Recall Alert: 2009-2010 Hummer H3T

2010 hummer H3t recall

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 3,000 model-year 2009-10 H3T pickup trucks manufactured at the Shreveport, La., plant

The Problem: The connector module that controls the blower motor speed in the heating, ventilation and cooling system may overheat under extended periods of operation at high- or medium-high speeds. The heat could melt the plastic surrounding the connector module, increasing the risk of a fire.

The Fix: Dealers will inspect and replace the affected portion of the connector and harness, and replace it free of charge if necessary.

What Owners Should Do: Hummer has not yet released an owner notification schedule. Owners can call Hummer at 866-486-6376, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more information.

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Who are these "dealers"?

Who actually bought those trailblazers with a balcony?

@Mr Knowitall

Chevy and GMC dealers.


These were actually built on the Colorado platform. The ones with the 5.3L V8 were actually pretty cool.

Poser truck

Poser truck

How can you call Hummer when they are out of business? You call GM

What Owners Should Do:
Carry a fuel can in the cab at all times ;)

All kidding aside, they actually sell 3,000 total? I've only ever seen 2 of these and 1 of those was new on the car lot.

A year or two ago a dealer here had a '09 model on the lot with the V8 and wanted $32K for it. Insane.

Apparently they have worse visibility than a Camaro. Then again, this is GM we're talking about, the company that hires 18 year old aspiring artists to work in their design studio. Who cares about practicality and safety, right?

You can add the Colorado and Canyon from the same year to that list.

Recall Alert: GM vehicles
Vehicles Effected: every single one
The Probelm: they're garbage
The Fix: take that pos and push it off a cliff
What Owners Should Do: buy a Ford!

Hey EC, please provide the link or documentation to your statement please.

"You can add the Colorado and Canyon from the same year to that list."


They were about $45K new, so that doesn't seem unreasonable.


The H3T and Colorado were built on the same platform at the same factory.

GM Delphi quality at its best...

@ anti-murican

"What Owners Should Do IF THEY WANT TO BE WORSE OFF: buy a furd!"

THERE! fixed your name and your stupid statement.


Why would I buy a Ford? I like a truck that starts every morning.

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