Chevy Beats Ford Through Midyear Sales


By most estimates, it looks like we're headed to a record year in auto sales, and pickup trucks look to be heading toward record levels as well. During the last few months we've seen Ford struggling a bit to keep up with 2014 monthly and year-to-date sales, while GM — the Chevrolet and GMC brands — are doing well with their full-size pickup sales, in some cases experiencing double-digit sales increases over last year.

Unfortunately, manufacturer monthly pickup sales numbers are not broken down by half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton segments. All the big-truck makers combine full-size pickup sales, so we typically can't see who has been selling more half-tons in a given month or for the year. However, we have access to's data experts, who are able to go deep into the sales totals (which typically includes both retail and fleet sales) and estimate what those numbers are likely to be. The big news in what they've shown thus far, halfway through the year, is that it looks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has just nosed ahead the Ford F-150.

Although we won't get the exact numbers until the final totals are tabulated at the end of the year, it looks like the race to be top dog in the half-ton segment will go right down to the wire. You can bet the Ford and GM marketing teams will be closely watching those sales and will likely offer some interesting, more aggressive incentives at different points through the fall. No doubt, all the truck makers will be hunting for the right strategy. For now, here are our half-ton sales calculations. Heavy-duty pickup forecast estimates are coming. photo by Evan Sears





It seems Ford numbers are being propped up by it's HDs.

Take the old steel F-150s out and the graph for the new aluminium F-150 wonder truck and it would be around that of the Ram.

If Ford can add both F-150s for it's total then GM should add GMC to Chev.

This graph illustrates that GM is light years in front of Ford in half ton numbers.

When I buy my new F150 those numbers will change. I'd rather support Ford than socialist GM or Fiat.

I've been saying this for years. When you actually break down sales, the Silverado 1500 for most of the past 15 years has out sold the F-150... Ford likes to spin it in 2 ways, and GM basiclly just lets it happen... 1) they say F-series but almost always play it as the F-150 and 2), they omit the Addition of GMC to the "GM" total .. again in most of the past 15 years if you added GMC and Chevy... "GM" would have been the best selling trucks... its all in how they protray it, and Ford does a good job at it no doubt.

Go Titan!

Who cares about GM! Worst trucks on the road. They'll be recalled before the new smell wears off.

Re: Chevy video on saving on repairs cost of $1700.00

GM save money at the bodyshop because they were using BONDO filler for repairs on steel panels.
You can not use filler on an aluminum fender.

So if you want a new or used Bondo Buggy buy a GM or Ram truck.

will ford debut the 2017 super duty at the texas state fair

I'm pretty sure once ford starts discounting their trucks like normal they will pick back up again in sales. It took chevy about a year to return to normal sales after they redesigned their truck. Also took a long time for ram sales to catch on when they did the big redesign in 2009 (even more than a year to really pick up). Sometimes being the top seller isn't as important if you are making more money per sale and your inventory isn't where it needs to be. No doubt ford trucks are the most profitable right now.

Big al has some extremely flawed logic. To say the chevy is light years ahead of the new ford is ridiculous for anybody that is somewhat reasonable. The new ford is a much better truck than the old one in just about every way, and the old one easily outsold chevy for the last few years.

folks, just buy what you like and quit bashing each other, my current truck is a 1996 f350 with 326k on the clock, still gets the job done and the paint still looks good(bought new in dec of 95)if the big three are counting on me to buy a new truck I'm probably disappointing the hell out of them!

@BAFO - Just stop already. You obviously have a big hardon for the *aluminum* F-150 and can't even think straight. The blood must be rushing from your brain.

Every brand combines the current model year, with last year's model, in "sales figures". We don't know if it's '14 Rams or '15 Rams.

But GMC is a completely different brand than Chevy, at least in consumer's minds, sold through a different network of dealers. Just as if Ford had "FMC" dealers and FMC pickups.

It creates another "free" opportunity for GM to sell more pickups to unsuspecting Buick shoppers and loyalists. Similarly, most Buick buyers would never own a stinkin' Chevy.

But it's not any different than Ford Rangers re-badged as Mazda pickups. Except we've never seen Ford combine Ranger sales with B or BT series Mazda pickups, have we??

The big news is the F-150 is close to outselling 1/2 ton Silverados, which would be a rare occurrence. Very rare.

This with handicapped F-150 production, short around 90,000 units from the changeover, not counting release cliches.

But it's the persistently weak HD Silverado sales that puts F-series way ahead of Chevy every year.

Silverado sales should have a dramatic increase in sales, as they were handicapped last year from their changeover.

This is just a big misread of information by the author/PUTC.

Ford makes the best HD which greatly helps their overall sales. Ram needs Cummins just to make their trucks appealing and GM obviously needs Allison and Isuzu (Duramax) to make their trucks. Ford makes the only true in house HD truck.

Not necessarily better being built in house. Cummins only does engines and they do them well where ford is not a specialized engine maker at least for diesels so they don't have all the experiance

Don't understand the thought process of the guy who thinks the steel and aluminum F150's should be counted separately. Why? They're both F150's. They're both the same brand and model. Would you have a Lariat counted separately from a King Ranch?

It appears people don't understand the strength of the aluminum being used. It's not cheap, thin, low-grade aluminum sheets. Aircraft, jets, are built out of this stuff. The government tests show it's stronger and handles collisions better than the steel bodied trucks.

Over time people will figure it out. Then, once again, GM will play catch up. It will be just like the other things they were caught with their pants down, like the heated steering wheel. Remember Howie Long's pooh-poohing the "sissy" heated steering wheel? A couple of years later GM caught up and now offer the same thing! This has happened over and over again.

GM is known for their negative ads. It's what number 2 usually does in an effort to convince people the other brand is not really better. How many years before GM starts using aluminum-bodied trucks? Just about as quickly as their engineers and designers can get those pants pulled up.

This says it all...

It's funny to watch the fan boys (Ford and GM) get their panties in a bunch.

Who cares about GM! Worst trucks on the road. They'll be recalled before the new smell wears off.

Posted by: Hemi V8 | Jul 11, 2015 8:42:10 AM


Ford makes the best HD which greatly helps their overall sales. Ram needs Cummins just to make their trucks appealing and GM obviously needs Allison and Isuzu (Duramax) to make their trucks. Ford makes the only true in house HD truck.

Posted by: Hemi V8 | Jul 11, 2015 11:15:15 AM

Sure thing. Just look at the tests on this site. Rams HD is the most capable best tow rig you can buy. G.M. can't compete and ford still has some work to do. Ford's diesels have been Garbage for so long with Navistar they don't have a good reputation.


What are you talking about?

The last HD tow test PUTC did, they chose the Sierra HD Duramax as their winner.

Damn I wish I owned a Ford!

Damn I wish I owned a Ford!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jul 11, 2015 3:13:40 PM


After driving a new F150 I might be changing my handle to ECOBOOST V6.

Dodge needs the Cummins? Much like gm needs the Isuzu and ford needs that pos international motor.

Wow I made somebody angry enough they used my name. Typical furdy. Has the maturity of an 8 year old. Good job, keep it up.


Ford went away from international in building their new 6.7. Likely why it's been a good diesel thus far.

Last Friday my area’s largest Ford dealer was offering $10,000 off on 2015 F-150’s and they sold 1 Friday 1 Saturday and 2 SUNDAY, 3 were 2014, 1was 2015. Today they are offering $12,000 off 2015 XLT super crew and they have only sold 1 2014. Inventory this morning was 802 new trucks with 6 new 2014’s now it’s 801 with 5 new 2014’s at 10 locations in the state.
Last December a Ford spokesperson told Automotive News No Ford will not run out of trucks because of shut downs and change overs , Ford will have over 300,000/2014 trucks in inventory going into 2015. So if Ford sales were 357,180 at the end of June how many were the new 2015 aluminum trucks????? Answer this PUTC and you’ll have some real news (no 2500 & up they are steel)?????


Without Cummins, Ram (not Dodge) would be dead in the water.


Without Cummins, Ram (not Dodge) would be dead in the water.

The site is acting screwy.

Ford is the only company that builds their own diesel engine IDIOT!

Fiat-RAM sucks! The Cummins is the only reason anybody buys one.

GM has to rely on Isuzu to build an diesel for them!

Ford wins again!

Fiat-RAM is constantly in TURD place! HAHAHAHA

Built Ford Tough!

Best selling truck in America and Canada!

I wish we we had a fleet buyers chart.

Petty well every pickup in Canada has huge discounts right now including the 2015 F150. All brands shovel them out the door most of the year.

@AD - Good point. Fleet sales are pure gravy. They'll buy 200 trucks at a time, all identical, white and speed up the assembly line. Then they won't complain about minor or medium cosmetic and mechanical issues. They'll burn up a 5 year powertrain warranty in 2, plus they drive the trucks into the ground instead of dumping late model pickups on the market, so fleets don't affect resale value of new retail pickups.

After driving a new F150 I might be changing my handle to ECOBOOST V6.

You mean EGOBOOST V6

All I know is that it has way more power down low than my old HEMI! The torque is unbelievable at low RPMs. It does benefit the ego.

combine totals for the two GM halftons and there is no doubt. the 2014 refresh was a success.

Yes, I'd like to see the breakdown with fleet sales as well.

GM wins again!

Fiat will soon be overtaken by GMC and Toyota.


Don't worry. After China's economy continues to melt down GM will again be filing for bankruptcy.

Your loser company is begging to merge with anyone they can.

GM told them to get lost! LOL!

@Aluminum man

Nah, he means EcoBEAST. Chevy and Ram guys are mad because they're getting embarrassed by a V6.


You should! You'll love your new EcoBEAST. It'll put that "HEMI" to shame.

GM is only leading sales due to their huge discounts. GM trucks are the worst looking trucks on the market. Hey GM, wheels are round so stop making square fenders! Or maybe they'll finally have some innovation and develop the square tire.

According to TrueCar the average price paid for my area (ZIP 28027 Concord, NC)

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew 4x4 Short Bed: $41,879

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Short Box 4x4 LTZ w/1LZ: $41,838

2015 Ford F-150 4x4 SuperCrew 5-1/2 Lariat: $42,705

2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Short Box 4x4 SLT: $42,226

2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 4x4 Short Bed 5.7L V8 Limited: $41,592

Wow! A lot of low information posters are out on this one. All Duramaxes ever built came from Duramax LTD in Moraine, Ohio. This is joint venture between Isuzu and GM. GM owned the majority of Isuzu's truck division at the time. Ram NEVER owned anything of Cummins. Ford's 6.7- although an in house design, is built in Mexico. The Navistar engines were all well designed and capable motors (in my opinion), crippled by govt. mandated emission systems.

Last I knew, the Duramax smoked the Cummins in tests towing similar loads. I highly doubt that if you overloaded the Duramax to the Ram's max. towing capacity that it would make much difference.

As I said here before, I wouldn't make too much of Ford's slump. Remember GM's slow sales in 2014 with their new design. Sometimes it takes a while for an idea to catch on, and many people won't buy the first year of a new design until the bugs are worked out

Your loser company is begging to merge with anyone they can.

GM told them to get lost! LOL!

Posted by: 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 | Jul 11, 2015 8:48:37 PM

By the time the U.S. Government is done with G.M. they might be begging for a merger. lol

The Times reports that GM and the federal government are negotiating a settlement that is expected to top Toyota's $1.2 billion--the largest penalty ever paid by an automaker-- fine for concealing an issue with vehicle acceleration.

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