Happy 4th of July Weekend From PickupTrucks.com

4th of July F-150 II

No matter what you're doing this long weekend, we hope you're enjoying yourself with a pickup truck. We don't even care what size it is, large or small is just fine. We know there will be plenty of parades throughout the weekend, so let us know when and where you'll be enjoying the festivities. If there's a local parade or festival you want to let others know about, feel free to post the details in our comments section below. Who knows? Maybe we'll show up and snap some photos.

Cars.com photo by Mark Williams


03_Dundee_parade_t1200 II



This 4th is awesome, Ford boys are crying like little girls over the downward toilet flush of Ford trucks Sales. I'm drink a lot of beer to that HAHA!

I hope the guys have a great 4th of July.

Love that Ford truck. Johnny doeboy you have zero class.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July

Johnny, This is not the place for that hateful comment.

Johnny durp you're a sad little child, you shouldn't be drinking beer...
Happy 4th everyone! Hope to see a lot of Ford trucks flying our nation's flag out there! Be safe, don't drink and drive, and don't drive a chevrolame! Hahaha

HAPPY 4RTH OF JULY TO YOU! God bless the U.S.A. and the men and women who keep her safe.


Wanted to apologize for my comment earlier you guys.. Johnny just kinda got me going. I honestly don't care what you're driving, I just want everyone to have a good Independence Day! God bless America!!!

Happy 4th of July to all.If your gonna drink,please don't drive.If you live out west where I do,be damn careful with your fireworks please.

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