Recall Alert: 2012-2015 Ram Pickup Trucks

Ram 2013 1500 recall II

Vehicles Affected: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling approximately 1,060,500 model-year 2012-14 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 pickup trucks equipped with the electronic vehicle information center option built between Jan. 18, 2011, and Oct. 7, 2014, as well as approximately 667,400 model-year 2013-15 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups built between June 20, 2012, and Jan. 26, 2015

The Problem: In the larger recall, the affected pickups have a steering wheel wiring harness that may rub against the airbag module retainer clip and create a short that can trigger the front driver's airbag to unexpectedly deploy, increasing the possibility of injury or a crash. In the smaller recall, the affected trucks have an oversensitive side impact sensor that could unexpectedly inflate the side airbags and activate the seatbelt pretensioners, increasing the risk of a crash or injury.

The Fix: For the steering wheel harness recall, dealers will inspect and repair the steering wheel wiring harness and add caps to the retainer spring ends of the air bags free of charge. For the side airbag sensors with improper calibrations, dealers will update the occupant restraint control module calibration free of charge.

What Owners Should Do: FCA will begin notifying owners affected by the steering wheel wiring harness recall on Sept. 19; FCA has not yet released an owner notification schedule for the side airbag sensor recall. Owners can call FCA at 800-853-1403, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 888-327-4236 or go to

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Actually it gets worse, "Fiat Chrysler is preparing to pay a record fine of $105 million, the largest ever imposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The settlement also forces the car maker to repurchase more than half a million Ram pickup trucks built between 2008 and 2012".

They should of bought a Tundra.

Made in Texas by Texans.




I'll revisit my earlier comment, after all this with Ram, and GM's knowing problem that caused death, the only one left in the big three is Ford

@hemiv8-got recalled, here's some more of that quality is job one at ram. Looks and smells like #2 to me.

Don't understand the gloating. This is not good for the industry. Competition is a good thing. They're going to bounce back from all this.

I heard about that buyback story from ram. Hopefully they will be required to buy back my 2009 ram 1500 POS. I think my truck might actually be part of the buyback.



Where is hemi v8 now ??? I wouldn't own a dodge p.o.s. if u paid me. Ford and gm are the only real truck makers.

This may be the least of their problems. This is even worse news for FCA

dodge = junk. we had some trucks and durangos at work and they were terrible. Got rid of all of them and will prolly never buy again!

Does anyone have knowledge of what Ram 1500's are affected for the buy back? I have a 2010. Thanks.

At least the Italians did not bomb Pearl Harbor like Toyota did

GM should have been made to do the same thing with there ignition recalled vehicle's that killed so many.

For all you dudes with a "HEMI" in your name: Are you not a hemi just like the hemi is not a hemi. How bogus can you get, the "hemi" doesn't have hemispherical heads.

Fiat was the worse company to buy Chrysler they are always
Having quality issues. Then they wanted to merge with ford or Gm which came with a resounding No

tundra is assembled in texas,like dodge but parts are Chinese and Mexican,hence the non stop recalls.price u pay for slave labor

Lets get some facts strait here, 90% of the problems are older trucks AND suv's. Plus if you look at the dates you will notice that most were during Cerberus rule of cut cut cut.... not Fait (should they have fixed them sooner thought? yes)

"Chrysler is recalling certain model year 2009-2012 Ram 1500 trucks manufactured from February 27, 2008, through June 30, 2009, and from December 1, 2009, through October 20, 2011; model year 2009-2011 Dodge Dakota trucks manufactured from February 27, 2007, through June 30, 2009, and from December 1, 2009, through September 30, 2011; model year 2009 Chrysler Aspen trucks manufactured from January 3, 2008, through December 18, 2008; and model year 2009 Dodge Durango trucks manufactured from January 3, 2008, through December 18, 2008. The rear axle pinion nut may loosen due to an undersized pinion spline that can allow relative motion between the nut and companion flange.

@Dave and @madeinmexico Slow your ignorance! Before posting stupid comments why don't you get your facts straight.

You guys can poke at Fiat/Ram all you want but the day is coming where each company will endure something similar to this. Its a precedent being set that will hurt the auto industry as a whole. If you really think about it, they produce a bunch of overpriced junk. Vehicles are like underwear. They lose a lot of value the minute someone buys them. They quickly wear out and don't have much purpose or use a short time later.

GM addressed their ignition problem with a recall and new ignition. Fiat Chrysler did an inspection of the vehicles and did not offer to recall and fix their trucks. By turning their backs on the customer, now they must pay for doing so. And their Jeeps with exploding gas tanks are no better. They will suffer for their irresponsible acts and may bring them down for good. No auto company will want to merge with them and they will fail because they cannot make it on their own.

Actually, Dave, Mitsubishi and Kawasaki powered the pearl harbor invaders. Yeah this will be painful but leftist swine have it in for automakers

Ford Posts 44% Jump in Profit
Auto maker’s North America segment posts largest quarterly net ever

That's what happen when you don't make or sell Junk.

Rust In Peace

Fords are trash, if you want a beer can with a coke can Taurus that rides like a wagon with a Ford Taurus engine buy one. hopefully all the glue holds it together more than a year.


Old Chrysler motto. Mopar or Nocar ( I guess with Ram it no car)LOL

I'm glad companies are being held responsible. We all should know ride in a safe vehicle. And I am a 2012 Ram owner. In fact I may buy another one next time. My truck has been great so far and I drive on brutally paved highways and my truck still has no squeeks and rattles.
Most of the fullsize trucks are pretty good. So I will see what is on the market next time I buy. I do know I will never ever buy another Ford. Most GM guys I know share the same opinion.

FIAT has never had a good reputation as a quality auto maker, either here or abroad. Chrysler has never had a particularly good rep either; even Daimler couldn't overcome that, and they tried, at least for a while. So this is what happens. In the case of the side/curtain airbags going off unexpectedly if a door is shut with too much force, they failed to get the proper engineering specs for the crew cabs to the supplier. The folks on the assembly lines can't turn out quality if the engineers can't do their jobs correctly. All manufacturers have lapses in QC somewhere in the process, but the record fine was because FCA stonewalled, delayed, and even refused to recall vehicles with known defects for years. Now this is understandable with vehicles built before FIAT took over as they are on the financial hook for the previous owners' mistakes, (and somehow didn't get the protection the courts gave GM against previous defects and lawsuits). Remember when GM forfeited $1B (IIRC) to NOT merge with FIAT a few years ago? Maybe the smartest business move by the General in the last 40 years. Thinking FIAT was going to get quality up at Chrysler is like thinking Putin is going to demilitarize Russia. Nothing in history to support that assumption, is there?

Was driving at Hiway speed 110 k.Motor just stopped.

Da. No motors have hemispherical heads. Hemi pistons!

Da. No motors have hemispherical heads. Hemi pistons!

If they repair these bought back trucks and resell them... I want one!

I have worked Fords, GMs, Rams, a Toyota and a Nissan. HANDS DOWN the Rams were the most reliable and dependable trucks and never went to the shop for a single repair. The GM went 10 times for repairs/flashes. The Fords went a couple of times for hard parts like starters, etc. The Toyota had a failure of exhaust manifold that was hundreds of dollars.

RAM all the way.. there's a reason they have been building sales faster than any other truck company on Earth.

some of the comments on this page boggle my mind. Really? Dodge most reliable? I want some of what WXman is smoking. They all have their problems, but anything Fiat/Chrysler/Ram is the worst by far.

@alan under daimler ownership, Chrysler quality sunk lower than ever in its history. Cheap plastic gray interiors, obsolete recycled parts from mercedes, and their attitude that Chrysler was a stepchild and could never be equal to their precious German cars contributed to Chrysler having to rise from the sludge.

Evan - agreed

Toyota is still a Japanese car company. Just because they build them here doesn't mean anything. It is a foreign car company building foreign vehicles here, because they do not have the space or resources to build them there.

I was recently in a accident that had a great deal of left front and side damage. The insurance is saying its a total loss. My question is during the accident my seat belt never locked and my airbags never went off. Any comments on this would be appreciated.

Ram lone star 4x4 2012

if you want a real junk by tundra

@Daniel Hallee: I recently had a similar experience. We should talk.

Is anyone having a problem with the 2015 trick front end suspension? I have a 1 inch churn at the end of my driveway and when I turn in the front end pops??? It also did this the other day while backing up ...I cranked the wheel to ballot of a parking spot and I heard a pop ???

I bought a 2015 Ram 1500 outdoors man Sept.2015 ,it has has rattling noise which was cracked flex plate and torque converter and valve body on trans replaced for first start hard shifting .After them repairs my gas mileage has dropped 3 to 4 miles per gallon and it's in shop now for that and the headlights come on during the daytime and the truck starts up on its own sometimes because it has a remote start on it.I have got an attorney waiting to see outcome of this repair to take action.I will never buy any Chrysler fiat again.This was my first and last Chrysler fiat product.I'm going back to Chevy I've had 5 Chevy's and none were ever this bad or cost this much.Take the advice from a 25 year Cnc machinists and mechanically inclined person.

On this link explains the information about the recall alerts for the year 2012 to 2015 ram pickups to the trucks.

I am on my second ram 1500 truck. Guess I am lucky. 2009 and now 2015 190,000 miles later-----one flat tire. Not bad!!!

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