New F-150 Costs L-E-S-S to Repair

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The last thing most people want to think about when they purchase a new vehicle is how much repairs will cost. However, that issue has been at the heart of some media stories and ad campaigns about the 2015 Ford F-150. They claim that aluminum is not as good as steel, and aluminum repairs are more costly.

Foundational assumptions go like this: Because the new aluminum body is more exotic, fewer repair experts are certified, repairs are more complex, and hourly and material costs will likely be higher than conventional steel repairs.

However, from what we're seeing, the truth is very different. The monthly newsletter for the Assured Performance Network, a nonprofit third-party repair-advocacy organization, is reporting that the 2015 Ford F-150 is actually less expensive to repair when comparing the average cost of its repairs to the average cost of repairing 2014 models. And it's less expensive by a wide margin.

Early statistics collected by Assured Performance from the Certified-Recognized Ford National Body Shop Program shows that the average cost of repairs on the 2015 aluminum-alloy F-150 is almost $870 less than the average cost of repairs for a steel-bodied 2014 F-150.

To be fair, these early 2015 F-150 repair costs are based on just 337 repairs so far this year from 121 Assured Performance member shops, while the full 2014 average is taken from a much larger — 1,238 — number of repairs from over 300 shops. The average repair cost for the 2014 Ford F-150 was $2,345.97, while the average repair cost of the new F-150 to date was $1,476.93.

Here's exactly how the newsletter delivered the information:

"As most know early on controversy swirled around cost and complexity of repairing the new aluminum alloy-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 compared to its steel-bodied predecessor.

"And the answer is? Early statistics provided by you and others in the Certified-Recognized Ford National Body Shop Program, show that average cost of repairing the 2015 F-150 is $1,476.93 based upon 337 repairs. Compare that to [the] 2014 F-150 at $2,345.97 based upon 1,238 repairs, or $869.04 less! This is also comparable to other full size pickups.

"Albeit early, and based upon limited data, that is significant!"

Whether 2015 F-150 repair costs will continue to trend low throughout the rest of the year remains to be seen (from what we're told, repair costs typically jump a bit during winter months), but it looks like preliminary reports from the repair industry about the new half-ton's modular construction and advanced materials are saving Ford buyers money. 

It should be noted this repair data makes no distinctions between cab configurations, which could become an issue for truck-makers (particularly half-ton makers) that have modified structural designs for different cab configurations that could result in varied crash test results. This topic is likely to become more popular as more comprehensive testing is done. 

Finally, common sense would tell you that if this Assured Performance report does pan out, insurance costs (also speculated to rise) could remain similar to last year or even drop a little. At a time when average prices for new pickup trucks keep climbing, wouldn't it be nice if we could save a little money when insuring the vehicle?

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This report is 100% useless. .. its an average of repairs completed thus far which is far less than the total number of repairs last year... when you compare cost of repairs you compair apples to apples.. this is an apples or orange comparison...hypothetically lets say every repair this year was a paint scrape repair amd every repair last year was a small dent in the quarter panel... of course the paint scrape rpair is cheaper... again completely usless report.. just another lame attempt for PUTC to elevate the poor selling F150

That is contrary to crash data released today by the IIHS. The IIHS estimates that repair costs are 26% more than a steel body.

@ GM corp.... fair to say Ford not your truck. That said, You say "poor sales". Based on what? Is the correct wording "lower lsales because of ramp up?
Plus this story put out, worlds not ending for Ford.
As current story says, longer term data needed to give FAIR assements. The sky is not falling!!!
All the bad press is elsewhere right now.

Thanks don e.

This is a complete fabrication. The insurance institute also does not give the regular cab or super cab a good rating.

I was shocked to read this article after just reading the institute report that just came out today.

This almost smells of colution between ford and this mag.

My trust has been shaken and anger stirred.

Publish the insurance institute report quick!

I like how they spelled out LESS for all you fanboys who can't read.
Regardless, you still continue to deny the data that's right in front of you.
No surprise.
And before you start getting all huffy about Ford reinforcing the SuperCrew, but not the Super Cab, you better wait and make sure *insert your favorite brand here* doesn't do the same thing. Because, you know, you might have to admit you were wrong. And you might get a little glass in your eye.

@Mark Williams,

Excellent news.

Thanks for posting.

So one no name source says it is less and everyone takes them at their word.

Nice, I bet all of you that believe that also believed Obamacare would save you $2500 a year on insurance as was claimed. How did that work out?

And this "ramp up" you speak of. What is the number of days the 2015 F150 stays on the lot? If it is under 30 days I would believe the excuse of "ramp up." However here in Houston they are offering 15K off of sticker on the new 2015's. That to me is not ramp up, that is they are NOT SELLING.

This site is such a Ford advertisement its pethetic. I'm not sure if Ford owns it or if PUTC is in bed with Ford but it's rediculous. We have N-O-T science the article plastered on every other site today about how much worse the extended cab and regular cab F150's do in off set front crash tests. You no why? Because it makes ford look bad and PUTC won't post that.

@johnny doe boy, who cares?? This is not a Ford article so just as usual, shut your ignorant pie hole!!

Posted by: Truckcrazy. | Jul 30, 2015 3:34:51 AM

Well this is a Ford article so...

Truckcrazy Nice real nice! Common Ford owner the only thing that runs good on a Ford is the owners mouth LOL!

Guess you must be really butt hurt, as Ford sales keep falling, and Ford keeps cheaping out and misleading people with some BS marketing. Just think a few 58 dollar crash bars could of save them the embarrassment.


Looks like the wheel blockers do make a big difference in crash testing!

"Comparing the two models, the SuperCrew received a top rating of “good” on every crash test it was subjected to by IIHS.

The SuperCab, however, earned a “poor” rating on structure and “acceptable” ratings on restraints and kinematics, as well as hip and thigh and lower leg and foot dummy injury measurements.

The results all together earned the SuperCab an overall safety rating of “marginal,” one mark above “poor” on IIHS’s four-grade scale.

The SuperCrew’s occupant compartment remained intact, IIHS said, and the crash-test dummy had a low probability of injury thanks to the pickup’s structural and in-cabin safety equipment."

Story is on automotive new it won't let me post the link.

Posted by: johnny doe | Jul 29, 2015 6:03:03 PM

Useless? Take a business statistics course. You clearly need it.

Oh and "Who cares" Truckcrazy are the few poor people that bought a 2015 reg/ext cab F150s thinking they bought one of the safest trucks on the market, but turns out it isn't and Ford won't add the $58 bars to them 2015 trucks. I mean damn they are getting the highs transaction prices on trucks, but to cheap, cheap, cheap, to add them 58 dollar crash bars to help save someone's life.

I see your at it again johnny doe boy. Passing out useless information again. Why does all this bother you so much?? Not worried about Ford sales because it took over a year for the gm trucks to take off. If gm hadn't had to go bankrupt they would have been the first truck to go alumninum. Bankruptcy killed that so Ford did it. Gm will follow soon and then I hope you choke on your useless piehole.

From the Fox Article:

"Differences in the steel frame under the aluminum resulted in the different test outcomes. The Super Crew version had extra, horn-like pieces of steel fitted to the front of the frame to help the vehicle absorb the force of the small overlap crash. The Super Cab and the two-door Regular cab — which the institute didn't test — don't have those extra pieces of steel, but will get them in 2016 versions."

Sounds like it's due to differences outside/in front of of the cab. Nothing to do with the cab itself. Kind of makes you wonder why Ford didn't fit the pieces to all cabs. Unless they were either:
1) gambling on getting away with only testing the most popular cab
2)the pieces have potentially undesirable side effects for more "work truck" like usage
3) the fitment is pretty pricey, hence less able to be justified in cab sizes with a less bling heavy sales mix.
4) ?

This race to maintain safety while dropping weight, is getting so complicated I doubt even the engineers responsible are able to cover close to all angles. Makes the redneck strategy, of just getting a big diesel up front and leave the crumpling to the other guy, seem almost rational....

This article is complete propaganda BS. Look at the post from @Don E. There is no secret here, aluminum is far more expensive to repair.

Truckcrazy This bothers me because Ford knowingly just said oh lets green light this, save money over peoples safety! Going aluminum has nothing to do with being cheap and knowingly making a vehicle less safe.

There are so many problems with this article I don't know where to begin. Better to just ignore it.

There have already been tests where the same damage has been done to a steel body F150 and aluminum body F150 and it cost more to repair the aluminum and took longer as well. No amount of random statistical anomalies will change that.

"The Insurance Institute also said it took longer for a local Ford dealer to repair the aluminum truck than an older steel one, and the aluminum parts cost more. The institute said the repair costs were 26 percent higher for the aluminum-bodied truck." lol

I guess we should listen to Mike Levine over the Insurance


Wheres the article at that wants to Debunk the IIHS findings that PROVE THAT FORD WILL CUT CORNERS ANYWHERE THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!!

Instead this garbage that aluminum cost less to repair than steel LMAO LMAO what PLANET are you on? Definitely not earth go to ANY bodyshop anywhere and the aluminum will cost you more, PERIOD.

@HK All Day

There have already been tests where the same damage has been done to a steel body F150 and aluminum body F150 and it cost more to repair the aluminum and took longer as well. No amount of random statistical anomalies will change that.

Signed: Howie Long & Government Motors boys

Ford owners should be pleased. It's easier to push their Aluminum limp mode Eco home vs the old steel.

Remember to recycle. Today's cans are tomorrows Fords. ;-)

Chucky cheese kid go price out a sheet of aluminum and a sheet of steel

Signed: Any body with common sense.

"Chucky cheese kid go price out a sheet of aluminum and a sheet of steel"

Then go price the labor to assemble them into a truck body. Which, along with design, engineering etc, dwarfs the raw material cost.

In the metal, midsize boat industry, it used to be alu construction was very expensive compared to steel. But once more and more people started doing it, and processes became more refined, things started to change. It's lots and lots easier, read cheaper, to cut aluminum, for example. And those cheap sheets need lots of cutting before they are of much use in a truck.

Mountain bikes are another area where alu construction has migrated downward from exotic race bikes, to almost the cheapest of the cheap, as processes evolved.

Of course, in the ancestral home of alu construction, where Ford's old boss used to work, composites are in the process of replacing all metals. So perhaps we'll all be driving around in plastic trucks soon. Except for Toyota of course, who will still build the Tundra the old school, Fred Flintstone, way, out of granite.

I look at all brands and have owned many but Fords marketing BS has dampened my views of them

1) If I hear 700 pounds one more time... this is what everyone quotes as weight saving (one model set up to achieve that) Truth is 300-500 on a vehicle that was heavier than competition.

2) ECO shouldn’t be anywhere in their engineers name (not sure how they gamed the system here but in a several thousand person survey in greencars web site if was stated that in the halve ton PUT market on average diesels got 19% better that EPA EST, V8s got 5% better and turboV6s got 9% worst). Not sure how they still get away with their EPA claims.

3) The statement in this article is wrong (the same accident in a 2015 with cost more to repair) The fact that 2015s have been in fewer or less severe accidents is what this states. Title Should be – “2015 F150 in fewer and less severe accidents (but will still cost more if you have an accident in yours)”

Missing articles – Survey showing how bad ECO boost MPG is, recent crash data showing ford leaving out safety features…

@Johnny Doe Boy

I did check the prices on Aluminum vs Steel sheets.

Alumimum @ $351.92 a sheet.
Steel @ $351.85 a sheet.

Good statistics to back up this article. Most others have been based on "estimates" from the past. What people seem to miss is that this aluminum is more difficult to damage than steel, so damage will be less, and so repairs will be smaller. That overcomes the hourly rate differences.

Fords supercab is as safe as any other manufactures trucks. Ford super crew is the safest truck mad currently

DB said :"And this "ramp up" you speak of. What is the number of days the 2015 F150 stays on the lot? If it is under 30 days I would believe the excuse of "ramp up." However here in Houston they are offering 15K off of sticker on the new 2015's. That to me is not ramp up, that is they are NOT SELLING."

Apparently you did not read the report for the fastest selling trucks in June. Here is the data:
Fastest-Selling Pickups
2015 Chevrolet Colorado crew cab, 14 days on sale
2015 Chevrolet Colorado extended cab, 20 days
2015 Ford F-150 regular cab, 23
2015 GMC Canyon crew cab, 23
2015 Toyota Tacoma extended cab, 23
2015 Toyota Tacoma crew cab, 23
2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali crew cab, 27
2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax, 27
2015 Ford F-150 crew cab, 30
2015 Toyota Tundra crew cab, 30

You can read the article here:

Do you believe now?

In 45 years of driving, I haven't owned a lot of Fords, but the ones I had were very disappointing. So I'm hardly a Ford fan boy.

But the Ford haters posting here seem quite willing to torture statistics, logic, facts, in addition to questioning the ethics of the author, all in a pathetic attempt to prove the superiority of another brand.

All the article says is a new study of early results shows lower repair costs for the aluminum F150. The article names several reasons why the data might not hold up over time. You can't ask for it to be more fair than that.

As far as the IIHS study, please. When 25% of the front of a vehicle strikes a solid barrier at 40 mph, what difference does it make what it costs to repair? Every single one of those vehicles goes straight to the wrecking yard.

If your ego hangs on the proposition that aluminum will be more expensive to repair than steel, you might want to keep some crow recipes handy, just in case. We used to believe that slower turning V-8 engines had to last longer than high revving four cylinder engines. Now we know that good engines last a long time and crap engines die early, regardless of redline or number of cylinders. We might be just as surprised when the truth comes out about aluminum body repair.

It just amazes me how GM and others bash the aluminum alloy of the new F150. GM is going to do the same thing. What are they going to say then? How are they going to back down from all the bad and/or inaccurate things they've said about the F150 being aluminum?

There is only ONE independent body shop certified to repair aluminum F-150 in the county I live in. This is not middle of nowhere either as the population of the county is over half million people.
I called the body shop I deal with locally and the owner said they have no plans to become certified or buy the tooling needed to repair the aluminum F-150 as it would be too expensive for the shop.
With scarcity of qualified shops the repair cost is going to be higher than steel. Supply and demand.

@Hemi V8,

Becareful with those recalled RAM trucks. Today's RAMs are tomorrow's junk yards!

Posted by: David | Jul 30, 2015 1:17:44 PM

David you be careful with those Fire Recalled Fords. Today's Fords are tomorrows Flames.

Cost to repair really isn't a factor on a new vehicle. That is what insurance is for.

Wow, the desperation and anxiety of the GM and Ram fanboys is pretty strong here! Let's face it: Ford has a home run here (about to be a Grand Slam), and the F-150 is absolutely killing it on pricing. The consumer is always right -- and Ford is winning in the marketplace big time if they can fetch ATPs of $44,000 for every truck they sell -- AND not having to buy market share and resort to sub-prime financing like GM. In fact, GM is so scared they've got Howie Long doing cheesy commercials again, and they've rushed a front-end freshening on the 2016 Silverado... making an ugly truck even uglier. GM got enough money frm the US and Canadian governments ($60 Billion) to stay afloat for a while, but they'll be back in bankruptcy court within 5-10 years I bet.

@johnny doeboy, yeah gm didn't care about all those customers who died while driving there products. My cousin lost his life in one and gm knew all about those bad switches all along so you call that caring?? Get a life.

GM fans sure can get jealous.

F-150 best selling truck for more than 35 years straight; yet there is more competition, Ford is ahead of it. Moreover; good quality products create the envy of others who start sensationalist campaigs as last reosurce to persuade rookie buyers. Rather, they should focus on developing better products; learn from Ford F-150.

Haters don't comprehend that Ford design products for better, safer, and environmentally friendly life; not just re-design head lamps. Ford innovates and leads; and does not spend time in dirty propaganda like GM

Truckcrazy GM has got it coming for their safety screw ups.

If this all new F150 is so good, why are there huge discounts on it already? People should pay MORE for it, not less, just because it IS that good???

Outside of the rust belt, who cares if it has an aluminum body? Here in the northeast, that might be a strong point though.

The truck weighs less because it was heavier than the other manufacturer's trucks before. What should have been bragged about with " our truck weighs more because it is safer, stronger, and more rugged" is now frowned upon as high tech and light is the new mantra.

This article makes no sense to me, except this is Ford's counter to the GM video of steel/aluminum cages, a customer and a loose bear. Stupid video, but this whole truck war has become a circus side show.

The IIHS also looked at repair costs for the new aluminum pickup. It ran crash tests on both steel and aluminum F-150 models -- one front into the rear of the other, and then vice versa. In both scenarios, IIHS said, the aluminum F-150 sustained more damage than the steel model. It also said total repair costs were 26 percent higher for the aluminum pickup.

Read more:

Read more:

The only meaningful comparison would be to have a steel body pickup and an aluminum body pickup and give them identical damage, then determine the repair costs.

Citing some average of any number of claims is meaningless since the claims will be for a variety of types and extent of damage, and the numbers will simply not be comparable.

The IIHS example cited earlier does just that - determines repair costs for identical damage.

Mark, I hope that you are reading these comments to your article. Apply some objective analysis of your own to these reports before passing them on here. That will avoid some of the criticism you're now receiving, some of which is simply fans of one brand or another jumping to the opportunity to bash each other. This site has far too much of that behavior.

Obviously PUTC is trying to boost FORDS sales. Mark seriously.

This report is complete opposite of the report I read on repair cost. Somebody is not telling the whole story.

If this doesn't prove mark Williams in in Fords back pocket, What Will it take? Seriously! Look how many Ford Hype articles he posts compared to the competition!

@ Davis you say for is leading the industry in innovation.

You mean like ford copied RAMS 2009 interior. Or are you talking about RAMS power locking tailgate. Only thing ford is the innovator in is Magic spring dust and over priced trucks.

. Got a Super Duty now that is head and shoulders above that crappy Dodge. Pulls my fifth wheel so much better. More torque, more horsepower, more smiles every time.

Posted by: David | Jul 30, 2015 1:52:51 PM

That's funny. Super Dooty has a hard earned reputation of being the worst H.D. from the weak c channel frame to the garbage diesel engine. Good luck. Get a file cabinet for all the recalls.

I actually stopped at a body shop owner who is a family friend in NJ.

His comment doesn't marry up to this article.

I even had a look at the cordless riveting equipment and rivets, etc.

The rivets are interesting. No drilling is required as the rivet is hollow and the cutting edge is much like a wad punch. They are approx. 1/4" across and half an inch long with a large flat head.

The body shop owner stated the costs for a F-150 repair will be around 1/3 more.

Curious as to what repair costs on any first year redesigned vehicle are over the previous late models that have been around for 4-5 years.

I think a lot of you missed that this crash test has not been applied to other makes yet, so hold on before passing judgement. You may find the brand you like may fare just as poorly. Besides, last I checked in an accident like this, the STEEL frame plays the major role in absorbing impact, not the cab or body panels. You might also find out that the other Big 3 trucks will have the same issues and need frame modifications just like the Supercab and reg cab F150's.

In reality, how many accidents involve 40mph impact with a solidly fixed dense inanimate object contacting 25% of the front end? Cars and even trees and telephone poles have give. A steel and concrete block does not.

Mark Williams...Continually post Great Articles and Comments about Fantastic Fords and it will get you a nice cushy job at Ford Corporate as their Spokesperson; that's what Mike Levine did and Mark Williams is doing the same thing. Kinda reminds me of the Mainstream Media and not reporting the news unbiased: please Report the News; not your Agenda. My 2 cents..

You can always tell when Mike Levine is lying, his lips start to move.

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