Ford, GMC Lead Satisfaction Study

F150 FX4 II

Although Chevrolet has been questioning real-world repair costs and overall durability of the all-aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 with a barrage of recent social media videos, it seems like the people buying the new Ford half-ton are happy with their vehicle choice — at least according to AutoPacific's 2015 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

In its most recent vehicle satisfaction survey of 66,000 owners of model-year 2015 vehicles, the Ford F-150 took top honors in the light-duty class with some of the highest scores ever. And for the second year in a row, the Ford Super Duty won the heavy-duty pickup division. The GMC Canyon had the highest ratings in the compact pickup category. Survey respondents answered questions about 50 different attributes — from cabin comfort to style to gas mileage — about vehicles from 11 automakers.

It's worth noting that the 2015 Ford F-150 had the second highest score ever recorded in AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Awards — for truck or car — and the highest score ever recorded for any pickup truck.

To read more about AutoPacific's VSA, click here. And to see a full listing of all winners, click here.

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@ Free Dog Tacos, It's in Fords DNA. Nobody has had more vehicle recalls for FIRE than ford. Just GOOGLE FORD FIRE!
After paying payments on a vehicle I couldn't drive to keep my credit good I swore I would never buy another one. Now Ford is adding more electrical load for things like a massage chair. The saga continues. Fords are FIRES waiting for a place to happen. Must don't even need to be running to catch Fire.

After driving a Ford I may have to change my name to ECOBOOST V6. What a sweet ride.

After driving a Ford I think I may change my handle to ECOBOOST V6.

After driving a new F150 I might be changing my handle to ECOBOOST V6.

After driving a new F150 I might be changing my handle to ECOBOOST V6.


Fiat-RAM is trash!

I'd drive a Yugo before a gas engine RAM!

Built Ford Tough Baby!

I love my F-150. I traded a flawless 2009 with 150,000 miles for it.

People just hate admitting they made a mistake. And Ford truck owners prove that is a true statement. I am curious why the new Ford pop can is not selling well if the survey is true to the fact.

I'm a die-hard Ford guy always have been so there's no reason arguing with anyone because no one's going to change my mind just like I'm not going to change A Dodge fans mind or General Motors fans mind so why argue About it? plus I think its funny when Chevy fan Or a dodge fan bring up ford truck catching on fire it seems like they always post a prototype vehicle on fire not an actual vehicle that someone's using. I have seen brand new Escalades on YouTube that were on fire the people are test driving and there's also one of a gentleman had a brand new Silverado in his driveway warming up and it caught on fire plus I seen a video of a new Dodge Ram on the side of the freeway with the trailer on fire so it happens to all of them

This certainly gives us a view as to how far the Canyon has come, no one just a few years back would think of GM's Mid-Sized Trucks being placed in the same category as the Ford F-150 in terms of Good Sales and overall Customer Satisfaction, this is a reflection that GM will no longer accept being just "Good Enough" anymore and understands some of the lessons learned from it's Bail Out..... Keep the positive Manufacturing Practices Going!!!!

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