Ford Revs Up Discounts on F-150

C 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum Crew II

Ford is offering as much as $10,000 in discounts on its F-150, with certain half-ton Fords in select regions getting cash on the hoods. Ford pickup truck sales are down overall — more than 2 percent when compared to the first half of 2014, and June sales specifically took a pretty big hit, falling off 8.9 percent.

According to Automotive News, Ford pointed out that average transaction prices for the new all-aluminum F-150 are far above average 2014 prices, and the truckmaker is averaging less money on the hood when compared to what GM and Ram are offering.

There's little doubt the F-150 is taking the brunt of the sales hit for Ford lately, as it completely rebuilt two huge F-150 plants to accommodate the new construction and manufacturing processes needed for the first fully aluminized half-ton pickup truck. In fact, F-150 sales look like they're down a good chunk compared to the surging Chevrolet Silverado 1500, but Ford has yet to fully satisfy dealership orders. Additionally, several reports have noted the F-150's frame supplier plants have caused some delays as well.

Fortunately for Ford, Super Duty sales are still well above Ram truck or GM (combined Chevy and GMC heavy duty) sales, and according to early spy reports, the next-generation Super Duty F-250 and F-350 will go through as much of a radical change as its smaller brother just endured. What that might mean to 2016 pickup truck sales (the Super Duty has only one production plant in Kentucky — not two that can be staggered when rebuilt) is anyone's guess.

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If there is a shortage of trucks why in the hell would they discount them 10 thousand. Makes no sense it was Ford trying to hide there poor sales and now the truth is coming out.

They know this truck is being outsold by Silverado, that's all.

Ford is having problems. But, in the battle for marketshare, it shouldn't be long before gm matches those discounts.

The Ford dealerships in my area are advertising $10K off of new F150s in my area. Not sure why this is so surprising--Ford, GM, and Fiat have been doing this forever... it was bound to happen sooner or later.

There's no shortage of F-150's in Boise, Lithia is stacked up with them!!

Ford, GM, and Ram dealers in Central Texas have been discounting trucks like crazy for years. A few months ago, Fords weren't at the level of discounts they are now. I was seeing 7-8k off sticker this Spring and now most are advertising 10-11k off. I got 13.6k off my 2015 Silveraydo 1500. It isn't that hard to get a decent chunk of money discounted if you look around.

Just out of curiosity I went to Ford's website and checked inventory in my area.
I got a return of 114 trucks within 7 miles of me with all cab configurations and all in stock. Cheapest one was $24,2K. To be honest with you I wouldn't necessarily buy from my local dealers. I bought my wife's SUV from a dealer 50 miles away. They gave me better deal than locals.

Extended inventory check returned 100+ trucks. So I broke it down by cab configuration. I got 27 regular cabs (all stock). 100+ extended cabs. Once you click 'show more' it actually shows 200 trucks (154 stock, 46 on order). And 100+ crew cabs. Again it showed 200 trucks (141 stock and 59 on order).
That's plenty of trucks to choose from.

I drove by a dealer the other day and it had waaay over 50 trucks on the lot.

There is no shortage... its made up... drive by any ford dealer and you'll see an abundance of F150s in any color or configuration...


Ford is admitting to their failure with their new pop can truck! More failure to follow with the new SD pop can!

Super Duty will follow the same path the F150 is going. Ford is sweating and is too far in to back out and retool the super duty back to steel.

"Ford has yet to satisfy dealer orders" Huh? Around here Ford dealers have a freaking sea of trucks standing on the lots. I call that statemnt BS!

Even with discounts it's way overpriced for what it became. Why do I say that?:
1 - A lighter vehicle (Aluminum truck) is a less safe one in a collision with another vehicle (momentum - physics)
2 - A lighter truck has more trouble towing a heavy trailer (think about a car with the most powerful engine trying to pull a trailer 3 times it's own weight - basic physics)
3 - A smaller displacement supercharged engine life expectancy is way lower than a diesel or regular v8
4 - A smaller displacement supercharged engine fuel efficiency is lower under heavy load than a diesel or regular v8
5 - Aluminum body repairs are way more expensive than regular metal

I agree with DUTCh. We are about to see a truck war.
We the consumer are the ones that will benefit from it.

Wow everyone's a know it all because their local dealers are stocked. SMH They just now started selling to fleet. Its been all non fleet to this point.

Its been reported "Normally, commercial fleet buyers account for a significant portion of Ford's (and GM's) full-size pickup sales. But until recently, Ford was holding off on sending the new trucks to its commercial fleet customers."

You see trucks. I see dumb people. Just b/c you see trucks doesn't mean its the normal inventory amunt or the right mix. Inventory is about half of what it should be and not the right mix.

"Just out of curiosity I went to Ford's website and checked inventory in my area.
I got a return of 114 trucks within 7 miles of me with all cab configurations and all in stock."

Websites don't tell you what's on the lots.

Going by inventory online my local Ford dealer shows 145 F150s.
Just went through three pages of F150 inventory at the local Ford dealer. 21 of 45 trucks shown in inventory aren't on the lot.

My friend who is a dealer has an inventory that says it is almost twice the amount he ACTUALLY has.

However, I wouldn't call it reasonable inventory without some feedback from the dealership. I don't know if just doing a cursory glance as you drive down the road and seeing "50" F-150's is 'reasonable inventory' for this location, but I have a strong sense that it is not.

lol at the gm fanbois of gm trucks with extensive use of aluminum and more aluminum coming wishing Ford would go back to steel. That ship has sailed.

Online inventory at my local dealer is "19" for the 2015 F-150 BUT only "7" are actually on the lot and for sale.

I am so happy that I was able to find a new 2014 F150 Lariat Screw 157 WB 6.5 Bed 4x4 OffRoad Pkg. with the 6.2L V8 and Max Tow Pkg. with out the fairy tail gate step! A very unique configuration. The 2015 is ugly and the interior is so cheap. My knee rubs on a hard surface, the door handle. My 2014, my knee will some times touch a soft surface, not to mention there's 2 inches more width. They made for little people like the head designer and engineer. They royally fucked it up. I would have to go GM next time.

@Chris, All fake numbers. That's the old TOP MSRP before discount equipment pkgs trick. smh.

All 89 are not in stock......for example searching lowest to highest shows that 6 out of 10 F-150s are not in stock on the last page, and son.



Where does it say they aren't in stock?

It says "actual photo not available". That doesn't mean they aren't in stock.

If they weren't in stock, it would say "in-transit" or "dealer ordered, not yet available".

This dealership has 10 different locations in NC and Chris only showed one. This morning all dealers combined had 800 and right now they have 796.They sold 2 yesterday and 4 today. They advertise trucks of all that may be on another lot.

I for one would never buy a new pickup if I couldn't get at least 10,000 off msrp. It's not even a great deal until it's 12 to 14,000 off msrp in my opinion.

when you consider that the f150 lost 100,000 units of production due to the plant changeovers it makes sense why they are down in inventory, up in average transaction price, and down in overall sales. 10,000 off msrp is normal. I could go to my dodge dealer and get that on a ram all year.

Resale value.

2015 F-150 retains 58 percent of its value after three years.

2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra each retain 51 percent of their value after three years.

2015 Ram 1500 will hold on to 46 percent of its value after three years.

The 2015 F150 the biggest fail in truck history HAHA! Chucky we'll see what them Ford a worth in 3 years after the glue wears off and the rivits rust away leaveing fenders and bed sides laying on the side of the roads!

I agree with madmax above, if there's a shortage why the hell would they discount them so much!
The big three all eventually end up offering close to 10k off each model year.
I bought a dodge ram 1500 at the end of 08, as the redesigned 09's were being built. I got over $13,000 off the $40k plus sticker. I just purchased a 14 ram 1500 in sept. and got a little over $10,000 off. That's 25% off the sticker!

Unlike a few of you, I like all three brands and do not come here to bash the brands I don't own. All 3 brands have their good and bad qualities and you really can't go wrong. Just pick the one that suits your needs/taste.

Hey gonzo, I see physics wasn't your strong point in school! Its been proven time and again, take a car from the 60's with a comparable size car of today and have a head on collision! I'm pretty sure u wouldn't want to be in the older car which had a lot more metal and steel in it and weighted substantially more! It's called technology and innovation. Also, to your second point....other than torque increases, trucks weigh a lot more now than they did a decade ago which were still made of steel then and I didn't hear people complaining about towing because their trucks didn't weigh 5,900 lbs! I agree with your other points on the ecoboost. I will say this, once Ford comes out with their 10 speed tranny and adds a small diesel, they'll be in the fuel efficiency lead by far. Think about it for a second, the comparable size ram vs Ford, the ram weighs on avg 1,000 lbs more! Once Ford makes these few minor adjustments, ram and gm will be switching to aluminum! Whether you want to admit it or not, Ford sets the bar when it comes to trucks and everyone else plays catchup. By the time they catch up, Ford sets a new bar!!!

Who helped ford develop that sweet 10spd? GM?

will the 2017 super duty debut at the state fair of texas No comparison when old vs new cars crash, even though the older car weighs more and has thicker metal. The old fallacy about a heavier vehicle not slowing down as much is just that. I saw a car crash head on with a school bus and they both stopped pretty much in the same place, but the car was traveling faster.

My point Tom is that a new Ford weighing 1,000 lbs less than a new ram has no relevance when it comes to crashes! Why the hell would Ford make a vehicle less safe than the next guy? Answer....they wouldn't! And yes, vehicles back they had thicker sheet metal but couldn't absorb energy worth a crap! Also, how thick is the sheet metal on your truck.....I bet it's three times thinner than the aluminum on the new Ford!

My name is Hash and I work at Coastal Ford. You can google our dealership and see my pic and call me tomorrow to confirm my statements. I love Ford and I work for them but the F150 sales have been underwhelming since the start. We have never had a shortage except in November or December and even that was minor. We have been told to consistently be positive about the truck. We have been discounting them heavily since March but we could not advertise it because Ford did not want any links on the internet. However things have changed. My GSM had a meeting last week and now its full on! We are free to advertise our discounts now and we are under pressure to get all deals done. Our offers now range between 4-6k off plus employee pricing plus regional deals. It works to about 9-13k off. We have been discounting them heavily at least since February and full on since April. I can tell you the biggest gripe from my customers is not the aluminum part at all! Its the engines!! People want the 3.7 not the 3.5. People are vary of the 2.7. It is just working soo hard and it scares people. Then the 3.5 has had reliability issues which have been fixed but it worries people and that just leaves you with the 5.0. Awesome engine but it limits your choices, trims and fuel economy. A diesel would do wonders for us. I've sold 11 F150s myself. Six 5.0 six 3.5 and one 2.7. My mix is not a complete representation of my dealership but its close. The second biggest gripe of the F150 is still not the aluminum part! Its the doors on the extended cab. People are really turned off by the clamshell. Specially when wives show up during the purchase.

6 plus 6 plus 1 equals 11?

Canadian math must be different. Smokin, my comment wasn't for you. I saw the vid where the guy takes a sledge to a 2015 F150 bed. I wish they had done the same with the GM and Ram products.

Ford having problems for sure, that would be why they are the fasting selling halfton, a good problem to have

Since the inception of the aluminium F-150 I have made comments regarding the multiple issues Ford will encounter with the aluminium truck.

It's not that the truck is necessarily a poor vehicle.

The problem is the engine/drivetrain offerings, failed FE expectations, the change to a new and unfamiliar material, cost to a degree, etc.

The new 2015 F-150 did not produce a pickup that should of been a generation in front of it's competitors. Ford produced a competitive pickup, yes.

This is where Ford has failed.

Ford created a false sense of high expectations with it's constant rollout of marketing hype. Who is to blame????.............................Mike Levine???? What's his role in this???

Ford execs need to dig deep and see where a plethora of failures were created by them with this vehicle, from it's conception, to the ridiculous explanations from the Ford marketing about the deficient sales and takeup of the new 2015 aluminium F-150.

Read closely. They aren't discounting ALL F150 models. Willing to put money it is on the slow selling models only. The old advertise discounts then find out it's on the 3.5 non ecoboost V6 and only regular or extended cab models, but her since you are here lets show you this truck....

Chuck Taylor That's cool but this is a truck site and the old Camaro smokes the brand new Mustang big whoop! F150 sinking like a rock.

Chuck Taylor That's cool but this is a truck site and the old Camaro smokes the brand new Mustang big whoop! F150 sinking like a rock.

I get it that aluminum can be more expensive and all, but they should've been priced them a little more competitively from the start.

@Johnny Doe Boy

What's JDB, the little small block Ford 316 beat your big block Chevy 427 at a pro racetrack with pro drivers (not some lame reporter at a Walmart parking lot testing 2 cars. LOL

Sorry Chucky cheese just not in the mood to go down that far to match you're level today, got things to do.

Ford has what's coming to them. They overpriced the F-150, abandoned and insulted the Ranger loyalists, and morphed their compact SUV into a pregnant Focus chick car. Having bought an F-150, Explorer, Ranger, and three Ford sedans in the 90's, they have nothing for me now,

They may have knocked 10k off the sticker but the sticker is over $10k to much to start with. a king ranch is $64k. That's ridiculous for 1500 truck without even a diesel engine. I paid less for my 2014 Ram 2500 CTD Laramie full loaded with all options than Ford is charging for there F150 Lariat. That's just stupid. they (not just ford) marked the msrp up so much then act like they are giving you a deal with $10k off. 10k off is the real sticker price for all of them.

apart from their gas/turbo sixes I'm cool with Ford's half ton truck since 2011.

The F150 XLT 5.0 engine is something I could live with and the jury is still out on the use of alloy for body panels. All in all I wish 'em no harm, but damn, their 2015 has really laid an egg sales-wise.

If their sales don't recover between now and Thanksgiving, or Christmas at the latest, some hi-paid heads are gonna roll in Dearborn.

@papa jim--Ford will most likely have some aggressive discounts through the end of the year and possibly through next year. I think it is mostly the price and reluctance on some to buy an aluminum body truck. Over the long run the F-150 will sell but it will take some discounting and some more time for many to get use to it. In the mean time GM and Ram are not going to stand still, they will continue the discounts as well. GM and Ram are in a very good place now.

Can't be doing all that bad. Still beating Ram, GMC and Toyota. LOL. Plus still leading in overall sales this year.

All the hype leading up to this brand spanking all new truck is being watered down already with heavy discounts like it is on it's final model year run. Sorry Ford, should have tweaked the old one and milked those for another 7 years. Now the Silverado is on top, where it should be. Nevermind Ford, keep making the new ones!!

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