Ford, GMC Lead Satisfaction Study

F150 FX4 II

Although Chevrolet has been questioning real-world repair costs and overall durability of the all-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 with a barrage of recent social media videos, it seems like the people buying the new Ford half-ton are happy with their vehicle choice — at least according to AutoPacific's 2015 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

In its most recent vehicle satisfaction survey of 66,000 owners of model-year 2015 vehicles, the Ford F-150 took top honors in the light-duty class with some of the highest scores ever. And for the second year in a row, the Ford Super Duty won the heavy-duty pickup division. The GMC Canyon had the highest ratings in the compact pickup category. Survey respondents answered questions about 50 different attributes — from cabin comfort to style to gas mileage — about vehicles from 11 automakers.

It's worth noting that the 2015 Ford F-150 had the second highest score ever recorded in AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Awards — for truck or car — and the highest score ever recorded for any pickup truck.

To read more about AutoPacific's VSA, click here. And to see a full listing of all winners, click here.

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Built Ford Tough!

Wow. This is gonna be painful for the fanboys on this site. I can see the hate already lol. But on a bright note, congrats to all who bought these trucks and love them.

"The Ford F-150 took top honors in the light-duty class with some of the highest scores ever."

Yea, a real flop the F-150. Bravo Ford, leader in innovations

I do love my new Super Duty! Would buy again in a second. I also loved my previous F150. Can't say that about the 06 Silverado I once bought.


Can't wait for the Dodge girls to show up and tell everyone how much they love their Fiats.

Who in the **** is auto pacific? I'm sure if you stoop to a low enough source you will find the results you are looking for.

I know must cringe having to include the phrase 'the Ford F-150 took top honors'.

I'd buy my 2011 F250 again no questions asked. It tows like a champ.

Yup. Just like what ram does right?


You do realize this site was started by a guy who went on to work at Ford, right?


It won't be painful for the Ford fan boys, of which there are many.

@ Chris. Mark Williams is not Mike Levine.

I know it's not Mark but you know he still has a lot of influence on this site.

Never heard of them. I have heard of Consumer reports though. They buy their test vehicles so their is no @$$ kissing. Here is what they said. " Is it a good truck? Consumer Reports finally has the answer. Indeed, the F-150 is a good truck, but the Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra and Ram 1500 are better."

Was the questionnaire done while sitting in Fords massage chair? lol

They should look for more articles about how great other trucks are.
I bet there's a top honors for other trucks if you look good especially ram.

Look around*

So just because Mike Levine now works at Ford, you people say PUTC is biased. You all have nothing better to do.

Please, go spend time with your family and stop complaining about who makes a better truck.

This report clearly shows who's doing it right. Let it go. Life is too short.

Who in the world is Auto Pacific?

@ frank it's written on the wall, just look at the cover photo and paragraph. It has the Ford not the Gmc compact, and it's not just this article.

AutoPacific surveyed 66,000 owners of model-year 2015 cars from 11 automakers who have owned their car for less than six months. The firm surveyed owners on 50 separate attributes, including cabin comfort, vehicle styling, driving performance and gas mileage. Tesla had the highest satisfaction rate among premium brands, while GM's GMC division led all mass-market brands. The General won five awards, tying Hyundai-Kia for the most from any single automaker. Nissan scored three awards, while Honda, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volkswagen, Ford, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and BMW got one or two awards apiece.

" while GM's GMC division led all mass-market brands."

G.M also leads in RECALLS! Go figure. Something smells fishy to me. Who doesn't mind buying a brand new car and than continue to return it to the dealer for another recall. Time off work, time not enjoying the vehicle.

Only a half-wit would be satisfied by a truck that is: too expensive, pay more to insure, pay more to fix when it damaged, pay more in fuel (right you 16.9 mpg 2.7 egoboost owners; but don't you worry, you might average that 19mpg city you were promised some day, if you take a long trip and keep it under 55mph), and has the worst ride, handling, interior, and infotainment of the domestic players.

Really the only thing that Ford can brag about is payload numbers, but when a ram at 100% payload is safer and easier to drive then a ford at 50% payload, it makes them look naive when they do.

@Bc-lube, AMEN!

Ford for the win!

@ bclube. Yup spoken like a crying ram fan boi hahaha . If I want a car I would buy a car. Not a truck that carries a payload like a car.

you can keep your Ford Taurus engined ford with its tin can body


AutoPacific is a future-oriented automotive marketing research and product-consulting firm. Since our inception in 1986, we have served the automotive industry with expertise in market research, product development, product and market planning and marketing. Every year we publish a wide variety of syndicated studies on the automotive industry. We also regularly conduct extensive proprietary research and consulting for auto manufacturers, distributors, marketers and suppliers worldwide.

July numbers must be really bad for F150.

What does the repair cost of aluminum have to do with how much you like the vehicle? These aren't the same thing. It does shown people like new F150, though.

Ford untroduced a new half ton diesel.


"I know it's not Mark but you know he still has a lot of influence on this site."

" it's written on the wall, just look at the cover photo and paragraph. It has the Ford not the Gmc compact, and it's not just this article."

You're not me!


Take your own advice.

Ask these people if they are satisfied.

Funny to see the posts from fake bc and hemiV8

Those dudes are lacking in mental loctite.

Consumer Reports is a wet dream for them but they prefer cars not trucks.

This is what PUTC said about 4th place Ram:

"Ram lost most of its points was in its limited payload, braking numbers and the ride quality of the air suspension when towing or loaded."

Consumer Reports confirms my belief that if you want a truck as a replacement for BOF sedans then go out and buy a Ram. If you expect it to do some work then buy a Ford or GM truck.

The rams payload is well over 1/2 a ton 1300-1950 lbs. it's a very capable half ton and Ram has chosen not to participate in the I can haul more then you can race. Ford has chosen to do it and that's why it rides like crap. My 1995 Chevy had a half ton capacity but rode way better then this Ford.

Speaking of mental loctite Lou-BC, Who's work truck is the KING of beast's?

More Guts

More Capability

More Ram!

Stay thirsty!

I must have ruffled the insecure little feathers of the fake hemi guy and Lou bc. They are trying to call me a ram guy when I prefer gm. Too bad they don't realize that they are so far up fords rectum they don't realize the are surrounded by feces.

Enjoy your ignorant views. Getting all of your info off one test, when the large majority of other tests show the Ford lacking and ram still being better. So sad.


What tests are these? Ram sucks and will always be third or worse. FACT.

Ford and GM are about equal in terms of quality with the edge going to Ford for innovation. Ram is bottom of the barrel.

@chris, Here are the facts.


Ooh another furdy that I ruffled. Thanks for your input chris.

Look at previous putc compairisons, the last two motortrend compairisons, car and driver, autoblog, edmunds, left lane news and my butt all have the Ford the worst ride and handling of the domestics.

The only thing ford is first in is sales, marketing bs, tarded fanbois, and dealer rebates on brand new trucks. With fords current downward trend it won't be long and they won't be sales king much longer, they better figure out a way to keep the areas.

I wonder if ford has a steel body truck ready to go, I think by now they better rolling some heads, because what they have now isn't working.


Wrong again. I drive a GMC Sierra and a BMW 335i. I haven't owned a Ford since 2005.

Auto Pacific is very very small survey firm. CS is 500 times of a larger operation that also tests. Find a legit firm next time, this on is like going to a bar and asking a bunch of drunks what they think.

GMC leading in customer satisfaction doesn't surprise me. Those that I know who own GMC Sierras really like them and would not have anything else but them. GMC has had a resurgence in popularity and is making some nice trucks.

Test drove the new F150 last night with the new 2.7 and I loved it. Maybe a change oh heart is coming!

Really bad that ram didn't make the cut again. You have to build quality vehicles that last and please the ones who buy them. That's not something todays or yesterdays ram trucks have done and don't look like they are gonna do it anytime soon with all those recall fines adding up in the millions of dollars. Gotta hurt.

FCA has inconsistent quality issues.

Even here in Australia many like their FCA Jeeps, Dodges, Chryslers, etc. But, there are many horror stories involving the US made FCA products.

Inconsistent quality would be a relatively simple problem to resolve. For the quality issues to continue like they have for decades at Chrysler means its a cultural problem that is deeply rooted from the top to the bottom.

I'm not a big fan of the consumer reports.

@Big Al,

I agree. FCA has had a lot of quality issues. I once bought a 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had the transmission rebuilt three times before they finally issued a recall.

@Hemi V8, That's funny. I bought a Ford once. It burnt to the ground in my works parking lot which was a chemical plant. Ford finally recalled it after it was gone. Had to make payments on a vehicle I couldn't drive. One of millions of Fords FIRE RECALLS!

2011 F150's were burning on the assembly line with no gas in them.

Here is a 2012,

Here is a 2016,

2015 Ford F-150 Recalled for Fire Risk!

Looks like not much has changed. Still built Ford flammable.

HEMI must have forgot about that brand new Ram Longhorn that burned to the ground in Texas.

@ Hemi V8

Funny you post that, just a few days ago I found out an older gentleman, I know of, had just purchased a 2006 F-150 CrewCab 2WD 5.4L w/ 177,000 miles, he had taken trips to TJ a few times and around a week ago he recounted that he heard a loud clunk or pop under the truck and that it caught fire, IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT, just like in those links you posted.

This seems to be a recurring theme with F-150s,

SERIOUSLY what's the matter ford?

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