Ram Loads a Motorcycle Sponsorship in the Bed

Ram Truck Jump @ RedBud[3] II

In June Ram announced it would sponsor RCH Racing at the Red Bull RedBud Nationals held July 4 in Buchanan, Mich., the halfway point for the Pro Motocross Championship series. The main feature of the RedBud dirt track is a monster 120-foot uphill jump called LaRocco's Leap. This year, because of Ram's sponsorship, race officials were able to line up 13 Ram pickup trucks — including a new Ram Rebel, some local dealer trucks and several private rigs from spectators — and two Ram ProMaster vans to accentuate the distance.

The triple jump is the highlight of the race track and is spotlighted here by RCH Racing's Suzuki RM-Z450 rider Ken Roczen on his bike in mid-assent during the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship, where he placed third. Roczen is the defending champion of the Pro Motocross series and finished third last year in the Monster Energy Supercross Championships; at the end of the day at RedBud Roczen was just 44 points behind 450-class leader Ryan Dungey.

The series continues throughout the summer across the country; it's covered by MAVTV, NBCSN and NBC. To find out more about the series' stops and where you can watch coverage on TV, visit the Pro Motocross Championship website.

RedBud MX image by Charlie Burgess


Ram Roczen DIF_8454[2] II



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