Ford Revs Up Discounts on F-150

C 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum Crew II

Ford is offering as much as $10,000 in discounts on its F-150, with certain half-ton Fords in select regions getting cash on the hoods. Ford pickup truck sales are down overall — more than 2 percent when compared to the first half of 2014, and June sales specifically took a pretty big hit, falling off 8.9 percent.

According to Automotive News, Ford pointed out that average transaction prices for the new all-aluminum F-150 are far above average 2014 prices, and the truckmaker is averaging less money on the hood when compared to what GM and Ram are offering.

There's little doubt the F-150 is taking the brunt of the sales hit for Ford lately, as it completely rebuilt two huge F-150 plants to accommodate the new construction and manufacturing processes needed for the first fully aluminized half-ton pickup truck. In fact, F-150 sales look like they're down a good chunk compared to the surging Chevrolet Silverado 1500, but Ford has yet to fully satisfy dealership orders. Additionally, several reports have noted the F-150's frame supplier plants have caused some delays as well.

Fortunately for Ford, Super Duty sales are still well above Ram truck or GM (combined Chevy and GMC heavy duty) sales, and according to early spy reports, the next-generation Super Duty F-250 and F-350 will go through as much of a radical change as its smaller brother just endured. What that might mean to 2016 pickup truck sales (the Super Duty has only one production plant in Kentucky — not two that can be staggered when rebuilt) is anyone's guess.

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@Jeff S

They don't have until next year. As I have said before, 90 days is a very long time in the car business--next year is forever.

Some big shots at Ford are headed for the gallows if things don't get better in a hurry.

@papa jim--Maybe so but in the next 90 days there will some aggressive discounting. Even if the big shots go they will have very golden parachutes.

You've got to put $10,000 on the hood of this POS for anyone to buy it. Who's going to pay $50k for a recycled beer can? LOL

5.7 Tundra will stomp that Ecoturd out on the street.

You guys still talk about the aluminum part, but I believe the ford sales guy Hash that says the weird engines and the 1990s style extended cab door are bigger issues. Makes sense. I see A TON of tundra doublecab GM doublecab and Ram quadcabs but I have seen maybe two 2015 F150 extended cabs all year. Whoever made the call on those doors should be shot.

In all honesty, if someone offeres discounts on a brand new model right as it debuts, that is not a good thing. Sales have been off pace from the last F150, it isn't like they dipped below GMC or something drastic. IIRC GM sales tanked for a bit on their 1500s after the redesign as well. Add in the frugal people who waited for the 2015 so they could get screaming deals on leftover 2014s that needed to get cleared off lots and you get sales being a bit off. My dad initially wanted a 2015 but couldn't say no to the deal the dealer was cutting him on a hold over 2014.

@KeithCT--Ford dealers in Cincinnati and N KY still have some 2014 F-150s left and the deals are really good. If you keep your truck longer than 5 years then it can pay to get the left over models but if you trade often then the savings is lost on the added amount of depreciation For me it would pay to get the left over model since I keep my vehicles for 10+ years.

The Elizabethtown KY frame plant had a fire and burnt one powder coating line down last month. It's still not replaced that is the main reason ford can't supply dealers with everything they have ordered.

crfq68 - GM and RAM buy their transmissions from Allison. Ford is the only Manufacturer that builds everything. Please don't embarrass yourself with your lack of intelligence, get educated you idiot!!!

Reading through the comments I am not sure if some read the story. I know that there was a shortage of F150 trucks. My local dealer is one of the largest if not the largest Ford dealer in Florida. He had about around five F-150s in March. Then April saw around ten to fifteen. I kept visiting every few weeks to find one I liked. Then everything broke loose in June when they received up to 100 or so trucks. In mid July when I purchased one, they had 135 trucks on hand. They are selling them too. The point is that NOW there is not a shortage.

I don't believe Ford F-150 sales are good. I been shopping for a new truck for months, doing my homework and my local ford dealer has the same trucks sitting in their lot for months and they only have 19 f150 and it's been like that for a while. I love ford trucks but I think they are overpriced, I may go with the silverado instead.

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