Remote-Control Trailering Is Only Two Years Away

Conti LE 4 II

Continental North America wants to eliminate trailering problems with a remote-control device that allows anyone with a truck and trailer to stand next to their rig and guide it in like a pro.

According to The Detroit News, the Trailer Reverse Assist system could be available for use on 2018 or 2019 models as a factory-installed option. The system is easy to use thanks to multiple "intelligent" cameras all around the pickup.

The system is somewhat similar to Ford's new Pro-Trailer Backup Assist, which has almost a dozen possible patents connected to its technology, but Continental's system seems to go at least one step further, giving the driver the opportunity to get out of the truck and control the vehicle and trailer with a computer tablet that basically acts as a steering wheel.

No disrespect intended to the folks at Continental, but we're not holding our breath for one of the big truck makers to offer this as an option anytime soon. But it would be fun if they did. photos by Larry Edsall


Conti LE 2 II

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Next generation of damn kids will be soo screwed, they won't know how to do anything... smh

Next generation of damn kids will be soo screwed, they won't know how to do anything... smh

This is the future. I don't necessarily agree with all in the future, but you will have to tolerate the good with the bad, like all of the job losses over the next decade or two.

Don't fear comments were made regarding automatic transmissions, radios, aircons, etc. I suppose back then if you had any of these devices you weren't a "man".

Don't worry those little appendage grilles to make you man will most likely adorn the front of pickups, even when they have a huge 2 litre engine.

I would suspect there would be a feature to disable this device, so if you want to manually reverse a trailer you could.

The Ford system looks easier to operate with a dial on the dash. What happen if you forget the computer tablet at home or work?

Having the ability to stand at the tongue of my trailer and back the truck up to it to hitch would be convenient as well.

Cool tech but man we sure are dumbing down the human factor in the process. Is this really what we have come to?

If you can't take the time to learn to back up a trailer then you have no business going in forward IMO.

Meanwhile truck prices will soon approach six figures with all this "cool" tech bundled in for bad drivers

Amen on the dumbing down! If you think about a lot of the safety devices on vehicles in the last decade or so or driver aids and look at the poor driving skills of the general public you can understand why the manufacturers are doing it.

You guys are right! The next generation of kids won't be able to hit their butts with both hands!

We have a long way to go before we get to self backing trailers. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see? Until backup cameras start being made standard equipment on trailers, this idea is about as far away as the flying car.

VW has introduced an even more robotic Trailer Assist, than this or the Ford one
Agree, I thought basic driving included a three point turn and how to park.


Then you operate the truck like you would now.

If you are unable to back your own trailer up, you have no business driving it forward either!

If you can row your own gears how can you be a real "trucker dude"?

If you can't find your own radio station, why should you own a radio?

If you can grow your own coffee tree, roast the beans and blend them, grind them, why should you be allowed to drink coffee?

A very illogical statement on your part. The world is changing.

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