GM Recall Could Expand, But Just in Case

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Recent recall reports noted that the now-dead Hummer H3T pickup truck was recalled by GM for reasons pertaining to a particular HVAC electrical connector that could overheat and potentially lead to an interior fire. Of course, we want all Hummer H3T owners to take the issue seriously and contact their local GM dealerships, but it is a little curious that the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which are built off the same production line in Shreveport, La., and, in fact, share many of the same parts as the recalled H3T, have not been recalled.

As is often the case inside internet chat rooms, this issue has been discussed and dealt with for quite a while. Interestingly, the fix for the current GMT 355 (GM's internal platform identification number for these vehicles) Colorado and Canyon vehicles, which could have potential problems with the identified heating, ventilation and air-conditioning connector, is to replace the unit with, of all things, a Toyota electrical connector. The replacement part, as reported by several vehicle owners, seems to work just fine and solve the overheating problem.

It should be noted that this particular GM part could also be involved with the similarly platformed SUV versions as well; meaning certain versions of the Chevy TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy.

More information about the issue and a possible solution can be found by starting at this link.

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Denso tech > Delphi tech

If I had a dollar for every GM recall... I think I'd be rich!

The TB (360) doesn't share the same platform as the Collie (355), despite similar designs.

I read that this is becoming a big federal case as gm knew all this before hand. seems like ram has the same problem.

G.M. may face criminal charges over faulty ignition switches.

The penalty is expected to eclipse the record high $1.2 billion Toyota paid out last year for concealing a problem with sudden accelerations in some of its vehicles.



More GM junk being recalled.

I'm sure a few Ford and Fiat turds will follow tomorrow.

Nobody builds a vehicle with quality and reliability like Toyota and Honda.

I'm sure you missed the whole Toyota sudden acceleration thing...or the whole Honda shrapnel airbag ordeal...or perhaps that the part causing issues on these vehicles was a Toyota part.


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