Product Spotlight: Quick Hitch Accessory Makes Bed Loads a Snap

Mad Ramps 1 II

Every so often a new product comes across our desk that we wish we had thought of first. For those who have ATVs, motorcycles or other motorized equipment designed for outdoor adventures, loading and unloading it into and out of your pickup bed just became a lot easier.

Called the Mad Ramp, the simple pivoting, slide-in design uses your existing trailer hitch and comes with its own pair of integrated aluminum ramps. It doesn’t matter whether you have a short or long bed, the Mad Ramp acts as a basic incline to get your toys into the truck bed, or you can use the setup to act as a bed extender and carry a substantial amount of weight.

The new product seems ideal for just about every pickup owner and costs $995. We’re told discount prices crop up occasionally.

For more information about the Mad Ramp, click here.

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That's a great product, I dropped a few hundred on alum ramps made in good old pa but they are hard to stay straight when loading.

Probably fine on any HD truck w a class4 hitch. In a half ton, that's a lot of weight bobbing around back there. Think about a 650# ATV with some extra crap bolted on.

Not just for loading ATVs. I would have liked this when I was loading my tractor mowers. I use to carry folding ramps in my truck bed and is is hard to keep regular ramps from moving when you are loading and unloading.

Consider using a trailer instead.

As Mr Knowitall so correctly points out, the half ton truck is not a very stable platform with an extra 500 pounds dangling off the rear edge of the tailgate.

Used as a ramp to move the ATV all the way into the bed, great idea. Hanging off the back, not.

Actually this would be perfect for a half-ton and wouldn't be that much weight. I hate when people think HD trucks are superior for everything and say just buy a HD. Trailers are an option but are not convenient for a small load. The website has it listed for $695.

Typical tongue weight is 10% of trailer weight. A half-ton rated to tow 9000 lb can handle 900 lb on the hitch. 650 lb should be no problem.

@Ken and Louis- dead weight on the hitch is only about 500# on most half tons. For more, a distributing hitch is specified.
I'm not saying for a minute that you "can't" use this on a 1/2ton, especially those with heavy payload options. Every consumer truck has margin for stupid human overload. But if you toss some gear in the back seat, load up that tool box, and then center 700# (quad and carrier) over the back bumper, you'll be maxed on gvw on many trucks, and if where you're beheaded is a bit rough, the poor truck will be slamming off the stops a lot.

HD trucks and trailers to haul a simple atv. It is easy to spend other people's money. smh.

Remove the tool box in the first pic, problem solved.

Greg has the solution. I agree.

It's a slick solution, but is anybody worried about the forward ends of the ramps turning into a plow in the carry condition?

i tow a trailer that has a heavy tongue with an f150 daily. with a set of air bags you can put whatever you want back there. without air bags you can still do it for short distances but your springs will be sagged out in a few weeks of consistent use.

The difference between using this rig off road (fine) and zipping along the Interstate at 75mph with this ATV hanging onto the tailgate (not fine) is HUGE.

Weight distribution hitches don't remove tongue weight that would be dangerous. They balance that weight between the front and rear axles. Your handle may be a paradox

Slick idea, but I could get a trailer for that price. Hey I can store a ATV on a trail for simple hook up and go or store a fancy ramp and a ATV separate.

My flat utility trailer I use for my ATV was $ 500 from Walmart 10 years ago and it has also pivot point in the midle and lock pin at the front for same loading and unloading idea. Whole flatt portion pivots around axle. Very easy and much safer to drive around at 75Mph. This accessory is solution for non existent problem in my point of view.

@papa him,
Have to agree, why make a Pickup unstable? does not make sense

The idea is far from new, better to have the ATV on the full bed

@canoepaddler. I'm well aware of how a weight distributing hitch works. And yes, it actually DOES shift some weight back to the trailer. But it's less significant. In effect, it moves the point of loading to somewhere forward of the rear axle. Without it, the hitch weight unloads the front axle by an additional fraction of the rear overhang divided by the wheelbase. Depending on the truck, that could be 40%. On a crew cab longbox, it's more like 25%. If there's a Diesel up front, you might not even feel it.

RAM has a patent.

good you know the math
Tongue weight stays the same. Springs make up force on receiver to balance that 10%-15% tongue weight between axles.
Besides every homeowner halfton I have had came with a class lV hitch which is good for 1000 lbs dead weight.
I was thinking the DOT made some law that requires these hitches after 6000 lbs

Not exactly new either

@ Robert
RAM system is different and has more options. Idea is of course the same for thousands of years.

@canoepaddler- The hitch classes and weights are a standard- escapes me if an SAE or DOT... I had to look for myself.
Owners manual or a towing supplement will spell out how much dead load the truck can handle, as a compromise between the engineers, marketeers, and lawyers.
Todays half-tons aren't what they were 20 years ago- twice the power, twice the brakes, lotsa frame, soooooft springs. Midsize trucks have the power and brakes that half-tons used to have. Ford seems to be the only manufacturer willing (for now) to sell a half-ton with enough spring underneath to actually handle a load. Once fuel economy standards really clamp down, I think we'll see a new light 3/4 group from GM, Chrysler and Toyota to follow the high GVW F150 and the upcoming Titan XD.

For a guy named Mr Knowitall, you appear to not know very much. Todays 1/2 tons (excluding the RAM Ecodiesel) have much better payload numbers than even 10 years ago. As it was pointed out to you most 1/2 tons also run a Class IV hitch that will more than hold the weight of an ATV. You also are adding in that if the ATV weighs 650lbs, that all 650lbs will be on the tongue which is also incorrect. It doesn't work that way. In reality you can buy cargo and motorcycle racks that plug into the receiver that hold 500lbs that extend just about as fat back as the rear wheels on that ATV pictured. Those are pretty common place too.

Svina - Safer at 75mph? Really? Check the speed ratings on that Walmart trailer's tires. Willing to bet they say 65mph max. Plus most states cap towing at 65mph. Why would someone hauling an ATV with this go over 75mph? You probably wouldn't want to even with a 1 ton.

@KeithCT- Todays half-tons have much more (heavy) content than they used to. Payload #'s are published based on base vehicle content. Take a look at what trucks actually weigh.
The hitch is also not the problem- neither is the frame it's bolted to.
Doesn't work that way??? Look at the promo video. In every side shot the ATV is centered over the rear edge of the bumper.
Just because bike and cargo haulers are common place, doesn't mean a vehicle handles properly with them installed and fully loaded.

Mr Knowitall - Nice try and once again your are showing your lack of knowing it all. Todays trucks GVWRs have gone up to reflect the additional weight of standard OEM equipment and include the increased payloads. The payload numbers went up along with the curb weights. Go look at power, towing numbers and payloads from 1995 1/2 tons.

I have a new tires and new hubs already. Replaced on the road. Rigt side 2 years ago. Left my trailer with quad at the village parking lot and went to pick up hub. Ruined my hunting that beautiful day.
Rated L 75Mph. It's all good. Thank you for asking.

Sorry for side tracking, my point is this thing is pretty lame considering a trailer can be had for that price. And I surely wouldn't want my toy hanging off like that. All the weight is behind the axle, that makes for bad braking and steering, just like mr.knowitall is saying. Fyi 6900 gvwr 1839 payload. Half ton will do. Unless you load up the truck with dudes then you got a different problem

Not to mention the stress on the tailgate.......

That does not look very safe at all.

Timbrens!!! Cheap and easy too install

For the tailgate get DG tailgate supports. Easy and cheap!

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