Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: June 2015

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With half of the year behind us, the auto industry is on a record pace to break the 17-million-unit mark by year-end, and much of that success sits squarely on the backs of pickup truck makers. Breaking 17 million units in auto sales has happened only three times, most recently in 2001.

According to Automotive News, some U.S. dealerships are offering extended financing packages and huge discounts on half-ton and heavy-duty pickups. In some cases there are more than $10,000 in discounts on specific vehicle configurations and trim packages; the 2015 Ford F-150 is one example. Because Ford offers so many different build configurations and is experiencing some frame supplier issues, it's likely to take some time for the truckmaker to build up a proper supply of the more popular features and packages (like the larger fuel tank, HD tow package and unique color combinations). That's causing some orders to take longer than anticipated to fill.

The big winners for June are the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra; they both reached double-digit sales increases when compared to June 2014 sales. In fact, when combined, GM's year-to-date sales are significantly more than the Ford's total sales for the year so far, and that doesn't include the midsize Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon (which seem headed to reach a combined 100,000 in sales by year-end).

When looking at the GM midsize twins, it doesn't appear that they're taking sales away from their bigger brothers, the Silverado and Sierra. An objective look at the numbers seems to imply the Colorado and Canyon are taking a bite out of the No. 2 midsize player, the Nissan Frontier, and possibly from the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. We'll be taking a deeper look into the numbers at a later date to see what's really happening — the results should be interesting.

Finally, it's worth noting that Toyota continues to experience strong sales with combined Tacoma and Tundra numbers headed to their largest total since the San Antonio pickup production facility opened in 2006. Of note: The Tacoma's monthly and year-to-date sales lead the pickup segment on a percentage-of-change basis. Interestingly, Titan sales for June are up as dealers try to make room for the next-generation Titan slated to go on sale near the end of the year. Look for a PUTC analysis of midyear sales data to come shortly.

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Putc 0615 sales


Impressive year for GM corporation

disappointing that there are no metrics for the GM midsize twins.

I see Ford is still down again. I wish they would hurry up in getting their inventory up. My company has been waiting on 20 of the new F150s since February, and that is just at my local branch. No telling how many of our other locations across the US are still waiting on trucks.

Gm is doing well with there trucks. The entire brand is down for the month. There large suv's took a huge hit this month. Chevy itself is getting close to outsell the f series. Gmc may outsell ram by years end as well... Prolly will happen for sure next year for gmc as ram has nothing new planned.

@David Dubose
Cool story.

Congrats to GM . RAM needs to update gasoline engines, which should be easy and will be introduced soon.
Ford needs a new truck.

Wow. Very impressive for GM. Ford had better start producing some trucks and discounting them. I wouldn't want to be the top dog at Ford if they lose there coveted #1 sales position. That would be a devastating in my opinion of the new F-150.

What are Ford's excuses this month?

F series sales continue downward. Chevy within a few thousand units of replacing the "king of pickups."

Chrysler's retail sales were higher then Ford's for the first time that I can remember.

It is a good thing that Ford has good margins (for now), because this company is on a downward slide.

Ram needs to either expand its 1500 factory, or move more 1500 production to its Mexico plant. They sell every 1500 they make even with insentives that rival the all new f150.

papa jim -- We weren't selling Colorado or Canyon last year, so there are no June 2014 sales to compare to.

Looks like those who said there was no market for midsize trucks were wrong. Chevy has only a 15 day supply of Colorados, so they continue to sell as fast as we can build them. And Toyota is doing pretty well, too -- new product seems to have lit a fire under the midsize segment.

Well, another fantastic showing by the new illustrious aluminium wonder from Ford.

Ford will have a double whammy when the aluminium HDs arrive with the added competition from the likes of the new Titan.

I suppose there is a shortage of sunvisors this time. Ford will sooner or later admit the new aluminium F-150 is not going to produce what Ford anticipated. Ford has to accept the new aluminium wonder truck will play second fiddle for some time into the future.

GM has really gathered some steam, all of GMs pickups have a total of over 432 000 this year so far. GM has outsold Ford by a massive 20 percent plus. Quite a different position from a year or so ago.

Ram really needs more than a grille change inspired by a Chinese air con grille. FCA needs to stop penny pinching with one of FCAs best sellers.

Ram with 0.6%. The lowest of all gains. Time to slap more incentives on the hood and run more Guts & Glory commercials.

I was looking at new trucks this past weekend and it seems as though the new F150's are a lot pricey. It wasn't and apples to apples comparison but close enough. A Tundra listed at 42000 and the cheapest F150 was 49000. Even figuring in the potential gas saving Ford engine, you aren't going to make up that 7000 difference over the life of your loan plus the Toyota dealership is going to take off 5000 to start. I am not seeing any deals from Ford.

Ford has an issue with the new Ford, as I have pointed out in many previous comments.

The cost of developing, designing, refitting factories, new processes, etc, makes it harder for Ford to reduce costs to be comptetitive with the other manufqcturers.

If the new aluminium F-150 is offered at a comptetitive price Ford will have little or no profit. Oh well, Ford has made a poor decision or more correctly the aluminium wonder truck is premature in the market.

When looking at the GM midsize twins, it doesn't appear that they're taking sales away from their bigger brothers, the Silverado and Sierra. An objective look at the numbers seems to imply the Colorado and Canyon are taking a bite out of the No. 2 midsize player, the Nissan Frontier, and possibly from the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500. We'll be taking a deeper look into the numbers at a later date to see what's really happening — the results should be interesting."

I don't see how one can come to that conclusion. They could still be taking away from the Silverado and Sierra. Or taking away from other GM models. Didn't GM recently state that most Colorado buyers were buyers of other GM products?

Colorado and Canyon sales were added, yet GM is still down -3% for the company as a whole. Ford is up +2% even with the F-Series supply problems. Fiat-Chrysler is up +8%.

This wraps up the quarter I believe.... Financials when they come out will be interesting. FCA dodge brand is in the tank as well as the fiat brand. Jeep is going to have to float the entire FCA brand from this point forward. $2 billion is what FCA spent this quarter on upgrading there 1 minivan plant..... Bad investment choice. Gm was off this month and ford closed the gap on them with there increase. Mustang is laying a whooping on the muscle car segment. F series sales will pick up near year end as fleet numbers come back as Kansas gets caught up and inventories get to the point of ford offering incentives.

Two large dealerships here are already offering $10,000 off MSRP on the new F-150.

GM trucks are blowing the competition away! And Ford sales keep fading more and more every month. Just wait until the Super Duty goes all soda can, the sale numbers will be even worse.

I wouldn't say that the Colorado has zero impact on other GM vehicles. Event hough Silverado sales are up, you still have to account for any cannibalized Silverado sales in the business case. If you think you can sell 100K Colorados/Canyons but 20K of those would displace a more profitable Silverado/Sierra sale, and if you assume the Silverado/Sierra is twice as profitable, then you're only adding a net 60K of sales from a profit standpoint.

So it's not that Colorado isn't taking sales away (which is what folks like to say because Silverado sales are up) - you need data on where the Colorado sales are coming from. With GM down 3% and the low conquest rate of 10% GM recently reported this means GM is canabalizing.

GM sales down + low conquest rate for Colorado = Colorado sales are canabalizing GM product.

I'm not buying the whole "inventory of the new F-150 is low." Rountree Ford in Shreveport, La has at least 40, if not more, sitting on the lot and it is mostly midlevel to upper level trims. I know that isn't as much inventory as the norm, but the fact is that they aren't moving as fast as Ford anticipated.

@David Dubose

I hope that's not the case with mine. I special ordered mine back in May and it hasn't even been built yet according to my dealer. I expected a wait ,but not more than a few months.

Despite the impressive power numbers out of the Ford's V6 offerings, I don't think the customer is going for it.

People like V8 engines in their pickups.
I don't think the new F150 has bad styling, I think it comes down to engine choices.

GM is the top dog with the 6.2 & the 5.3.
Ram has the popular 5.7 HEMI.

Ford only offering the 5.0 is not going to pull them in.

If ford is going to catch up on sales, it will probably come from the Fleet side.

@ Scott

Ford closed the gap on GM how??

GM's overall sales were down 3% because of 46% less rental sales. Retail sales were up over 5%.

GM still sold over 20% more vehicles in June than Ford. So how was the so called gap closed as you say??

GM is destroying Ford in the truck market by a huge margin.

The new F-150 is a flop, no more excuses.

Your excuse was wait until May F-series sales, then it was wait until June. Still waiting, F-Series sales are in the toilet.

U guys are idiots! Ram is closer to chevy than chevy is to ford. And they sold twice as many rams ytd as gmc. Ur only arguement is that gm, not gmc sold more than ford. If ram is only 63,000 roughly ytd behind chevy with only 2 plants what does that say about ram trucks? Furthermore a refresh is coming by the end of the year. What is stupid about fca is the f in fca. Cause if Chrysler pulled fiat out od the European recession I see no reason to take their money and delay products for their money maker and put it into a piece of sh!t knock off ferrari knock off. Now they wanna merge with gm to solve all of their mistakes because they dont know how to manage Chrysler. U know I hope that Chrysler Corp somehow gets untangled from all of this and makes all of u idiots eat ur words. The only reason Chrysler seems unamerican is because some idiot sold them out during the 90s. Keep in mind Chrysler is the smallest of the big 3 and relies on north america predominantly to keep them afloat as far as sales go. More amerian than u think in spirit at least for now.

The Tacoma sold more this month than all of the other Mid-sizers combined. Take that with a 10+ year old design.

Sales of SUVs were up 10%, Ford Mustang was up 54%. The Lincoln brand was up 15%.

While F-Series continues to garner high transaction prices - reaching a record price of $44,000

Gm was off 3% for the month. Ford was up 1.5% for the month. That is called closing the gap over the month. Ford average transaction price per vehicle increase is $2700 over last year. 3 times industry average of increase transaction price

U.S. sales chief Mark LaNeve said the two F-150 pickup plants are now running at full production but it will likely take until the end of the third quarter to have full availability of the full lineup with so many cab and bed configurations, engine choices and trim levels. Full availability is 120,000-140,000 trucks in inventory, he said. Ford started June with 75,000 F-150s , almost half the 141,000 trucks it had in stock a year ago

@ Scott

The only gap I see getting bigger is the margin between GM and Ford truck market.

GM is totally destroying Ford.

That gap between GM and Ford total vehicle sales is still about 20% also. So good try, now go drink some more Ford Koolaide and come up with some more excuses as to the dismal F-Series sales.

@anything but an ecoboost

According the Detroit Free Press Ram & Chevy are giving there trucks away by at least $10,000 less the F series.

While F-Series continues to garner high transaction prices - reaching a record price of $44,000

Gm as a brand off 3%. Ford up 1.5 percent. 4.5 percent swing. That is called ford closing the gap. Also it's all assumptions on what is selling as the f150 inventory is 50% of normal.... These sales decline from ford in the f-series could be large decreases in superduty trucks as the model comes to a close.

Gm trucks are doing well. But that is no indication that the f150 is a failure. F series line has $3600 increase in transaction price.... The true picture of health will be 2 quarter profit margins for manufactures....

For reference fords average transaction price is up $2700 per vehicle.... Gm's is just under $1000

@Chuck Taylor

That puts it's own production in competition with itself...end of third quarter should be the time the new model year is rolling out. Why would anyone order now when they may as well wait for the 2016 model?


I agree, I would buy a 2016 F150 just because of the new boat & trailer assist parking camera...............

Nice straw man argument from the Chevy rep. Nobody said there wasn't a market for the midsize. What was said is the market isn't as big as it used to be and the midsize trucks are too close in size and price to full-size trucks.

@ Wayne

I also just ordered a new 2016 Shelby GT350 with 530hp. The first car to have over 100hp per litre that is not surpercharge or turbocharged. Something that GM or FCA can claim.

GM said the conquest rate for the Colorado was 10% with no break down of vehicles being trading in. The end result may be to give buyers a cheaper and less profitable alternative to what they were buying, though GM may create some additional short term volume from pent up demand. We will probably need a year or more to account for any one-time pent up demand and its inherent 90% cannibalization.

Just read that Chrysler beat Ford in sales for June for the first time ever. Ford is fading little by little and Fiat Chrysler is looking for a partner because they spend too little on research and development and their profit margins are a third of what GM and Fords are. It is starting to look like there will have to be some consolidation in the auto industry to maybe four big players when it is all said and done.

@ Scott

Those percentages are comparing GM sales to its sales from last June and visa versa for Ford. GM had a huge June last year because of a big rental fleet month. Ford had a bad June 2014. You always seem to forget to dig into the true numbers.

GM total sales are much higher than Ford's total sales, no gap was closed at all.

You also forget to mention the past couple months where GM sales were up and Ford was down.

F-Series sales are down big time, Ford lots are full of new F-150's. They aren't moving because they are way over priced, have bad issues, and nobody wants a fake engine noise blasting out the speakers. They also want a v-8 which is evident in the sales numbers.

Average transaction price should be way up for Ford since it is a new model and priced much higher.

I remember when the new GM trucks came out and their average transaction price was way up but you were the one to say that doesn't matter it was overall sales....

Chrysler only sold around 30k vehicles this month. You read some wrong info.

@anything but an ecoboost

From CNN News (Goldman Sachs)

Buy Ford Stocks dump GM Stocks

@ Chuck Taylor, uh, little ol' Honda was making cars with more than 100 hp/L--over 15 years ago. And they weren't some limit run $$$ model either. Here's to hoping the GT350 won't use the same POS made in China MT82 transmission as the GT--that has made me hesitant to buy a new Mustang.


I talking real North American Musclecars, not little sewing machine cars that did the 1/4 mile in 24 seconds. lol

BAHAHA Ford #1 at going down the toilet in a hurry! HAHAHA Hey Bo play me out on fake v8 sounds! LMMFAO!!!

I'm a Ford fan, very happy with my 2011.
But I will say I see a lot more new GM trucks on the road. Between the dash, square wheel wells it's would take a miracle to put one in my driveway.

Sure can tell that school is out.


Just curious what Honda are you talking about that made 100hp per litre????

@ Chuck Taylor

Since you keep talking about things that don't matter, Nascar engines have been making over 100 hp per liter for years.

Pro Stock motors make over 200 hp per liter. All these are naturally aspirated.

Ford sucks in both those racing series.

Now lets get back to talking about trucks, which is what this article is about and how GM is destroying Ford in the truck market.

@ Chuck Taylor
I was talking about the S2000, but if you count some of their type-R Integras, they have been doing it for over 20 years--probably even longer overseas.



@ Anything but Ecoboost.

Bozo, were talking production cars that you and I could buy at your local dealership.

Example: 1968 Roadrunner 426 Hemi 7.0L rated at 425hp.

2015 Camaro Z28, 7.0L rated at 505hp.

Both these cars would have to make 700hp to be 100hp per litre.

GT350 makes 526hp with a 5.2L

Nice try with your top fuel cars. lol

@ Chuck Taylor

Well you were talking about a limited production car...

You can't go buy a Shelby anywhere...

Top fuel cars make over 1000 hp per liter but they are super charged, so again you have no idea what you're talking about.

Again lets get back to the point of the article, Ford truck sales getting destroyed by GM Trucks.

Chevy Spoils Race Debut Of Mustang GT350R-C With Z/28.R Win At The Glen

Read more:

Little Chucky has to be just straight up POd. F-150 suck the new Mustang sucks. LOL It must be hard to be a Ford girl these days.

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