a good old calculator and got 17.2 mpg. That's not the only tank that's gotten that good either so it wasn't a glitch. Around here when mostly country roads it's getting 15.9 to 16.4. The highest we've seen the onboard computer go is 16.5mpg. Not bad for 381hp and 401 ft. lbs. of torque. Never thought we'd ever buy a Toyota truck until we started looking at everything available, looked at the Chevy 1500's and everyone we looked at was marked final assembly Mexico and my wife no way, plus everything we looked at equipped like she wanted was $47-52K MSRP. She drove the Dodge Eco-Diesel and it was a nice truck but just didn't have any get up and go. Once you were going on down the road it was ok but nothing to brag about especially not at $51K. Drove onto the Ford lot and everything equipped like we needed was a good $2-3K more than Chevy and Dodge. white Tundra SR5 TRD 4WD, bucket seats(power drivers seat), 5.7L V8, sprayed in bedliner, 18" Michelins All Terrains, 6 speed tranny, back-up camera, Bilstein Shocks, Navigation, Bluetooth, everything we wanted. MSRP was a tad over $42K and the selling price was $36.5K. We made the deal and wife loves it, drives great, feels solid, plenty of room.

Also to the person that threw away your almost new Bilstein shocks, bad idea. You could have sold them and got good money. Heck we sold the front license plate bracket from our Tundra on eBay for I think $25.

@Mr Knowitall
No, it was from two different sources not one and I got the original from the Volvo Australia site

It is the uprated engine they offered as well as the lower tune version

@Mr Knowitall
From the Global Volvo Trucks site, it mentions near the EEV section the 340hp,1300NM that was available I guess under Euro IV

@Mr Knowitall
Correction Euro V ,It appears it was only available in Australia , why the other option was dropped who knows

@Mr Knowitall
From this Swedish site in English

The D7F340 is an in-line six-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres, equipped with a turbocharger and Intercooler. The engine produces 340 hp and 1300 Nm of torque. The engine meets the EU exhaust emissions requirements according to the Euro 5 standards.

The engine has a single cylinder head and a centrally located camshaft which operates four valves per cylinder via pushrods. The engine’s functions are controlled electronically. Fuel injection takes place using common rail technol- ogy. In combination with SCR emission control, the engine emissions meets the Euro 5 standards.

There are two engine-braking systems to choose between – an exhaust brake on its own or an exhaust brake in combination with a powerful com- pressio

I like the interior now much better than before. It was ugly. Decent truck though overall.

I had a discussion with a Toyota rep a few weeks ago, and he told me that Toyota actually built 5 Cummins diesel trucks and the verdict is that Toyota will not put these into production. The reasons are: 1) the mileage was not all that impressive because of the pollution control. Evidently they have to inject raw fuel into some sort of afterburner to vaporize the soot (requirement since 2007 in all us diesel); 2) The towing capacity only went up by 1200 lbs (I think that was the number he quoted); 3) The diesel option cost $12k.

i've never wanted to see this awful tundra

My 2016 limited 500 miles on it gas tank failed. Could not put gas in the vent valve failed. 10 days for a new one. Just wonder how mant more will fail?

Why are people stuck on EPA rated MPG ratings? If you stuck a toyota 4.30 ring gear in a 20 mpg Silverado the truck would get 9 mpg. Toyota does not false advertise or lead one to think something other then what you are really buying, in fact its just the opposite. MPG is generally better then advertized in the Tundra, and with the chevy well the only thing you will pull with the 20 mpg truck is a bag of groceries. Toyotas are headache free vehicles. That comment is directed at any Fiat GM or Ford owner as you know all to well what a headache is.

Lets be honest on mpg and you will see Ford GMC and Dodge won't be honest. Toyota is the only one that gets it close to what they say. My company gives us trucks to drive and I have the F-150 Eco boost that claims to get 24 mpg the best I have gotten is 18 mpg and that's a v-6. Now my 5.7 Tundra has done that. So why do I want a truck that is not as fun to drive or as reliable.

I bought a 46 gallon replacement tank for my 2012 crewmax with optional Bedliner paint and install it's almost 2000.00 but well worth it, 700 mile highway range is wonderful, the piece of mind you get from 46 gallons is priceless.
transfer flow builds them

Speaking of ugly:):)....I had 2 Tacomas....3 years each....and every week....I would have the red neck Ram or Ford or Chev guy marveling over sharp the truck looked....so not sure what they saw in it ...but appeared to like the looks....now ordered a Tundra 1794...excited...and I'm sure cause I'm not a beer drinking Ram or Ford or Chev red neck....I'll be able to afford the gas and oh yes won't have to be concerned about warranty running out as the Ram guy,Chev guy and Ford guy have to do:):):! Lol

I hope there is more to the 2016 model than this. Over the past 15 years I have owned 2 tundras. Both the first model years the redesigns and I am ready for the next generations. Unless they come out with a diesel or serious update I will happily continue driving my current trick - point being - no new sale for Toyota.

Nice to see that the 2016 has an electronic integrated brake controller to match the towing prowess it has boasted for several years. My question is what is Toyota doing for those of us who have 2015 models that show the integrated controller as an option "if equipped" yet there are none available to order?

My understanding is that the new controller should be able to plug into a 2015, but I can't get any dealers to confirm. Has anyone else been successful?

Nice to see that the 2016 has an electronic integrated brake controller to match the towing prowess it has boasted for several years. My question is what is Toyota doing for those of us who have 2015 models that show the integrated controller as an option "if equipped" yet there are none available to order?

My understanding is that the new controller should be able to plug into a 2015, but I can't get any dealers to confirm. Has anyone else been successful?


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