Sneak Peek: 2016 Ram Laramie Limited 4x4s

RM016_024FN II

We recently attended Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' annual What's New media event at its Chelsea Proving Ground in Michigan where we got a good handle on all things Ram for the 2016 model year. Unfortunately, we must wait for a Sept. 1 embargo before sharing certain information with our readers. However, we did see Ram's new chrome-and-flare-nostrilled Laramie Limited in half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton configurations. Those images are not restricted, so we're sharing these exclusive photos and some information now.

The biggest news for the 2016 Ram 3500 is that the latest generation of 6.7-liter inline six-cylinder Cummins option now produces a class-leading 900 pounds-feet of torque, but there are a few other details that have changed like the new backup camera setup.

We'll be writing more about the Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickups when we get time behind the wheel and a chance to put them through our rigorous testing procedures. For now, here are photos of the three highest trim packages Ram offers. For more information about the 2016 Ram 2500/3500, click here. photos by Mark Williams


The Ram 1500 Laramie Limited EcoDiesel (below) makes 420 pounds-feet of torque with 3.55:1 gearing and has an As Tested price of $61,580 (all prices include destination).

IMG_2374 II

The Ram 2500 Laramie Limited Cummins makes 800 pounds-feet of torque with 3.42:1 gearing and has an As Tested price of $74,845.

IMG_2373 II


The Ram 3500 Laramie Limited dualie with the Cummins makes 900 pounds-feet of torque with 4.10:1 gearing and has an As Tested price of $76,295.

IMG_2377 II




Beautiful truck, the grill isn't doing it for me though.

I am a Ram fan but if they switched to this grille on the Laramie I would be looking at the other companies! And I am looking to replace my truck in 2017 or 2018 depending on what changes are made.

Lol they finally put a pig nose on a pig. Way to go RAM!!! We'll take all those sales you just lost.

Denali Driver

Love the truck, just not for 75-80K (by the time you get done doing 'features'). For now it stays on the dream sheet. :-(

$61k, $74k, $76k.... And people complain about the ford's price. Lol!!!!

Love the truck! the grill is nice, priced like any other truck

holly f*** so nothing south 60k??!

Embargo for what's new?

Easy - cosmetics until someone rich "merges" with FCA.

For those prices you can keep that pig! I love Cummins but I can't see paying that price for one.

Prices are ridiculous! At this rate, my 2014 is going to be worth what the MSRP was in the next 10 years.

LOL @ almost $80,000 for that ugly piece of crap.

LOL this is what happens then you run out of ideas........I see nothing luxurious about that grill. The giant chrome RAM on the tailgate makes me think a 6 year old created it


I thought someone stole my aircon vent from my home and now I see it on the front of a Ram.

FCA should bring the hold line flat instead of installing one of those ridiculously unwarranted and oversize grilles.

This would make the grille thinner and the vehicle more attractive.

No LED Headlights and DRL?

In person the grill looks decent. I hated the pictures of it and then when I saw the truck in person the grill was acceptable.

I love it. Best looking truck on the market. The less Ram changes to the look the better right now. I wonder if you can get a Limited in a Power Wagon. When it comes to luxo trucks nobody beats Ram from their over the top interior, to the handsomely rugged exterior, ultra smooth ride and smooth shifting 8 speed transmission. Can't wait to get my hands on a new one.

For the price those trucks look extremely plain aside from the tacky grills

Ford raised their prices for the 2015 F150 and look at their declining sales. Good luck with those ridiculous prices Ram.

" I wonder if you can get a Limited in a Power Wagon. "

1,500 lb payload..........I'd say it is already limited ;) LOL

R these the Rams with the reduced factory warranty? Is that why the prices have gone up drastically is cause they have less warranty now?

So ford still tops in 3/4 torque numbers. Or is the ram just 800 in the limited form.

It looks very luxury . It would be best suited for rich customers, who wants to get a truck . Not for me. I have less expensive options from RAM, which looks still better than any other brand.
Ford and GM looks just about the same with face of garage doors for entry level or high end model, so this RAM is unique and looks best. It looks like Lexus on steroids.

JC Whitney will probably sue them over that grill. That's pretty rough right there now.

With an oink oink here and a oink oink there.

" I wonder if you can get a Limited in a Power Wagon. "

1,500 lb payload..........I'd say it is already limited ;) LOL
Posted by: Lou_BC | Jul 6, 2015 1:34:31 PM

That was a good one!


I agree. It looks like something you'd buy at AutoZone. The whole truck is tacky looking.

They should fire whoever designed that awful grille!

Good one Lou! :D

Gregory J. - The Rambots are a riot. They say ride is more important than capacity unless the news is about max capacity HD's.

Go figure.

A friend just bought a new Chevy crew long box 4x4 Graphite colour. Great looking truck. I'd definitely consider one if I had to replace my F150. Good capacity, decent performance, roomy cab, decent mpg, and great reputation.........

can't say the same for FCA.

Why no pics of the aweful tailgate again?
And those door mirriors, "mirrors on a stick" begging to be hit right off the truck. Do those mirrors retract like other mfg's do?

A grill that only a hemiv8 could love!!


Sorry I interrupted crying ford babes meeting.


Sorry your ugly unreliable truck will always be third or lower in year end sales.

Well, Ferrari is not for everybody. Ford makes generic cars for masses. Not for me.

Even Tundra is better off road than 2015 FX4.

GM ingine stops unexpectedly , Ford engine doesn't stop even without any key. LOL @ most selling cars.

Fiat probably gonna go broke having to pay all those millions in recall fines. ram does try though. You gotta give them an "F" for effort!!

are those american dollars? Those prices are insane. I wouldn't pay half that for those trucks.

It's worth noting that those prices are "As Tested", meaning each of the three have a good number of options. Base price for the 1500 was $52,075; the 2500 was $56,490; and the 3500 was $57,480. All base pricing here includes destination.

52000 for a 1500? That's just stupid. Dodge could have done better with that grille too. I see this article brought out the ford bendover boys

Those things are up to commercial-grade pricing. Not something that would ever appeal to me. That's almost double the average family's annual salary, making it strictly a truck for commercial haulers or those with more money than sense.

They're out of their tree if RAM designers think that grill is appealing. The price is ridiculous as well but there is no shortage of idiots willing to pay top dollar for the cream of the crap trucks.


I guess that's better than the Fiat engine that doesn't ever start.


I agree, that is stupid. I wouldn't pay more than $5.00 for a Ram 1500.

Dodge didn't do any work on the grille. They only make crappy built sedans, crossovers and fat, lazy, poor handling "muscle" cars.

@Svina... GM ingine stops unexpectedly , Ford engine doesn't stop even without any key. LOL @ most selling cars."

Be kind to your friends... IF FIAT & GM merge..

Funny to see Snivelina mention Ferrari.
The irony of his comment is due to the fact that FCA is going to "spin off" Ferrari. There will be an IPO coming and that is estimated to earn FCA 1.1 billion.

Further irony is the fact that FCA is facing 700 million in fines due to slow recalls or refusing to recall Jeep Exploders.

Sell Ferrari to pay for recalls.

Another day at FCA.

@LOL bc
They are going to sell just 10% and it's still Ferrari.
Sell expensive century old leafs to pay for repair , so engine stops, when you turn your key off. Another day at Ford.
FX4 is not offroad package, but for mall parking lot.
Any lady in Tundra beats FX4 offroad.

What are we posting now , one year old article?
Get a grip.

Svagina, is this current enough for ya. Anyone who owns an FCA vehicle needs to think about getting rid of it before the company is bankrupt. Will be worth 0 after. May be sooner than later.

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